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Chapter 36: The End: Myriad of Tomorrows

BGM: Heartful Cry-Persona 3 FES OST


A building exploded as the four members of Team Amazing landed in the streets below. All of them were tense as they landed in a square formation, not sure of who to attack first. Darkchilde gritted her teeth as she raised her blade.

"Using Darkchilde already? If I didn't know better I'd say you were scared of us." Spider-Man mocked making her eyes narrows as a smirk graced her lips.

"I'd be an idiot not to go all out from the start when facing you psychopaths!" Darkchilde countered as she slammed the blade down into the ground causing a large flaming fissure to head straight towards Spider-Man whom jumped high into the air before firing a web-line next to the demonic mutant.


Spider-Man blurred forward in a web-zip with his fist cocked back prepared to knock Darkchilde out only for Talon to appear between them with pure speed. Spider-Man's eyes widened dramatically behind his mask as his fist slammed into Talon's forehead.

~Slo-Mo: End~


"Fast!" Spider-Man thought in amazement before back flipping away just in time to avoid being beheaded. Appearing behind the web-head via a stealthy formed stepping disc, Darkchilde attempted run her blade through Spider-Man only for him to jump in the air away from her effortlessly.

"Spinning Bird Kick!"


"What!?" Spider-Man wondered as he grunted in pain after Chun-Li slammed her leg into his side in mid-air, sending him blasting away into a nearby building. Chun-Li landed with her back towards Talon as she watched the building collapse on Spider-Man, without even looking back the woman raised her hand directly at Talon.

"Kikouken." Chun-Li said as she released a pink orb of chi directly at Talon whom frowned at the seemingly weak attack.

"Please." Talon muttered as she raised a hand to block the attack.


"What!?" Talon wondered in confusion as the attack refused to explode upon impact and instead continued to push forward against the feral's palm. The ground shattered around her from the force of the orb of chi. Gritting her teeth, Talon batted the attack to the side and glared at the fighter. Chun-Li's eyes widened in slight surprise as she glanced back and saw the attack knocked away.


Talon's eyes widened in alarm as she glance to the side where she redirected the attack. She paled as three buildings completely engulfed in a blazing pink inferno of power.

"Tch. I was hoping that would take you out for a bit." Chun-Li muttered as she glanced at her hand as if trying to figure something out.

"What was that? That attack never had close to that much power before. Of all the attacks she has why put all of that power into one of her weakest ones? It's not like her to waste Chi." Talon wondered as she glanced towards Darkchilde whom nodded as if hearing an unspoken order before disappearing in her stepping disc.

Chun-Li and Talon glared at each other for a moment before the feral suddenly disappeared and reappeared a few feet behind Chun-Li who was now bound tightly by black tendrils of pure darkness.

"Sorry, but I can't afford to let you transform. Maybe another time we can have a rematch." Talon said calmly as she walked towards where Spider-Man was kicked while a stepping disc appeared in front of the fighter. Chun-Li simply watched as Darkchilde flew from it with the Soulsword aimed right towards her chest. Talon didn't even look back to see what happened. She knew that in order for Chun-Li to transform she'd have to be in a mentally and physically relaxed state which was impossible with her binding the fighter.



Talon blinked in confusion as she felt her tendrils get shredded as if they were paper and turned around just in time to watch as an impassive Chun-Li gripped her tightly around her neck with her right hand. She glanced to the side to see that the fighter's left hand was latched firmly around Darkchilde's neck. Spinning around to build momentum, Chun-Li threw both mutants towards where she kicked Spider-Man before talon could regain her bearings.

"Where is this power coming from!?" Talon wondered in confusion as her body sailed towards Spider-Man. Spider-Man flipped forward and slammed his foot down into her stomach with enough force to make her cough up blood before slamming into the ground, leaving a sizeable crater. Spider-Man released a web-line before he landed and swung onto the top of a nearby roof.

"Okay Robyn what's the deal? Both of them are stronger than they should be without transforming." Spider-Man said as Robyn appeared on the lenses of his mask as she pulled up what looked like x-rays of Chun-Li and Talon.

["I don't quite understand it myself Mr. Spider-Man, from what I can tell Ms. Chun-Li shows no signs of chi I her body! I sense nothing but a void! Before Ms. Chun-Li's body would emit small waves of chi unconsciously but now everything seems to be gone."]

"What the hell? Has she been hiding a new technique this whole time?" Spider-Man wondered as he watched Chun-Li gaze up at him with a small frown while Talon forced herself from her crater. "What about Laura?"

["Ah! Now this is more explainable but still confusing as to how it happened in the first place. Ms. Talon's body has been augmented greatly by an energy that records say is produced by Mr. Galactus!"] Spider-Man quickly processed what the A.I. had told him before going down the admittedly small list of friends Talon had before cursing.

"Are you freaking kidding me!?" Spider-Man shouted as he came to the only logical conclusion. Though if you asked him logical was kind of pushing it. "She went and made herself a damn herald!?"Spider-Man bit out before cursing as a small pink orb collided into the building, engulfing it in a pink inferno. Spider-Man landed on the ground in a crouch as Chun-Li slammed her foot down and glared at all three of her opponents viciously.

"Enough!" Chun-Li shouted before outstretching her right hand and gesturing for them to come at her. "I'll take you all on." Chun-Li said seriously making their eyes widen incredulously.

-With Rebuff-

The announcer coughed wildly as she stared at the screen in pure disbelief.

-Avenger's Tower-

"What the fuck!?" That seemed to be the gathered heroes collective thought as they gaped at the fighter's proclamation. Juri simply smirked sinisterly.

"She can't be serious." Tony finally said doubtfully.

"Of course she is." Juri drawled as she crossed her arms. "Everyone in that damn team has a role. Webs the leader, blondie's a weapon and a distraction, the bitch is the killer, and China-Girl is the one that holds them altogether. In every fight they've been in her teammates always counted on her to give them a guaranteed win. Do you know how strong you have to be to get that kind of faith from that team of overpowered lunatics?" Juri questioned. "Hell she has the largest move-set out of all of them, the best hand-to-hand, and the best energy exertion."

"She has a point." Natasha spoke up. "The more you think about it the clearer it becomes. There has to be a reason she's been able to keep those three in check."

"Hell even Laura is a bit afraid of her. Maybe we'll finally see why." Logan drawled with a shrug though deep down he had an idea. Talon had entered a berserker rage of biblical proportions after she first clawed herself out of hell and somehow the fighter had nearly killed both herself and the feral in order to bring back her sanity.

"Haha! Team Amazing, more like Chun-Li and her bitches." Deadpool laughed.

-With Chun-Li-

Chun-Li P.O.V


BGM: Daydream Syndrome- Yumekui Merry Opening

We're getting nowhere. Peter is too damn noble to actually pick an opponent because as soon as he does he might find himself double teaming them and he'd never want one of us to feel cheated. On the other hand, Laura is too paranoid to be the first one to go all out. She'll need a definite target before she can unleash the beast within her without any hesitation.

I couldn't help the smirk that graced my lips; these two haven't changed at all. I'm always the one that has to watch their backs and knock some sense in to them, to be their anchor.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

If I have to fight them both to show them that this is no longer a game, then so be it.

