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Chapter 35: Date Night Part IV (Alternate title: Farewell)

Chun-Li: 100%

Talon: 100%

Spider-Man 60%

-One Month later: New York-

BGM: An Open Letter TO NYC- Beastie Boys

Peter smiled as he turned his seat around and gazed out of the window towards his home city.

It had been a month since the end of the third World War and with the help of Spider-Man, Kiden, Mary Jane, and Valeria the planet was rebuilt with the exception of Florida which, despite having its innocent citizens resurrected was completely wiped from existence by the explosion. The species leaders had decided to not rebuild it and leave the devastated state as a reminder to never let things get as bad as they had ever again.

The United States had decided to finally induct Puerto Rico to the union making it the nation's new fiftieth state. The nations of the planet were once again their own territories with their own rules with one small difference…

They all answered to Mary Jane.

This had been decided without said woman's knowledge as the leaders took Spider-Man's motto to heart. They needed someone strong to lead them as a species, so who better than the one whom single-handedly conquered them all with a damn sword? This decision of course made the non-human species much more relaxed as there was finally something to keep the humans in check.

Attilan had been rebuilt and now took refuge in the Pacific Ocean while A.I's took refuge in a large base constructed on the moon, not because they felt isolated but they simply preferred the view. Surprisingly enough a culture began to form amongst the free-willed A.I.'s and Mother's day had become their most important holiday. They celebrated it by gifting random human's gifts in gratitude for leading to their creation.

Humanity liked this.

What was most interesting is what happened to Canada. The nation that had stayed out of the last conflict had been the only human nation not controlled by Mary Jane; instead it had become the capital of Earth itself. Members of all species could be seen around Canada, most notably the ambassadors of the various species that would now meet up at a summit for the newly formed Alliance.

In fact they were having their second official meeting now.



"We will provide you more blood as long as you raise the legal age to be embraced to eighteen." Valeria gave her ultimatum to Lilith whom raised an eyebrow at her in confusion. "Teenagers have a tendency to think being a vampire is all fun and games. This irresponsibility will cost a lot of young human lives, so unless they are dying, no embracing until eighteen. Do we have a deal?" Valeria questioned making Lilith nod.

"Deal, providing you also send more funding for us to figure out how to awaken our Queen." Lilith stated making Valeria nod. The temporary invulnerability to sunlight, eternal night, and fountain of infinite blood had all disappeared when their Queen was sealed. Freeing Jubilee had now become a matter of utmost importance in order to prevent the vampire legion from reverting to their previous nomadic way of life.

To keep these the things Jubilee had provided working took continuous concentration, Spider-Man realized this when he tried to fix them himself. Unlike Jubilee who had no longer required sleep, Spider-Man did and also had far too many things to be worried about to even attempt to help out the vampires. Spider-Man's respect for Jubilee had sky-rocketed when realized that her people were on her mind constantly twenty-four seven.

It had been suggested that Jubilee's reality gem be surgically removed and given to Lilith but surprisingly it had been the vampires that refused adamantly at this course of action. Lilith refused because she was too lazy and the other sects, minus the purebloods which Lilith led, were fearful of being ruled by the spawn of Dracula.

"I can work with that." Valeria said with a nod. "Believe me, we have Dr. Strange working non-stop with our greatest minds, to come up with a way to break his seal. After your Queen's…last assassination attempt…he believed it would be in his best interests to work a little harder."

Valeria had been chosen as the human ambassador by MJ because, well to put it bluntly, she was the smartest person in the world. Valeria figured it would be interesting at least and had accepted the role.

"What?" Lilith blinked sure that they had a vampire keeping an eye on Talon at all times after her first attempt to kill Strange.

"She can teleport and use magic." Valeria said dryly. "Spider-Man has literally stopped her five times in the last week from killing him."

"Yes, may you two please hurry and bring back the Vampire Queen. The Weaver should not be spending his time stopping his friend from killing a wizard." Father-Spider said politely.

"Of course. Anything you would like to add?" Valeria questioned making the alien rub his chin in thought.

"We need more supplies and man power to help build our space fleet." Father Spider stated after a moment. "It is fifty percent complete but I am afraid the Skrulls may be planning to attack again soon. Fortunately the Weaver has made blueprints for a machine that will cancel out their ability to transform."

"Tell him to let me double-check. Last time he made a design he nearly blew himself, and the planet, away." Valeria said making the alien nod.

"We can send support Father Spider sir!" Robyn said with a smile. "I just sent instructions to half of my people to lend you a hand!"

"Much appreciated." Father Spider smiled. "By the way the Sakaaran Empire has agreed to join the galactic alliance."

"Truly? I thought Caiera refused after she saw the state her husband was in after our last…conflict." Valeria drawled.

"The Queen put in a good word for you and your species; they really have become good friends." Father-Spider said making the blonde nod. Father-Spider then frowned slightly. "You all realize that the last war may not be the last. Even with peace on Earth and even between Sakaar, there are thousands of worlds out there; I fear the day Earth's luck runs out if it makes enemies with the wrong species."

"That's the thing about Earthlings though, we persevere." Valeria said firmly before a small smile graced her lips. "Let them come, they will fall like the rest. Anything else any one wants to add?"

"Diversity lessons?" Medusa suggested making the others look at her in confusion. "Many cannot tell the difference between Mutant and Inhuman and likewise a few of our people fail to see the difference between Vampire and Human from a physical standpoint."

"That could be dangerous." Valeria muttered as she thought about what would happen if someone got into a fight with what they thought was a human and ended up facing a century old vampire. "I will write a book later that compiles the different species and their differences for you to educate your people with. If you have schooling systems make it mandatory for the young ones."

"Have you done what we asked?" Kitty Pryde asked curiously making Valeria nod.

"All weapon X records we're destroyed, the sentinels have been annihilated, all 'cures' for mutations are gone as well, there is a man-hunt for the Hellfire club, and yes Kitty, I personally danced on Magneto's grave." Valeria stated though the last part was aid with some irritation.

"Gangnam style? That was the deal after all." Kitty asked in amusement making Valeria's cheeks burn slightly.

"Of all the unmitigated-yes." Valeria bit out getting a laugh from the brunette.

"Can you outlaw Twilight? Please…?" Lilith pleaded.

"And the Little Mermaid while you're at it?" Namorita questioned. Unlike the other leaders, Namorita actually had a good amount of free time and seeing how most of her peoples issues dealt with humans removing their wastes into the water, she personally became an ambassador for her people.

"Freedom of speech I'm afraid." Valeria said with regret making the women pout.

"Then you better make it perfectly clear that we do not sparkle in the sun." Lilith said with a slight eye-twitch. "Many of us will fucking die."

"And we have lower bodies!" Namorita bit out. "Seriously, how the hell would we reproduce!?"

"Noted." Valeria said as she failed to hold back a chuckle. "Anything else?" Valeria questioned. No one spoke so she grinned. "Meeting adjourned then, I'm sure you all want to get somewhere with a T.V early to watch the semifinals. We'll meet up next month."

-Later that Night: Alchemax HQ-

"Are you ready everyone!? Time for the semi-final match!" Rebuff grinned as she stood in between the Crimson Crusade and Team Amazing. There's a lot at stake in this fight, including our favorite High Empress & Overlord's hand in marriage!" Rebuff said enthusiastically. "The Crimson Crusade will be the underdogs in this match unfortunately due to the different numbers. This will be a three-on- four match-"

"Actually it won't." Natasha spoke up making Rebuff blink owlishly. "Viper and I are staying out of this one." MJ turned to her team in shock as they stepped back away from her.

"We are staying out as well." Talon spoke up gesturing to herself, Magik and Chun-Li. "Let's be honest this one is personal and between them." Spider-Man mirrored MJ's disbelief as his team left him hanging.

"Do you hear that?" Rebuff said quietly confusing them. "That's the sound of my ratings skyrocketing! Oh the drama! The public loves it! Let's try this again; this will be a one versus one match between Spider-Man and High Empress & Overlord Mary Jane Watson!" MJ face-palmed as the eccentric woman used her full title once again while Spider-Man had to ponder just how crazy MJ's life had become. "Time to start!" Snapping her fingers the noncombatants flashed form the area.

Black Widow: Forfeit

Crimson Viper: Forfeit

Talon: Forfeit

Magik: Forfeit

Chun-Li: Forfeit

Team Amazing: 2

The Crimson Crusade: 3

"How does this even work out? Even if I win we tie!" Spider-Man shouted in frustration.

"Don't worry webs; the last man standing rule does overrule the point system." Rebuff smiled. "If you win, so does your team." And with that Rebuff vanished.

"Okay relax Spider-Man, despite her hype she is still your gentle, peace-loving, Super-Model wife, and mother of your child. Sure we have to go all out, but it shouldn't be hard." Spider-Man thought as he slid into a fighting stance while MJ summoned her Vibranium and Hyrkanian blades and looked at him uncertainly. "She looks kind of cute trying to prepare for battle like that, besides she can't even hit me." Spider-Man mused. "Don't worry MJ; just show me what you got!" Spider-Man called out making the red-head nod. "Let's see how my beautiful battle goddess can go-"

BGM: Red Like Roses Part II (Feat. Casey Williams)- Jeff Williams


Spider-Man gaped from behind his mask as MJ exploded towards him as her Witchblade surrounded her.


"Oh shit!"

Spider-Man leaned back just in time to avoid being beheaded by her blade. He literally felt the wind from the swing slam into his face as if he had been punched.

"How!? Her power gem doesn't work! Damn just how strong is she!?" Spider-Man wondered incredulously. He gulped slightly as he stared into her blazing red eyes that were surrounded by pools of black. MJ stepped forward and for a moment Spider-Man swore he felt the gravity around him increase as if her very presence was weighing him down.

"Crimson Assault." MJ said as a pulse of red released from her body. Spider-Man began dodging at rapid speeds as MJ began to unleash a barrage of crimson slashes each faster, stronger, and closer to connecting than the previous. "I can't hold back, faster…faster…" MJ repeated in her head as she pushed Spider-Man to the edge of the roof. Spider-Man gritted his teeth as he saw an opening when MJ over extended one of her swings.

"Now!" Spider-Man thought as just before he was pushed off of the roof, he slipped under her guard and spun around behind her, with his foot raised so he could kick her off of the roof. Unfortunately for him MJ was more experienced than he thought.

"I am no fool." MJ Muttered as Spider-Man was suddenly force to back flip away as multitude of long demonic spikes erupted from her back, each prepared to skewer him. The spikes quickly receded as two crimson wings ripped from her back that looked as though they had rose petals for feathers. With a mighty flap the woman took to the skies as her blades disappeared. Turning around she whipped her right hand towards Spider-Man.

Spider-Man flipped off of the roof just as something impacted where he was standing.


"What did she do?" Spider-Man wondered.


Spider-Man entered web rush just as he web-zipped to the side. His eyes narrowed when he saw that she had thrown a knife at him that made a small explosion when impacting on a nearby building. "Damn, Spider-Sense, don't fail me now!" Spider-Man thought as he began web-zipping towards the Empress. She threw a third blade that went directly towards his head, but before it could connect he disappeared via a well-timed web-zip to the right.

"Shit." MJ cursed quietly as she lost sight of her opponent. Her eyes narrowed as she glanced back to see Spider-Man descending upon her with his stingers drawn. Deactivating her wings instantly, much to his surprise, she began to rapidly fall down to the streets just in time to avoid his attack.


Landing in the middle of the street, MJ crossed her arms as a multitude of knives and daggers appeared between her fingers. She took a step forward and began throwing them at Spider-Man. Every time one was released it was replaced by another one she had thrown previously as she continued to maneuver around the battle field.


BGM: United We Stand, Divided We Fall- Two Steps From Hell

"I can't go all out without the power gem I have to work around that somehow." MJ thought as her power gem appeared on her forehead while a saber appeared in her right hand. She grabbed the gem tightly as Spider-Man landed in a crouch. "AHHHHH!" MJ screamed and Spider-Man watched in morbid fascination as she ripped the gem from her forehead causing blood to cascade down her face.


MJ's heart clenched as her muscles pulsed as she felt her strength rise to new levels. The ground around her seemed to crumble into dust from her sheer presence alone while a crimson aura began to cover her body.

"What?" Spider-Man questioned in confusion as she aimed the thin blade toward him.

"Scathach's blessing gives me the strength necessary to be equal to my opponent…"MJ began as her unwavering gaze met his. "If I am not bound to the power gem while you are…" MJ trailed off as she made the gem disappear.

"You can gain as much power as you want to even out the playing field." Spider-Man said in shock as his ex-wife blatantly found a second way to gain unlimited power in the middle of a fight. "The hell happened to you!?"

"En Garde." MJ said as she appeared before him with nothing but pure speed. He stepped to the side just in time to dodge the blade, but a tear appeared on the left side of his mask.


Spider-Man had to stop himself from gaping as the a large fissure erupted from the ground in front of his wife's sword and continued down the street until it collided with his HQ, exploding the building in the process. He was inwardly thankful that he gave his employees the day off.

Across New York his employees thought the same thing.

Spider-Man realized he had to get away from the city before anyone got killed.

MJ wanted him to realize that, and as soon as he swung away she was right on his proverbial heels as she flew after him. So he didn't get suspicious, she began releasing a few random swings that she made sure didn't endanger any lives but were still noticed by him.

-A few moments later-

Spider-Man landed on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean just in time to duck under a devastating drop kick from MJ whom landed behind him before back flipping over the web-head and landing before him with her saber poised to kill. Spider-Man dodged the first stab instantly.


The water behind them exploded from the shock wave and showered down on them like rain.

"Attaque éclaire."

Like machine gun fire, the water behind them began exploding rapidly as MJ released a barrage of high-speed slashes that could not be seen by the human eye.

*Super slow-mo*

Spider-Man turned to right as the blade shot passed him before MJ brought it back and stabbed towards his left which he also dodged. He managed to avoid every attack so far, but soon the unthinkable happened.

On the right side of his chest, his costume tore open as a small amount of blood appeared.

It was then that it began to sink in when Spider-Man watched as her attacks seemed to be increasing their speed. Yes this woman was someone he loved dearly and his former gentle peace-loving wife.

But she also conquered the world.

And now he was seeing how.

MJ was broken.

The red-head had to be the single most overpowered person he had ever met. Oh sure the beings like Death, Gaea, and Stan were powerful, but they had a legitimate reason for being so. This woman literally just accidently ran into power ups. Hell if this had been a fighting video-game; she'd be banned in every tournament across the globe. The developers would have to apologize for even thinking about creating her in the first place.

Still everyone one had a flaw, and she was no difference. If he knew anything it was that because she used swordplay so much her hand to hand must have been abysmal. So it was with that thought in mind that Spider-Man countered the slash with his stinger, shattering the blade in the process before slipping into his way of the spider and leaping forward with his fist cocked back. MJ narrowed her eyes as he released a punch…

*Slow-Mo end*

…Which was expertly dodged by MJ whom ducked under it before leaping up and planting both feet into her his chest, their close proximity making it impossible for even him to dodge, making him stumble back and hold his chest in pain as she landed on her back before bouncing back up and slipping under his guard where she then jumped forward and caught his neck in between her legs where she finished by spinning them both around and slamming him face first into the water.

Spider-Man coughed frantically as he jumped back just in time to prevent being skewered by her Hyrkanian blade. He was no idiot, he had definitely seen that combination before which is why he could not be blamed for looking into the sky with his rage visible even from behind his mask.

"God damn it Natasha, what the actual hell!?"

-Avengers HQ-

Natasha for one looked incredibly shocked at what had just transpired as the gathered heroes turned to her in disbelief.

"When we first teamed up she wanted to know a good workout routine to help keep her in shape for her modelling career…" Natasha explained weakly as May stared at her stunned.

"So in your mind a logical workout routine was to teach her how to kill a man?" May asked incredulously. "No not lunges, or crunches, hell even a good diet, no you taught my mom deadly hand to hand combat skills." May deadpanned before clapping her hands sarcastically. "Way to go, you just killed my dad."

Team Amazing on the other hand were shocked for entirely different reasons.

"L-Laura…" Chun-Li began weakly.

"Y-yes?" Talon said before clearing her throat, cursing herself for stuttering.

"Is Spider-Man actually not only getting hit but pushed back?" Chun-Li questioned again.

"Yes, I haven't seen anything like this since when we first teamed up."

"You mean Spider-Man can be hit?" Magik spoke up. "I thought that was just a myth." Sure she stabbed during the whole Avengers vs. X-men fiasco but she was powered by the phoenix force so it didn't count.

It began to sink in that maybe Team Amazing might lose this one. Maybe one of them should have stayed back as insurance just in case.

Hindsight was a bitch.

-With Spider-Man-

Both Spider-Man and MJ stepped towards each other with their fists cocked back, both released a roar as they released two powerful blows which collided into each other with so much force that a large crater appeared beneath their feet.


Their gazes never wavered even as their surroundings exploded sending waves blasting across the ocean waters behind MJ.

"She's..." Spider-Man's thoughts began as a small feeling of fear shot through him.

"He's…" MJ's thoughts began as a foreign feeling of excitement shot through her very core.

"Amazing!" The two thought at the same time as a smile graced MJ's lips while her knuckles bled beneath her demonic looking gauntlet. MJ attempted to slam her foot into Spider-Man's chest only for the hero to block the attack with his left forearm and push her back. Spider-Man wasted no time and stepped into her guard while she tried to regain her footing and delivered a well-timed sweep-kick, knocking both legs from under her.

"I need to end this quickly." Spider-Man thought as his Exo-skeleton began to form before web-zipping behind her. "Almighty Spider!" MJ's eyes widened as she was suddenly slammed into from all directions by a black and gold blur.









MJ was bound in a golden cocoon as Spider-Man descended upon her and slammed both feet into her, sending her crashing into the ground as he launched himself higher in to air. Spider-Man's flaming eyes widened slightly when the golden webs exploded in a crimson flash revealing a heavily armored MJ. The crimson suit of armor revealed nearly no skin but still fitted her form tightly. MJ's eyes burned even brighter as her Hyrkanian and Vibranium blades appeared in her hands before transforming into two sinister crimson looking blades due to the Witchblade's influence. The Witchblade seemed to have created a crimson crown on her forehead which pushed her hair back from her face.

"Air Riot!" MJ shouted as she crossed her blades above her before ripping them apart creating a large crimson cross of energy which blasted towards Spider-Man at blinding speeds.


MJ smirked as she stared up at the large smoke cloud that was created from her attack colliding into the hero.

"Come on tiger, you're better than that!"


"You know me too well!

MJ's smirk fell as two golden web-lines erupted from the smoke and connected to ground directly left and right of her before Spider-Man shot towards her like a bullet. Tightening her grip on the vibranium blade in her left hand she swung it at Spider-Man with an astounding amount of force.

"High-Counter!" MJ shouted and time seemed to have come to a stop as Spider-Man's foot slammed into the flat of the blade.


The force of Spider-Man's attack vanished as he was suddenly batted away like an insect by the crimson haired empress. Spider-Man's body skipped across the water for a second before he fired a web-line behind MJ and web-zipped right towards her and buried his fist right into her face.



Spider-Man winced slightly as MJ's body shot back into the city from the force of his punch.

-Avenger's tower-



The heroes watched in disbelief as MJ's body suddenly crashed through one wall of the headquarters before flying out through another.

-With MJ-

MJ's body had flown through a few buildings as she sailed halfway through New York City. She looked up weakly as Spider-Man appeared above her and shot towards her with both stingers drawn. It wasn't until he was too close that her eyes narrowed.

"Reversal!" MJ shouted as she grabbed his arm tightly before spinning them both around with her now above him just as they slammed into the ground making the city tremble. She didn't stop there as her wings ripped free before she blasted off through the city, dragging him on the ground with her, his body tearing up the ground as they went.

-Opposite side of New York-

MJ released the hero and kicked him away from her before raising her right hand to the sky. Recovering quickly, Spider-Man landed in a crouch with a single web-line in his hand which connected to MJ's chest.


BGM: Call Your Name-Attack on Titan OST

-Avenger's Tower-

"So that's what he was after." Talon muttered as Chun-Li nodded.

"Looks like it, this should be interesting." Chun-Li chuckled making the other heroes look at them in confusion.

"What are you talkin' about?" Logan questioned with a frown making Talon glance towards him.

"You'll see…Spider-Man is not out of tricks just yet." Talon said as she looked back at the screen.

-With Spider-Man-

"It was buried deep, but I got close enough to grab it." Spider-Man said tiredly as he held the web-line tightly while his Exo-skeleton began to crack.

"What exactly is that?" MJ questioned with a frown making him chuckle.

"I am literally holding our love in my hand, with it I know I can take anything you could possibly throw at me." Spider-Man said tiredly and it became apparent that whatever he was holding he needed to get close to obtain it. MJ's eyes widened slightly when she realized she only succeeded in grabbing him because he needed her to.

"I wish you had pulled out this trump of yours earlier, because now I have already won." MJ said with a hint of sadness in her voice as an all too familiar spear appeared in her hand.

