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AN1 This story takes place before "Ends of the Earth" In Spider-man

Chapter 1: Team Amazing Assemble!

~On top of the Statue of Liberty~

A woman was standing on the Statue's head gazing out to the City as she held a phone to her ear. She stood slightly over six feet tall, making her a head taller than their boss and her body had all of the right curves. She had caramel colored skin and white hair. Her hair was a slightly long, messy pixie cut and two of her bangs framing her face had been braided and dyed black. Her eyes were grey and she was wearing white lipstick. She was wearing part of a black suit. That is to say, the pants are there, and so is the top half of the black shirt, though the bottom of that has been cut-off just above her navel and neatly hemmed in place. The suit jacket was replaced with an equally sophisticated vest, though it was always left unbuttoned, and her white tie was usually quite slack. The dress shoes were also traded in for a comfortable pair of combat boots.

"I'm leaving Earth 616 under your Jurisdiction now." A voice spoke from over the phone making the woman smirk.

"Gotcha' boss."

"Oh and Rebuff…"

"Yes Rebuke?"

"This is your first mission…please don't fuck this up for me. Just make sure Spider-man is ready!" The voice said tiredly as if he still couldn't believe he was letting the woman go forward with this mission.

"Of course who do you think I am? Get Spidey ready and anything else is collateral damage."

"What! Wait-"


"Let's get this show on the road." The woman grinned as her body shined a vibrant blue, and shooting her arm forward a blue orb shot towards the city engulfing the entire city in a bright light.

Manhattan: Abandoned warehouse one day later

! Spider-sense!

"You know its times like this when I wonder if other heroes have to deal with this crap." Spider-man thought as he dodged another barrage of kicks to his head. Catching the next incoming leg with his hand Spider-man snapped at his attacker. "WOMAN WILL YOU QUIT KICKING ME?" The woman nodded her with a smile. "Thank you now let me explain-"

! Spider-sense!

Spider-man bit back a curse as the female released a pink orb of energy at his face.


Spider-man quickly dodged to the side and pointed a finger at his attacker.

"Screw you. Also, was that even English?" The female wasn't entirely sure, but she could swear the lenses on his mask were twitching. Shaking the thoughts from her head she re-entered her fighting stance making the local Web-head grumble to himself.

"I haven't had to use this in months but it's time I used my secret weapon…" Spider-man began as he slipped into his own stance causing the woman to widen her eyes. "Thought I was just a brawler? Well I'm about to whoop your ass Spider-style!" (To non-comic readers Spider-man developed a unique fighting style with the help of martial arts master Shang-Chi when he temporarily lost his Spider-sense)

Quickly speed blitzing his opponent the two traded blow after blow and neither looked willing to give in, however with Spider-man's superior strength showing through the woman knew she had to figure out a way to even the playing field. Slipping behind him she stepped back and shot forward with both of her hands.

"Kikosho! "



In Spider-man's eyes time seemed to go in slow motion. He saw the energy forming in her hands, but that wasn't what concerned him as he was sure he could web zip away at the last second. No what concerned him was the shadow that descending behind his current attacker. He could tell that his attacker felt the presence but was unable to move. Spider-man's sense allowed him to tell that the new intruder wasn't an enemy to him, but he wasn't about to let this woman get decapitated because of a misunderstanding.

Great power comes with great responsibility after all.

So without any hesitation Spider-man grabbed her hands, much to her surprise, and ignoring the pain in his left hand from the energy he threw her to the side and kicked the intruder away.



"Bye. By-oof!" X-23 grunted in pain and surprise when she was kicked away from her target.

"Now. Now Laura murder is still a no no." Spider-Man chastised the mutant much to her anger and disbelief. Before she could lapse into a berserker rage and destroy the buffoon in front of her she decided to take a deep breath and calm herself.

…Then she remembered that the kick fucking hurt.


"Don't snickt at me young lady or I'll tell Wolverine on you!" Our favorite web-head scolded her much to her annoyance.

"One day I will be the best there is at what I do, and when that day comes I am taking you out first."



"Excuse me but, why did you save me? Aren't you a villain?" The former attacker asked cautiously.

"Now why would you think that? I'm just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man." The red and blue clad hero said proudly before pointing at a scowling Laura and continuing a deep gruff voice. "And this is Laura, or better known as X-23, she's the second best at what she does but what she does isn't very nice." Spidey finished and side-stepped a smack from the pissed off clone. The woman deadpanned at the two.

"That isn't very reassuring. I'm Chun-li I'm an Interpol officer." At their blank stares she mumbled to herself. "Different universe." She clarified and had to stop herself from gaping as the two nodded as if that made complete sense. "Anyway, what would you expect that I do? I wake up in a new world and the first thing I see is a newspaper claiming you were the greatest villain of all time." She wasn't sure, but she thought she saw the lenses on Spider-Man's mask narrow in anger. She and Laura spent the next five minutes watching the hero stomp around cursing about Hitler-mustached bastards.