"I want a real fight." I told them with a lazy drawl. "The fact you two are holding back insults me more than you realize." I told them and I honestly couldn't help the slight sneer on my face. For the first time I felt something akin to genuine contempt for them. "I've been taking you two seriously since the beginning, but I've held back because I wanted a fair fight. Lose your hesitation and come at me." I told them as I took a single step forward. "The real fight starts now."

-General P.O.V-



Talon's head whipped to the side as Chun-Li appeared before her and buried her fist into the side of the feral's face. Talon's eyes widened in disbelief as the woman's strength bypassed her skeleton as if it no longer had vibranium covering it.


"*GAK!*" Spider-Man coughed as Chun-Li appeared before him and delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to his ribs, while leaving an after-image that still appeared to be punching Talon. Darkchilde nearly dropped her blade in pain as Chun-Li appeared before her with her palm slammed into the mutant's chest.

It was the single strongest blow she had ever felt.

-Slo-Mo: END-


The three members of Team Amazing found themselves blasted back in three different directions through the city as buildings collapsed on them while Chun-Li slowly rose from her position and stood impassively while clenching her fist. She didn't blink as Talon appeared before her nearly instantly with a glare and her golden talons aimed to kill. Chun-Li raised an eyebrow as she finally noticed the color change but deemed it irrelevant.

"Houyoku Sen!" Chun-Li said as she stepped forward and delivered a barrage of powerful kicks with her right leg, instantly stopping Talon's counterattack as the feral now found her body being knocked back by the machine-gun like kicks. Chun-Li spun around and delivered a second barrage of kicks to the air born feral before finally spinning around one last time and slamming a powerful kick into the mutant's chest sending her blasting back.

"Web-swin-" Spider-Man's words stopped cold as Chun-Li turned around and grabbed him by his neck and fluidly slammed him into the ground with her signature one handed grapple.


The force of his impact sent a shockwave crashing through the city as Chun-Li looked down at him emotionlessly. It was then Spider-Man realized, as he watched her eyes turn white with power, that Chun-Li had been in her strongest state since the fight had begun. It was so powerful that it had bypassed having a flashy appearance and overbearing power. No this form looked exactly how her base state looked and exerted so much power that it confused Robyn's sensors and even his Spider-sense.

"Fuck." Spider-Man said as he looked up at her.

Chun-Li frowned she heard Darkchilde throwing the Soulsword at her from a distance and quickly released her leader to back flip over the weapon only to land on a glowing golden circle made of pure magic.

Chun-Li had enough time to glare at the smirking blonde before she found herself falling into Limbo.

"She wasn't too scary." Darkchilde mused as Spider-Man flipped to his feet.


Chun-Li glared viciously at the horde of demons as she descended upon them with her hands filled with energy.

-New York-

"Oh dear God you actually did it." Spider-Man said in horror.

"I guess she was all talk." Darkchilde said with a shrug making the hero shake his head.

"No I mean you actually pissed her off." Spider-Man said with a visible shudder. It was then that the ground began to rumble as a hand sprung out from the flaming fissure that Darkchilde had created earlier followed by a second. The blonde could only look on in horror as one extremely pissed of Chun-Li crawled from the flames of hell and glared at her with white eyes filled with pure wrath.


Grandmaster Chun-Li! (Mantra)

Chun-Li's surroundings exploded as a palpable rage engulfed her very core and filled her veins with battle lust.

Darkchilde now joined her teammates in the list of people scared of Chun-Li.

"What the hell was I thinking, interrupting her fight?" Was the blonde's last thought as Chun-Li exploded towards her, the ground shattering underneath her feet while she raised her fist. Without her Soulsword, Darkchilde was completely at her mercy. Sure she tried to put up a magical barrier but Chun-Li ran through it like paper.

"AHHHH!" Chun-Li shouted as she slammed her fist into the blonde's face, smirking as she heard a satisfying crack. Blood covered her knuckles as Darkchilde went flying through a nearby skyscraper, but Chun-Li didn't let up as she shot after the air-born mutant before slamming her right fist viciously into the blonde's face.



Darkchilde blasted towards the ground only for Chun-Li to shoot passed her and land on the street below. Chun-Li glared harshly as she leapt up and delivered an earth shattering uppercut to the young woman.


Before she could fly away, Chun-Li grabbed her by her leg and brought her back towards her and delivered a second punch that nearly knocked the young mutant unconscious. Chun-Li frowned as she effortlessly lifted the woman up above her head just as Talon teleported to the scene. A smirk graced her lips as she slammed the young mutant mercilessly down on her knee.



Talon looked on in disbelief as she heard Magik's back shatter from the blow. Chun-Li gazed at her intently as she dropped the lifeless mutant.

"You see? This is what happens when you hold back against me." Chun-Li drawled. "Now show me what you've got-"


BGM: The Dark Collosus Destroys all- NieR Soundtrack.

"Oh?" Chun-Li muttered as her teammate exploded into a pillar of darkness that seemed to extend without end up into the sky. A pitch black figure with bright blue eyes gazed at her emotionlessly as it extended its hand in front of her. Chun-Li slid into a fighting stance and exploded in a white aura as the Soulsword flew into the beasts open palm causing a bright white armor to begin covering it. The demonic figure whipped its hand outward to disperse the darkness.


The Unbreakable Talon! (Black Queen)

Talon raised her hand towards her teammate and narrowed her eyes as waves of pitch black spikes ripped towards the woman at blinding speeds. Luckily the fighter was more than skilled enough to dodge the attack and blast towards the woman like bullet. Chun-Li stopped five feet away from the mutant and jumped up to deliver a bone crushing drop-kick to the feral's face.

"Disappear." Talon muttered completely unfazed by the attack. Chun-Li's eyes widened in alarm and she was just barely able to leap away and avoid being run through by the soulsword.

"[That was close.]"

"You can't run from my darkness." Chun-Li's eyes widened in alarm as Talon appeared from the fighter's shadow.



-With Spider-Man-

"Damn, if it wasn't for this suit that blow would have killed me." Spider-Man said with a grimace as he held his side while he stood up weakly from the rubble.

["Mr. Spider-Man! I do not know way you have done to upset Chun-Li, but we have taken massive amounts of damage! We cannot withstand a second blow of that intensity!"] Robyn shouted in alarm, ["Recommended course of action: Become the Weaver, readings show a large amount of magic and foreign energy filling the area. You were lucky, do not underestimate those two!"]

"Got it!" Spider-Man said as he crossed his arms in front of himself.

-With Talon and Chun-Li-

"[Tch, lost an arm.]" Chun-Li muttered as she stared at her left arm that was laying on the ground in a small puddle of blood. Her left stub ignited in a flaming aura as she slid into a fighting stance with her right arm raised in front of her. "[I have to watch both her and my own shadow, if I am going to fight her." A smirk graced her lips has a chill went down her spine. "[Fun.]"

"Well you two look like you're having fun." A voice drawled and they looked up to see Spider-Man clad in Anansi's Exo-skeleton gazing down at them with a smirk as he crossed his arms.



"You two have finally stopped holding back, now we can end this." Chun-Li murmured. "People assume that a fight between three individuals of equal power will be long when the opposite is the truth." Chun-Li stated as she grinned. "The slightest mistake in that kind of battle will mean the end, no this won't be long, this fight will end in an instant! Show me how strong you two have become!" Chun-LI shouted as she exploded into a pillar of light while the entire planet seemed to tremble in protest.