-With Scathach-

The goddess smiled sadly from a nearby building as she watched the fight.

"I am sorry young Weaver, but it appears as though this victory goes to my champion."

-With Spider-Man-


"Well damn." Spider-Man sighed as he charged his ex-wife, ripping the web from her chest. MJ' gritted her teeth as an extremely powerful wave of pleasure rocketed through her. She managed to stay conscious due to the amount of sadness being fed to her from the spear in her hands. She stabbed the cursed weapon forward just as Spider-Man got in front of her.


MJ closed her eyes as she walked passed Spider-Man while her crimson hair blew in the wind. She didn't have to look at the hero to know the outcome of this battle.

Spider-Man Dead-wait-what? Are you fucking kidding me!?

MJ blinked in shock when her victory wasn't announced and turned right around only to find a foot slammed into her face. She gritted her teeth in pain as she went flying back through the city.

-With Scathach-


-Avenger's tower-

The heroes gaped again as MJ flew through the building.

"Damn it! I have to pay for this crap!" Tony shouted angrily.

-Atlantic Ocean-

MJ's body slammed into the shore before bouncing over in to the edge of the water. Her eyes widened in disbelief as Spider-Man calmly walked over to her, his body completely engulfed in a golden aura as golden flames spewed from his eyes in mouth.

"I've lost a lot of things in my life due to being Spider-Man, MJ." Spider-Man began calmly. "But believe me; I refuse to lose you a second time."

"Gae Bolg!" MJ shouted again as she stabbed the spear toward him causing a crimson beam of light to erupt from the weapon and slam into his chest exactly where his heart was. She watched in amazement as he gritted his teeth before releasing a loud shout making the aura burn brighter, eventually dispersing the attack. "How?" MJ was confused greatly she felt her power struggling to match his to no avail, as if Scathach's blessing had finally reached its limit.

It made no sense her blessing could match Nemesis' strength which had no limit.

Was Spider-Man somehow stronger than infinity itself?

She had to squint her eyes due to the light he was emitting, the power releasing from his body made her hair blow wildly, and every step he took seemed to have made the ground tremble in protest.

"A weapon made of sorrow could never pierce our love MJ." Spider-Man said quietly as he stared down at his right hand and clenched it tightly. "I am not even using Nemesis' strength, this is all us." MJ stepped back and trembled slightly.

It wasn't fair, MJ realized at that moment. She was counting on her winning so that when her death came it could without any regrets. Now she would lose, regain her memories, and then die the next week.

It wasn't fair!

"Gae Bolg!" MJ boomed as she threw the spear, causing a large crimson seal to appear before her and rain countless crimson needles upon Spider-Man. Spider-Man glared as each needle shattered upon impact as he approached the red-head who looked at him in terror. After a moment Spider-Man was now right in front of her, the only thing separating them was the large seal which simply could not pierce their love. "What….what are you?" MJ found herself asking with a hint of morbid fascination.


Spider-Man slammed his hand through the seal causing it to shatter making red light to shower down on them. It looked as though the two were surrounded by a beautiful crimson snow as Spider-Man held the side of her head with his right hand, wiping away the tears that began to fall from her ruby eyes with his thumb.

"Your husband." Spider-Man said before pressing his lips against hers. MJ was surprised for a moment before she returned it earnestly as her knees felt weak. Spider-Man held her tightly in his arms, silently swearing to never lose her again.

"It's…your win." MJ said quietly


Mary Jane Watson: Forfeit

Spider-Man vs. Mary Jane Watson

Spider-Man WINSSSSS!

The Crimson Crusade: 3

Team Amazing: 3

Last Man Standing: Team Amazing

Team Amazing WIN-

"No I will not allow it."

HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER: Scathach: Goddess of Battle!

Both MJ and Spider-Man looked up to see an extremely pissed off crimson haired goddess of battle.


MJ clenched her teeth as her chest erupted in pain from her fading heart.

"What do you mean? He won we went all out! Time to keep your end of the deal!" MJ said in anger making the goddess narrow her eyes.

"Nonsense if you two truly went all out, one of you would be dead." Scathach drawled as a white double edged blade appeared in her left hand. "Since you two cannot kill each other I will give you an ultimatum. One of you dies, or I will pick a winner myself, be warned whoever dies by this blade will be trapped in an eternal battle against anyone else that have fallen to it."

"Do it." MJ ordered Spider-Man. "If you win, we can continue where we left off-"

"Not so fast my little champion, you do not honestly think this match will count towards our contract do you?" Scathach asked sounding amused. "I had to interfere which means this fight is null and void."

"What are you talking about!? There is no time for us to have another one! My life is ending as we speak!"

"Not my problem." Scathach shrugged and for a second a MJ was blinded by rage and took a step towards the goddess whom quirked an eyebrow at her.

-Avenger's tower-

"No! Stop mom, you'll die!" May shouted making the heroes turn to her in confusion. "It is literally impossible to defeat her. Her domain is battle itself meaning the odds are always in her favor, it's like fighting a living Excalibur. Strength doesn't matter, you can't win!" May was pissed her parents wouldn't have a happy ending but damn it she would take their separation over one of them dying before their time any day!

-With MJ-

The red-head stopped moving towards the goddess when Spider-Man grabbed her shoulder tightly. She glanced back to see him shaking his head.

"MJ you can't fight her alone, you will die." Spider-Man said firmly.

"I'm dead either way, what do you expect me to do? Stand here and let her use me as a puppet?" MJ questioned angrily making him shake his head.

"I said you can't fight her alone, MJ you've always had my back and now it's time for me to return the favor." Spider-Man said as he gazed up at the goddess. "This bitch is going down." MJ stared at him for a moment before smiling as her power gem reappeared in her hand before disappearing and reappearing on her forehead.

"I have one fight left in me. I was going to save it for that Stan guy but it will serve me better here." MJ thought as she narrowed her gaze at the goddess.

"You dare to fight me my champion? It does not matter thanks to you I have an entire bloodline to pick from now." Scathach chuckled making MJ's eyes narrow. If she did die, then May would no doubt be the next champion. She could never be with the one she loved if she was forced into the same contract.

"Today…is the day I die…" MJ began as the Hyrkanian and Vibranium blades appeared in her hands. "But I am definitely taking you with me."

"Oh? Now this should be interesting." Scathach said as she snapped her fingers causing a multitude of weapons to appear around them.

BGM: Crossing Field Sword Art Online OST (English version) by AmaLee on youtube.)

"You won't die today MJ." Spider-Man swore making her chuckle.

"I will." MJ stated as she held her Hyrkanian blade in a reverse grip. "At least you will be with me in my last moments. This is my fault, I was holding back just a little bit." MJ admitted as she lowered herself into a crouch.

"So was I." Spider-Man said making MJ laugh as she realized that technically Scathach was the wronged party here as her contract was broken on purpose. Spider-Man's eyes narrowed as two web-lines appeared in his hands.

-Avenger's HQ-

"Oh shit." Chun-Li and Talon muttered with wide-eyes as they looked down to see two web-lines appearing from their chests. They both grimaced as they realized what was coming next. They both saw a flash of light as Spider-Man ripped the web-lines free knocking them out in the process.

-With Spider-Man-

His power tripled as he blasted forward with MJ towards the goddess of battle. The surrounding blades began to fly at them like bullets only for Spider-Man to grab MJ close to him and maneuver around each weapon effortlessly. Once they were close, MJ shot forward and leapt at the goddess as both blades began to burn red.

"Show me what you can do!" Scathach boomed as a large great sword appeared in her left hand which she slammed down towards MJ with ease.

"Hurricane!" MJ shouted as time seemed to come to a complete standstill for her before her muscle erupted in power as she instantly began to rapidly spin, looking like a crimson buzz saw as her blades came in contact with the great sword.



Their surroundings exploded and Scathach grinned as her champion's blades began to grind through her weapon. She raised her white sword, prepared to end MJ's life right there.

"Web-Swing!" Spider-Man shouted and he swung and slammed his foot into her face, knocking her away. MJ, using her spinning momentum threw the Vibranium blade towards the goddess.

"Guard Crash!" MJ shouted as Scathach replaced the large sword with a pitch black shield that covered her body from view.



Both the blade and the shield shattered in a crimson explosion.


"On it!" Spider-Man shouted as he web-zipped above the goddess whom blinked in shock at her guard being so easily defeated. "Almighty Web!" Spider-Man quickly covered the goddess in a golden web before rapidly somersaulting backwards through the air and slammed her into the ocean with so much force that a golden dome of energy erupted upon impact.


Scathach ripped free from her bindings and took a knee on the ocean floor. For a split second the water had been completely split by the attack and Scathach and MJ met each other's gazes. MJ took that moment to blast for right towards her. The Hyrkanian blade met Scathach's ivory sword and struggled for dominance as the water came crashing down upon them.

-Slo-Mo: END-

MJ's body flew out of the water with an enraged Scathach flying up after her, the goddess quickly attempted to pierce her champion through her chest. Scathach narrowed her eyes when MJ smirked at her. MJ grabbed her arm tightly as she barely avoided being stabbed.

"Reversal!" MJ shouted as she swung the goddess behind her only to get elbowed viciously in the face.

"Please I invented that move!" Scathach shouted as MJ used her wings to immediately stop her descent. Scathach's eyes widened when she saw that MJ's grin never left and she looked around to find herself surrounded by blades as Spider-Man rapidly descend towards her from behind.

"Crimson Carnival!" MJ shouted as she blasted forward and dropped her Hyrkanian blade before grabbing one of the nearby blades.

"Almighty Spider!" Spider-Man shouted with his stingers unsheathed before disappearing in a golden flash. Scathach summoned MJ's vibranium blade as she began to rapidly parry the barrage of attacks that slammed into her at speeds that were nearly unable to be seen. MJ swung each sword with enough force to shatter it upon impact with one of Scathach's weapons.









Scathach glared as Spider-Man stole her Vibranium blade from her as MJ appeared on the shore just in time to catch her Hyrkanian blade. MJ looked up at Spider-Man as she accessed the blades inner power causing it to be engulfed by a golden aura.

"Spider-Man now!" MJ shouted making Scathach blink in shock as the woman threw the Hyrkanian blade up just as Spider-Man threw the Vibranium blade down. Scathach could do nothing but cross her arms in front of her as the two blades slammed into each other right in front of her. The Vibranium blade and Hyrkanian swords shattered causing the built up power in Sonja's former blade to be released.


Scathach was engulfed by the golden explosion of energy that nearly blinded both Spider-Man and Mary Jane.

"Impossible, how could those two come up with such a plan without even communicating!?" Scathach wondered as she felt her body being burned by the energy. Spider-Man quickly teleported next to MJ and grabbed her bridal style before teleporting into the city as the power continued to grow.


BGM: Erza's Theme: Fairy Tail OST

-New York-

"Spider-Man, now she'll come soon!" MJ shouted as Gae Bolg appeared in her hands.

"This is insane MJ!" Spider-Man said as he grabbed her by her arm. "Besides I thought that spear didn't work on her!"

"Its powers may not but it is still an unbreakable spear." MJ said before softening her gaze as her heartbeat sounded loudly in her ears. "If I don't come back, just know that I have always loved you memories or no memories."

"I know. Now get ready here she is!"Spider-Man sad as he spun around with her in his arms a few times before releasing her with all of his might down the street where a pissed off and badly wounded Scathach was flying towards them. The ground tore open as MJ blasted above it.

Time seemed to slow as MJ aimed her spear right towards the goddess' heart making the goddess of battle grit her teeth as she had to bring her blade up to parry the attack.


Scathachlooked on in shock as she found herself fling backwards with Gae Bolg attempting to break through the flat of her sword and pierce her chest while an enraged MJ held the spear tightly and continued to try to pierce her chest. The goddess could hear MJ's heartbeat begin to fade as her wings ripped free causing them to fly back even faster.

"Final Assault!" Mary Jane shouted as both the spear and her body shone in crimson light.


A small crimson light could be seen circling the planet making the A.I's cheer from their moon base.

-With MJ-

The Witchblade receded as MJ's heartbeat grew fainter but to Scathach's surprise the woman simply landed on her feet and continued running forward as if she didn't notice or care.

"You go so far just to be together with the man you love for a moment." Scathach thought in astonishment as she idly noted they were reentering the city. The power gem's light faded as MJ's heart came to a stop, but to Scathach's shock the woman was still moving forward while her eyes still bled red from the goddess' blessing. "I see you are going to see this to the end….I have seen enough my child."


Gae Bolg disappeared from MJ's hand and was replaced by Scathach's own Ivory blade. MJ's eyes widened as the goddess gave her a look filled with more pride than she thought was possible before the blade went straight to the goddess' heart.



Blood splattered over MJ's body as she slammed the goddess into the front of Avenger's tower with the blade going right through Scathach's heart. The red left MJ's eyes as she fell back lifelessly. The last thing she saw was Scathach's final smile.


"MJ!" A power-downed Spider-Man shouted in horror as he approached the blood-soaked form of his ex-wife and grabbed her in his arms, holding her tightly. The heroes in Avenger's tower quickly ran out and looked on in disbelief at the horrible sight in front of them. A recently awakened Talon and Chun-Li had to avert their eyes from the broken form of their leader.

"M-mom…?" May asked quietly as she approached her parents before falling to her knees. "N-no…Zoe!" May shouted and soon the goddess of life appeared with a sad expression next to her sister. "Y-you can fix this right?"

"No. Her life was never in my domain, she belonged to Scathach their contract keeps her out of my reach." Zoe said quietly saddened that she could not help her sister. "Her song was truly magnificent." Zoe said as Spider-Man's mask peeled back, not caring who saw his face as he openly wept for the woman in his arms. Luckily Team Amazing managed to cover him from any prying eyes of the pedestrians.

Viper wiped her eyes at the sight and turned to her stoic team mate whom seemed to have trouble controlling her usual façade.

"Natasha, no one will judge you right now….just let it out." Viper said quietly and Natasha had to turn away from the sight and place her face in her hands as her shoulders shook slightly.

"I-It's just not right." Natasha finally said. "She never wanted any of this, she was content with her old life but didn't protest as more and more bullshit got thrown at her. If anyone on our team deserved a happy ending it was her. She was just a normal young woman."

"I know, believe me I know." Viper said quietly.

"[How could two of my teammates lose their wives now? Right before we're supposed to win this tournament and have our happily ever afters?]" Chun-Li questioned the unfairness of it all.

"This can't be happening; you were never supposed to leave this planet before me." Peter said his voice laced with sorrow. "You should have never been forced to push yourself this far…damn it MJ you weren't supposed to leave me like this!" Peter said angry with himself for not being able to somehow stop this. "If only you could remember just how much I loved you…" Peter trailed off before pressing his lips to her blood-stained ones.

BGM: Start Over- Beyoncé

"Dude you are so lucky we're owned by Disney now." Deadpool stated making Peter turn to him angrily in no mood for his jokes right now.


"Peter look!" Talon said with disbelief lacing her voice. Even Zoe looked perturbed as Scathach's blood began receding into MJ's body though her open wounds which began to heal rapidly releasing a steam as they did so. The Witchblade slid off of her hand and disappeared in a flash as her skin gained a faint crimson glow. Her body was covered by a white fabric while her Power gem shown once again. Her hair gained an almost magical shine as it began to shine red along with the rest of her body. Her hair seemed to defy gravity as parts of it began to float in the air.


The sword stabbing Scathach disappeared and reappeared in MJ's right hand as the goddess' body began to dissolve into red particles and float into the sword. Slowly the unthinkable happened and Mary Jane's eyes opened slowly and she stared directly into Peter's stunned ones.

"Hey Tiger." Mary Jane said softly as Spider-Man looked at her as if he were afraid she would disappear. He looked at her unearthly body in shock as he held the side of his face gently and rubbed the tears from his cheek with her thumb

"What are you?" Peter asked breathlessly.

"If I remember correctly…your wife." Mary Jane said softly as she brought her mouth to his. Peter grinned as he pulled back while his mask covered his face again.

"And so the legend of the Crimson Empress comes to a close. With the blood of Scathach covering her corpse, the neo she-devil with a sword ascended to godhood as the new Goddess of Battle after conquering Earth. Though her earthly adventures come to a close her heavenly adventures have just begun but that legend my friends…" Deadpool trailed off as he closed what looked like an ancient tome. Hell dust even shot from the pages when he closed it. "…is a tale for another day." Deadpool finished as everyone gaped at him for a moment. Shrugging he threw the book into a nearby trashcan. "At least this volume had more action."

Shaking his head, Spider-Man helped her up as he began to stand, both blinked in confusion as her feet left the ground after he helped her to her feet. MJ held him tightly as she found herself floating an inch off of the ground. "This…is going to take some time getting used to." They looked up when they heard someone clapping their hands and saw a smiling Rebuff approaching them.

"So Team Amazing wins once again but I am afraid only one member can continue to the final round." Rebuff said with a frown confusing Team Amazing. "In two days there will be one free for all battle amongst you to decide who shall face the final Tier and win the rewards. However, let's not worry about that just yet and enjoy Anansi's gift."

"Gift?" Spider-Man questioned in confusion making Rebuff nod.

"Yup! He made me promise to do this in the event you get your wife back. So enjoy, you've won today and you can spend tomorrow with your loved ones which I highly recommend because the final fight will occur immediately after a victor is decided amongst your team." Rebuff explained with a grin. "I am extremely proud of you all, I knew you'd go far but I never expected this." And to everyone's surprise the psychopath began to tear up. "I am going to get such a big ass raise after this." Rebuff sobbed as she wiped her eyes before snapping her fingers.


Everyone looked around in shock when they found themselves in formal attire behind the Emoran Castle. It appeared as though they we're in the middle of a large ceremony and looking up they found themselves watching with wide-eyes as Peter found himself standing mask less in front of the heavenly form of MJ with Deadpool once again dressed like a priest.

"Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me?" Johnny said from behind Peter as he found himself playing best man once again.

"Un-fucking-believable." Logan muttered as he once again found himself with a pillow in his hands. Peter was sure the man was going to attack someone but to his mild surprise Logan just shook his head and quieted down.

"We are gathered here today to join Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson AKA the person with the single most character development in the history of forever in Holy Matrimony. Seriously she went from super model to goddess of battle in order to break free from the friend-zone, this woman deserves a medal. Infact…" Deadpool trailed off as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a gold medal that said 'Character Development' on it before placing it around MJ's neck. He then gave Spider-Man a silver one and tossed two bronze medals behind MJ towards Talon and Chun-Li.

While everyone was thinking about how stupid Deadpool was for having those Peter found himself looking at the merc in morbid fascination due to the fact Deadpool knew to make them in the first place.

[Deadpool was right…We didn't listen!]

Peter's terror filled words rung out through his mind as he thought about the revelation Lois gave him all those months ago.

"From now on, I am listening to him. No telling how much bullshit I can avoid later." Peter silently swore to himself.

"Do you take Mary Jane Watson to be your lawfully wedded wife…again…and so help me God if you make another deal with a devil and lose her I will personally kick your ass, the author's ass, and then take her for myself?" Deadpool's voice brought Peter back to the present.

"I do." Peter said seriously. He agreed to everything Deadpool had just said because if he was dumb enough to go through this again, he didn't deserve her.

"And do you Mary Jane Watson; take Peter to be your lawfully wedded husband and promise to kick the next devil that offers you a deal right in the balls before drowning him in holy water?" Deadpool questioned making MJ nod.

"I do." MJ answered and idly noted that in the event that ever met a devil again she would do just that.

"I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Parker…again….you may now kiss the bride." For the fourth time Peter found him kissing the red-head again as the audience cheered that their friend finally got his marriage back. As Natasha and Viper clapped with smiles on their faces Silver couldn't help laugh a bit.

"Talk about a huge promotion for you two, huh?" Silver pointed out making the red-heads turn to her in confusion. "Well think about it, she's a goddess now-can't exactly lead humanity now can she? Seeing as Natasha normally takes over her previous post and the fact that Emora will need a leader with Natasha gone…" Silver trailed off making the two blink before Viper fist pumped and Natasha cursed simultaneously. "Plus there's the triumvirate to worry about too. May will probably take one of your spots and we can reserve the third one until Lauren gets older."

"High Empress & Overlord of humanity Natasha Romanoff." Viper smirked. "Dark times are upon us."

Black Widow flipped her off.

As Peter embraced his wife he, and unknowingly his team mates, decided that tomorrow he would make sure he spent as much time as possible with those he cared about, so that he could approach the end of this madness with no regrets.


-The Next Morning-

Farewell: Laura Kinney

"Tomorrow…." Laura trailed off as she gazed at Spider-Man as they sat on a park bench. "I will not hold back at all. No mercy, I won't go easy on you at all. We have to be absolutely sure that whoever ascends to the finals is the absolute best we can bring."

"Laura…" Spider-Man began only for Talon to hold up a hand to silence him.