X-23 filled her in on why the newspaper claimed all of those things, making the cop face-palm and she apologized to the wall climber profusely.

"Well I can't in good conscious just leave you here so how about WE help you find a way home?" Spider-Man offered as he shot a web-ball at Laura, who was trying to exit the building stealthily.

"Why are you making me help?" Laura growled causing Spider-man to roll his…


Which coincidentally made Chun-li's eyes narrow as she glared at his mask; sure that she had definitely saw movement of the lenses.

"Because Laura, one day I'm going to be too old to be a hero and this body will become weak and the same is true with a good amount of the current heroes. This means that it will be up to your generation to uphold the hero community, and if you are anything like Logan you are going to be young for a long time." Spider-man put his hand on her shoulder as he looked at her wide eyes. Laura didn't think it was possible for the annoying hero to sound so serious. Chun-li also watched the Exchange with rapt attention.

"Why are-"Laura began but was interrupted by, according to Cable, The greatest hero of All time. (Avengers: X-sanction issue#4)

"I'm telling you this because I just got the greatest idea ever." She wasn't sure but she could swear he was grinning. "Knowing my luck I most likely won't make it to age 40 so I'm going to give you private lessons on what being a hero is all about so that one day you can take my place in New York. Screw Avengers academy. Welcome to Spidey University today you begin your first project." Spidey then pointed at Chun-li. "Help her get home." Laura was completely confused at that point, so she just nodded her head.

"Wait, are you sure it's a good idea to team up? We were fighting 10 minutes ago." Chun-li pointed out making the hero shrug.

"Meh no team gets along at first." Before Chun-li could comment on that surprising true statement a television appeared in the building startling the three heroes.

"What!" Spider-man and Chun-li shouted in surprise as X-23 stepped back and unsheathed her claws. On the screen was a white haired female standing on a sky scraper with a face splitting grin.

BGM: War-sick puppies

"My fellow Humans, mutants, demons, cat girls, zombies, heroes, and villains! Today is a glorious day!" The woman began as sounds of cheering rang through the skies confusing the hell out of the three heroes as they could see no one even remotely close to the strange woman. "The final team in the grand tournament has finally formed! Let's get this show on the road."

"What's going on?" Laura questioned as her claws receded. Spider-man shook his head before crossing his arms.

"I don't know but whatever it is it can't be anything good."

Today, some of the multi-verse's greatest heroes and Villains will fight tooth in nail for this!" The woman stated as a blue orb floated around her causing both Spider-man and X-23 gasp.

"Impossible…" X-23 whispered in disbelief while Spider-man began to pace.

"Crap, crap, crap, CRAP!"

"Can one of you please explain what's so important about that orb?" Chun-li asked slightly annoyed that she was the only one out of the loop. The two natives of earth 616 glanced at each other before spider-man began to explain.

"That's called the power cosmic its and energy that both myself and Laura have wielded once upon a time. It has the power to transform you into-

"-A being of immense power!" The woman finished as more cheering occurred. Spider-man sighed and pointed at the screen.

"Yeah that. Whatever happens that thing cannot fall in to the wrong hands there is no telling what would happen. Someone could potentially take over the planet if it's used correctly." Spider-man said seriously as Chun-li shuddered as she thought of someone like Akuma getting their hands on it.

"Let's put a hold on getting me back. This may not be my earth but I'm still an Interpol officer and I refuse to let any human be put at such a grave risk." Chun-li said making the other two turn towards her.

"Thank you."

"Your cooperation is much appreciated." X-23 stated as she began to rub her temples. "This situation could not get much worse."

"Fuck!" Spider-man shouted as he began pacing back and forward spewing out obscenities. Chun-li and X-23 once again found themselves watching that red-clad hero pace angrily. Spider-man stopped and pointed at the young mutant. "Hero rule number two Laura! Never, under any circumstances say what you just did."

"Why?" The ten questioned with wide-eyes not expecting to be the cause of his rant.

"Because things will always get worse if you do!" The young mutant crossed her arms and scoffed at the older hero.

"Don't be preposterous that's just a myth-"

"And if that's not enough folks! The winner will also get to have this lovely lady as their bride! All you have to do is place a kiss upon her lips and she's all yours! How's that for a fairy tale ending?" The woman said as she stepped to the side to reveal none other than the sleeping figure of Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch.

"FUCK!" Laura shouted in complete disbelief as she watched the screen. If one were to look closely they could see her right eye twitching. Spider-man would later look back on this as the first time he ever saw his new pupil blatantly lose her composure in such a hilarious way.