"We can't fight here, we'll kill everyone." Spider-Man muttered making Talon scowl as she realized he was right.

"Then follow me." Chun-Li said as she leapt up and blasted off into the sky.

Spider-Man and Talon glanced at each other before teleporting away.



BGM: Time To Say Goodbye- Jeff Williams (Feat. Casey Williams)

Chun-Li landed on the planet in a crouch before slowly rising up with a smirk as she gazed at her teammates while the ground cracked underneath her pressure. The fighter held up three fingers as she gazed at her team.

"Three minutes, we'll have a winner then."

"You're right though the winner keeps changing, there will be one by then." Spider-Man said as Talon held her blade in a reverse grip.

"Then let's end this." Talon said as she shot towards Spider-Man.


Spider-Man gazed at Talon lazily as she sliced through his body with relative ease. The feral's eyes narrowed as his image faded away while the real Spider-Man appeared high in the air above her. Chun-Li appeared behind him with a small smile and attempted to ram her elbow into the back of his head only for him to duck and spin around to grab her by her arm and throw her at Talon. Chun-Li quickly flipped and landed on the ground with enough force to create a moderately sized crater before jumping up at Talon and slamming a powerful kick into the feral's chest.


Talon was completely unfazed by the attack and quickly raised her talons to behead the fighter.

"AHHHH!" Chun-Li roared as a wave of energy ripped from the bottom of her foot and blasted through Talon's back making the feral stumble back in pain. Talon held her chest in confusion as she saw no wound from the attack. She glared up at the smirking fighter before taking a step back.

"RAHHHHHHHHHH!" Chun-Li's eyes widened in alarm as she brought up her good arm to block the sonic attack to no avail as her body was sent flying away. Quickly turning her attention her team leader, Talon grimaced when she saw he was nowhere to be found.

"Catch me if you can." Spider-Man said with a chuckle as he crouched behind the feral. At blinding speeds Talon spun around with her Murmasa blade released in order to behead the web-head only for her to find herself cutting another after image as Spider-Man appeared behind her and slammed a vicious right into the back of her head. The force caused some of the darkness surrounding her to crack, but other than that Talon seemed unfazed.

Talon gritted her teeth as she spun around and began releasing a barrage of slashes that just barely failed to connect with the spider-themed hero whom was slamming blow after blow into the feral every time she missed causing her to be surrounded by after-images. This went on for a few moments before Chun-Li appeared above them with her leg raised high.


A dome of white energy erupted from the impact of the fighter's attack resulting in the completed destruction of everything within a five mile radius. Both Spider-Man and Talon landed appeared on opposite sides of the crater as Chun-Li stood in the middle with blazing white eyes. Her teammates wasted no time and quickly charged her from both sides, but just as they reached the fighter her right hand shot out towards Spider-Man while her left foot shot out towards Talon.

"KIKOSHO!" Chun-Li shouted as she released the attack at Spider-Man. "Hoyokusen!" Chun-Li shouted again as she released a barrage of powerful blows towards the feral that were all dodged expertly. Ducking under the final kick, Talon spun around and delivered a devastating blow with her heel sending Chun-Li stumbling back as Spider-Man landed next to the fighter. Gritting her teeth in anger Talon swung her Soulsword back…


Team Amazing's Apartment: Roof-

Chrissy looked at her mentor in confusion as she watched team Amazing spar. The feral glared at her team mates as she pulled out her adamantium dagger and swung the blade back as if she were about to throw it…

-Flashback: End-

"Wild…Talon!" Talon shouted making her teammates look at her incredulously as she slung the great sword at them. Spider-Man and Chun-Li jumped to the side instantly as the large blade spun passed them like a buzz saw. Talon launched herself forward as a black tendril ripped from her back and grabbed the blades hilt. As soon as the feral stepped between her two opponents…

…all hell broke loose.

Sharp black spike covered Talons arms, legs, and back as she spun around and released a devastating barrage of attacks at her team. Even Spider-Man had trouble keeping up with the blindingly fast attacks as cuts began appearing over his exo-skeleton making him curse. Still as he was slowly being pushed back he managed to dodge the wild soulsword which was seemingly being swung around without a purpose.

The same, however, could not be said for the much slower Chun-Li.

"GAH!" Chun-Li coughed in pain as the large blade stabbed into her chest sending her sliding back. Nearly instantly she felt her vision fading as she slowly fell forward.


Chun-Li calmly strode forward even as she felt the disbelieving stare of her leader burning into her back while a rampaging Red Hulk dashed towards her with nothing but pure ill-intent. She didn't even blink as she looked up to see the large red fists slamming down towards her.

"[I won't be defeated.]"

-Flashback: End-

"Tengoku Kyaku!" Chun-Li shouted as she felt her power exploding from her, destroying her surrounding and sending Spider-Man and the rampaging Talon crashing back. Unlike her other attacks, this one had yet to be mastered and was completely unstable in her current state. Her teammates were temporarily blinded as she exploded in a flash of golden light. A beam of golden light slammed into her teammates rapidly with so much force that they had to wonder if they were going to be blown apart.


The beam of light reformed into Chun-Li as the golden kanji for Heaven exploded behind her engulfing her team in a bright explosion while sakura petals floated down around her. Talon flew back in agony as she felt some of her bones crack while her internal organs threatened to fail on her. Spider-Man released a silent scream as half of his exo-skeleton was turned into dust. Gritting his teeth, Spider-Man flipped back to his feet and glared at his team mates, knowing that there was no way he could win, they were just too great. He had underestimated their power severely-

"Giving up already?" A voice spoke up as time came to a complete stop. Spider-Man looked on incredulously as the crimson ethereal form of Ero appeared before him with a grin.


Spider-Man and Ero stood back to back as they thought of the important people in their lives as they launched themselves at Zeus, leaving all caution behind them.

-Flashback: End

"You're their leader for a reason. Now end this, I will be seeing you soon brother." Ero drawled as she faded away making time resume. Spider-Man glared as he reached deep down into himself desperately searching for the energy necessary to win this fight. He jumped forward as he felt his weakness and insecurities fade away.

He had a job to do.

"Almighty Spider!" Spider-Man roared making his team mates pale slightly. Talon had not been able to recover from Chun-Li's assault, and Chun-Li had not expected Peter to recover so quickly and was unable to put up a proper defense. Her body trembled as Spider-Man faded before her and appeared behind her.

Pain and gold.

That's all Chun-Li and Talon felt and saw as Spider-Man web-zipped through both of them at speeds that probably put light speed to shame. The two teammates found themselves entangled and pinned to the surface of Mars by an unbreakable golden web. Two web-lines landed on the planet on the sides of the web, as Spider-Man sling-shot himself down towards his opponents, colliding into them with enough force to not only break his web, but send them blasting from the opposite side of the planet as the red marble was engulfed in a bright explosion.


~Web-Rush: End~

Spider-Man floated forward in exhaustion as he gazed at the unmoving forms of his teammates. They had truly fought their hardest but in the end, the victor had been decided. Straightening up, Spider-Man held his side as he weakly stared at them as they floated back into space lifelessly.

"I…win…" Spider-Man winced out.



Spider-Man looked on in morbid fascination as both women weakly recovered.