"I won't stop until I am dead." Talon stated firmly. "That announcer is an exceptional actor but she is anything but a fool. All three of us have something unique that she may be after, Chun-Li's ability to adapt to any situation, your courage and heart, and my willingness to do anything to protect those I love."

"So tomorrow I have to bring everything I've got huh?" Spider-Man asked making Talon shake her head.

"More." The feral stated. "You are the most likely to win, but I will make you work for it."

"Noted." Spider-Man said as they both just sat back and watched the clouds.

BGM: What Now?- Rhianna

"So what now?" Talon questioned making Spider-Man hum in thought.

"Want to go out?" Spider-Man asked making Talon turn to him confusion.

"We're already lovers and engaged." Talon pointed out making Spider-Man shake his head.

"I mean like a date. I just realized I have never taken you on a proper one." Spider-Man said before blinking as he realized he was engaged to a woman he never dated. "Wow." Spider-Man chuckled. "I really love you." Spider-Man said making her avert her eyes.

"I love you too." Talon said quietly. They sat in a silence for a moment before Talon glanced towards him almost shyly. "Sometimes I want to just grab you and escape for a while."

"Escape from what?" Spider-Man asked curiously.

"Our lives, we've done so much…been through so much….it's exhausting sometimes." Talon said as she seemed to age slightly. "We've survived so much…I am just…afraid… that our luck might finally be running out. We started off as a b-list team at best, but look at us now. More power than we know what to do with-"Talon stopped when Spider-Man suddenly stood up and held out a hand.

"Well let's do it then!" Spider-Man stated making her look at him with wide eyes.

"Do what?"

"Escape." Spider-Man seriously. "For the next few hours let's just escape from our lives and go out like a normal couple."

"But the city-"

"There are dozens of heroes and May is damn good at what she does, they won't miss us." Spider-Man said making Talon pause before slowly grabbing his hand with a small smile.


Peter and Laura walked through the park holding each other's hands as they each enjoyed an ice-cream cone. Peter had on a red plaid button up shirt and a pair of blue jeans along with a pair of brown sandals. Laura was wearing a short denim skirt and a white tank top under a short denim jacket. She rolled her eyes behind her sunglasses as Peter continued their epic argument.

"You will never convince me that butter pecan is better than chocolate, Peter." Laura stated firmly making Peter smirk.

"You also said I'd never get you in a skirt." Peter pointed out making Laura roll her eyes again as he finished his cone. Something caught his eye making him grin even more. "Hey come here." Peter said as he brought her to a nearby playground.

"What?" Laura asked in confusion as Peter came to a stop. She looked in front of in confusion before narrowing her eyes. "No."

"You know you want to." Peter chuckled.



We now find Laura being pushed on a swing set by a laughing Peter.

"Oh shut up." Laura muttered as her cheeks reddened slightly before sighing. "I'm so whipped."

"I thought only the men could get whipped in a relationship?" Peter chuckled.

"As if you're the man in this relationship." Laura stated making Peter pout.

"You wound me."

"I intended to." Laura smirked.

"Hey you wanna go get a good laugh in?" Peter asked suddenly after a few minutes of pushing her.


"Yeah there is a movie I want to see." Peter said making Laura shrug.

"Why not?"


It was a few hours later when a crowd of people exited the movie theatre with tears in their eyes. Above the theatre were the words: Rise of Talon part II: Team Amazing. As the people walked out sobbing, both Laura and Peter walked out laughing their eyes.

"Spidey noooooo!" Laura quoted her character making Peter roar with laughter.

"Oh my God! HAHAHAHA!" Peter laughed as tears fell from his eyes. "As if you would ever call me Spidey. And what was with that scene when I gave you your name? It was sad but they didn't need to have me quote rocky!"

"The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows." Laura quoted the Spider-Man character perfectly. "Like I of all people had to be reminded of that." Laura drawled making Peter laugh even more.

"It's like they mixed Logan with a peppy cheerleader." Peter chuckled. "Let's not forget that you and Jubilee are bitter rivals that slowly become friends through adversity. They ended the movie with you two finally holding hands after getting Logan's approval and promising to take it slow."

"AHAHAHAHAHA!" Laura laughed loudly before covering her mouth in surprise as Peter gaped at her. Clearing her throat, Laura schooled her expression. "Take it slow-if only they knew- the first time I saw her in months and she took me on your bed."

"My poor sheets." Peter wept making Laura blush.

"Shut up." Laura said as she punched him softly in his arm. "We can't forget about the fact that Chun-Li's actress wasn't even Asian."

"Asian? It didn't even look like she could fight! She jumped and did a round house kick and called it her spinning bird kick. She would flip if she saw that!"

"So we're definitely buying it on blue-ray and watching it with her then." Laura said making Peter nod.

"Of course."


Peter smiled softly to himself as Laura's head rested on his shoulder as they rode the train to Team Amazing's apartment.


"I really had a good time today Peter." Laura said as they stood outside of the apartment, she inwardly cursed at how cliché that must have sounded coming out of her mouth.

"Me too, I love seeing you loosen up." Peter smiled. "Be warned though one day that shell of yours will completely be shattered."

"I look forward to that." Laura smiled. "I have a lot of things I need to get done before the night ends so we have to cut this short. Hopefully Magik is keeping them under control. Peter, thank you for everything."

"No problem-: Peter was cut off when the feral kissed him fiercely; he closed his eyes and held her tighter as she returned the kiss.



"What the hell!?" A familiar voice growled out making their eyes snap open in shock.


"Uh…I can explain…" Peter began as he slowly turned to face Logan as Daken, Sarah, and Rachel could be seen face-palming in the background. "Wait, how the hell did you all even get in!?"

"Erista wanted to visit his sister." Rachel explained for Logan who looked as though he were about to lapse into a berserker rage. Laura's shoulders slumped as she released a sigh.

"Could this get any worse?" Laura wondered to herself.

"And Sarah and I had an announcement for her." Daken pointed out as he wrapped an arm around the former scientist.

"Fuck me." Laura thought as she face-palmed.

"How long has this been going on?" Wolverine bit out.

"A day to be honest. It was a heat of the moment thing we had when our emotions ran high; do not look too deep into it." Peter said smoothly as Laura had to stop herself from gaping at his blatant lie. He worded it so well that Laura herself almost believed it. Technically speaking they only had one legitimate date, and she did kiss him due to high emotions. Rachel smiled in relief in the background while Daken had a slightly impressed look at the web-head's quick thinking.

"What? I thought you were engaged and had been seeing each for nearly two years now?" Sarah asked making both Rachel and Daken face-palm as a confused look Erista stumbled into view.

"I think that was a secret Aunt Sarah." The little boy said quietly making her smirk.

"I know." Sarah said quietly making Daken turn to her in shock.

"WHAT!?" Wolverine roared as he looked back at the woman before turning to destroy Peter only to find the hero missing. "WEB-HEAAAAAAADDDDDD!" Wolverine turned to face Laura only to step back slightly at the look of pure rage she was giving him.

"I don't understand the whole animal part of our mutation…" Daken began loud enough for Wolverine to hear. "But I am pretty sure cock-blocking the Alpha is a no-no."

And what a no-no it was Wolverine realized when he found himself tackled to the floor.

-With Peter-

As he ran Peter's body suddenly locked up mid-step.

*Web of Life*

Peter blinked owlishly before looking around in confusion as he found himself standing on a large golden web. His eyes widened in alarm as he found himself surrounded by shadowy figures. He tensed as two of them stepped forward but couldn't help but gape as their forms became clear.

They were a pair of twins.

One looked a bit vicious and had burning red irises and clawed fingers. He looked almost feral in a way and had short black hair. He was muscular and only wore a pair of black cargo pants and had pale skin. In contrast the other twin was much calmer, almost calculating. He was wearing a black suit and had his own black hair neatly combed back. He had blue eyes and his lips seemed to curve into a small smile. Despite their differences the resemblance was still there. Both of them had Spider-shaped pendants around their necks.


Peter fell forward as he shook his head in a daze trying to figure out what the hell he had just seen.

-Earlier that Evening: United Kingdom-

Farewell: Felicia Hardy

BGM: Right There- Ariana Grande

"Oh don't be like that you wanted to be here for Faiza's coronation anyway." Felicia told Peter as she held Ben in her arms while they walked towards a large castle as nearby reporters began taking pictures of them.

"Yes, because she's my apprentice and I wanted to wish her good luck even if the total takeover of the nation was kind of out of nowhere." Peter drawled though he made sure to smile for the cameras. "I also wanted to congratulate her on her engagement to Black Knight.

"Well you can do that while we complete this job. I want to have at least one family excursion before you go off to get yourself killed." Felecia chuckled. "Besides we need to start on his college fund early."

"The boy was born into money!" Peter said incredulously as they entered the castle. "I mean he is going to run Alchemax for god sake."

"No he won't." Felicia denied with a surprising amount of seriousness as Ben looked between his parents curiously as he sucked on his spider-man themed pacifier. "Honey, Ben has stickier fingers than me and he's barely two. I have no problems at all with the lifestyle he's going to end up having but I won't let his actions affect his siblings. Even with a mask it's obvious that the spider-themed thief will be related to the spider-themed heroes. Every time he's successful one of them is going to be blamed for not stopping him."

"What's this have to do with Alchemax?" Peter questioned. He had long since given up trying to reform his son seeing as every time he did Felicia would always be sure to remind him that if Ben wasn't a thief he'd be dead.

"Well I want to lessen the burden on the others somehow; giving him Alchemax would make him unstoppable. Every good thief needs a challenge." Felicia said with a smile. "And also you are going to have a lot of kids it's only a matter of time before one of them blows their cover then the entire family will be revealed and that would put Alchemax in a lot of trouble if their CEO was a masked thief. I mean really Peter, I don't even think Carol's daughter will wear a mask you're lucky she takes after her mother more than she does you."

"That's…actually a good point." Peter pointed out, incredibly impressed with how much Felicia was thinking about others.

"Still, I refuse to leave my son hanging so I figure I might as well help fund his future heists the most I can." Felicia grinned.

"So you're going to steal in order to provide money for our son to be a criminal." Peter deadpanned.

"Don't think of it as stealing, I see it more as…investing."

Felicia Hardy. Mother of the Year.

"Peter, Felicia!" A voice called out and they turned around to see Faiza approaching them with a smile. Around her neck was one of the most beautiful diamond necklaces Peter had ever seen. "Glad you could make it!"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." Peter stated.

"It's a great achievement." Felicia added with a smile making Faiza laugh as she scratched her head sheepishly.

"It was hard at first, but as Natasha says regimes fall every day. I guess the citizens were just happy the country was still standing instead of collapsing after my takeover. I guess it just proves I have amazing leadership skills and can make millions follow me!" Faiza stated making Felicia, Peter, and hell even baby Ben look at her skeptically.

"The Sword of Promised Victory might have helped a bit too." Peter pointed out.

"Definitely Excalibur." Felicia added as Ben pulled out his pacifier.

"Sword." The toddler said before putting his pacifier back in making his parents look down at him in shock as he looked back up at them with wide innocent eyes. Faiza's shoulders slumped for a moment before she perked back up with a smile.

"Ben, oh look how big you've gotten. May I hold him?" Faiza asked getting a nod from Felicia whom handed her son over. Faiza fussed over the toddler for a moment making him giggle before a voice called out to her.

"Faiza, some ambassadors will like to talk to you." Black Knight's voice rung out making her nod before handing Ben back over with a sigh.

"I swear you would think they would want to speak to him before me, I mean he is going to be King." Faiza huffed making Peter chuckle.

"Yes but I am afraid you are the one with the blade of unlimited awesomeness." Peter said making her smile.

"True. We will catch up later." Faiza said as she walked to her fiancé. Peter turned back to Felicia only to double take as he starred at his son before glancing back towards the retreating queen.

"Unbelievable." Peter muttered in shock confusing Felicia greatly.

"What?" Felicia asked before glancing down at her son whom was giggling behind his pacifier. In his hands he had both Faiza's diamond necklace and a lacey bra. Felicia felt her eyes tearing up and had to wipe them with her free hands hoping her make-up didn't smudge. "T-that's my boy." Felicia choked out with her voice filled with pride.

-Few hours alter-

The family was driving from the Castle and Ben had fallen asleep in his mother's arms while Peter simply face-palmed as Felicia beamed at him. The car was filled with various paintings and even the crown jewels. All in all they had ended up grabbing far more than Felicia expected but Peter's powers ended up letting them steal practically the entire castle.

"Don't say a word." Peter mumbled as she smirked.

"You've missed your calling Spider, it's not too late. Quit being a nerd and join us cool kids." Felicia said as she gestured to herself and Ben.


Peter's response was cut off when he looked down at his phone and realized he had a text.

"It's Faiza." Peter stated making Felicia raise an eyebrow.

"What did she say?"

"You guys are assholes. Sad-face." Peter read dryly getting a laugh from the platinum blonde.

"Don't feel too down Peter, if it makes you feel better after I get the money we can steal them back and give them to her." Felicia stated with a smile. "Don't worry you've earned a reward."

"Oh and what's that?" Peter questioned curiously.

"You get to see exactly where my Spider-Man tattoo is." Felicia said making Peter blink.

"…worth it."

*Web of Life*

Peter gasped in shock as he once again found himself at the web. A figure faded into existence in front of the twins and Peter's eyes widened as he once again found himself standing before Phantom. Peter could tell the man was smirking from behind his mask. The man twirled his cane and gave Peter a dramatic bow just as if he were the world's greatest magician just as the vision ended.


"You okay? You look like you've seen a ghost." Felicia asked in concern as Peter started at his son with a growing smile.

"More like a Phantom."

-Earlier that Morning-

Farewell: Adriana Soria



Adriana's eyes shone with pure pride as Peter gaped with a slight eye twitch. After images of Alice and a now physically twelve year old Elise surrounded them. To their surprise their daughter managed to match the experiment blow to blow. Unlike his wife, however, Peter was getting concerned by how savage his daughter's blows were becoming.


"RAHHHHHH!" Alice roared as her body exploded into the shape of a colossal Spider that smacked Elise through the temple walls.

"Elise!" Peter shouted in alarm as he went to check on his daughter.

"Wait." Adriana said making him glance back in confusion as she narrowed her eyes. "She's not out yet." Adriana was proven correct as a black blur blasted from the hole. Though invisible to the human eye, Adriana and Peter could easily make out the form of their daughter whom now had four pitch-black Spider legs ripping from her back, the tips of them were blood red. Peter had to do a double take as his petite daughter shoulder checked the giant form of Alice across the room.


The ground beneath Elise trembled slightly as she snarled viciously, venom dripping from her elongated fangs. Alice charged at Elise again only for the young girl to slam her foot down on the ground suddenly, shattering it as she gave the spider a glare.

"KNEEL!" Elise boomed making the air-born Spider stop mid-lunge and fall to the ground before turning back into a nude and terrified Alice who looked up at the girl with wide fearful eyes. Alice quickly kneeled as the girl glared at her. Elise's eyes widened slightly when her mother appeared behind her in a blur of speed.

"Good Job." Adriana said before delivering a swift chop to her neck, knocking her daughter out instantly.

"The…hell was that!?" Peter asked incredulously as he glanced at the still kneeling Alice whom looked like she was going to die if she even thought about standing up.

"There was a lot of chaos in that last war." Adriana said softly as she picked up her daughter. "Her body's growth rate instinctively sped up to try to counter it. Even with the war finished her body is refusing to be caught off guard again. She's maturing faster than I thought possible, gaining knowledge from the web about subjects I know for a fact neither of us has taught her. Our princess is growing up faster than we imagined…"

"So her growing up is the cause of that aggression?" Peter asked with a frown. "She nearly transformed into her Spider-Queen state-her body can't possibly handle that strain right now, you stopped her at a perfect time."

"Genetically speaking she's the perfect Spider. Her traits are far superior than our own and being born a second generation spider removes the flaws that the experiments that blessed us with our power gave us. She's getting strong, love, this morning she told me about a dream she had." Adriana said softly as Peter approached her.

"What dream?"

"She says it was about her being older and spending time with her siblings. Siblings that aren't even conceived yet…" Adriana trailed off as Peter's eyes widened in shock. "You, I, and the Madame Webs are unable to see anything past your fight with Him tomorrow yet she can. She saw a future, there's a possibility you can win. I don't know what happens or how, just remember that you can win."

"Understood." Peter said softly with a nod making her give him a small smirk.

"I knew I could get you to listen to me eventually, despite your stubbornness." Adriana laughed softly making him roll his eyes good-naturedly. "Forgive me young Alice, I knew she would be particularly aggressive today of all days but I had no idea how far she would go. You may stand." Alice immediately bounced to her feet and gave the Queen a bright grin as Peter looked at her in confusion.

"What's so important about today?" Peter questioned making Adriana blink as she turned to him.

"Ah yes, I forgot to inform you. Our daughter is becoming a woman." Adriana said making Peter even more confused.

"Of course she is we just had a conversation about her growth rate."

"No you misunderstand…how does that old saying go? She was visited this morning by her aunt flow." Adriana stating making Peter raise an eyebrow at her skeptically.

"You have siblings?" Peter deadpanned. "Better yet, you have siblings that are still alive and know about this place? How often does she visit I would like to meet her."

"How is a man who quips in the presence of certain destruction not getting this?" Adriana asked herself helplessly. "She visits once a month though today was her first visit."

"That's…weird…" Peter said carefully as if not to accidently offend his mate. Suddenly his phone rang and he answered it.

["Bro, your daughter's on her period."] Deadpool explained before hanging up.

Peter looked as though he had accidently fallen in to the fiery pits of hell.

If Jubilee was there she'd agree that his face actually did resemble Talon's when she had first fallen, though he had much more horror on his face than she had on hers.

"Mother of God." Peter whispered quietly. "There are two of them now." Peter whispered quietly as he thought of May.

-Miles Away-

Andy's ear twitched because his super hearing. The young blond paled and screamed in terror making his girlfriend look at him in confusion. Ah yes, the only time Mr. Parker could stand being in the same room as him was when they were both locked away in his anti-May shelter whenever May's own aunt flow visited her.

-Back with Peter-

Ghostly white Peter shakily gave his mate a kiss before stumbling away.

"That's my cue to go see how my oldest boy is doing." Peter stated as he stumbled out of the room, his pace quickened exponentially when Elise began to stir.

"Men. Doesn't matter what species." Adriana muttered as she rolled her eyes. "Your father's lucky I love him." Adriana whispered to a now conscious Elise who looked up at her in confusion. Halfway down the hall Peter suddenly froze.

*Web of Life*

Peter watched in confusion as a shadowy figure stepped from behind Phantom revealing a woman that looked like Adriana with her Exo-skeleton. Though if possible, the woman appeared to be even colder, crueler, and more calculating than his mate. However he could tell that beneath the cold exterior was one of the warmest hearts imaginable.


Peter looked around when the vision ended before walking off with a smile.

-Moments later: Other side of temple-

Farewell: Taran

"How's my favorite priestess doing?" Peter asked as he strolled up to a smiling Taran.

"Excellent." Taran stated as she turned back to her son whom was sitting on the ground. Peter blinked owlishly as he looked at the boy.

"Is he meditating?" Peter asked incredulously getting a proud nod from Taran. "I didn't even think they could understand what meditating even was at that age, let alone do it."

"He is a wise child." Taran stated simply. "It's a good thing he learns now, it will make teaching him spells a lot easier in the future. It's a shame his father never got around to learning." Taran drawled making Peter scratch his head sheepishly.

"In my defense-"

"-Choose your next words carefully, Great Weaver." Taran said with a smile that seemed a bit foreboding to our favorite hero.

"-So my lessons start when I get back from the fight then?" Peter asked making Taran give him a look of surprise that honestly seemed a bit fake in his opinion.

"Well if you would like to start, I have no problems."

"…Right…" Peter trailed off. "By the way I never thanked you properly."

"Thank me for what?" Taran asked with genuine confusion.

"Well for everything I guess, honestly if it wasn't for you I'd be dead a long time ago. I know you said it was your destiny but it doesn't change the sacrifice you've done in order to unlock my true potential." Peter stated seriously. He shuddered to think what would happen if he didn't have access to tantric energy.

"Ah, it was no problem at all." Taran said before averting her eyes. "Believe me the pleasure was definitely mine. Tell me Peter would you like to join us in meditation?"

"I would love to, though I suggest waking Ananase up." Peter chuckled making Taran blink before turning around to see her son sprawled on his back snoring softly. Taran couldn't help but laugh with him. "Hey wait a minute; you've finally called me my name!"

"I honestly have no idea what you are talking about Great Weaver." Taran said seriously though her eyes twinkled with mischief.

(LIAG Pause button: Hold up. Stop the story for a moment; this honestly JUST hit me as I typed this scene. Anyone else fucking notice Taran is one letter away from being anagram for Tantra? Err sorry about that; that was the writer in me-mind works in mysterious ways. Back to the story.)

"How about we hold off on the meditation today and let Ananase get some sleep. You and I can go spend some quality time together." Peter said before smirking. "You'll get my name right before the end of the day."

