Chapter One

All was relatively peaceful and quiet in the skies of Amity Park when Jack not so gracefully collided head-on with an invisible object.

"OW!" A voice from an invisible source grunted.

Jack was so startled that he nearly dropped his staff.

His carefree smile slipped off his face as he slipped on a serious mask.

"Show yourself, sprite!" Jack hates the small wind spirits. They often wreck havoc, and then blame everything on him. As fun and awesome as he is, he could be extremely easy to agitate at times.

"Wow there, someone needs anger management. And it's definitely not me!" The same voice rang out.

Jack gritted his teeth as he poured ice blue power into his staff. The wind picked up as he tried to force the sprite into visibility.

"Woah there!" The voice shifted with the wind current, "A ghost wielding weather powers? Haven't seen one in a while."

Jack nearly flinched when the sprite appeared right in front of him, glowing green eyes staring into his icy blue ones.

"Wow. Ignoring the hair, you actually look like human." The sprite said, floating around and evaluating Jack.

Jack was very proud of his self-control abilities at the moment. It took him nearly three hundred years to learn not to blast things he doesn't like right out of the sky.

He frowned in reply. "How can you not know me? I'm the Spirit of Winter. You know, the guy who always kick you sprites out of the sky? Actually, why are you even here? I have a deal already with your kind."

"My kind…? Sprite, sprite, sprite… No one ever calls 'ghosts' that… Are you sure you're not a ghost? And what's up with the stick?"

Jack raised an eyebrow in reply.

"You seriously don't know? Either the wind dropped you when you were born, or you are in league with the Easter Kangaroo."

"The Easter Kanga…?"

"No, never mind. You're not smart enough to even be with the Bunny—"


"—But you're probably not causing the weird weathers of Indiana. No matter how hard I try, I can't make that darn place snow."

The ghost merely lifted an eyebrow as he continued to listen to Jack's ranting. "Me! Jack Frost! Can't make this snow no matter how hard I try, so I'd thought you wayward spirits are doing something funny to this place…"

"Well, Jake Fred, or whoever you are. Terribly sorry for your loss. I've really ought to go… " The spirit turned, only to be blocked by Jack's staff.

"Now, just wait a minute… Who are you, exactly?" Jack narrowed his eyes. "Extreme absence of any knowledge, yet clever enough for self preservation… What are you?"

The sprite(?) was nervous, as far as Jack could tell. He was practically shaking on his feet.

"Danny Phantom at your service?" The figure said, tugging at his awful looking HAZMAT suit.

It was Jack's turn to be confused. "Danny Phantom?" He furrowed his brow.

Danny raised his eyebrow in response. "What you've never heard of me?"

"… No. Should I?"

Danny waved a hand, "No, it's irrelevant. As long as you don't call me Inviso-Bill—"

"Ha! Inviso-Bill!" Jack laughed as he received a glare in response.

"As I was saying, I'm not a 'sprite', 'spirit', or whatever. Could be though, I suppose. I'm a ghost. You know? Casper the Friendly Ghost? That's me… I sort of, ah," the boy rubbed his neck, "the protector of this town."

Jack nodded slightly, musing over the fact this particular ghost chose to protect the town. "Huh. Okay."

"What? You're not surprised?"

"Can't be if I'm one of the myths myself. I'm sort of a ghost too, I suppose. Nah. Too cliché."


"Well. Nice to meet you and all that, Danny the Ghost. I've gotta get Winter to other states. As you as you don't block the air traffic again, it'll be fine." Jack said as a blast of wind carried him away.

"Um… Okay. Nice to meet you too, I guess." Danny muttered into the wind.

He's got a lot to tell Sam and Tucker.

My two favorite boys meet. :)

Rainbow Snowcone and Danny/Sam

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