"I've come too far…to lose now…" Talon stated firmly as she glared at Peter.

"I will not be defeated." Chun-Li muttered making Spider-Man grit his teeth as two web-lines shot from their chests and wrapped around his hands.

"You two…are the most stubborn women I have ever met." Spider-Man said as he released a sigh. "Take a nap." Spider-Man said as he pulled the web-lines making them grit their teeth as he was engulfed by power, slowly healing the wounds he had gained from the battle. He closed his eyes as the power entered his body and when they opened…

His teammates were still standing.

"Jesus…" Spider-Man muttered to himself as he shook his head. "You two really are something else."

"Three minutes are up….looks like we were wrong, there is no winner yet." Chun-Li chuckled as she placed her hands on her knees tiredly. She closed her eyes as her body exploded with power once again. "I still have some fight left in me."

"As do I…" Talon drawled as darkness surrounded her while her eyes shone bright blue. "Shall we continue?"

"An unbeatable force, an unbreakable force, and an untouchable one all colliding…" Spider-Man trailed off as he shook his head. "We'll be at this forever, but what the hell I'm game." Spider-Man laughed as they all slid into their fighting stances, prepared to continue the fight with renewed vigor…

"ENOUGH!" A voice boomed and the three teammates turned to see a very unamused Stan glaring at them. "You dare think yourselves Gods? Gaining such power without my permission…just whom exactly do you three think you are?" Stan asked coldly making Talon narrow her eyes.

"Be patient, we'll deal with you shortly." The feral snarled making Stan sneer at her.

"No, I have grown tired of this farce. Tier Ten starts now." Stan stated as two beings appeared in large white flashes next to him. "My team versus yours, Spider-Man." A green skinned man next to Stan licked his lips as he gazed down cockily at Talon.

"I can't wait to destroy you, honestly old man do you really fear their power so much that you had to call in back up?" The man questioned with a mocking laugh.

"Silence Abraxas." Stan muttered.

(LIAG Helpful Info: Abraxas is the embodiment of the multiverse's destruction. Held in check only by Galactus' presence)

"Silence? You know I detest being in any universe that has Galactus in it, let alone one where he has a brat of his own walking around as well." Abraxas sneered. "I should not even be able to be here right now but you are breaking your own rules, what's wrong Tribunal finally quit so you had to call on me?"

"You will pay for your insolence later." Stan muttered making Abraxas laugh as he pushed a hand through his short black hair.

"I doubt it! You need me! Your creations are starting to rebel and your power is waning, I'm honestly curious to see how this turns out." As this went on Chun-Li stared at the second figure in a stunned shock.

"Why?" The fighter finally asked helplessly as a man with short white hair and glowing white eyes stared down at her with something akin to sadness.

"[It is as I had feared; the power I sought to destroy truly has been created once again.]" Asura muttered as he crossed his arms. "[I truly wish it had never come to this but your sheer existence is a threat to everyone. No one will ever be ready to handle mantra, I don't know how you recreated it but the secret must die with you. Forgive me.]"

"So this is how you want to play it? You wait until we weaken ourselves to show up?" Spider-Man questioned with a frown as he glanced at his slightly exhausted team. "Fine then, we haven't backed down from a challenge yet and we won't start now! We'll end this how we started it…" Spider-Man said as he thought about how his team first formed. "Together!" Spider-Man declared as he slid into a fighting stance.





BGM: Ingkells (Extended)- Vindictus (AKA Mabinogi Heroes)OST

Like always the team understood each other without a single word needing to be said. They didn't even need to look at each other to figure out who was fighting who.

Talon had Abraxas

Chun-Li had Asura

And Spider-Man had Stan

Deep down the women knew Spider-Man would be the one to face Stan in the end, it almost seemed fated. Still fighting fate was something that wasn't particularly new to them. The sheer tension alone made the inhabitants of Earth shudder in complete and utter fear. Individuals such as Wolverine, Juri, and Black Widow looked down in shock as they found their hands trembling.

Talon quickly disappeared and Abraxas chuckled as the feral appeared behind him and slashed her talons through his neck in order to behead. Talon's eyes widened in alarm as the wound healed instantaneously.

"Tell me girl, how do you destroy destruction itself?" Abraxas questioned curiously before back handed Talon with enough force to shatter not only half of the darkness covering her face but her skull cracked a bit as well. As Talon flew back through the darkness of space at blinding speeds, she gritted her teeth as she shattered her limit and increased tremendously in size. Pitch black wings ripped form her back as she recovered.

"Impressive." The shirtless green-skinned man said with a grin as he applauded. "Tell me is this your limit?" Abraxas asked with slight glee making the feral glare as she towered over him. Talon growled loudly as she crossed her arms in front of herself and began glowing with cosmic energy. "Oh! Good, good!" Abraxas cheered as her size increased tenfold.

"I will defeat you." Talon growled as she slashed downward with her enormous soulsword only for Abraxas to look up at her in amusement and block the attack with his index finger.

"Like I said good…" Abraxas trailed off as Talon felt herself standing on something solid. Looking down she released a gasp when she saw herself standing on what looked like an open palm. "BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" Abraxas boomed as his colossal form gazed down at the feral. His hand ignited in a green energy making the mutant scream in agony before clenching his hand tightly.


Opening his hand, Abraxas chuckled as he stared down at Talon who was laying on her back in her base state. Raising his free hand Abraxas simply flicked her off his palm with unimaginable force directly towards Earth.

-With Chun-Li-

The fighter's head was whipping in different directions as she found a different one of Asura's six arms slamming into her. If it wasn't for the energy pumping through her body she knew she would have died after the first one.

"[Surrender, I do not want to continue this one-sided fight, you are just causing yourself unnecessary pain.]" Asura stated as he watched Chun-Li's body land on the moon after a particularly devastating blow. Weakly Chun-Li stood up with a bloody smirk even as her vision began to blur.

"[Getting tired?]" Chun-Li taunted as she gestured for Asura to come at her with her good arm. Asura sighed before charging at her with palpable rage. "Hoyokusen!" Chun-Li shouted as she blocked each one of his blows with a well-placed kick. Asura frowned as each one of his blows was redirected before the woman slipped under his guard and placed a hand on his chest. "KIKOSHO!"


The large sphere of energy sent Asura tumbling across the moon as the fighter fell to her knees in exhaustion.

"[I put everything I could in that attack.]" Chun-Li winced as a sharp pain shot through her body as she looked at her arm to see the muscles twitching. "[Worst of all my body is rejecting using this much power… if this keeps up I will destroy myself.]" Chun-Li's thoughts were caught off by a large pillar of light in the distance.



"[Damn…]" Chun-Li thought weakly as she saw the new Asura appear in all his glory. He truly appeared to be a god that descended down to the earthly realm. The sheer power rolling off of him caused Chun-Li physical pain. "[This is hopeless…]" Chun-Li realized as she struggled to stand. "[I just need to hold out until Peter takes down Stan.]"

-With Spider-Man-

Stan stood impassively as Spider-Man slammed blow after nemesis powered blow into his body. Stan was completely unfazed despite the increasing amounts of power.

"You know that last blow could have destroyed a few planets." Stan pointed out as Spider-Man's fists bounced off of his face. "You do realize exactly what I am to you right?" Stan drawled as Spider-Man jumped back and cocooned the man in golden webs.