"Is that so? And how do you know that?"

"Because I'm the Great Weaver. I know things."


Peter blinked as he once again found himself surrounded by golden webs as the figure next to Elise shifted into a tall man with dark skin wearing white robes. He had short black hair and hazel eyes and seemed to radiate intelligence though Peter was just able to make out the mischief shining behind his eyes when the vision ended.


Peter blinked before smiling to himself as he followed Taran.

-Later that Evening-

-New York: Park-

Farewell: Carol Danvers

"I'm telling you, when she gets older she'll have to fight off the boys. She does take after me after all." Carol chuckled to herself when she saw Peter's back stiffen.

"Over my dead body." Peter said with so much seriousness that Carol almost thought he was replaced by the Punisher. "No one is going to touch my baby girl." Peter said making Carol look at him skeptically.


"May's a lost cause, she was too old when she re-entered my life for me to make an actual difference. I'm starting to connect some dots with Elise so I'm not really concerned about her and boys if my hypothesis is correct, though I will have a serious talk with Sue. Zoe, I'm sure it's not too late for her I can definitely-"


Both Carol and Peter looked down in surprise at the random earthquake which made Peter pale.

"Never mind, Zoe's a lost cause too." Peter amended and Carol couldn't blame him. She doubted he would ever win a domestic dispute with Gaea.

"So what are you going to do after this tournament?" Carol asked suddenly.


"I can't help but feel as though a big chapter of our lives are about to end. Like once you win, everything will change."

"Well we can't forget that I might lose." Peter stated.

"You won't." Carol said simply.


"Nope." Carol stated as she popped the 'P'. "You'll win; question is what to do afterwards."

"Uhh…I don't know…take a break?" Peter shrugged and Carol nearly choked as she looked at him with wide-eyes.

"You take a break?"

"Shocking I know…but…The world-no-the multiverse needs the Great Weaver. Spider-Man's role is coming to an end. One day a Spider-Man will be needed, but I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to be the one behind the costume."

"Oh man do I know that feeling." Carol groaned.

"You talking about the new Ms. Marvel running around?" Peter asked curiously. "Seems like a good kid, teamed up with May a few times." (LIAG Helpful Info: There is a young new Ms. Marvel in canon now. Kamala Khan is her name.)

"I just hope she's ready, I faced a lot of bullshit and unfortunately I can't help her as I need to look after Helen now."

"You know no one says you can't give her some pointers while I look after our daughter." Peter said dryly as he grabbed Helen from Carol's arms making the woman laugh sheepishly. The infant looked up at her father with wide eyes

"Sorry you're right; I just keep thinking you're too busy."

"For my family? Never." Peter was acutely aware of how hypocritical and ironic that was coming from his mouth of all people. The irony didn't seem lost on Carol either and somewhere both MJ and Aunt May had to repress the urge to snort. But hell that was before he took a lesson in badass and became the Great Weaver.

"I'll keep that in mind." Carol said with a small laugh. They walked in silence for a moment before Peter turned to her curiously

"He Carol? How are you so sure that I'm going to win?"

"Isn't it obvious, because you're Spider-Man." Carol said as if that explained everything. "Peter you're going to fight someone countless times stronger than you…it's because of that I know you'll win."

BGM: ENGLISH "Motherland" Fullmetal Alchemist (Annalie)


"You protect those closest to you with everything you've got. You'll do anything for a better world for those you care about even if it kills you on the inside…" Carol gave Peter a knowing glance and the web-head began to realize his acting skills may not have been as good as he thought. He knew a lot more about the third World War than he let on. "Peter, you overcome that's your power. You won't fall."


"Before this tournament it was like that." Carol interrupted as her voice began to be filled with emotion. "You were a powerful Street-level hero, in my opinion the best. Still that didn't stop you from taking on city and world level threats and it's not because you weren't afraid-we could all see you shaking in your costume sometimes but you still fought…you won because you had to!"

"It's not the same Carol!"

"It might as well be. In Civil War you even showed me up." Carol said making Peter wince, neither liked to think about the time they were enemies. You took out a group of heroes and one hit Mr. Fantastic in an instant. Peter that man can tank some serious damage. You survived against the Hulk, Juggernaut, defeated fucking Morlun; you've fought alongside Thanos, and somehow won against the God Damn Firelord with just your fists." Carol poked Peter in his chest making him stumble back slightly.


"I don't know what it is with you, but somehow when you stop holding yourself back you access power that I can't even imagine…you didn't even need your new powers in my opinion to win this tournament, you would have found a way since you're not too bad with prep time either." Carol chuckled. "Everyone believes in you more than you think Peter, why else would Captain let you face a Phoenix empowered Collosus and Magik by yourself? He knows you could have overcome them. Probably why he was stubborn with Octavius, he didn't want to believe that you could fall-even heroes like him need something to believe in."

"Carol…I-I don't know what to say."

"Say you won't give up before the fight even starts." Carol pleaded before stopping suddenly. "We're here."


"Look up; I wanted us to find a good place to see it." Carol said as she pointed at the star filled sky with a smile. Peter looked up at the sky in confusion all he saw was stars, but being a science geek like him he quickly spotted something off. In the distance he saw was looked like two tiny orange suns.

"The heck is that!?'

"Our stars, they're much bigger in person." Carol smiled as Peter looked at her in blatant awe. "It took a lot of explanations from Valeria, Stark, and Reed that I just couldn't understand plus some help from Jubilee back when she was still walking around, but I made them eventually. When it's time for Helen to wear my mantle, I want there to be a Binary Star system close enough to aid her when she needs it. One star for you and one for me…so that no matter what happens she will know that we love her."

Peter wiped his eyes in shock as he felt himself about to breakdown. No matter how strong he got, somehow this woman could make him vulnerable.

"Come on." Carol said softly as she placed a hand on his shoulder. He blinked as all three of them disappeared.

-Thousands upon Thousands of miles away-

Peter looked around in surprise as he found himself standing in the vast darkness of space in between the stars.

"Carol! Helen-"

"-Takes after me." Carol chuckled as the infant looked up at her parents curiously despite being in space. Peter looked at his body in surprise, instead of feeling the coldness of space or the intense heat from the stars…he felt…warm. "After breast feeding her I realized I felt drained. She doesn't just need milk like a normal baby she needs my energy too. So I bring her here to give her as much as she need."

Peter watched in awe as two small tendrils of energy sprung from the stars and landed on Helen, making the infant glow. Helen smiled as she felt the energy. Carol floated towards him and brought both of them into an embrace.

"Never forget her smile, remember that whenever you feel as though you will give up. Like how we make her stronger let our little marvel make you stronger." Carol stated firmly before softening her expression. "Please."



"I'm going to win."

"I know." Carol smiled as she kissed him.


Peter looked around in shock as he found another blurry figure becoming clearer and clearer until eventually revealed a blonde woman with bright blue eyes. For a moment he thought it was Carol in her Captain Marvel costume until he noticed that this costume had a red hood and the star was replaced by something that resembled a gold U.S Air force logo. On her shoulder he could just make out what looked like an embroidered spider-emblem. He managed to just see her fierce expression shift into a smile before the vision ended.


"Are you okay Peter?" Carol asked in confusion making Peter shake his head to clear his thoughts before giving her a smile.

"Never better."


-Earlier that evening: New York-

Farewell: Susan Storm

Peter was waiting for his night with Sue, they were going to go have a night on the town and he was currently wearing a black suit with a pair of sunglasses. He blinked owlishly as he stood in her apartment when he began hearing a painful groaning.

"Uh…what the hell…" Peter asked as he awkwardly turned to Sue's couch where the noise was originating. Slowly approaching it he looked down to see a groaning Valeria holding her abdomen in pain.

She looked as though she had definitely had better days. If Peter didn't know better it looked like she went a few rounds with Thanos.


Or Squirrel Girl

"Uh…you okay there sport?" Peter asked awkwardly.

"P-peter?" Valeria said weakly. "K-kill me."

Well that was unexpected.


"Damn it! Why couldn't mother have fallen in love with one of your useful team mates like Talon! Talon would definitely do." Valeria snapped making Peter back away slowly.

"Alrighty then." Peter stated, not sure what to make of that.

"Pay her no mind Peter, the biology of her new body is just catching up to her." Peter could hear the smirk in the woman's voice as he turned to face Sue. "Suck it up Valeria, you wanted to grow up now it's time to face the consequences. I told you to enjoy your youth and not be in such a hurry to grow up."

Valeria's sharp intake of breath actually made Peter feel bad for the girl.

"Dear God…she was right." Valeria muttered to herself with a shell-shocked expression as her eyes began to water. "Mother was right…" Valeria repeated to herself. "I didn't listen!"

Damn did Peter know that feeling.

"There…there?" Peter said awkwardly. "I'm sure whatever's wrong will pass-"


Peter actually jumped a bit at that.

"Did…did she just growl at me?" Peter asked incredulously. "The hell happened to her?"

"She got her first visit from Aunt Flow."

Peter was ready this time.

"Mother of God…" Peter whispered as he slowly pulled off his sunglasses and stared at Valeria in a silent horror as an image of Elise flashed through his mind making him pale…he paled further when he thought of the much more sinister looking version of his daughter that the web had shown him. "They'll either kill each other or destroy us all." Peter whispered.

Sue looked at him in confusion, he had the same look on his face Reed had when she told him about Valeria's…predicament. However his expression was much more foreboding, almost as if he were a veteran of a terrible war. He wore that same expression when he made his Anti-May bunker with Andy. Sue snorted to herself at that, obviously it was two men overreacting May couldn't have possibly been that bad but at least the men began to bond.

He was obviously referring to his own daughter, but that made no sense to the blonde. After all May and Valeria were acquaintances at best so why would-

Sue stopped cold as she thought about Elise and the look of terror on Peter's face. Peter had offered all of his wives a space in his bunker if they wanted to escape their children for a while. All of them refused thinking he was crazy and overreacting.

Dear God.

Sue blood drained from her face as she weakly glanced to her daughter. Valeria had been honest with her and after the war confided to her mother her plan for peace from beginning to bloody…bloody end. All in all Sue knew exactly how dangerous her daughter was. Peter's offer to make her room in his bunker continued to echo through her mind as if she were being cruelly mocked.

Hindsight was a bitch

"I didn't listen…" Sue whispered just quiet enough for Peter to hear. "They'll destroy us all."


A voice that sounded like Deadpool screamed in the distance and Peter swore he saw lightning flash in a nearby window.

"Damn it! Of all the idiotic requests, why would you prevent father from allowing me in to the lab!?" Valeria shouted enraged.

"What's wrong with the lab?" Peter asked curiously making Sue snap out from her silent horror.

"She said she was either going to swap bodies with her younger one, which she is keeping preserved in case she needs organs, until her condition blew over or she was going to invent a cure." Sue said as she rolled her eyes. "She probably could too, but ethically speaking I think some things should just be left alone."

If Peter was less (or arguably more) of a man he would have broken up with Sue that very moment.

Instead he settled for…

"That's probably right…" It was completely obvious that Peter had to force that out.

It was also obvious where some of Alchemax's funding was about to go.

"Y-you whipped son of a-"Valeria couldn't finished as she shut her eyes and held back a groan.

"Just get through it Valeria, you've already scared your brother off. You're a grown woman now." Sue smiled as she walked to the door dragging Peter with her.

"I'm five!"

"When it's convenient." Sue laughed good-naturedly

"Sue me!"


-DP's club-

The music continued to blast loudly as Peter and Sue found themselves sitting at the bar, both laughing and trying to catch their breaths.

"You know the last time we were here I couldn't get you to have one dance with me, now you're exhausting me of all people and I'm an adrenaline junky." Peter laughed as Sue shook her head with a smile.

"Oh does that bring back memories." Sue chuckled. "I believed that was the day I took your title as best street-level hero correct?"

"Pssh. You got lucky." Peter smirked before nodding his head to a nearby wall. "Though, it looks like no one has beaten our record yet." Peter said making Sue blink as she looked at the wall to find a picture of her and Spider-Man sitting at the counter with drinks in their hands smiling. Above the picture were the words Most Drinks Downed. Sue blushed slight and shook her head.

"So much has changed since that day."

BGM: Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Rey

"Definitely, back then we were just two old war buddies having a drink and now we're closer than I ever thought possible."

"Agreed." Sue said before laughing lightly. "And to think, if it wasn't for my knuckleheaded brother we wouldn't be here together today."

"Oh?" Peter asked interested.

"Yup, I can remember it clearly that day was the day I began to fall in love with you." Sue admitted. "If you and Johnny hadn't broken me out of my routine, I'd probably still be with Reed right now."

"Looks like I owe that hothead. I'll pay for his kid's college or something." Peter stated as he finished his drink and turned to stare Sue in the eyes. Sue blinked in confusion when she saw his eyes widen in disbelief.

"Are you okay?"

"I didn't think it was possible." Peter murmured softly. "You become more beautiful each and every time I look at you." Peter said making Sue's cheeks redden as she glanced away from him.

"You know I'm already with you, you don't have to keep flattering me." Sue chuckled.

"Don't get me wrong, I somehow managed to get you and I don't plan on letting you slip away from me. That, however, is not why I told you that fact."

"Then why did you?"

"Because I wanted to." Peter chuckled. "If I want to do something that s in my power, I do it. If I don't, I don't. Since we've last been here, so much has happened that made me see that is the only way to live. When I first gave you the web-heart all those years ago, the first thing that popped up in my mind was that there was no way a girl this beautiful would give me the time of day." Peter said as he thought about the past. "I thought to myself that it was better if I said a few jokes and left on good terms."

"Peter…" Sue said quietly, she remembered that meeting all too well. She was saddened when the web had evaporated.

"I can smile in the face of certain death." Peter began before frowning. "But not even I could smile when Johnny told me, years later after you got married, that you actually like me a bit too. You know why?"

Sue said nothing.


"Because I blew my chance, just like that." Peter stated as he snapped his fingers. "I didn't do something I wanted to do and lost you once. Don't get me wrong I'm glad I did, it gave me a chance to try again as a man plus I love your kids though we will have to have a talk about Valeria and Elise later-mainly to determine which one of us is going to break the news to Adriana." Peter chuckled before his face became serious again. "There is a reason I brought you here."

"Why?" Sue asked quietly.

"Wade!" Peter called out and the Merc who was serving another customer didn't even look at him as he reached into his pocket and tossed a small black box to Peter. "You've given me a second chance whether you knew it or not….I'm not making the same mistake twice. This is the same day I gave you that heart of webbing all those years ago. This time let me give you a heart that won't fade away in an hour." Peter said as he opened the box revealing a platinum ring that had a heart shaped sapphire that was surrounded by diamonds. "Susan Storm." Peter said as he got on a knee. "Marry me."

Tears fell from the woman's eyes as she as she stared at the younger hero. She had honestly not expected it at all; she thought they were just going on a regular date. Sue's throat burned with emotion and she knew she wouldn't be able to speak properly. She just gave the man one of the most beautiful smiles he had ever seen grace her lips and nodded her head making him grin. He placed the ring on her finger before finding himself kissing the woman deeply.

*Web of Life*

Peter blinked as a large shadow appeared behind the figures before being engulfed in a flash of light revealing it to be a large mechanical spider. The back of the spider opened up and a young messy blond haired man wearing blue overalls rose from the back with oil stains on his face. He had bright blue eyes and a small goatee. He reached into his pocket and tossed a wrench in the air before catching it and pointing it at Peter with a wink in a grin. Peter looked closer and could see a small spider engraved on the side of the tool. There was also a black spider tattooed on the side of his neck.


Peter simply held the woman tighter as he returned the kiss with a renewed vigor.


Breaking the kiss, Peter hugged her as he looked over her shoulder with a smile as he saw Deadpool giving him a thumbs up while wrapping his arms around an extremely well-endowed black haired woman whom had purple markings surrounding her bright yellow eyes which had pitch black sclera.

-Two Weeks Ago With Talon-

"No, no, hell no, not happening." Talon said firmly as she sat on the edge of a bed which had the unmoving form of Jubilee who still had a bright white cross burning into her chest. Lilith released a sound of frustration.

"Why is this such a big deal!? Just do it so we can get on with our immortal-lives!" Lilith pleaded making Talon grit her teeth and glare at the heir of Dracula. Said heir quickly stepped back as she remembered that backing Talon into a corner would never be a good idea. Her shoulders slumped as she stood next to a mysterious yellow eyed woman. "It's obvious that you have no problems with taking more than one mate."

"She's not my mate!" Talon bit out. "If I am going to do it then not only do I have to want to do it, those who I am already with must all be aware. Last I checked Jubilee is still sealed!"

"Don't you see the good this can bring to the planet!?" Lilith asked incredulously. "I don't really even care if it our species she's tied to! Someone on this planet has to take her and they have to live as long as she does!"

"Then why don't you!?" Talon argued making Lilith glance away.

"Do you have any idea how awkward that will be? She was betrothed to my father. And do you have any idea how damn long it took to get Blade to start a relationship with me, the daughter of Dracula?" Lilith asked as she shuddered. "I had to work extremely hard at that, did some things I'm not even proud of."

"I can ask Spider-Man then-"


Blinking, Talon turned on her phone and checked her text messages. She frowned to herself as she saw one from Spider-Man.

[Hell. No.]

Talon glared at the message and put her phone away.

"Never mind then." Talon muttered to herself.

"My Queen, you know I wouldn't ask this but please she's not just any Succubus…she's the Succubus. Destined to unite various monster factions through her relationship with Dracula….who died by Jubilee's hand…who's sealed…this makes the contract yours now." Lilith explained sounding tired.

"Why not ask Morrigan then?" Talon asked suddenly making Lilith shake her head.

"No she's taken."

"What the hell? Since when?" Talon asked in confusion even with her limited contact with the green haired succubus, she knew that her finding a serious relationship would have been big news.

"You didn't know?" Lilith asked incredulously. "I guess you did get your gossip from Jubilee. Oh it was so romantic, it happened during the war I heard. It was a tale of love, betrayal, and-"

"Okay, I understand." Talon said tiredly.

"There is just no choice Talon, I'm sorry. Shiklah here needs a mate, not just any but one with influence that's immortal." Lilith actually sounded genuine as the succubus stood in the room awkwardly. Both of them flinched as a fire seemed to ignite in Talon's eyes as she glared at them.

"There is always a choice!" Talon growled out and it became obvious to Lilith that she was no longer talking to just her Queen's mate but rather the Unbreakable Talon. A member of Team Amazing, a group of people that have been through so much bullshit and overcome so many impossible odds that many thought they we're just a myth…

…which was saying something since they were on T.V. and still alive, hell none of them even hit thirty yet.

Lilith frowned when she saw Talon pull out her phone and begin dialing a number.

"What are you doing?" Shiklah finally questioned, her voice filled with curiosity getting a smirk from the feral.

"I spent a good amount of time under Spider-Man's tutelage and thought I learned everything he had to teach me…I was wrong. Recently he gave me one final lesson, one to only use when the situation seems impossible. A last resort." Talon stated with so much seriousness that the women had to repress a shudder. "When in doubt…call Deadpool." Talon stated making Lilith gape at her as if she'd lost her damned mind.

["Hey what's up Mini-snickt!?"] Deadpool asked joyously making Talon's eye twitch dangerously before she took a calming breath.

"I have a question, what would you do if I could get you engaged to an extremely beautiful, powerful, and ancient Succubus in the next ten minutes after I do some quick paper work?" Talon asked calmly with a growing smirk.

No one knew what Deadpool said but after that conversation Talon gained…

Forty percent of his stock

His undying loyalty for the next three-hundred years

Five hundred boxed of Laura-snacks™

The costume he was wearing at that point in time

And his oldest child though Talon let him have that back seeing as she really didn't want to be bothered with Kidpool.

(LIAG Helpful Info: Shiklah is a powerful Succubus and is betrothed to Dracula…she is engaged to Deadpool at this moment in time…like no bullshit.)

-Back to present-

"Never would I have thought I would find a man that could move my heart as much as you." Shiklah told Deadpool with a smile. "I hope the best for them; everyone deserves someone they love to stand by their side."

-A few hours earlier: Alchemax: Peter's office-

Farewell: Gwen Stacy

BGM: Say something- Christina Aguilera & A great Big World

Peter sat silent at his desk with his seat facing the large window as he held a silent Gwen in his harms. It wasn't until today that Gwen noticed that his office at a perfect view of…that bridge. Suddenly Gwen released a humorless laugh.

"We really shouldn't be torturing ourselves like this." Gwen said quietly. "It's so horrible, a constant reminder of how stupid I was…but I can't look away."

"You and me both. When I made this building here, I chose this spot so I could have a constant reminder to do my best." Peter revealed as he looked down into her sad blue eyes. "It helps me remember that I can't be that stupid kid anymore."

"Peter it was a few months for me, but it's been years for you. Why do you allow my death to hurt you like this even though I am in your arms right now?" Gwen asked softly.

