Chapter Three

"Oh. My. Gawd." Tucker said as one of his cheesy fries dropped from his mouth and on to his PDA, which was already covered in a fine layer of grease. "Dude! You didn't tell us that you perfected duplication! Not cool, man, I thought I am your best bro!"

Sam gave Tucker another disgusted face. Does he have to eat in such a manner? Sam shook her head, and inspected the icy blue eyes carefully. The floating apparition did have eyes that could rival Danny's in human form, but said boy was definitely not a human. He had snow white hair, as unruly and wind-swept as Danny's when they go for the occasional flight during summer after dark, and he had the similar mischievous grin on his face. Sam always wanted to advice others to just 'run' when Danny carries the expression.

But their similarities ended about just there. The ghost(?) also carried a wooden staff that has intricate frost patterns spread throughout its length. Sam thought that it was rather beautiful and elegant, but she didn't see a point carrying the stick around. He also had a rather old and torn up blue hoodie on, although Sam doubted the boy needed it. Judging from his bare feet, the cold would not really bother him. An ADHD part of Sam's mind wondered if he would best Danny in a Strawberry Smoothie chugging contest.

Danny, meanwhile, was just too busy swallowing his own disbelief. There he was! The ghost who insisted that he was a sprite-and called him stupid by saying how 'the wind dropped him on the head'. Danny decided to just stand there and wait-he doesn't think he was recognized yet, so he was going to find out what the ghost is doing in his town.

"So you guys are believers?" The boy asked, conjuring up a snow ball in between his fingers, still floating about a foot up in the air.

"Huh?" Were the three identical replies he received. "What do you mean?"

"You know, a believer in the Guardians of Childhood?" Jack asked, a confused expression settled into his feature. Teenage believers are very rare, but not impossible. He has a few of his own back in Burgess, in the neighborhoods where Jamie lives. They often enjoyed some dangerous rides down the street, up until the very second they get caught. Adults' ignorant nature-he could understand; they were only the guardians of childhood, after all.

The three friends looked at each other and conversed with their eyes. Do you have any idea what the crazy Danny-look alike is babbling about? The other two shrugged and the trio looked back at the white-haired boy.

"No can do, man. Sorry, no idea who you are." Tucker replied, finally snapping PDA onto his belt and hastily wiped his fingers on his jeans.

"What is up with this town? It seems like everyone can see me... But at the same time, they have no idea with who I am." The boy gestured at himself, "How is this possible?"

"You tell me." Danny said, scowling. "Who are you, and what are you doing in this town?"

"The name's Frost." Frost gave them a blinding smile. "Jack Frost. And my business here is to spread fun."

In return, Jack received a blank expression, a dubioius raised eyebrow, and a suprised "what?"

"Problem? People these days are too busy going on about their businesses-the tedious homework, chores, and barely have any time for a littble bit of snowballs and fun times. Is there any problem for me spreading the holiday joy out to the children?" Jack asked, finally touching down on the snowy ground.

"I just thought-I thought you'd want something along the lines of controlling the Earth and-" Jack dodged a little bit as another one of the snowballs flew by him. It hit Danny right in the face, agitating him further more. Danny wiped the snow off his brow. If it weren't for his curiosity for the spirit at hand, he would seriously consider to use a little of his powers to let the kids taste their own medicine.

Jack raised an eyebrow at Danny's scowl. He then turned to the park with a smirk, and blew into his plam. Instantly, an icy blue and cold snow ball grew right out of his hand. His smirk grew as he threw it back to the kids, the snow ball whizzing through the air at an extremely high velocity and hit one of the kids with a audible 'thump'.

It wasn't until "Snowball fight!" rang out from across the street that Jack turned back and said, "You were saying?"