Stan ripped through the web-lines as if they were made of toilet paper and crossed his arms.

"To you I am your God." Stan drawled. "Now if one of your teammates had fought me you may have had a better chance of winning. You see somehow Talon has fallen out my jurisdiction and Chun-Li was never in it to begin with…you however…" Stan said with a chuckled as Spider-Man's body froze mid punch. "I can do whatever I please."

"What!?" Spider-Man thought in alarm as he found himself unable to move even the slightest bit. He couldn't even blink; it was as if he were frozen in time.

"Do you know what I am going to do now?" Stan asked rhetorically. "I am going to erase you. You pose a threat to the natural order. So I will get rid of you from the pages of history for the greater good. Do not worry; I will use my powers to spare your children because I am not heartless. Still, no one will even remember who you are."

"No!" Spider-Man thought as he struggled to move.

"Goodbye Spider-Man." Stan drawled as the hero shattered like glass.

The Team Above All: 1

Team Amazing: 0


BGM: Mabinogi G15 credits (Just YouTube that)


BGM: Repose- NieR soundtrack

And just like that.

The Amazing Spider-Man was completely wiped from the pages of history.

-With Chun-Li-

Chun-Li's mind went blank for a second allowing Asura's right fist to slam into her harshly. Her entire body nearly shattered from the blow as she crashed across the moon. When she came to a stop, tears fell from the corners of her eyes as she placed a hand over her heart.

"[Why…why was I fighting again?]" Chun-Li wondered in confusion as she felt a pain in her chest. "[I was in a tournament with my team…Laura…Illyana…and…and…there was one more right?]" Chun-Li's breathing became shallow as she frantically tried to remember something that seemed to disappear. "[What's going on!? Why can't I remember….there was someone who I loved….wasn't there?]" Chun-Li wondered in alarm as Asura landed in front of her.

-With Talon-

A broken Talon weakly to the side of a building as her body continued to bleed out. The vibranium in her skeleton all but shattered making it incredibly hard for her body to heal itself. She rested her head weakly on the building as she stared at a large poster of her team. It was her, Chun-Li, and Magik like it always had been. She frowned as her heart began to beat faster.

"Team Amazing…why did we ever pick that stupid name?" Talon wondered in confusion her eyes narrowed when she saw her hero name above her picture.


As if a trigger, her entire demeanor changed as she read the name…her emotions became duller. She could barely remember why she was fighting, but in the end that was all she needed to know. She was X-23, a weapon. If she was fighting it didn't matter why as long as her opponent was dead.

"Oh I like the look in your eyes now, you're just a killer." Abraxas chuckled before frowning. "Oh wait…we're they always like that? Tch, whatever must be that old man's doing."

"Why am I fighting?" X-23 questioned curiously as she tried to stand.

"Does destruction need a reason?" Abraxas asked seriously.

"No I suppose it doesn't." X-23 said a she placed a hand over her chest. "There's something new here when I fight, something that I can't remember is pushing me…I've never felt anything like this before."

"You're still going to fight me?" Abraxas asked gleefully.

"I have no choice." X-23 said truthfully.

"LAURA! You've gotta quit!" Logan shouted angrily as he appeared on the scene. "You can't win, what the hell are you doing still fighting in the first place!?"

"I don't know." X-23 stated emotionlessly as her talons freed themselves.

"The why the hell are you fighting that thing!? We need to regroup with the Avengers to figure out a way to stop him!"

"I can't give up." X-23 said simply.

"And why not!?"

"Because with great power…"

-With Chun-LI-

"[…comes great responsibility.]" Chun-Li said to a frowning Asura. "[That is why I fight you. You don't trust us with this power, but I will make you see that we are responsible now. Times have changed.]"

"[I see; then prove it.]" Asura challenged, and with that the two charged each other.



BGM: A Hero Will Rise- Future World Music

An elderly man with grey hair awoke in his bit with a start. Shaking his head he reached onto his night stand and put on a pair of sun-glasses as he stood up with a yawn. He sleepily walked to his closest and pulled out a canvas along with a set of art supplies. After setting the canvas up, the man walked to his window and opened the curtains to let some light in. Nodding to himself, the man turned to a blank canvas and rubbed his chin in thought.


"Been a few years, but let's see if I can pull this off…Jack had more of a talent for art than I did." The man said as he picked up a pencil and drew a single line on the paper…

-With Chun-Li-

A battered Chun-Li took blow after blow from Asura, but refused to break much to the demigod's confusion.

"[Is it the Mantra keeping you alive?]" Asura questioned finally making Chun-Li shake her head with a bloody smile.

"[It's called will; I will show you our worth even if I can't throw a single punch!]" Chun-Li declared before head butting Asura in the face.

To his utter shock, Asura found himself stumbling back from the blow. Chun-Li didn't let up as she leapt forward and kicked him in his chest before flipping to a one-handed hand stand and springing forward to deliver two kicks to his face.

-With X-23-

At this point the feral was missing her right arm and a few of her ribs she was sure. How she was even conscious was beyond her. Abraxas was just glad he had found someone he could destroy more than once.

"As fun as this is…" Abraxas trailed of as he rammed his arm through her chest. "I think this may be the last blow, now I'll destroy this wretched rock and then on with the multi-verse. Not even those world eaters will be able to stop me now that the old man has given me free reign." Abraxas said before grabbing her by her face tightly.

X-23 glared weakly as her soul gem appeared as he tried to reap his soul making him laugh.

"You idiot! I don't have a soul!" Abraxas laugh before blowing her away with a powerful energy blast.

The Team Above All: 2

Team Amazing: 0


-Avenger's Tower-

Sarah cried loudly as Daken held her.

"Why…why didn't she quit she knew she had no chance!" Sarah asked weakly.

"I saw that look in her eyes, no one could stop her; there was just something she had to do." Daken said as he rubbed her back.

"Princess, speak to me." Adriana said urgently. She was at a loss seemingly out of nowhere both May and Elise had frozen before being engulfed by sorrow. Both wept uncontrollably and to make matters worse even she felt a sharp pain in her heart for reason she didn't understand.

"You're having no luck either?" Felicia asked as she tried comfort a crying Ben. "What the hell happened?"

"I have no idea."

-With X-23-

Time froze and the nearly lifeless gaze of X-23 looked up to see the sad face of Galacta looking down at her.

"Sorry that I came so late, but I needed you to be a little hurt in order to take out Abraxas." Gali said apologetically as her father appeared on the scene with a scowl.

"What are you doing, Galacta?" Galactus asked angrily making his daughter roll her eyes.

"Finishing my project, daddy." Gali said sounding annoyed. "Well I didn't expect your body to be this torn up but to make better you must first destroy I suppose. Listen Laura, you feel it don't you? Those bastards took someone important from you. That old man tried to erase him but his bonds were too strong. The feelings are there even if the memories aren't."

Even on the verge of death, X-23 managed to glare at hearing the news.

"Now if I know my herald as well as I think then I know you want revenge, so let's get you some! We'll remind that green-skinned freak why he doesn't touch a World Eater's property, so says Galacta!" Gali said so strongly that Galactus didn't know whether to be concerned or proud so he settled for both.

"Do whatever it is you plan to as long as it doesn't destroy too much of the universe, never waste food Galacta." Galactus said seriously.