"Because I can't help but think about what could have been." Peter answered her. "I told you about that whole House of M fiasco right? Everything felt so right there, I had you by my side and we even had a child."

"It wasn't real Peter." Gwen said as a tear fell from her left eye.

"It could have been. And that's the problem." Peter said seriously. "Right now I love my life, my children and their mothers. I wouldn't trade any of them for anything but still…I keep finding myself wondering how things could have been if I had just told you the truth from the beginning."

"You're not the one who should be sad about not being honest Peter, between the two of us I was the unfaithful one." Gwen pointed out.

"That may be, but could you honestly tell me that if you knew I was Spider-Man that you would have slept with Osborn?" Peter asked making Gwen avert her eyes.

"Even if I wouldn't have, you're not allowed to take the blame for everything that happened."

"I don't want to hurt you again." Peter said softly.

"I was the one that hurt you!" Gwen shouted as she glared at him. "I feel awful, I can't even look myself in the mirror any more. MJ and I have just rekindled our friendship but even she can't hide the disappointment in her eyes when she looks at me. Do you have any idea how that makes me feel? Especially now that she's older-I feel like a child! I deserve it but the one who I actually want to be angry with me is my only supporter." Peter held her tighter as she sobbed into his chest.

"This isn't healthy." Peter said quietly. "Trying to start off where we left off will only cause pain; too many things have changed for that to even be a choice anymore. You feel it don't you? The love we shared when were first together is gone." Gwen closed her eyes in pain as she realized what was about to happen. "Whatever this is we have now, we need to end it."

"You're right." Gwen finally said. "It hurts, I love you so much but this sham we call a relationship now will only end in heartbreak. You need to move on no matter how much I love you this needs to stop."

"Gwen?" Peter asked as she gave him a sad smile.

"If you love someone, set them free." Gwen said quietly making Peter's expression soften before he captured her lips with his. "Peter?" Gwen asked in confusion as he pulled back.

"If they come they're yours. Isn't that the rest of it?" Peter asked with a smile. "We can't start off where we left all those years ago. However, we can start something new. Forget the baggage and just move on. You hate yourself for what you did, and sometimes in moments of weakness I do too but more often I hate myself for not stopping it before it was too late." Peter said seriously. "If we hate ourselves, how can we find time to love each other though?

"What are you saying?" Gwen asked with a small frown.

"I want to try again. This time from the beginning." Peter said seriously. "No more worry about what could have been. I truly believe that give the proper chance I can make you fall in love with me again."

"That won't be hard, but regaining your love will be." Gwen said with a shy smile.

"I never stopped." Peter said honestly without any hesitation before giving her a small smirk. "I guess this will be easier than I thought."

"I don't deserve you." Gwen said as she embraced him tightly. Peter simply held her back. "I don't deserve a second chance."

*Web of Life*

Two figures exploded from the shadows. One was a brown hair man with hazel eyes. He was wearing what looked like Peter's house of M Spider-Man costume and gripping the mask in his hand with a smile. The second figure was blonde woman with bright blue eyes that wore a black hooded cloak. Her hair was in a pony-tail and her face bore the same war-pain as Annisia. She also held a large battle axe over her shoulder. Both individuals gave him a smile


"Of course you do." Peter said into her ear. "After all, everybody gets one."


-Meanwhile: Emora-

Farewell: Natasha Romanova

(LIAG helpful info. So yeah I'm changing the last name from Romanoff to Romanova mainly because I'm sure the latter is the correct one.)

"ARGGHHH!" A brunette man shouted angrily as he though his canvas on the ground. "Woman will you fucking smile!?" The painter shouted angrily at a scowling Natasha not giving a damn about who she was. Spider-Man looked at him from across the room. Peter narrowed his eyes as he looked at the man's nametag.

"Dave huh? I need to hire this guy more often, he has balls of adamantium."

"I'm taking five, when I get back you better be smiling woman. You are a benevolent ruler we cannot have you looking like the second coming of Hitler in the future textbooks!" Dave bit out as he stormed from the room. Natasha glared at him as he left before releasing a tired groan and falling back onto the large throne. She glance back at the wall behind her and shook her head as she gazed at the portrait of a smiling MJ when she was officially announced the leader of humanity.

"This is pointless." Natasha groaned making Spider-Man approach her with a visible frown.

"What's wrong Natasha?" Peter asked seriously making the woman turn to him with a softened gaze.

"I a soldier, an assassin, I lead people on a battlefield not during times of peace!" Natasha bit out. "I cannot be like her; I can't be the kind, generous, ruler she was. I never asked for this, but I once again find myself trapped in a situation I want no part of." Natasha growled out. Spider-Man was silent for a moment before releasing a breath.

"Natasha, no one is expecting you to be like MJ. They know you two are basically polar opposites; all they expect is your best. MJ chose you as her replacement and you were approved by over ninety percent of the leaders of the human countries." Spider-Man said firmly.

"I hate when I can't control my life, and ever since I teamed up with Mary Jane and Viper, I feel as though my life has spiraled completely out of my control." Natasha stated as she placed her face in her hands.

"Is it really such a bad thing? Believe me when I say I know how you feel even more than you do, but sometimes good things come from it. Are you telling me that nothing good has come from getting involved with your teammates?" Spider-Man asked and Natasha frowned slightly when she noticed he sounded slightly hurt. But why would he-


"Spider-Man I didn't-"

"I mean don't get me wrong Natasha, I hate when people are forced to do something against their will and I will do my best to do anything in my power to help them." Spider-Man began as he placed a hand on her shoulder. "With everything that has happened, I doubt people even remember our contract, hell I'm not even sure it's still valid with you in a different position now. We can end-"

"Spider-Man!" Natasha bit out making him stop his rant. "There are a lot of things I would change in my life right now, but you are not one of them. Things are about to get a lot harder in my life, I know that, which is why I need you there by my side. At least with you and Silver there is a chance this won't go horribly wrong." Natasha said before softening her hard gaze. "Please, promise me you will stay in my life, I need you."

"Don't worry Natasha; I was just giving you options. I will stay with you for as long as you'll have me." Spider-Man stated getting a genuine smile from the woman.


Both of them tensed and turned around to see that the painter had returned with a camera and was now giving the woman a winning smirk.

"Yes! With this, I'll be able to paint a fucking masterpiece!" The painter cheered making Natasha stare at him in disbelief. "Now Mr. Spider-Man whenever you two decide to get started on making her an heir please teach the young one how to smile, I doubt they'll get much help from their mother in that department." The painter said making Natasha glare at him.

"I'll have you know that I am more than capable of raising my son to be happy!" Natasha nearly growled making the painter step back as Spider-Man sighed.

"Seriously, why do the mothers of my children all think they are going to raise the kid themselves? I think I'll be an awesome dad." Spider-Man said sounding a bit miffed.

"Shut up Spider-Man."

"Shutting up." Spider-Man said before his wife decided to take her name literally.

He was one male Spider that was determined to survive mating with a Black Widow thank you very much.

"You know Natasha." Spider-Man began as he realized she said son. "Silver is right. You can't really control what gender our child, that's not even conceived yet, will be no matter how much you put your mind to it."

"The hell I can't, I'm Russian." Natasha said with so much seriousness that Spider-Man had to take a few moments to gather his thoughts." In fact, let's get started on it now."

"The hell does being Russian have to do with anything?" Spider-Man asked incredulously as he followed his wife. Seriously, he knew Russian's were generally seen as tough but not even they could chose the gender of their children…


"Of course not, that goes against all principles of human biology-"


Spider-Man didn't even pay attention to being surrounded by the webs this time. He was too busy looking on in morbid fascination as one of the figures revealed its self to be a red-haired male with piercing blue eyes. He stood with his arms crossed as he wore a tight black combat suit. On his wrists were two black gauntlets that resembled Natasha's. He seemed like a pretty intimidating individual especially with his seemingly permanent scowl on his face. The scowl turned in to a cold smirk after one of the figures Peter was still unable to see elbowed him in his side.


Spider-Man stopped moving and simply gaped at the retreating form of his wife.

"A coincidence, that's all it was a coincidence!" Spider-Man thought as he tried to get over his shock. At least he was going to tell himself it was a coincidence in order to keep himself sane.

-Meanwhile: Emora: Former Symkarian Cemetery-

BGM: The Real Folk's Blues- Cowboy Bebop

Farewell: Silver Sablinova-Romanova

"So what did you want to do out here?" Peter asked curiously as he and Silver stopped in front of a tombstone in the former Symkarian cemetery. Silver said nothing as she knelt down and placed a bouquet of white roses in front of the tomb stone.

"I wanted to thank you." Silver said honestly as she stood up and gazed at Peter making look at her in confusion.

"For what?" Peter asked with a small frown. Silver gestured towards the tombstone making Peter's eyes widen when he read the name Anastasia Sablinova.

"When I was younger, my mother was killed before my very eyes. The experience was traumatizing…" Silver said quietly as she pulled at her silver hair. "The stress turned my hair silver and at that moment my sole purpose was to take over the Wild Pack from my father, and from there I created Silver Sable International." Silver said as her gaze hardened. "I did my best to takedown as many terrorists as I could by any means necessary, as you know this put us at odds with each other a few times. I never noticed it but I was being consumed by my mother's death, it became the reason for my existence."

Peter felt a small chill as her words were beginning to hit a little closer to home.

"You realize it too don't you?" Silver asked quietly as she stared at him. "That's what began to draw me closer to you. I may not have known all of the details then, but it was obvious to me that you were being driven by guilt, a moment of weakness that cost you everything, an unrepentable sin that you dedicated your life trying to repay. The reason I am thanking you is because as time went on slowly but surely the weight began to be lifted from your shoulders. Every time you came back from the brink of certain destruction, the guilt hiding you down became a little lighter."

"Silver…"Peter said quietly as he looked at her, lost for words.

"I can't shake the feeling that tomorrow will be the beginning of something new. As if everyone will be beginning a new chapter in their lives. Watching you, laughing with you, loving you has made me realize that I want to wake up tomorrow with a new outlook on life." Silver said quietly. "We need to shake this weight off of our shoulders now or we will never move forward."

"How, how can we get rid of this pain?" Peter asked softly as she gave him a weak smile even as tear slid down her tanned face.

"We let the memories of our loved ones guide us but stop their deaths from defining us. It's time we move forward as our own people, people they can be proud of." Silver said as she stepped closer to her husband.

"I can't just get rid of this guilt by myself." Peter told her softly as he gazed in to her blue eyes.

"You're not alone. It's a new era now Peter, if you can't get rid of the guilt for yourself then do it for those who love you like I do, do it for your children…do it for your Uncle Ben it must pain him to watch you torture yourself over a mistake." Silver said before kissing him soundly, stopping any protest he could utter. Peter held her tightly as he felt a heavy weight lift from his body.

*Web of Life*

The hidden figure that elbowed the red-haired male, faded into view revealing a slightly shorter woman that was wearing a tight silver costume that reminded Peter of Silver's only this woman's seemed to have been made out of a sturdier synthetic material. The top half her face was obscured by a dark shadow that was created by a silver hood that was built into the suit. From the shadow Peter could make out two glowing silver circles which appeared to be a pair of futuristic contact lenses. From what could be seen of the bottom half of her face it appeared as though the woman had inherited her mother's skin tone.

Peter looked on in slight amusement as an impish smirk graced her silver painted lips at the same time the red-haired male next to her resumed his scowling. By the twin locks of hair that rested in front of her shoulders Peter could tell that she, like Silver, had silver hair as well though whether it was dyed, resulted from stressed, or just a genetic trait to go silver before twenty Peter had no idea. On her back was a silver Ninjato and Peter couldn't help but think she resembled a futuristic ninja. She placed a hand on her hip, right over a crimson sash that had a silver embroidered spider on the end of it before giving Peter a wink.


"A cemetery, perfect place to let our demons die huh?" Peter asked making Silver smile.


-Earlier that Day: Emoran Royal courtyard-

Farewell: Red Sonja

Spider-Man stood awkwardly in front of a statue of Red Sonja. That statue showed the woman down on one knee with both hands grasping the hilt of a blade that was stabbed in the ground in front of her. Spider-Man released a sigh as he knelt down and placed a bouquet of flowers in front of the statue.

"Hey there, the Man-Spider here." Spider-man began with a chuckle. "I know we didn't know each other that well but we've fought alongside each other before and you have always been a great comrade. It seems as though paying my respects is long overdue."

Spider-Man's mask peeled back as he took a seat on the ground and stared up at the statue.

"Words cannot describe how sorry I am that I couldn't save you from your contract like you wanted. You had countless opportunities to takeover MJ and use her body as your own but you didn't. You gave her control whenever she wanted and you weren't just her protector, you took care of her as if she were your own flesh and blood child. Made her more magnificent than I thought possible." Peter continued as he shut his eyes in pain.

Peter couldn't help the bitter laugh he released.

"I'm always praised for helping the people important to me, but I let you slip from my fingers without even realizing it." Peter said with a weak smile. "I figure you know this already from being in her mind, but MJ's family for a lack of a better word was pathetic. You filled so many roles for her that she never experienced. You were her mother, sister, and friend and you will never know how much I appreciate that." Peter said as his gaze softened. "Thank you for being there when I couldn't."

Peter trembled at the pain he felt in his chest.

"You were a strong woman. I could recognize that look in your eyes a mile away." Peter said as he thought about when he first met Laura. He then thought about his own expression after he realized the reason his uncle died was because of him. "Something bad happened to you that made you first pick up your blade, I'm no idiot but despite whatever may have happened; you continued on and rose to glory. You may have stumbled, you may have even fallen, but you persevered and that is an admiral quality that I can see you reinforced in MJ. She is doing well now; I wish you were here to see it."

Peter stood up and closed his eyes.

"Thank you, where ever you are I hope that one day you can forgive me for not being able to help you."

Foolish Spider, my tale is far from over.

Peter tensed as he swore he heard a warm voice chuckle. He spun around when he felt someone place a hand on his shoulder only to find no one.

"Oh…spooky..." Peter said to himself before tensing.

*Web of Life*

Peter looked on in confusion as one of the shadowy figures exploded in a crimson flash of light revealing a powerful looking red-haired woman whom looked like a carbon copy of Red Sonja with blazing red eyes that had black sclera. Despite her fierce gaze there seemed to be nothing but honor, courage, and determination behind them. Her crimson armor left nothing to the imagination and it took a second for Peter to realize that she was wearing MJ's Witchblade which had recently been separated from his wife. She gave him a grin that reminded him of MJ's as she raised her Hyrkanian blade towards him as if to acknowledge his presence.


"Far from over indeed." Peter chuckled to himself.

-That evening-

Farewell: Chun-LI

Peter now found himself standing in a clearing with Chun-Li. They were alone and neither was wearing their usual costumes. Peter was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black hoodie over a white t-shirt; he was also wearing a pair of black sneakers. Chun-Li had her hair down and was wear a white cap and a pair of denim shorts along with a blue tank top that showed her midriff and an open white hooded jacket. She had on a pair of sandals and opted to keep the bracelets on her wrists.

"So what did you want to do out here?" Peter asked in confusion making the woman smirk.

"As if you didn't know, we never did finish what we started in the warehouse when we first met." Chun-Li said making Peter blink as he knelt down and began untying his shoes.

"You realize we are about to fight tomorrow right?"

"That's going to be with the entire team, and every training session we've had as been with the entire team. Even if I am the loser I hate to leave a fight unfished. One on one, no chi, no infinity gems, or spider powers-just pure martial arts."

"I can't really help my speed, strength, and Spider-sense." Peter pointed out as he took off his shoes and socks leaving him barefoot.

"Don't worry about those." Chun-Li said nonchalantly before smirking. "They'll make this much fairer for you."

"Oooh someone's cocky." Peter pointed out.

"No offense Peter, but while the way of the spider is extremely deadly with the spider-sense, a true martial artist can still give it a run for its money. I'm not sure if you realize Peter, but I've got skill." Chun-Li drawled as she used her hand to dust off her shoulders. Both shared a smile as they slid into their respective fighting stances.

BGM: Turbo T. Double - YupYupYup ( Kickin' it like Chun-Li )

As if seeing an invisible signal both teammates shot toward each other and just before they met they slammed their left feet into the ground and released two powerful high-kicks the slammed into each other, creating a small shock wave and crack the ground beneath them. The force blew their hair black.

"Insane! She's only human yet she can parry a kick from me?" Peter thought in disbelief before smirking as he gazed at her determined expression as he jumped back and ducked just in time to dodge a drop kick from Chun-Li. "She's worked herself to the bone, she's trained herself harder than either Laura or myself to watch both of our backs…she went through hell and shattered her human limits." Peter noticed her smile and she looked almost proud of him. Memories began to come to both of them as they fought.


A twelve year old Peter fixed his glasses as he approached a large gaming machine in the local arcade. He put a quarter in and his eyes widened as he saw the Street Fighter character selection appear. He had never played the game, but he had heard it was okay. He needed something to do to get his mind off of the local bullies. One character in particular caught his eye and despite being at an age where he thought men were stronger, he found himself picking the woman named Chun-LI.

"Whoa! She kicks serious butt!" Peter thought in awe as he fought with her. "I wish I could be that awesome."

*Flashback: End*

Chun-Li gritted her teeth as she found herself on the defensive. She hopped over a sweep kick and found herself barely dodging her teammate's fists. Her eyes met his as she slipped under his guard.


"[I'm not a boy, dad.]" A young Chun-Li said with a pout as her dad handed her a translated copy of a Spider-Man comic. The man simply laughed at her expression.

"[I know, one of my coworkers gave it to me since his son finished reading them and they began to fill up the house, I think he forgot I had a daughter.]" Dorai said making her shake her head. Eventually she got bored and began flipping through the first one.


"[Dad! Are there really people with hearts this big in the world!?]" Chun-Li asked innocently as she looked at the comic in awe making her dad laugh.

"[The world isn't filled with heroes quite like that, but I believe that everyone has to ability to be that heroic hidden somewhere inside them.]" Dorai said with a smile before winking at Chun-Li. "[Who knows, maybe one day you can be a hero too. Show the bad guys that girls can be just as strong as the boys!]"

"[Yeah!]" Chun-Li said with a bright smile.

*Flashback: Over*

"Why am I just now remembering that?" Chun-Li wondered as she tried to deliver a double palm thrust to Peter's chest only for the man to flip over her.


"Whoever this Spider-Man is must be the worst." Chun-Li thought as she tossed aside a newspaper that she found after finding herself waking up in New York of all places. "And why are people staring at me?" So lost in her thoughts she almost didn't notice the shadow flying over her. She looked up and frowned when she saw it was Spider-Man passing overhead, wasting no time she quickly chased after her. It didn't matter which country she was in, Interpol always stopped the criminals!

*Flashback: End*

Peter frowned as blood dripped from the scar on his cheek that came from one of Chun-Li's spikes grazing him as he dodged a punch. She wiped blood from her lips where he managed to land a glancing blow. Peter cursed as he found himself dodging a high-speed barrage of kicks.


"Woman will you quit kicking me!?" Spider-Man asked incredulously as he found himself fighting the best damned Chun-Li cosplayer in the world in an abandoned warehouse. If the situation wasn't so dire he was sure that he would have proposed right then and there.

*Flashback: End*

Peter ducked when he was back into a tree causing her leg to shatter the tree upon impact. He slipped under her guard and rose to deliver a strong knee to her stomach only for the woman to grab him tightly and slam her own knee into his stomach.

"She's incredible, she is so skilled that she can fight me even with my Spider-Sense and I can dodge bullets at point blank! Dear God Chun-Li, just how damn hard did you work!?"

As they fought more and more memories filled their minds as they thought about everything they had been through. Each more emotional than the last. Eventually as they became more and more battered from the fight Peter thought about how he had confessed his lover for the woman only for her to be unable to accept it as she was sure she was going to die against Juri.

Similarly, Chun-Li thought about when she had confessed to Spider-Man only for him to die moments later in Octavius' body. Not much scared the fighter, but she'd admit, if only to herself, that that moment had nearly scared her from committing to her team mate. They weren't sure how long they had been fighting but the sun was beginning to set and it appeared that they had somehow fought their way to a creek. Both knew the final exchange was coming.

Blasting forward both delivered a powerful blow to each other's faces only for both of them to tilt their heads at the last moment. Chun-Li's eyes widened as she realized the blow would have killed her. Her heart raced as she realized Peter trusted her skills so much that he was willing to endanger his no one dies code in order to give her the fight she wanted.

Peter's eyes widened when he realized that complete torture she must have put her body through was in order to protect her team. This woman put aside everything to help him and his world and then she even left her home after getting revenge to stay with him.

At the same time they spoke.

"I love you."




*Web of life*

Peter looked around to see one of the black figures flip forward to reveal themselves to be a brown haired-woman of Asian descent. The woman had her hair tied up and had red eyeliner. She was wearing what looked like the black Costume Chun-Li wore prior to her new outfit only she wore a pair of black heels and had on a pair of long black gloves that stopped above her elbows. There were black spiked bracelets around her wrists and she had on two black stockings that stopped under her thighs. There was an opening on the front to show her well-toned stomach and on her neck was a black spider tattoo and she smirked as she placed a hand on her hip.

