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This is a bit AU just so you guys know! I thought I might as well start a new one considering there's only what? Five chapters left of baby diaries. I know it's sad, but I hope this one will make you happy, then sad, maybe a little mad, then happy again…you know you'll be on an emotional roller coaster, so read on and enjoy!

Never say never.

Chapter 1.

pilot: the group of five.

Clare walked down the stairs, dressed in her favorite dress she had gotten in Florida this summer, hair done, makeup done, ready for her first day as a grade 12 student at Degrassi community school. She couldn't wait to get there see all her friends again, she went away for the summer to see her dad in Florida because she hadn't seen him in a while and when she did go during the summers previous to this one , it would only be a week or so and not a whole summer. Clare thought her dad only brought her down there for a whole summer because she wouldn't want to come anymore once she was 18 and honestly when she does turn 18, she isn't packing her suit cases to come see him anymore.

"Why, don't you look pretty this morning?" Clare's mother Helen said with a smile as Clare opened the fridge to get something to eat for breakfast. Clare grinned down at her self "trying to impress someone at school?" she asked passing me an apple.

"No, I'm not, mom." Clare said then took a bite of her apple she looked at the time and realized if she didn't leave now she would be late meeting up with Bianca . And that wasn't on her to-do list today. "Bye, mom." She said grabbing her school bag from near the door.

"Have fun at school honey." And out the door Clare went with the rest of her apple.

She walked a couple blocks to where she was meeting Bianca, but she wasn't there so Clare waited a whole 10 minutes until she saw Bianca turn on the street she was waiting on, Bianca pulled the car up near Clare and Clare walked over to the passenger side.

"And I thought I was gonna be the late one this morning." Clare teased getting in.

"Sorry, auntie was lecturing me again, god, when is that lady gonna get I've changed?" Bianca said putting the car in drive again.

"I don't know B" Clare said "you only have to put up with her for what 10 more months then off to university and bye bye people judging you." She told her.

Bianca smiled "thanks C."

They pulled up to KC's apartment that he lives in with his mom , he was waiting outside and once he saw them he got up and came over "hey ladies." He said then kissed Bianca quickly and got in the back.

KC and Bianca have been dating since 9th grade. B put the sun roof down and turned the music up and off to Degrassi they went on there way to Degrassi but of course stopping at the dot first to get there morning cup of coffee. Kc came back with the coffee only to want to go back in and not come out until they were done.

"Where have you been, because I never seen out, are you hiding from me, yeah. Somewhere in the crowd, where have you been all my life, all my life. Where have you been all my life, where have you been all my life, where have you been all my life, where have you been all my life." The girls both sung

Kc got in and groaned "really guys? Come on." He passed them their drinks

"When were in you're car, then you can choose what gets played on the radio." Bianca said pulling out of the parking space. Kc sighed and started mocking the song only making the girls laugh.

Finally in the Degrassi parking lot, Bianca found a spot and they all got out. "Can you believe we have all the same classes this semester?" Bianca pointed out to Clare. "I know, this is gonna be the best semester ever." Clare said as they started to walk to the school. "Oh my god I missed you three so much! Clare those shoes!" Becky said running over to them from her brother's car. She almost caused them all to fall over from the impact of her hugging them.

"Beckster!" KC called Becky after, she pulled away from them. She glared at him she hated that name her brother Luke called her that once in grade 9 and kc heard him and now that is what he calls her; he mostly does just to bother her.

That's when Clare saw them the five people at Degrassi she couldn't stand. Owen, Mo, zig, Adam and Eli, the group of boys that have been nothing but mean to her since the being of high school. The group of five got out of the car that, Clare guessed belonged to Eli considering he was the one who got out of the drivers seat. Eli was always the worse out of all of them, he never called her fat, or ugly, or anything else like that but he was the nastiest to her while the other boys called her those names and were nasty to her also.

Clare couldn't help but glare at them when they walked by, Clare thought it was the girls that she'd have to worry about going into high school, making fun of her , bringing her down. But nope, not the girls, just those five boys. Clare's glare got ever darker when she heard them whispering about Becky and her to preppy way of talking and doing things. Becky never even took a notice about the things they were saying, but the five boys also didn't notice Clare giving them the death glare either, but Bianca did.

The song started playing meaning ten minutes until first period started, KC kissed Bianca once. "See you all at lunch." He said

"Bye." Clare and Bianca said in unison.

"Come on, beckster!" Kc bugged again. Becky and KC had first period hospitality class, aka foods class.

"Don't call me that!" she said as the two walked off.

"Beckster, don't be like that…"

"Stop it" she wined

"Becks-" Becky hit KC playfully

"I will use you is whole name….."

And that was all the two still standing there could hear, the girls couldn't help but giggle, those two have a brother sister relationship. They started to walk to the front door of the school. An Clare wished this school had a back door, and one that didn't involve having to walk to one end to the other just to get to her locker with out having to be picked on by these boys that just couldn't find a better place to hang out then the front stairs, meaning Clare would have to walk by them to get inside.

"Ohhh, Clare bear! How was you're summer?" the voice belonged to no one other then Eli Goldsworthy. She didn't answer. "You know it's not very polite to ignore someone when there talking to you." Clare stopped half way up the stairs, Bianca right beside her.

"Yeah, look who's talking!" Eli raised his eye brows in shock and turned to look at the other boys

"Well this year is going to be interesting" he said looking back at Clare.

"Why's that?" she said crossing her arms over her chest.

"Because you're actually talking to me now."

"Don't get use to it." Clare said fixing her bag on her shoulder and continuing up the stairs and into the school. Bianca and Clare had locker almost beside each other this year other years it was one was on the second and then the other on the first in the farthest hallway. Senior year was gonna be pretty great for them. They grabbed there binders and off they went to the room 2016 for math. , the class they both loved so much….not really.

Once there they took a spot beside each other.

"Oh, and Clare?" Bianca said sitting down


"If you had of glared any harder, you would of burned a hole in Eli."

Clare scuffed "God, I wish."

"You're not very convincing."

"What?" Clare looked at her confused.

"I know you like Eli somewhere in you, even if you make it seem like you hate him."

Clare laughed once but it lacked emotion. "Bianca, I will never in my whole entire life like Eli Goldsworthy."

"Mm…Clare Goldsworthy, has a nice ring to it." She teased her

"Never will my name be that."

"Never say never." Clare was about to say something back but the bell rang and the teacher came waltzing in ready to start.


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