Galactus, father of the year.

"I know daddy!" Gali laughed as she grabbed talon's forehead. "Good the Soul gem is still there put your soul in it while I reconstruct your body." Galacta said as she began pumping large amounts of cosmic energy into the feral.

"Galacta stop, you're putting in too much." Galactus said after a few moments. "A herald can't handle that much." Galactus said making Gali smile.

"Who said I was making her a herald again? You saw what just happened she stood no chance. So it's time for plan B."

"What are you talking about?" Galactus asked sounding genuinely confused for once.

"As heroic as she is, at the end of the day she's a weapon." Gali said as if she were speaking to a child as she gazed down at X-23 with a smile. "But now she's going to be my weapon."

Galactus paled.

"You can't mean-"

"Oh yes."

"But how do you even know how-"

"You told me once when you were reminiscing over your younger days, you should really watch out for that, you give out far too much info in your monologues." Gali said dryly as she felt her body becoming weak.

"You'll destroy us all!"

"We're dead either way, now let me work daddy!" Gali finally snapped. Galactus stood silently for a moment as he gazed at the determined expression on his normally cheerful daughter's face while she worked on X-23. Something changed for Galactus at that moment as he walked forward and placed a hand on her head…

-With Asura-

"[Even if you still have the will to fight me, your body is far too weak to face me.]" Asura said as he turned away from a battered Chun-Li who was lying on her back. "[You've definitely earned a warrior's death.]" Asura said as he leapt away.

The Team Above All: 3

Team Amazing: 0

-Chun-Li's mindscape-

Chun-Li slowly stood up and stared impassively at a large white wall. Limping forward, she said nothing as she slowly placed her hand on the smooth surface.

-With Stan-

"You two sure took your time." Stan mused as the two appeared before him.

"[I took no pleasure in that. Watch yourself before you are next.]" Asura glared making Stan wave him off dismissively.

"You know the threat she posed, the threat they all posed." Stan said seriously making Asura scowl.

"Whatever, now it's time to erase this multi-verse right? A deal is a deal after all." Abraxas said with an eager grin.

"Go ahead, I'll start over and make sure something like this does not happen a second time." Stan said as Abraxas nodded with a grin as his body began to shine with power.

"NOT SO FAST." A feminine voiced boomed and the three glanced up to see a scowling Galacta gazing down on them.

"Ah, the young world eater how is life treating you child?" Stan asked good naturedly as a human sized Galactus appeared next to her. "Galactus too? Isn't this a treat?"

"Tch, tapeworms." Abraxas muttered.

"YOU WILL NOT DESTROY THIS REALITY, SO SAYS GALACTA." Gali said as if her words were law.

"Oh?" Stan said with a kind smile. "And why not, you do of course know that this is my domain correct? Galactus maybe you should reign in your child before she gets erased."

"I'm afraid I cannot do that." Galactus said as Stan's smile was wiped from his face. Stan gazed at his creation impassively.

"And why not?"

"My duties are now hers. I have grown old and weak, I probably only have a few eons left in me." Galactus said seriously. "She maybe young but she is already a better world eater than I shall ever be and in time my granddaughter shall be greater than her. It is called progress, I see that now. If the multi-verse no longer wants to be under your control then set it free." At the end of his speech Stan was outright glaring at Galactus.

"You and your traitorous bloodline shall pay for this blasphemy…" Stan muttered as he attempt to will Galactus from existence only for a purple barrier to surround the old World Eater. "What!?"

"IT APPEARS AS THOUGH YOU HAVE LOST CONTROL OVER MY FATHER, A CONTROL YOU NEVER HAD OVER MYSELF. A PARENT'S LOVE IS MORE THAN STRONG ENOUGH TO BREAK YOUR CHAINS, SO SAYS GALACTA." Galacta said with a smile as she felt Stan attempt to will her away as well to no avail. Her love for her daughter was more than enough to protect both her and her child from Stan.

"Damn you…Abraxas!" Stan snapped making the green-skinned man roll his eyes before floating towards the world eaters.

"On it." Abraxas said with a grin. "It'll be my pleasure to remove these tapeworms."

"YOU? HOLD BACK TWO WORLD EATERS? FOOLISH." Galacta said with a laugh making his grin widen.

"No you are the foolish one; you see it seems daddy hasn't taught you how this food chain works. Without his Ultimate Nullifier, you and your father stand no chance against me." Abraxas informed her making her laugh loudly.

(LIAG HELPFUL INFO: The Ultimate Nullifier is a device that can eliminate from existence anything that the bearer chooses. It is powerful enough to destroy entire timelines if the bearer is of sufficient intellect and power. It was later revealed that the weapon was in fact an aspect of Galactus himself, it is also possible that like the World Eater, the object appears differently depending on who is looking at it.)

"WHAT YOU SAY IS TRUE. WITHOUT FATHER'S ULTIMATE NULLIFIER WE STAND NO CHANCE. BUT, FATHER IS NOT THE ONLY WORLD EATER IS HE?" Galacta questioned making Abraxas pause in confusion before a feeling of dread began to arise in his body as he realized that he was speaking to the daughter of an asexually reproducing World Eater.

BGM: See What I've become- Zack Hemsey


The powerful beings all turned to Earth where they saw a pillar of purple light being released from the planet. The power nearly made Abraxas sweat.

"They were stalling!" Abraxas realized in horror making Stan turn to him in confusion.


"They kept us talking so this brat could create her own Ultimate Nullifier!" Abraxas answered making Galacta grin. It was at this moment that Stan realized that despite destroying Team Amazing, their victory was never announced.

Somewhere Rebuff laughed her ass off at their expressions.

Asura froze as he felt a large amount of killing intent erupt from the planet's moon. Turning around he saw the large rock tremble as the resident A.I.'s all flew away from their moon base. A bead of sweat slid down his face as he swore he could feel two piercing eyes gazing at him intently.

"I'll destroy that planet before it's too late!" Abraxas shouted as he aimed a hand at the planet only to stop when he felt someone behind him.

"Too Slow."


X-23: The Ultimate Nullifier!

Chun-Li The Enlightened

"Impossible!" Abraxas shouted as he spun around only to find himself missing his arms as he stared at an empty spot. "What!?"

"Like I said, you're too slow." X-23 drawled as she gazed at him impassively as she dropped his arms. She looked how she did in her base state with the exception that now here violet irises shone with a far greater intensity. "You all took something from me, I can't remember what it was, but you'll pay all the same."

"Don't you dare look down on me!" Abraxas shouted as his arms regenerated. "A living nullifier, fine I want to see which one of us is the better destroyer anyway!"

"You can't even comprehend my power." X-23 said with visible pity making the enraged deity slam into her sending them blasting through space.


Asura landed on the moon and nearly instantly found a foot slammed into his face sending him crashing back. Asura quickly recovered and found himself staring at a woman with long white hair and glowing white eyes.

"Your strongest form, bring it out." Chun-Li said without preamble. "I want to see the look on your face when I rip it to pieces."


BGM: End of My Journey-John Dreamer


"Do you know why Spider-Man is so important?" The elderly man asked to no one as he held a red colored pencil in his hand. "Because unlike the other heroes, the ones that people aspire to be-he's the one you can be." The man said as he continued to draw on the canvas. "He shows people that no matter how much life bring you down; if you face each trial with a smile you will have a fulfilling life. Spider-Man doesn't belong to a single person, or even a corporation. Spider-Man belongs to everyone. To every man woman and child who needs to know that life gets better."