To put it bluntly, she looked like the textbook definition of femme fatale.

You know the type you'd expect to see in a James Bond movie?

(LIAG Helpful info: If you want a better idea of she looks, look up DOA 5 Lei Fang black gown.)

Peter had a feeling this would be one of his daughters he'd have to keep an eye on.


Peter awoke with a groan as he found his head wresting on Chun-Li's lap.

"I think I just had a nightmare." Peter muttered as he looked up at an amused Chun-Li. "Did I lose?"

"Yup." Chun-Li said as she popped the P.


"I love you." They said at the same time as Chun-Li prepared to upper cut Peter with her free hand, of course his Spider-Sense never failed him and he was already about to block it.


Chun-Lis weighted bracelet fell from her wrist after she tensed the muscles in her arm and her fist flew up at much greater the speeds than Peter anticipated and slammed right into his jaw. Now Peter is a man who can survive a blow from the hulk, but there is there is a difference between a blow backed with brute force and a blow backed with force and skill. Chun-Li knew exactly how to hit Peter to send the man into blissful unconsciousness.

*Flashback: End*

"You realize that even if you win tomorrow, I am going to lord this over you forever right." Chun-Li mused making him pale. "And if I do end up winning this whole thing…well…"

Chun-Li didn't have to finish.

Peter knew if neither he nor Laura proceeded, they would never hear the end of it.


Peter vowed to win.

But those thoughts were halted as Chun-Li moved around to lay on top of him before pressing her lips to his. It was about to be an interesting afternoon.

-Meanwhile: Juri's apartment-

Farewell: Juri Han

BGM: Juri Han theme-Street Fighter IV theme

Peter felt as though he were being eyed by a predator as he watched Juri lock her apartment before leering at him sinisterly as her eye shone bright purple.

"N-now Juri, can't we just cuddle?" Peter asked weekly as her chi flared, knocking down the furniture around her.

"Over two years." Juri said simply.


"Over two years, since I've had any sort of action." Juri said with a slight eye-twitch. "Your pants drop them." Juri ordered making Peter shiver in fear.

"Be gentle." Peter pleaded.

"I'm going to break you. Twice as hard to make sure both you and Ero can feel it." Juri said honestly as her expression softened making him weep as she began to eye him like a piece of meat. She licked her lips as he undressed. "Oh that spider bite did wonders for you." Juri said with a smirk as she eyes his toned body. "The muscles aren't too big but not too small, just like I like them."

Peter just wept more.

Peter's screams echoed throughout the apartment for hours.

*Web of Life*

Peter knew he should have been prepared for what a child of Juri would possibly be wearing especially after seeing what his and Chun-Li's daughter looked like but when he saw his daughter, the father in him jumped for joy as she shadow revealed the face of his daughter. The woman had violet eyes and short black hair that reached just under her chin. She had a gentle expression and even had a purple lotus flower in her hair…

…and then her gentle expression turned vicious as the rest of the shadow disappeared revealing her costume. The father in Peter felt its heart stop as he stared at the scandalous outfit before his vision went black.

(LIAG Helpful Info: Not even going to write the page it would take to explain how it looks. Look up Kaine Nier Kabuki outfit if you wanna see it.)


"Oh no you don't!" Juri growled as she slapped him awake. "I'm nowhere near done with you yet!"

The emotional and physical pain Peter felt was incomprehensible.


-Meanwhile: Hel-

"I must say Peter; you have impressed me greatly these past few years." Hela said as she and Peter sat on their thrones. "You've surpassed Anansi as the Great Weaver and even defeated enemies I could never hope to face. I am proud to call you King of Hel."

"Gotta admit; I never expected to be called that." Peter chuckled before shaking his head. "A lot has happened that has made me fight harder than I ever have before, still I can't ever forget all of the people we've lost on the way here. I mean we lost Thor I couldn't believe it when Zoe told me he was out of her jurisdiction-"


Peter jumped as Hela face-palmed and shook her head.

"Odin's balls…" Hela muttered making Peter look at her awkwardly.

"You okay?"

"Yes, hold on a moment. I just realized that my duties slipped my mind for a moment." Hela muttered as she stood from her throne and walked away. Moments later Peter gaped as he watched her return dragging a dazed looking Thor behind her.

"H-Hela?" Peter asked in confusion.

"He's under my jurisdiction, not Zoe's, something that slipped my mind with everything going on." Hela said sheepishly as she released her Uncle.

"Loki's bra, what hit me?" Thor said tiredly.

"Mjolnir." Hela said truthfully as Thor stood up and cracked his neck.

"Is Midgard safe?"

"Yes it is." Peter said making Thor give him an appraising look.

"Ah Spider-Man, thou is a champion greater than even I to have defeated that foul wench! We must do battle some time!" Thor said with a booming laughter making Peter shake his head.

"Nope not me, it was Spider-Girl and her team. I just stood off on the side-lines and tried not to have a heart attack."

"Ah then I must test my mettle against the newest protectors of Midgard!" Thor said as if that made perfect since.

"Touch my daughter and die." Peter said calmly making both gods look at him in surprise.

"Then maybe just the Alpha lad then?" Thor really wanted a fight. "I went easy on him before, but he has proven himself to be a mighty warrior!"

"Be my guest. Make sure to do it when he's sleeping, it'll make the fight much more fun." Peter smiled making the god of thunder nod his head and Hela removed him from her realm.

"You're evil." Hela said with a smirk.

"Which are you the pot or the kettle?" Peter asked curiously making her shake her head. "So while I'll admit, to my utmost horror that the torturing of evil souls is beginning to grow on me. Do you wanna do something else to pass the time?"

"Hmm I'll admit that Zoe has definitely impressed me. Would you like to work on creating a goddess of Chaos?" Hela asked making Peter blink. "I'm nowhere near as powerful as Gaea so we'll have to raise it until it is powerful enough to fend for itself."

"That sounds horrifying." Peter stated bluntly making Hela pout.

"See that's what everyone thinks when a deity is in charge of a realm that is not all sunshine and rainbows. They think we're all evil-and most of us are, even me most of time, but that is not the point!" Hela ranted making Peter look at her incredulously. "The point is that there are layers to us, like onions."

"Quoting Shrek?" Peter asked sounding amused as she quoted the first movie he had shown her.

"My point is still valid." Hela sated simply. "If your children can't get access to tantric energy then maybe they might need some chaos energy that doesn't need murder to obtain."

"That…that is actually a valid argument."

"Like I said layers."

"Your touch burns me Hela, won't sex with you hurt?" Peter asked skeptically.

"Yes it will." The tall woman said as she picked up a startled Peter and slung him over her shoulder. "But in a good way." Tears fell from Peter's eyes as he was carried away.

*Web of Life*

Peter blinked as a particularly tall figure was engulfed in rose colored flames before dispersing; revealing a pale woman whom had long black hair and red highlights. Her body was covered in what looked like a black and red version of Hela's own costume only her cape was red and only hung from her right shoulder rather than both. Despite her intimidating appearance the woman seemed almost shy to a fault. She averted her eyes for a moment before giving Peter a small smile. One of the other shadowy figures wrapped an arm around her shoulders making her drop her gaze as her cheeks colored.


"Guess you can't judge a God by its domain." Peter mused to himself.

-Meanwhile: Olympus-

Farewell: Venus

A fragile Peter weakly wrote in a notebook as his vision began to blur. His hair had grown in length and he was now sporting an impressively long brown beard.

Spider's log: Day forty

It has been forty days since I was kidnapped by Venus after the end of the third World War. Today counts the tenth day since I lost the feeling in my lower body. I hope the other versions of me walking around are having a better time. I cannot remember the taste of anything that doesn't belong to my godly wife's body.

Good news is I will be set free soon, for I need to focus 100% on the upcoming battles. Bad news is Venus wants to spend the last day doing things we couldn't the last few days. I cannot remember the last time I slept longer than fifteen minutes and the only reason I sleep that long is because I pass out from exhaustion.

Note to self I must ask Logan if they still have Xavier's wheel chair because if I do win the net few battles a fear I may never see the light of day again. Recently Venus has taken an interest in creating a goddess of Tantra. If anyone manages to find this book please realize that I am deeply sorry for what Venus and I are probably going to release on the world. If said goddess is reading this always remember that despite everything daddy loves you and please, please, please do not take after your mother. I hope you can remember me as a good man and not the fragile mess your mother has turned in to.

If anyone is wondering why I haven't left yet it is simply because…

well I am a man.

This is possibly one of the greatest things ever.

Completely worth the psychological trauma.

I mean really the thing she does with her t-oh no, I hear her coming down the hallway. I don't have much time, please whoever gets this remember this prophecy. Beware the ides of March for that will be the day the goddesses of Tantra and Chaos will walk the earth. Shit, shit, shit, she's found me under her bed and dragging me out by my ankles! Beware ides of March! Deadpool warned me this would happen… I DIDN'T LIST-

*Web of Life*

An exhausted Peter looked up weakly to see the shadowy figure that had its arm around the goddess of Chaos stand up an exploded in a golden light. When it died down Peter saw a tall woman with long brown hair that was tossed over her right shoulder. Peter could see she had a single brown braid in her hair. Her eyes were bright blue and were shining with mischief and her libs were painted ruby red. Around her neck was a golden necklace with a Spider shaped pendant. The pendant had a crimson gem embedded into it.

On both of her wrists and ankles were golden cuffs. And that, Peter realized to his utmost horror was the end of her clothing. She used her left arm to cover her breasts, and draped over the limb was a crimson cloth that looked similar to the cape worn by the goddess of chaos only its edges were embroidered in gold. The silky fabric conveniently wrapped around her body to cover her privates, and Peter could tell it was more for his sake than her own modesty.

Unlike the goddess of Chaos who seemed to be a little too self-conscious, this woman appeared as though she had never even heard of the words shame or modesty.

The father in Peter died a little bit that day.


Venus blinked as she noticed Peter begin to cry. Her gaze softened as she kissed him on his cheek.

"Oh, I know how you feel I love you so much." Venus whispered as Peter's body trembled.

"M-my baby g-girl!" Peter gasped out weakly as tears fell from eyes like waterfalls.

"Oh do not worry my husband; I am sure she will be a great goddess that will take after her mother."

Peter's cries increased.

-Meanwhile: Olympus: Zoe's realm

Farewell: Gaea & Zoe

Peter idly wondered what the fuck had happened to his life as he found himself standing next to Gaea as they both found themselves staring at the powerful entity known as The Living Tribunal in complete disbelief while Zoe stood next to him awkwardly.

"Let me get this straight." Peter said for seemed like the hundredth time that evening as he pointed at Tribunal. "You, the second most powerful being in existence…" Peter trailed off as he gestured to himself and Gaea. "Are asking us permission to date our one year old daughter?" Peter said with his face conveying what the actual fuck perfectly.

"When you put it like that of course it sounds terrible father." Zoe groaned making Peter raise a hand to silence her.

"I'll get to you in a moment young lady." Peter interrupted making her pout. "Overpowered goddess with thousands-of-years- worth of knowledge or not, you are far too young to date."

"I have yet to see you confront Valeria about doing anything 'adult'." Zoe drawled making Peter raise an eyebrow at her.

"She's not my kid." Peter said bluntly. "How she is raised is solely up to Sue and Reed, I can put my two cents in but my opinion barely carries any weight concerning her."

"I am not a child!"

"You're one!" Peter said incredulously.

"Only technically!" Zoe countered as she gestured to her body. "What infant looks like this?" The Living Tribunal and Gaea found themselves looking between the two as if watching a Ping-Pong match.

"Peter, I believe it's best to just let this go. You must remember that as an Olympian, Zoe is not restricted my human societal norms." Gaea pointed out. "While I too find myself slightly miffed she would even consider being courted by someone whom tried to kill her, it is not my life it's hers."

"But it's so wrong." Peter said helplessly.

"Peter you are married to my granddaughter and have a child with me. I am also billions of years old so your age compared to mine means I am completely-what do you mortals say?-robbing the cradle. Are you the pot or the kettle?" Gaea questioned making Peter shut up.

"Also I have said that I wanted to understand life before I court her." Tribunal said calmly. "I will reincarnate myself and live amongst the mortals to gain a better understanding, the courting of your daughter will not begin for at least another sixteen to eighteen years."

"And by then you cannot use my age against me." Zoe said smugly making Peter's shoulders slump.

"Fine, I get it." Peter conceded but it was obvious he wasn't happy.

"Do not worry." Tribunal said as his body began to glow. "I have watched you closely and decided that I will be raised by close friends of yours to make sure I am raised well. This way you can also keep an eye on me. Until we meet again."

And with that The Living Tribunal turned into a small bright blue orb of energy and faded from the realm.

"What did he mean by being raised by close friends?" Peter asked in confusion making Zoe smirk.

"Don't worry father all will be well."

-With Deadpool-

Our favorite merc was currently in the middle of an extremely passionate make out session with Outlaw when unbeknownst to them a small orb of blue light dissolved into small blue particles and phased into their bodies.

"The hell-" Deadpool said as he lifted his head and searched around the room.

"Whatever it was its not important, get back down here Cowboy!" Outlaw shouted as she grabbed the back of his head and pressed her mouth to his.

-Back with Peter-

"What is this foreboding feeling?" Peter wondered with a shudder, Zoe's knowing smirk wasn't helping either.

*Web of Life*

Peter looked up as a large shadowy figure that floated above the others exploded in a golden light, revealing a smiling Zoe whom gazed down upon him serenely. Even though it was merely a vision, Peter could still feel the power rolling off of her in waves.


"You know, it still surprises me that I could help make something like you." Peter chuckled suddenly as he shook his head. "What the hell Zoe, live your life how you want as long as you have no regrets."

"That's what I've been saying!" Zoe said with a smile making Gaea shake her head.

"Out of all my lovers and children, you two are by far the most interesting." Gaea murmured as Zoe wrapped an arm around her father.

"You know you love us." Peter said as Zoe grinned.

"That I do young Weaver that I do."

-Later: Earth 1610-

Farewell: Madame Web: Jessica Drew-

"I've come to a realization." Jessica said suddenly as they stood on the roof and overlooked the city.

"Oh and what's that, MW?" Peter questioned curiously.

"Being Madame Web is awesome." Jessica stated truthfully. "Don't get me wrong it was hard at first but the near infinite knowledge thing rocks."

"How do you mean?"

"I mean look I'm wearing a blindfold and can operate normally because I already know every step and every single action I will ever make, ever."

"You feel like a badass don't you?"

"You know me too well." Jessica said with a smile. "But don't get me wrong, I miss being on the frontlines and all but travelling to new worlds and making sure other versions of you don't get their asses killed is pretty rewarding."

"You just like being a vague mysterious deity and love trolling various spider heroes with foreboding messages rather than simply telling them what to do, don't you?" Peter deadpanned.

"Again, you know me too well." Jessica laughed before smirking as she saw her counterpart climb into her bedroom. "Show time let me handle this."

-With the ultimate Spider-Woman-

"Stupid Miles, I know I can't keep leading them both on but I can't pick! I'd rather they both move on and find someone else instead of forcing me to break one of their hearts!" the teen muttered to herself as she threw off her mask. "This is going to be a lonely night of ice-cream and sad movies; I'll have to be quiet though so I don't accidentally let Gwen know I'm home."


The teen jumped in shock as her room was engulfed in a crimson light. She spun around quickly sliding into a defensive stance before gaping as she found the ethereal form of her older counterpart floating above her.

By the look on Madame Web's face she could tell trouble was coming.

"Spider-Woman, your web has come to an end as your fate seems to be frozen by your indecisiveness." Madame Web said coolly. "You have reached a fork in the road of life, and cannot move forward."

"W-what are you talking about?" Jessica asked weakly. Madame Web said nothing as she raised her left hand.

"You are stuck between the yellow path…" Madame Web began as a yellow web-line appeared in her hand making countless images of Gwen flash through her counterpart's mind before raising her right hand. "And the red path…" Madame Web continued as a red web-line appeared in her hand filling the young woman's mind with MJ's of MJ. "Time is running out; choose before your world is ripped asunder."

"Whoa! What the hell does my world have to do with my love life!?" Jessica asked incredulously making Madame Web shake her head.

"The fate of the world rests on your choice. If you fail to come to a decision…" Madame Web trailed off and Jessica watched in horror as images of Galactus destroying her universe appeared. Tears fell from her eyes as she watched billions of lives get destroyed. "…There will be no hope left. I cannot say much, but your indecision will start a chain of events that will destroy you all."

Jessica fell to her knees as she looked at her counterpart in horror.

"How the hell am I supposed to choose!?" Jessica said angrily. "I love them both; I can't just pick a path!"

"Then make your own." Madame Web said ominously as she began to fade away. "If you cannot decide between red or yellow, talk to them…give orange a try."

And with that Madame Web vanished leaving a shell-shocked Jessica behind.

-Earth 616: Alchemax Roof-

"AHAHAHAHAHA!" Jessica laughed as she held onto Peter to support herself.

"You are such an ass for that!" Peter said as he watched the woman laugh her ass off.

"Did…did you see the look on her face when I told her to pick both?" Jessica asked as she wiped a tear from her eye. "T-the look of utter disbelief-AHAHAHA!"

"The poor girl was terrified!" Peter said as he looked at her incredulously. "Where the hell did you even get those images of Galactus from anyway!?"

"Galactus destroying her universe was a possibility if the Ultron crisis went down the wrong way. He would have be sent to her universe and fused with their Galactus-listen it's a long complicated story that doesn't even matter anymore." Jessica said as she wiped her eyes.

"You're an ass."

"It was hilarious." Jessica defended.

"Dear God, now I can't stop wondering how many times Anansi and Cassandra did this crap to me just for a quick laugh."

"Believe me Peter; you do not want the answer to that." Jessica said seriously.

"Well damn." Peter said blankly. He had no idea what to say to that, sure he always suspected that Anansi screwed with him sometimes for laughs, but to actually hear it was something else.

"Lighten up Pete, great power may come with great responsibility but that doesn't mean we can't have fun from time to time." Jessica said with a small smile before turning serious. "Tomorrow is the day that changes everything, you do realize that right?"

"Of course." Peter said slightly surprised by the attitude change.

"You need to go to Julia, she has found something out that will determine your success, without this knowledge you will fall tomorrow." Jessica said seriously.

"Why can't you just tell me while I'm here?" Peter asked in confusion.

"In order for the web to see pass tomorrow, the heirs of the weaver must all be visible to illuminate the darkness." Jessica said cryptically.

"What?" Peter asked in confusion making her laugh softly before pressing her lips to his.

"All will be clear in due time." Jessica said as she began to fade away.

"Hey! Comeback and tell me what that meant in English! Oh come on! Aren't I your boss now? Jessica!" Peter called out as her laughter echoed throughout the night.

*Web of life*

Peter blinked owlishly as a woman with short black hair that was wearing a red evening gown appeared next to Ananase. On her forehead was a small crimson crystal and her eyes were covered with a crimson blindfold. On her dress was a golden spider and despite being unable to see her eyes, Peter could tell they were shining in amusement


"I am going to be trolled by Madame Webs for the rest of my life." Peter said despondently.

-Later: Julia's house-

Farewell: Julia Carpenter

"I came as fast as I could. What did Jessica mean by you have something important to tell me?" Peter questioned as he and Julia stood outside of his house.

"It's about your Unity." Julia said with a sad expression.

"What about it?" Peter asked with obvious confusion.

"You don't have one." Julia said bluntly making Peter look at her incredulously.

"Uhh yeah I do? Remember, kind of used it to stop Adriana." Peter said slowly making Julia shake her head.

"No that's Anansi's Exo-skeleton. Peter, you've never once used your Unity. Ever. You need to think hard and figure out a way to pull it out or you will lose tomorrow." Julia said seriously.

"What!? If the Exo-skeleton isn't my Unity then what is!?" Peter asked making Julia shrug.

"Anansi didn't exactly leave with a manual, hell it wasn't until recently that I realized that you never used your own Unity. To put it bluntly I screwed up, we all have in regards to your growth as the Great Weaver." Julia said with obvious remorse.

"Crap-wait, does this mean that Adriana doesn't have her s either?" Peter asked making Julia shake her head.

"No her final form is her Unity. It takes the strength from her colossal form and condenses it, making her far more deadly than previously thought. You need to think hard Peter the Unities Anansi crafted before his passing all tied into the user's personality some way."

"What do you mean?"

"May, her desire to protect those she cares about-her unity gives her the strength to do so. Benjamin, we all know he's going to grow up to be a master thief; his lets him steal the most priceless things in existence-love and loyalty. Elise she's going to be the first natural born Queen, her Unity was Anansi's last creation. Her Unity makes her word, law. Absolute obedience-hell, she's a prodigy! She's showing signs of using hers and doesn't even have an Other yet." Julia said as she shook her head. "The same can be said for Ananase who's Unity gives him wisdom."