"Once again, can someone please elaborate?" Chun-li once again asked annoyed.

"She single handedly changed reality and had me married to my deceased first love while raising a child…" Spidey began as Laura finally regained her composure.

"…And wiped away 99% of my species!..."

"…At the same time…"

"…with one sentence." Chun-li gaped at the two before Spider-man placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Just let it out you know you want to."

"KUSO!" Chun-li shouted as she stomped the ground causing a small crater. Spider-man whistled impressed.

"Wow she got foreign with it, you go girl!" Spider-man cheered while X-23 rolled her eyes. They all turned back to the screen as the woman seemed as if she were about to end her statements.

"To get these prizes you must either beat myself in a fight or be the last team standing. This will be a tough tournament some lives may be lost and to add a little extra fun I'll will allow some teams to increase their members if they can find any of the hidden opponents." Rebuff finally finished her speech with a smile before she began sweating slightly. "Also if you are from a planet with a large amount of martial artists…Akuma accidently fell on to this earth…I wanted to leave him out of it but I guess fate had other plans. Oh well that's all for now peace bitches!"


BGM: End

"Alright Let's go find a place to rest up, we can figure out what we will do tomorrow." Spider-man said before pausing as he watched Chun-li's shoulders shake. "A-are you crying?" Spider-man asked in disbelief.

"Zurui desuyo!" Chun-li Shouted as she stomped out the room screaming in Japanese while her teammate followed behind her cautiously.


(I'm using Google translate bear with me)

Kuso! = Shit!

Zurui desuyo! = Unfair!

What's in store for this crazy team?


A crazed Kimura stood over a downed Laura.

"I told you I would be back, and there is no one who can help you now." She advanced toward the bloodied X-23 before stopping when two figures landed on her left and right side. "What?



Hearing the voices Laura couldn't help the small smile that appeared on her face.


"Like you know about clones or being ripped off web-head." Logan snorted, but stopped when he realized what he said and who he said it to. Dante and Trish looked around at the wincing faces of the assembled heroes and Trish voiced her concern.

"Did…did it just get colder in here?"

"Damn it Logan…" Tony grumbled.

"I think it might be a good Idea for you to leave the room Jessica…" Captain America whispered to Spider-woman who quickly exited.

"I don't get it." Deadpool complained and quickly went flying via a red-clad fist with web patterns.


"Shit we can't be losing Jean…again." Logan grumbled as Storm looked on in concern.

"I can't…Control it!" Jean grey roared as flames began to shoot from her back.

"Well you better learn bitch!" Spider-Man yelled. "Ultimate WEB! Gotcha!" Slamming Phoenix into the ground and rendering her unconscious our favorite web head pointed at her body. "LOOOSSERR" He stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning around he came face to face with Cyclops holding out his hand.

"Join the X-men." Stunned as everyone else Spider-Man just looked at the hand. Cyclops pressed harder. "Please."


"Master? How are you back already? It's only been one week since you left for the DC universe!" Izanami asked in confusion as she watched a pale face Rebuke go to his refrigerator and pull out a bottle of scotch before downing the entire thing. Turning to his persona rebuke released a tired sigh.


"Let me see if I understand the situation." The deep voice of the legendary Dark knight began. "You want to turn my life in to a game to stop an ultimate evil from destroying my universe?" Despite being countless times older than the man before him, Rebuke couldn't help but take a weary step back.

"T-that's the gist of it."

"Before I agree or eliminate you can I have one week of preparation?" rebuke was about to say hell no, but when he came face to face with a glare so vile it almost ripped his soul in two, he changed his mind.

"Sure of course!"

-One week later: Gotham City-

Rebuke looked around in shock at how peaceful the city had become at night, children were giggling as they played in the park and young couples were everywhere having a great time. Looking up Rebuke gaped as he watched the Dark Knight float down while covered in an eerie green light with both Wonder woman and Cat woman on each arm.

"What happened here Batman?"

"Simple using the time you gave me I figured a way to grab a Green Lantern ring and then ended all crime as we know it." The seriousness in his voice showed the game master that he was not bullshitting.

"Holy fuck…A power based on willpower, intelligence, and imagination was given to the God damned Batman…Fuck…" Rebuke paled as he saw the most terrifying thing ever.

Batman's smirk.

"Now if you excuse me I cannot keep these two women waiting. If you need me you know where to find me."

-FlashBack: End-

Rebuke looked up to see Izanami grabbing her own bottle of scotch before mimicking his earlier actions.

"I wonder if we can just send him after the Goddess and end it for us."

"I hear that." And with a simultaneous sigh they continued their day.

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