"This is the reason why you cannot erase him Jack. You don't own him; you haven't for more than fifty years. The second the first book was printed, we lost ownership. We started something much bigger than we expected. He's not a hero; he's a reminder…a reminder that maybe the world just isn't so bad."


"It's because of him that more and more of the other characters get attention, because if Spider-Man isn't the hero for them one of the others can fill his spot. Thanks to that more and more of Marvel stopped belonging to us and began being owned by the fans."


"Do you know why you're so influential Jack? It's because you helped make the Comic Industry what it is, the problem is over time your influence will fall, just like mine will. As newer and newer fans come less and less will know just how important we were. Soon they will not even remember our names and when that happens, our influence will disappear. But if you ask me…that's not a bad thing."


"It just means we made something that mattered enough to last long after our lifetimes, and that Jack…that is just fine." The elderly man said with a smile. "Still despite this, you always were a stubborn one Jack, I'll give you that. Wherever you are you probably won't even listen to these old man's rants, so I'll make you understand." The man said as he placed the pencil down before picking up a black ink pen and smiling at a picture of Spider-Man that was garbed in in his classic red & blue costume and was posed mid-web swing. "Give em' hell son." The man said as he signed his name at the bottom corner of the picture.

Stan Lee


-With X-23-

BGM: Angel With A Shotgun- Nightcore

Abraxas grinned viciously as he held an impassive Talon by her face.

"DIE!" Abraxas shouted as he released a powerful wave of energy. He grinned as he saw her body get obliterated and turned around only to find the feral burying a fist into his face, sending him sailing back. "What, how!?"

"Is this the best the embodiment of destruction can do? Pathetic." X-23 said coldly making him grit his teeth.


"Yes?" X-23 said from behind him making him jump and spin around. "Sad, you still don't understand do you? The gap between us is much too far." Abraxas growled before exploding in size until he completely towered over the feral.

"DISSAPPEAR!" Abraxas boomed as he raised both hands towards the feral and released a colossal wave of pure destruction. He narrowed his eyes as he saw her body disintegrate from the energy wave. He froze when he felt someone land on his right shoulder. He glanced over to see X-23 staring up at him with a frown.

"You all took something important from me…tell me what it is you cherish most so I can destroy it along with you."

"FOOL! THE ONLY THING I CARE ABOUT IS DESTRUCTION!" Abraxas boomed before a sick smile graced his lips. "THE SAME CANNOT BE SAID ABOUT YOU! I WILL DESTROY THAT WRETCHED ROCK YOU CALL A HOME IF I CAN'T DESTROY YOU!" Abraxas said before teleporting away.


The large Abraxas appeared next to Earth and wasted no time in raising his hand towards the planet.

"BE GONE!" Abraxas shouted as he released a blast towards the blue marble.


"AHAHAHAHA!" Abraxas laughed as he saw the planet explode. "YOU SEE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CHALLENGE ME!"

"What, exactly am I looking at?" X-23 questioned as she floated above him with a quirked eyebrow. Abraxas blinked in confusion as he saw her indifference and looked back down to see that earth was still spinning as if nothing happened.

"WHAT!?" Abraxas asked in confusion as he raised a hand towards the planet and released another blast.


Abraxas looked on confusion as he watched the planet explode only to instantly reform as if nothing had happened.


"It seems as if you still don't understand just what I am." X-23 said as if speaking to a child. "I am the ultimate weapon; there is nothing I cannot destroy. You have successfully destroyed earth twice now, your eyes have not deceived you."


"But." X-23 interrupted nonchalantly. "I have nullified that fact. Do you understand? I have wiped that entire event from the time line. I have destroyed the "fact" that you destroyed earth. How do you plan to destroy a weapon that can destroy destruction itself?" X-23 questioned curiously.

Abraxas paled as he failed to come up with an answer.

"There is NOTHING I can't destroy." X-23 muttered as she raised a fist. "Still you will pay for trying to take even more things I care about away from me. You say that there is nothing you care about besides destruction right? Then I will take that away from you along with your life." X-23 muttered as she crossed her arms in front of herself


"So long, FATAL CLAW!" X-23 shouted as she outstretched her limbs suddenly. Her body resembled an "X" as she exploded in a giant cross of purple energy that nearly blinded Abraxas. The entity held his head in agony as the purple energy seemingly extended through the void of space forever.

"W-what!? AH!" Abraxas' head felt like it was going to explode as he was assaulted with the memories of everything he's ever destroyed. One by one each memory changed to show a strange purple energy destroying his target instead of himself. "She's destroying everything I've destroyed but why!?"

Abraxas choked as he was hit by a cold realization.

"S-she's making it so that I never destroyed a thing. Her energy is going across timelines to replace every one of my actions, she's forcing me into obscurity but why!?" Abraxas questioned as his mind exploded in pain.

[…Then I will take that away from you along with your life]

"She's planning to wipe me from existence completely! All of my actions every one of my achievements mean nothing!" Abraxas thought in anger. "YOU BITCH YOU CAN"T DO THIS TO ME! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A TAPEWORM'S WHORE-"A now human sizedAbraxas boomed as he forced himself to glare up at the feral only to find that she was missing completely. "WHAT-"

"Bye, bye." A cold voice said from behind him. Abraxas turned around just in time to see X-23's Muramasa blade, which was now shining purple with energy, come straight towards him. The multi-verse's destroyer couldn't even blink before he was beheaded by the feral.



The Team Above All: 3

Team Amazing: 1

"Two more to go." X-23 thought before she found herself disappearing in a flash of white light.

-Earlier: Chun-LI-

"[Mantra is just pouring off of her in waves!]" Asura thought in surprise as he crossed his arms in front of himself to block the energy pouring off of Chun-Li. "[Why don't you understand? The power you have will only lead your people to ruin! You can't control it, no one can!]"

"[Fool. The key to controlling this power is just that; Understanding.]" Chun-Li drawled. "[You lack understanding which is why you and your people fell.]" Chun-Li drawled. "[When a mortal gains understanding of something, there is no limit to what they can do with it. For example…]" Chun-Li trailed off as she glanced at her stub of a left arm. Within no time it exploded in a white light and Asura widened his eyes slightly when he saw that the woman now had both of her arms. "[By understanding both my body and mantra I can do something as simple as that.]"

"[You honestly believe you can control a power like that without losing yourself? You're just a human woman, not even gods could handle it!]"

"[That's because your gods and your people never truly understood the most important thing in their lives.]"

"[And what's that!?]" Asura boomed as he lowered his arms and stood strong against Chun-Li's pressure.

BGM: God Knows- Haruhi Suzimiya OST

"[Themselves.]" Chun-Li answered serenely. "[They never understood themselves so they never found their limits. Without knowing themselves they couldn't comprehend what they could and could not handle. If they understood themselves, they would have known when they could handle mantra. I am not hem, I know my limit.]" Chun-Li then gave him a sad smile. "[What's worse is I know you, if your opponent knows you better than yourself you will never win.]"

"[Do not lecture me.]"