"Wait, this is the first I heard about this, does that mean Ananase is some sort of super genius like Valeria?" Peter asked in confusion making Julia shake her head.

"No, though he will be intelligent he will not be as smart as her, but he will be much wiser. Peter, he may have fallen asleep earlier but come on…what two year-old actually meditates!?" Julia asked incredulously. "We need to figure out what yours is fast. Anansi must have at least given you a hint, plus it's impossible for you not to have shown signs of it by now. Is there anything you've done in fights lately that may help point us in the right direction."

"If I had to guess, it will have to be something about me being the center of the web-something I still don't understand." Peter muttered making Julia hum in thought. Peter looked on incredulously as her face went completely white as a cold realization came upon her. Peter gaped as he watched the woman nearly faint before catching herself and sitting on her porch.

"That insane son of a bitch." Julia muttered as she placed her head in her hands. The ground rumbled slightly making her roll her eyes at Gaea's attitude. Julia took a moment to simply stare at Peter with a newfound respect.

"I take it you figured it out." Peter finally said making her nod her head.

"If I'm right…Peter…you may be the single strongest being in existence." Julia said simply shocking Peter. Then Julia did something he wasn't expecting.

She got angry.

"What the hell was that fool thinking!?" Julia asked angrily. "He forbade us from helping you, any version of you, directly because it went against the rules. Just by making you he shattered nearly every single one in the book at the same time! That hypocrite!" Julia said with gritted teeth as tears of frustration fell from her eyes. "All the pain I had to watch you go through simply because I was forbidden to help you, I'm sorry Peter if I knew earlier-"

"Calm down MW." Peter said as he sat down next to her. "We can't focus on what should have been we can only worry about now! If I know anything about Anansi it's that every action had a reason. He needed me to wait until now for me to find out the truth of my Unity for a reason, and if I had to guess it was to keep it a secret from Stan. What we need to do now is get ready, you'll just have to tell me what my Unity is because I can't test it out now-I need to save my energy for tomorrow."

"Okay, listen closely the more I think about your unity, the clearer tomorrow becomes to me which means I must be right." Julia said seriously. Peter's eyes widened in disbelief as she told him what his Unity was.

"It makes so much sense, but can I really pull something like that off?" Peter asked making her frown.

"I know it's a lot to take in, but you've been doing well for a while now, don't start your old habit have doubting yourself when we need you most." Julia said seriously making him nod.

"Sorry you're right. I'll just have to go all out tomorrow and fight for just one more day-"

"One day isn't good enough Peter, you're not fighting for just one day-you are fighting for the rest of them. A myriad of tomorrows that will contain all of our loved ones and also our future together." Julia said seriously. "Peter, abandon your fear, look forward. Move forward and never stop. You'll age if you pull back. You'll die if you hesitate." Julia said making Peter look at her in shock.

"You're right; for once it's time for me to look at a fight with certainty. I will win, I will take him down tomorrow, and then the day after that we will finally be able to completely enjoy our new lives." Peter said making Julia smile before she pressed her lips to his.

*Web of Life*

This time Peter wasn't alone as both he and Julia found themselves standing on the web as a figure on Ananase's other side came into view. It was a woman with shoulder-length strawberry-blonde hair that was pushed back. She was wearing a red pantsuit and had a pair of crimson sunglasses resting on her forehead. Unlike Jessica's heir, her cool blue eyes radiated nothing but pure professionalism but going by the small smile that graced her lips they could tell she wasn't a total ice-queen.


Tears fell from Julia's eyes as she looked up at Peter with a mixture of awe and confusion.

"What was that?"

"It's what I'm fighting for."

-Later: New York-

Farewell: Aunt May

BGM: Look What You've Done-Drake

"Words…cannot describe…just how proud of you I am dear." May said with a smile as Jameson Sr. nodded his head. Peter had decided to let the man in on his secret after May asked him and the man couldn't be prouder even if Peter was his own son.

"You do good work Peter. I'm sure my son will come around one day, but I understand keeping it a secret from him for now." The older man said as he nodded his head.

"It's been a crazy ride Aunt May." Peter chuckled tiredly and May frowned slightly when it almost appeared as though Peter had agreed older than either of them as he gained a faraway stare. "I've been through more horrible things than I ever thought possible but I persevered because of you. Aunt May none of this would be possible without you, I doubt I would have made It passed age fifteen if you weren't there for me."

"I would do it again too, Peter the good you have done for everyone, I can't even imagine how proud Ben must be right now." Aunt May said before dropping her gaze. "I just wish Ero could be here. To let that girl know that I am proud of how she forged her own path."

"Believe me Aunt May, she knew." Peter said with a knowing smile. "And wherever the little part of her that she created went. It knows as well. Tomorrow may be my last swing."

"Peter don't say that!" Aunt May said in horror making him shake his head.

"No what I mean is look around, everything is changing Aunt May. Spider-Man is an ideal that will never die, but the actual man isn't needed now. What the world needs now is the Great Weaver and it's time for me to hang up the webs. I'm not giving up, but rather, I'm believing in my children. They will be more than enough to keep this world safe. I can't believe I am actually saying this but…I've done enough." Peter chuckled. "Spider-Man has finally done his part and when he leaves the world will be in a better state than he left it."

"If…If that is what you really want Peter, I respect your decision." Aunt May said with a smile. "Does this mean you finally forgive yourself for what happened to Ben?"

"Yeah…y'know I actually do. He may not have been my father but he was close enough, and as a parent myself now I finally understand that he probably forgave me the moment I put the mask on as an official hero." Peter said as he stood up tiredly. "May thank you, for everything. The years you gave up, the pain you endured and love you've given me-I can never repay it but I can start." Peter said as he placed a hand on the side of her face and used his thumb to wipe away the tears.

"Peter-" May stopped as her nephew turned and shook Jameson Sr.'s hand.

"Thank you for being here for her when I couldn't. Your son and I may never get along, but you're a good man. Keep up the good work. I like you here with her." Peter said seriously as the man gave him a sad smile.

"You just make sure you're here for lunch in two days." The man said as he ruffled Peter's hair.

"Yeah…lunch sounds nice…" Peter smiled as he began walking away.

For the first time Peter felt as though he could confidently make an arrangement and attend on time.

"No matter what happens tomorrow, remember that I love you Peter."

"I know aunt May; I know and no matter what happens just remember to live your life to the fullest. Not everyone gets second chances much less third ones." Peter said as he exited the room. When he closed the door Aunt May looked at the door in confusion before a gasp alerted her and she turn to face her husband…

…Only to come face to face with a black haired bearded male whom didn't look a day over thirty.

"M-May?" The Man questioned in confusion making her blink before eyes widened in shock when she realized that the young man was infact her husband. She looked down at her hands incredulously when she noticed the lack of wrinkles and quickly found herself rushing to the bathroom.

The fact she made it there is record time was proof something was up and she peered into the mirror to see that her blue eyes seemed to have more life in them, and that her gray hair was now blonde. The aches in her body were non-existent as it returned to a more a youthful age. Jameson Sr. barely managed to catch her in time as her legs gave out underneath her.

Just remember to live your life to the fullest. Not everyone gets second chances much less third ones.

Jameson had no idea how long he held his wife as she wept, because he found himself crying right along with her.

"Peter Benjamin Parker, you are a great man no matter what my son thinks!"


-Later that Night-

- New York Café-

Farewell: ?

"So let me get this straight, you want to go through with fighting me?" An old man questioned Peter curiously. His grey hair was combed back and he stared at Peter from behind his sun glasses while they sat at a counter in a diner

"Here are your pancakes Mr. Lee." A young waitress said with a smile before walking away.

"You know there is a reason I'm called The One Above All right?"

"Yeah, but I've never been one go down without fighting." Peter shrugged making the man smirk.

"You know I've made a lot of beings, but you are my favorite." Stan chuckled. "I'll give you one last warning, if you face me tomorrow you will die."

"That may be true, but if I don't fight you I can't free Wanda, and I won't have that on my conscience. That's just not the type of man I am." Peter said making Stan laugh.

"My boy, I will always remember you. No matter how short or battle will be." Stan said as Peter stood up with a smile. "Tell me is this future you are fighting really worth your death?"

"Definitely." Peter said with no hesitation.

"What about the people of New York? Will you leave them without a hero? They need you." Stan said calmly. "Surrender now and I'll forget this mess even happened."

"They don't need me anymore." Peter said with a sad smile.


An explosion rocked the building as citizens outside screamed in terror. Peter cursed to himself as he glanced outside to see a nearby gas station engulfed in flames as Menace floated in the middle of the street on her glider while Shriek stood below her menacingly. Peter glared as he prepared to change into his costume as Stan looked at him in amusement.

"You we're saying?" Stan asked rhetorically.

"Now, now that wasn't very nice at all! I just cleaned this suit ya' know? The price for dry cleaning in this city is highway robbery!" A familiar voice shouted from the flames.

BGM: Me Against the World- Superchick

Stan looked on with a small frown as a smile graced Peter's lips as he watched May walk from the flames. Her suit was a bit singed, but overall she was okay.

-With Spider-Girl-

"Now which one of you lovely ladies are going to pay for my bill?" Spider-Girl questioned as she placed a hand on her hip.

"You! You're becoming as annoying as that wretched excuse of a bug that you call a father!"

"That's not nice." Spider-Girl said as she knelt down and began poking the ground sadly. "He's an Arachnid! Don't you people take science classes in grade school?" Spider-Girl asked helplessly as she wiped a fake tear from her eye.

"Enough of your babbling-"

"But that's the best part!" Spider-Girl interrupted making Menace glare further.

"It's time I got revenge for Norman!" Menace shouted as Spider-Girl pressed the side of her mask just as a sonic screech from Shriek slammed in to her.

"Ha! I'm prepared this time bitch! Gotta love sonic-resistant earplugs!" Spider-Girl laughed as she jumped forward and slammed a foot into Shriek's face sending the villain crashing down the street. "Seriously when did sleeping beauty wake from her coma? Records say she should still be down after that mess with Carnage!"

(LIAG Helpful Info: Shriek, Carnage's former lover, was last seen in a coma after a battle against Iron Man and Spider-Man.)

"You know you two really need some pointers on picking boyfriends." Spider-Girl chided as she back flipped over three grenades thrown by Menace.


Catching one with a web-line, Spider-Girl swung it above her head before throwing it at Menace.



"Shit!" Menace shouted as she had to jump from her glider which was destroyed by the explosion.

"Here's a tip, don't date psychopaths!" Spider-Girl shouted making both women glare at her viciously. Spider-Girl fell to her back as she laughed at them to the point of tears while pointing a finger at their pissed off expressions. "How the hell are you socio-floozies going to get revenge on my old man if you can't even face me? You know, I'll do you two and him a favor and adopt you all to my rogue gallery." Spider-Girl said as she released a barrage of Web balls that pinned Shirk to the side of a building.

"Your arrogance will cost you dearly!" Menace said as she pulled out a flaming blade that made Spider-Girl frown.

"The hell did you even find that thing?" Spider-Girl questioned she did her research and knew the blade belonged to the hobgoblin, but that guy died a long time ago and she never found out what happened to his equipment. "Doesn't matter, if history taught us anything…" Spider-Girl said as she speed-blitzed the green skinned woman. Menace cursed as she was surrounded by after-images.

"Damn you!" Menace shouted only to find a fist buried in her stomach.

"…It's that Spiders will always own Goblins!" Spider-Girl declared as she grabbed Menace by her horns before slamming her into the side of a building with enough force to snap the horns in her hands. Menace coughed up some blood before her vision went black. "Goblins: one, Spiders: four-hundred and fifty seven." Spider-Girl cheered as she webbed Menace to the ground. She glanced back to see a smiling Peter and gave him a wink before running forward and swinging away as the citizens cheered behind her.


*Web of Life*

Peter blinked in confusion as he found himself in the Web of Life. His eyes widened when he saw an older May appear before him. Though she appeared to be in her early twenties, Peter could tell by the air of maturity she seemed to radiate that she was at least a few years older than him. Her red-hair reached the middle of her back and unlike the rest of her siblings she was wearing normal attire. Peter was confused about her lack of costume at least until he saw a small red-haired girl and a small blonde boy, pop their heads from behind her shoulders.

Peter wiped a finger under his eye as he realized that he was crying. The two toddlers gave him a wide grin as they waved at him, both clad in Spider-Man themed outfits. May gave him a peace sign as he found himself being pushed from the vision.


"Nah, New York is in good hands." Peter said with a small laugh at Stan's slightly shocked expression. "I'll let you get back to your breakfast…though I had no idea this place sold pancakes this late." Peter said sounding slightly perplexed.

"There is always time for pancakes." Stan said seriously.

"Right, by the way tell Wanda I'm coming for her." Peter said as he walked way.

"Sure I'll let her know. It's the thought that counts after all because it's impossible for you to beat me."

*Web of Life*

Peter watched shocked as he found himself back in the Web far sooner than he expected. His children parted as the final shadow approached him. The figure was his height and though he couldn't see its face, Peter sure it was smirking as it raised its right hand.


Snapping its fingers, the shadow dispersed in a crimson flash revealing a young man with brown hair and hazel eyes. The young man was wearing a pair of black dress shoes, black dress slacks, and a black vest over a scarlet silk button up shirt. Peter noticed that the man also had on a black tie, a pair of black gloves, and a black fedora that had a scarlet belt. On his face was a pair of stylish black rimmed sunglasses with red lenses. The collar of his shirt was popped up and almost hid the scarlet colored spider emblem tattooed on his neck.

"Remember that nothing is impossible father." The man said with a kind smile. "As long as there is love and passion in your heart, as long as you fight to protect those you care for, there is always a chance you can pull off a miracle." The man said with a knowing wink before turning around and raising his hand high.


The darkness surrounding the children shattered like glass and one by one they all began to merge together into a single golden web-line that seemed to stretch on for eternity.

"Your love has allowed you to see tomorrow and beyond. There is the future you have been fighting for; it's no longer a vision or a dream but a possible reality." The man said as he began to dissolve into golden particles of light and merge with the web. "Go forth, and grasp victory. I'll be waiting for you in tomorrow. You better not be late." The man finished with a grin as he disappeared.

Spider-Man's resolve was complete.

With a determined expression, Peter grasped the web-line as his costume reappeared. Spider-Man need to last just a few more fights before he could rest. Running forward, Spider-Man jumped and began to swing forward towards tomorrow.

It was time for his final web-swing.


"Impossible?" Peter laughed surprising Stan as something seemed to shift in the web-head as if he had gained a sudden surge of confidence. "When there is a will there is a way, and if Spider-Man has a lot of anything-its will." Peter said with a grin as he left leaving a confused Stan behind him.

-The next morning-

Peter put on a pair of black suit pants and slipped into a pair of black dress shoes with an unreadable expression. Peter then put on his red Spider-Man shirt and tucked it in the pants before strapping his utility belt around his waist. Going to his closet Peter glanced through his wardrobe before smirking as he pulled out a red and black double breasted jacket that resembled his original Spider-Man shirt greatly only it was lacking any web-patters and the blue areas were black. On his back was a bright red spider and on his from was a smaller black spider-emblem in the middle of his chest. Peter popped up the collar of the Jacket before putting on a pair of red gloves and placing an earpiece in his ear.

(LIAG Helpful Info: If you haven't figured it out yet he's wearing his last stand outfit.)

["Ohhh, this place is so roomy Mr. Spider-Man! I'll do my best to make my mother and predecessor proud, for freedom!"] Robyn's voice rang through his ear making him smile as he approached his window. Peter opened the window and sent one last glance to the red-haired goddess that was in his bed. Her eyes met his before a small smile graced her lips.

"Go get em' tiger." MJ said making him nod as his crimson mask appeared of her face as he leapt from the window.


Tears fell from MJ's eyes as she heard her husband swing away.

"Just one more time Peter, you've made it this far. You can't leave me just yet." MJ thought as she placed her face in her hands.

-Avenger's Tower-

"Nice suit." Chun-Li complimented him as they entered the building.

"Thanks I try, so how did you two spend your day after I left you both?" Spider-Man asked curiously.

*Flashback: One hour After Peter left Talon's apartment*

Talon: Farewell: Illyana Rasputin

"For the love of-no! That is not how you mop a floor!" Magik said in exasperation as Talon bid her family farewell. "How can you expect to serve mistress and her bloodline if you can't do a task as simple as this?"

"Sorry Madame." A tall woman with light blue skin and long blue hair said apologetically as her glowing blue eyes shone with remorse. She was currently wearing a French maid costume and her left arm was covered in a golden material.

"You're not getting your spear back until you can handle simple household tasks." Magik sighed making the woman nod. "Keep at it, Proxima; you'll get it right eventually."

(LIAG Mini breakdown: Proxima Midnight is one of Thanos' generals in the Black order, and the strongest warrior in all of his army. Her spear when thrown transforms into three tracers of black light that never miss. The beams are lethal to most creatures. Her spear was forged from a sun that was distorted in space-time. It has the power of a star and a supernova. It can also create nets with the weight of a star to hold any opponent.)

"Where on Earth did you even find a maid outfit to fit her-no- better yet why on earth do you even know where to get one?" Talon asked in confusion making Magik smile impishly.

"Even I need to have my secrets mistress." Magik chided making the feral roll her eyes.

"How's the other one?" Talon asked curiously before cringing slightly when the smoke detector went off.

"Damn it! You had one job Abigail! Pop, popcorn!" Magik shouted as a pink haired woman with brown eyes poked her head from the kitchen.


(LIAG Mini Breakdown: Abigail Mercy Wright AKA Mercy-multiple explanations for her origin exist, including that she is an alien, an angel, or that her powers were induced due to radiation therapy for brain cancer. She considers herself to be an "angel of mercy," killing those who do not have the strength to end their own lives through suicide. She has been unable to "help" Hulk because of his refusal to stop fighting. She is capable of flight/levitation, physical intangibility, invisibility and teleportation; she can read minds and direct spears of energy that can kill.)

"Just…just try again." Magik sighed. "Forgive me mistress, but next time; don't jump the gun when you are going to induct new servants. She burns water; I didn't even know that was possible until I started training her." Magik groaned making Talon avert her eyes.

"In my defense I had just captured Proxima when that psychopath literally came out of thin air and tried to make me commit suicide." Talon pointed out making Magik roll her eyes.

"Pardon me mistress, but the only reason she tried to make you commit suicide was because you are filled with tortured souls. She thought the despair belonged to you and was trying to do you a favor, if you had just talked it out I'm sure she would have left you alone."

"And once again I say that woman is a borderline psychopath and I'm doing the world a favor." Talon countered. "Hulk agrees with me."

"Because Hulk agrees that means you're right? Since when were you friends with Hulk anyway?"

"Since he started agreeing with me." Talon said truthfully and as blunt as always. Magik had to take a moment to rub the bridge of her nose. Sometimes her mistress, whom she loves and is devoted to completely, really pushed the limits of their bond with her 'logic'.

"Don't you have to visit Kiden?" Magik asked suddenly making Talon blink.

"Yes, now that you mention it I am running late. Take the night off and rest up for tomorrow."

"Will do mistress."

-Later: Shadowland-

Farewell: Kiden Nixon

BGM: DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love- Usher

Kiden leaned over a rail on the second floor of the building with a drink in her hand as she looked down at the large group of people dancing on the main floor. Talon's form stepped from the shadows as if her body were melded to them and walked towards Kiden. Kiden smiled to herself as she felt a pair of slender arms wrap around her possessively.

"Hey." Kiden murmured.

"Hey." Talon said before placing a quick kiss on the blonde's neck. "Having fun?" The feral asked as she placed her chin on Kiden's shoulder.

"Of course, when am I not having fun?" Kiden asked with a short laugh making Talon smirk to herself. Kiden blinked as she felt Talon tense suddenly. "You okay?"

"You smell different. Less alcohol and drugs. I like it."

"Hey you sayin' I stunk before?" Kiden asked making Talon's eyes widen as she realized she walked into a verbal trap. "Calm down, I'm messing with you but yeah I'm cutting down on my drinking and going cold turkey on all drugs with the exception of marijuana. That is no drug; it's a plant that if you happen to set it on fire it makes life better." Kiden said seriously. "Seriously how often do you hear about people dying from weed?"

"Not that I am complaining, but why?" Talon asked curiously.

"Come with me." Kiden said softly as she dragged Talon away. Soon they found themselves standing on the balcony outside of her office that overlooked the city. "Do you know what I've done this last week?" Kiden asked curiously.


"Nothing." Kiden said with a slight shiver. "I gave a few orders here and there, dealt with some transactions but all in all it was a pretty routine week…and that scares me."

"Why?" Talon asked in confusion.

"Because I never expected to ever have a routine ever again." Kiden explained. "My life is actually getting some order to it and that terrifies me because I start thinking some pretty scary ass thoughts." Kiden said softly. "Look at this beautiful city, not too long ago I was just another homeless teen and now I have this beautiful city by the balls. I've finally made a real home for myself, one I can be proud of. One that I can share…with you." Kiden said as she turned to the feral whom wrapped her arms around the blonde.

"Kiden what aren't you telling me?" Talon asked softly.

"We can have a life together now, we can have a family." Kiden said so quietly that if it weren't for her mutation Talon would have missed it. "And that scares me because I want one but I'm afraid that I'll screw up and make it even worse than my current one. If I have children, they will need a strong mother not one like I had. I want to be a role model for them and the only way to do that is to become a better me, Emma has been helping me turn my life around but there is only so much damage she can fix. I'm afraid that I can't fix myself in time to have a functioning family."

"Then let me." Talon said seriously making Kiden look up at her with confusion swimming in her blue eyes. "We've already seen each other at our worst; I wouldn't be who I am without you. Peter and Jubilee have made me stronger, but it was you that drug me from my darkness in the first place. And it won't just be me either. NYX, Emma, Peter, and Jubilee all consider you important to them. You have all the support you need; you just have to make the effort."


"Look how hard you've worked for a home, now it is time to put a family in it." Talon stated calmly. After a moment Kiden steeled herself and pressed her lips to Talon's.

"Marry me." Kiden said as they parted.

"Of course." Talon smirked as she rested her forehead against Kiden's.

"Crap! I almost forgot, probably should have led off with this." Kiden said so suddenly that Talon jumped at the abrupt change in the atmosphere. Reaching into her pocket, Kiden pulled out an envelope and handed to the feral. "Some members of Nyx and Deadpool have been helping with the research on Jubilee's seal; Deadpool thinks he might have stumbled over the key to freeing her after Mary Jane ascended."

"Will it work?" Talon asked with a frown

"Only one way to find out. Get your ass over there and test it!" Kiden laughed making Talon nod before kissing her one more time. Talon back flipped over the balcony and landed at the entrance of the building right in front of a startled Emma.


"Emma…" Talon began as the older blonde cleared her throat.

"Ms. Kinney, or is it Mrs. Kinney now with your union with Jubilation?" The blonde questioned rhetorically. To say the atmosphere was tense was an understatement, their relationship was non-existent at best and pure unadulterated hatred-mostly from Talon's end- at worst. Talon narrowed her eyes at the blonde.

Then she did the impossible.

She hugged Emma Frost and Hell froze over.

"Thank you for being there for her when I can't." Talon said after swallowing her pride. She took a step back and gave the shell-shocked blonde a small smirk before melding into the shadows.

-With Kiden-

Suddenly a thought a hit Kiden that made her laugh slightly.

"Huh with everything that's going on and I missed my own birthday last month; we'll have to party twice as hard next year! Haha, I may be trying to make myself better but I can still party hard on my birthday!"

-With Peter-

Peter was whistling a small tune when suddenly he tensed.

*Web of Life*

Peter blinked as three figures suddenly shifted in front of him to reveal three identical womenall wearing a black female suit and each had a pair of bright blue eyes. Their hair was dyed three different colors, red, blue, and blonde. The red-head looked energetic as if ready for a fight; the bluenette was calm and collected, and the blonde looked innocent, kind, and gentle.

The fact that the blonde looked so much like Kiden disturbed and confused Peter in more ways than he could think of.



Talon: Farewell: Galacta

"Where am I? This isn't Genosha." Talon murmured as a large shadow covered her. Wasting no time Talon turned around to see the smiling form of Galacta. "Gali?"

"It has been awhile my herald, I am sorry for not visiting you more often with Gala but I had to be trained by daddy." Galacta informed Talon as she aimed a hand towards the feral.

"What's going on?" Talon asked in confusion.

"I have learned everything daddy could teach me, now it's time to make our bond official. It's time for you to become a true herald." Galacta said seriously. "I will make you one with the power cosmic; it is time you've gained the power you've so rightfully earned." Galacta said making Talon look up at her in astonishment. "The end is coming and you shall be the one to defend against it!"

"Gali?" Talon asked as the colossal woman's eyes began to glow as her face went cold. It became apparent that this was no longer Gali she was talking to, no, this was Galacta; devourer of worlds, daughter of Galactus, her one and only master.

"YOUWILL DIE ONLY BY MY COMMAND, YOU SHALL KNEEL TO NONE BESIDES ME. YOU ARE MY FIRST AND ONLY TRUE HERALD. SO SAYS GALACTA!" Galacta boomed as a golden energy erupted from her hand and slammed into Talon only instead of hurting her, the feral felt nothing but pure power as it merged with her body.

"AHHHHHHH!" Talon roared as her power increased to new heights. Her talons ripped free, the silver metal now stained gold along with the rest of her skeleton is she had to guess.

"Whoo! Now that the speech is done, you can be on your way. We'll have dinner some time, call me!" Gali said with a wave as Talon vanished from her presence.


Talon: Farewell: Jubilation Lee-Kinney

Talon stumbled from the shadows in the corner of the master bedroom. Talon took a moment to compose herself and looked at the bed that held the unmoving form of Jubilee. Slowly Talon approached the bed and cupped the side of the Vampire Queen's face as she sat down. Talon crumpled the open envelope in her hand as she thought about what Deadpool had suggested.

"There is no way it is this simple." Talon thought with a frown. "A true loves kiss? Does he think this is some sort of fairy tale?" Talon wondered before releasing a sigh. She figured she should better be safe than sorry and leaned down to press her warm lips to her lover's cold ones. Talon released a disappointed sigh as she pulled away. "Like I thought." Talon thought angrily as she stood up.



The starving vampires looked up in confusion as it began to rain. Alyssa blinked in confusion as a familiar scent filled the air. She wiped her cheek where she felt one of the droplets hit her face with her finger. Her eyes widened when she saw her finger was red. Realization began to dawn on her as the other vampires quickly caught on and began to cheer as they felt their strength returning to them.

"Well I'll be damned, looks like we'll be alive to see the new world after all." A voice spoke up making Alyssa glance back to see a smirking Lilith who was standing next to Blade.

-With Talon-

Talon froze as something grabbed her wrist tightly.

"Only one kiss?" Jubilee asked weakly as she opened her eyes to give the shocked feral a weak smile.

"Jubilee?" Talon asked quietly.

"I'm thirsty." Jubilee said with a pout, her voice extremely hoarse. Talon swore she could hear Deadpool shouting something about being owned by Disney in the distance. Shaking her head at the thought, she gave the Vampire a feral smirk even as her eyes glistened with unshed tears.

"We'll have to fix that then." Talon murmured as she climbed over Jubilee. When Jubilee's fangs pierced her neck, Talon realized that she could never let Chun-Li or Spider-Man find out that she freed Jubilee with a kiss; she'd never hear the end of it.

*Flashback: End*

"My day ended up being pretty normal."Talon said with a straight face making her teammates shrug.

"I pretty much just caught up with some television and went to bed." Magik stated with a shrug before turning to Chun-Li. "How about you?" Magik questioned curiously making the fighter pale.

"Uh…" Chun-Li trailed off.

*Flashback last night*

-Juri Han's Apartment-

Farewell: Juri Han

Chun-Li shook her head as she opened the windows in the apartment.

"Why does your apartment reek of sex?" Chun-Li questioned making Juri smirk as she sat on her couch playing some video game.

"Webs helped me with a biology experiment." Juri said with a sinister laugh that sent a chill down Chun-Li's spine.

"Right…" Chun-Li trailed off as she sat next to her rival. It still surprised her that they could be in the same room unsupervised without killing each other. "So did you call me here just so I could watch you play video games? Where did you even get this stuff anyway?"

"Webs lent them to me to help me kill time. I gotta say kicking your ass in a video game is almost as satisfying as real life." Juri laughed making Chun-Li roll her eyes.

"In your dreams." Chun-Li snorted.

"Anyway I called you here so you could watch the ending of this game; it provided me with a lot of theories that could help you tomorrow."

"You're helping me win?" Chun-Li said incredulously.

"Like I said, only I get to kick your ass. If anyone else does, winning against you loses some of its satisfaction." Juri pointed out. "And…roll the credits." Juri finished as she sat the controller down.

"So what's there to learn from…Asura's Wrath?" Chun-Li asked as she picked up the game case.

"Wait a few minutes." Juri said as the credits came to an end. Chun-Li's skeptical expression turned into one of pure disbelief as she saw herself arresting someone in her old police uniform.


"Weird right?" Juri asked. "Basically that guy Asura was strong enough to beat some overpowered deity and rewrite the laws of his universe. The result? Our world. The point is if we did infact come from…these people…then there is much more power we still haven't tapped into." Juri pointed out before pulling out her phone and doing a quick google search. "This guy look familiar?" Juri asked as she handed the phone to Chun-Li.

"Augus…" Chun-Li muttered as she saw the picture of the first man that made her try in a fight since she came back from training.

"I figured the name of the guy you told me about and the guy in this game being the same was more than a coincidence." Juri said with a shrug. "He trained the main character of the game, but in the end he was weaker since I completely kicked his ass earlier."

"But what does this mean?" Chun-Li asked with a frown.

"It means we came from badasses." Juri said bluntly. "But more importantly it may be the answer to a question that has been bugging me since our fight."

"What do you mean?"

"China girl, we both know it's impossible to access all four aspects of Chi naturally by ourselves." Juri began. "But even so, I gave you an incredibly small fraction of my chi due to my injuries but even so before I passed out I could feel your power completely dwarfing what you had earlier." Juri stated simply. "In that weak battered state of yours, simply adding my chi to yours made you stronger than you were when you went all out against me. Hell you even went on to fight queenie."

"I'll admit I felt that as well but I am still not finding the connection that has to do with these people." Chun-Li said as she held up the case.

"You may not have noticed since you're not as sensitive to Chi as I am but to put it bluntly. At that moment you weren't using chi at all." Juri revealed. "I didn't know what it was, if anything it felt like power incarnate if that makes any sense. I'm starting to think that by giving you my small amount of chi what really happened was that I helped your body gain access to a new power altogether…or in this case an old power."

"So what are you saying?' Chun-Li asked apprehensively making Juri grin.

"Chat I am saying Chunny, is that that we accidently stumbled across a way to access Mantra, the power these people used that was lost so many millennia ago." Juri revealed. "What if this entire time Chi was simply an incomplete version of their energy? I gave you ten percent of my chi last time; I want to see what happens when I give you all of it. You're going to need it if you want to win tomorrow."

"What's the catch?" Chun-Li asked cautiously. Juri wasn't one to give up power so willingly. Juri blinked before releasing a sigh.

"Despite what you might think; my curiosity right now is bigger than my rivalry with you. You'll get to test out this power first, but call dibs on it next time." Juri said honestly before giving Chun-Li a sinister grin. "Though you are right I do want a favor for this."

"And that is?" Chun-Li asked as a second chill shot up her spine.

"Spidey wasn't enough to satisfy all of my urges; it has been years after all. I simply request you let me…reenact some of the things I found us doing on the internet." Juri stated making Chun-Li pale.

After all, some of the things Chun-Li found herself doing with Juri on google were, to put it bluntly, unholy.

"The fate of the world or a few hours letting me experiment." Juri gave her ultimatum. "The choice is yours."

What followed would later make Chun-Li go to a therapist for the next few months to deal with her post traumatic stress disorder.

*Flashback: End*

"I don't want to talk about it." Chun-Li said with a shudder that instantly made Talon and Spider-Man make a silent vow to figure out what happened so they could finally get one over on their teammate. Spider-Man tilted his head in confusion as they found themselves walking to an elevator.

"We're taking the elevator?" Spider-Man questioned as he stepped into the elevator with his team.

"Figured we'd savor these last few minutes." Chun-Li shrugged as the door closed.

"Seems fitting especially since we're going to end this tournament where it began." Talon stated before Magik began to frown.

"Is it weird that I can't bring myself to hate the announcer?" The blonde found herself asking. "I mean she's crazy, but she doesn't seem to be a villain."

"I understand I mean she seems like she can go either way but look around, both the world and our lives have ended up being great because of it. Sure there were a lot of hard moments but we got through them and became better for it." Spider-Man said making them nod.

"Well hopefully we can get some answers when this thing ends." Chun-Li said before the lights in the elevator suddenly went out as a screen appeared before them with a smiling Rebuff on it.

["We're all gathered here today to see the end of the most watched event in television history, but before that lets have a look back at the highlights of the glorious team of legends appropriately named Team Amazing, the people's choice."] Rebuff said before the screen went dark.

Team Amazing: Best moments


BGM: All of the Lights- Kanye West


BGM: I Wanna Take You For A Ride Remix 2-Marvel vs Capcom 3 OST

Spider-Man looked on in surprise as they showed a video of him landing a Maximum Spider on Iron Man.

["No matter how angry he is, Spider-Man will never intentionally go against his code event if he knows the opponent will not stay dead."] Rebuff said as Spider-Man stopped his punch to Iron Man's face and ended up flicking the armored avenger to knock him out. ["With a heart like his it's no wonder he led Team Amazing to victory."]

"Well I'll be, man that feels like so long ago." Spider-Man chuckled to himself as a crowd he couldn't see went wild.


Talon looked up in surprise as they showed a video of her drowning Kimura.

["This one was hard to pick, but this heart-breaking battle resulted in the closure X-23 needed to truly begin her reign as the Unbreakable Talon! She's a killer, but she's loyal, and despite her sin filled past, has definitely redeemed herself in order to be the Hero that was hidden within her the entire time!"]

Talon lowered her eyes with a small smile as the crowd went wild.


Chun-Li laughed as they showed a video of her pinning Trish down at gunpoint.

["The world's strongest human female, with a Spider and Mutant on her team keeping up was an impossible task to begin with, but she succeeded and has proven time and time again to do whatever is necessary for her team mates-no- her friends, for the fact she brought a gun in the first place proves just how deeply their bond is. Let's hear it for the Undefeatable Chun-Li!"]


The three original members all flinched at this one.

["Seeing greatness in our favorite team, legends of untold power banded together to help them realize their inner greatness. This fight was proof they had a long way to go..."] Rebuff trailed off as the video showed Spider-Man slamming his fist into Anansi's face. ["But they we're on the right track."]

"Ah yes, the true beginning of Spider-Man's panty conquest." Chun-Li said as she nodded sagely making Spider-Man cough. "What? With great power comes great responsibility, and a lot of sex apparently."


Both Chun-Li and Talon looked particularly irked at this.

["Ah yes the seeming impossible battle against the might of a cruel and unjust future. Personally I believe both Chun-Li and Talon share the highlight for this fight."] Rebuff said as the video showed Chun-Li and descendant's attacks slamming into each other before switching Talon whose mutation finally transformed her allowing her to take out her counterpart. ["This was a traumatic experience for them that I am sorry for allowing, but they grew as a team after that and their devotion as heroes grew in order to prevent a horrible future from occurring."]


["Now this fight had everything, Ingenuity, skill, and romance! Definitely one of my favorite ones and it definitely showed exactly what this team is all about!"] Rebuff said as the video showed Hsien-Ko getting schooled by Chun-Li before switching to Spider-Man trapping Wolverine in cement and ending with the draw between Talon and Jubilee who proclaimed their love.

"Aww isn't that cute." Chun-Li laughed as she pinched a blushing and scowling Talon's cheek.

"Wait where the hell is Hsien-Ko?" Spider-Man questioned making Chun-Li pale.

"Shit! I knew I forgot something!"


Our favorite Zombie was whistling as she did her three thousandth jog around the city…

-Back with Team Amazing-

"Damn, she's probably still running." Chun-Li groaned as she face-palmed. "Never thought I'd see the day where Juri was a better teacher than me."


["Ah yes, the debut of Talon's servant who has quickly proven herself to be an invaluable asset. Despite having no former experience together, both she and Chun-Li choreographed their battles perfectly to hand them a swift win."] Rebuff said as the video showed Magik stabbing a distracted Kaine through the chest with her Soulsword.

"Good work." Talon said making Illyana nod her head with a smile. "Let's pray you work even better with me today to take these two down."

"Of course mistress."

"How is that even fair?" Chun-Li questioned making Spider-Man shrug.

"Technically she is a weapon of Talon's, albeit a living one, but still a weapon."

"My power is your power mistress." Magik said making Talon nod.

"Besides, I have Robyn backing me up too." Spider-Man added getting a cheer from the A.I. as Chun-Li gaped at them.

"Am I the only one fighting fair? Fuck you guys I hope you all taste my heel!" Chun-Li said as she flipped them off making them laugh.

"Like you don't have something hidden up your sleeve." Spider-Man snorted. "You probably recreated that fusion move from Dragon Ball Z and became one with Juri or something."

Chun-Li shuddered again at the thought of her and Juri becoming one.

Talon and Spider-Man smirked as they realized who they should talk to in order to get blackmail on Chun-Li.


["Oh we definitely cannot forget how their Team Leader showed is excellent leadership skills to guide a randomly assembled team to complete victory against Death itself! But fuck that fight, the high point of this battle and possibly the entire tournament had to have been Spider-Man vs. Deadpool."] Rebuff said as she wiped a tear from her cheek as the team gaze at the battle. ["Shit was emotional."]

"Simply, the most skilled and passionate battle I have ever observed. Even the last fight with that Director woman wasn't as intense." Chun-Li admitted.

"Easily the manliest thing I have ever seen. My respect for Wade grew and I found myself even more in love with Peter." Talon stated making Magik nod.

"I can see why, after that fight against Wade I'd even follow Spider-Man into certain death even if you didn't order me to."

"Yup, Wade and I became brothers after that fight. I was simply never pushed that hard, he took me to my absolute limits." Spider-Man said as he nodded his head.


["Possibly the most anticipated moment. The fight for a lost love, which quickly evolved into a battle against fate! Though I cut the absolute ending off to protect Spidey's identity, we have to all agree that the combo move used against Scathach was beautifully choreographed."] Rebuff said as the video showed MJ and Spider-Man throwing their blades at each other capturing the goddess in a magical explosion.

"The fact that you two came up with that on the spot without even saying anything still stuns me." Chun-Li laughed.

"Seriously how did you even do that?" Magik questioned curiously making Spider-Man shrug.

"When you know someone well enough somethings just…click. Like how you can do what Talon needs you to do in battle without her saying anything. Or how Chun-Li and Juri know exactly which moves the other is going to use when they fight. Hell when we all took out the berserk Galacta most of that was just winging it." Spider-Man explained getting a look of understanding from Magik.


BGM: Warriors- Yuichi Ikusawa

["Get ready…"] Rebuff trailed off before all four of them disappeared in a flash.


Talon and Magik stood on end of the roof while Spider-Man and Chun-Li stood on opposite sides of the roof altogether they made a sort of triangle formation with Rebuff in the middle.

"For the fight of your lives! The winner of this fight will fight not only to save this Universe but the Universe that contains the other worldly contenders." Rebuff shouted. "This is Marvel vs. Capcom, the fate of two worlds! Everything has led up to today! Steel yourselves Team Amazing do not go easy on each other. Only the true victor can save everyone." Rebuff said with a surprising amount of seriousness before tossing the microphone behind her like a boss. "Go wild." Rebuff said as she flashed away.

Instantly Spider-Man, Chun-Li, Talon, and Magik blasted forward towards the middle of the roof. Tim slowed as they met in the middle as both Talon and Spider-Man shot their hands forward while Magik gripped her blade as Chun-Li's bracelets opened up.

No one knew exactly who was going to win.

But they could all agree that whoever did would succeed in winning this tournament. They had all come a long way, overcome their own demons, trials, and tribulations. Each held nothing but the utmost respect for one another. A grin graced all of their faces; even Spider-Man's was visible from behind his mask as they prepared for the battle of a life time.





To be continued…

Chun-Li: EX

Talon: EX

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Scathach's eyes slowly opened and she found herself lying in the single most beautiful forest paradise she had ever seen. Words simply couldn't describe its beauty.

"Am I in heaven?" Scathach wondered aloud.

"Not quite." A familiar voice chuckled making her eyes widen as she realized her head was resting on someone's lap. Sitting u quickly, the former goddess of battle released a gasp as she found herself sitting next to Anansi.

"Anansi?" Scathach questioned as tears filled her eyes.

"I told you to have faith in me." Anansi chuckled.

"Where are we?" Scathach asked in confusion.

"Inside that sword I forged for you with the reality gem. Though lacking much of its power at the time, the gem was still able to create this." Anansi stated.

"I thought the blade trapped those slain by it in eternal battle." Scathach said with a frown.

"It does, but I made an exception for us." Anansi said with a smirk. "We have done our parts, are champions are now our successors. Now…we can finally relax in peace." Anansi said as he stood up and held out a hand towards her. "We have an eternity to look forward to, would care to join me on the next


"Fool." Scathach said with a soft smile. "As if you had to ask."

And with that Scathach grabbed Anansi's hand. They now had an eternity together in a limitless paradise. Though Anansi may be a foolish spider, Scathach could at least say that this plan of his worked out beautifully.

Omake: End

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