"[It was advice.]" Chun-Li said as she slid into a fighting stance."[Like I said just with one glance I know you better than you know yourself. The only way you can learn is through combat. Come at me.]"

"RAHHHHH!" Asura exploded in a palpable rage as he blasted towards Chun-Li. The woman never lost her serene expression even as he stepped within her guard and released an earth shattering punch towards her. However, before the blow could connected she seemingly flickered from view causing his fist to hit nothing but air as she reappeared at his side and placed a hand on his ribs


"[What?]" Asura thought in surprise as he felt his ribs shatter. Spinning around quickly, he frowned as he saw her back to him and leapt up high with both of his fists raised. He came down swiftly and mercilessly with the intent of destroying her but before his attack could land, Chun-Li spun around swiftly with a smile and placed both of her palms on his chest.

"Kikosho." Unlike every time before, there was no flashy sphere of chi. In fact nothing seemed to happen as it appeared to be a regular double palm thrust. The fact remained, however, that it stopped Asura cold even in his mantra form.



Asura gritted his teeth in agony as he felt his chest explode along with a large portion of the moon behind him as an invisible force threatened to rip him asunder. As his body flew back, Chun-Li stepped forward and raised her right palm towards him with her smile still in place.



Asura's head whipped to the side as an invisible force slammed into his head sending him spiraling across the moon's surface. When he landed, Chun-Li appeared behind him in a blur of speed and picked him up with one hand and slung him up into the void of space. A bright white orb appeared in her hand as she raised it. Aiming at Asura she tilted her head as the demigod regained his balance.

"[Allow me to show you the power of understanding. My mantra… take it all.]" Chun-Li said as she released a colossal wave of pure energy at the man. The sheer size of it dwarfed the moons making Asura wonder how such a young human woman could even house that much power without her body destroying itself. Asura's chest opened just as the attack slammed in to him.


Chun-Li closed her eyes as everything was engulfed by a bright light.


Moments later, the light died down and a now normal Chun-Li found herself staring up at large shadowy figure.



Chun-Li said nothing as she stared up at the large black and white six-armed form of Asura.

"[YOU GAVE ME YOUR POWER. WHY?]" Asura's voice boomed as Chun-Li looked up at him with a smile.

"[So you can learn.]" Chun-Li said simply. "[I can give you all my power in addition to your own…and I will still win. Why? Because I understand mantra.]" Chun-Li said simply. "[Mantra is neither good nor evil, it is power. The user determines how it's used and no matter what you do their will be wicked people, either by choice or because the world made them that way. This is a fact you can't change.]" Chun-Li's eyes narrowed as a purple orb of chi filled her palm as she imagined a smirking Juri behind him. "[If I can't win with this next attack, I surrender.]" Chun-Li said seriously making Asura frown as he sensed no deceit from the woman.

"[YOU TRULY WERE AN INTERESTING OPPONENT. I REGRET THIS GREATLY.]" Asura said as he released a powerful pouch towards the fighter who stood her ground despite the fist blocking her view entirely.

"Kikouken!" Chun-Li shouted as she released the small orb of chi.




The Team Above All: 3

Team Amazing: 2

-Avenger's Tower-

"The hell just happened!?" Hawkeye questioned bewildered making Juri smirk.

"Simple, she understood the power better than he did." Juri said as the screen showed a mutilated Asura floating in the void of space. He was missing both of his arms and his lower body, the look on his face showed obvious pain. "Mantra gets its strength from balancing all parts of Chi, all China girl had to do was add a little extra to one of the parts and just like that the energy in his body became far too unstable for him to hold."

"I get it, the energy worked like a chemical compound. As long as the ingredients are balanced everything is fine, but add a little too much and the entire thing could destroy itself." Tony said making Juri nod.

"Exactly. In his time there was only Mantra, but by recreating our world he broke it down into basic components that we call chi. Thanks to that, we can manipulate mantra on an entirely different level; to be honest in hindsight he caused his own loss." Juri said with a smirk. Captain America shook his head as he thought about X-23 and Chun-Li.

"Just what in God's name are those two?" Steve questioned making Tony shrug.


-With Chun-Li-


"[Do you understand now the power of understanding? I gave you all of my power in addition to your own and you still lost.]" Chun-Li stated as she looked up at Asura whom glanced down weakly.

"[I underestimated you, I never expected you to have an attack that powerful left…this is my loss.]" Asura said weakly making Chun-Li shake her head.

"[You fool, that was my single weakest attack. You lost because I knew more about your power than you did. Knowledge is the true deciding factor in our fight, not power.]" Chun-Li said as his eyes widened in surprise. Chun-Li said nothing as she turned away and began to depart as he suddenly began to laugh.

"[I see now...I've been a fool. I allowed an old man to manipulate me by playing on my fears…You are the future of our people…please…Chun-Li, grant me one favor.]" Asura pleaded making Chun-Li pause and glance back at him as his chest began to open up revealing his mantra reactor.

(LIAG Helpful Info: CAPCOM EDITION!: According to Yasha, the Mantra Reactor held seven trillion souls worth of Mantra before it was permanently drained by the Gohma.)

"[What?]" Chun-Li asked with a small frown as she stared at the device.

"[Protect our universe. Lead our people to prosperity before it's too late, only you can stop them from mimicking our actions.]" Asura said before gritting his teeth as his anger increased while his body curled up in itself. With a roar, the deity thrust his chest forward, sending the engine flying towards Chun-Li who caught effortlessly. She looked up in surprise as he gave her a genuine smile. He no longer looked like the demigod of wrath but instead he appeared to be a tired old man. "[I will return to my human form and enjoy the rest of my life with my family…I leave everything to you.]"

And with that Asura vanished.

Chun-Li stared at the handheld eight pointed metal energy core in her hand for a moment before glancing sadly at the Earth she had grown to call home.

"[Protect OUR universe.]"

"[All good things come to an end I suppose.]" Chun-Li mused despite the sharp pain in her heart. Placing the device on her chest, it seemed to cement to her skin like a magnet. Each one of the eight points shone brightly as her eyes burned white while flesh on her arms and legs converted to metal. "[Time to end this.]" Chun-Li said as she disappeared in a flash of light.

-With Stan-

BGM: Porno Graffiti- Anima Rossa

Stan outright glared as X-23 and Chun-Li appeared before him.

"Aren't you looking scary?" X-23 chuckled softly as she glanced at her teammate who now sported metal limbs, strange multi-colored markings, and bright white eyes.

"You always look scary." Chun-Li snorted as she turned to the livid Stan. "Can you even comprehend just how fucked you are?"

"You two will know your place." Stan muttered. "How is it they have this much will!? I erased Spider-Man...Are their bonds so strong that not even I could remove the feelings that were linked between them!?"

"Pay attention!" Chun-Li shouted as Stan ducked under her powerful kick the force of the blow was so strong that Stan still felt as though he were kicked.

"This power!" Stan thought in anger as he glared up at Chun-Li only to find the woman glaring down back at him. TO him she looked like a complete and utter demon.

"Bye, bye." Stan tilted his head just in time for X-23's talons to graze his cheek. To his astonishment he could see drops of blood floating in front of him. "I can bleed!?" Stan wondered in surprise as Chun-Li grabbed his neck and blasted towards earth. "This woman!?"

"RAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Chun-Li roared as they entered the stratosphere, both of their bodies igniting in flames the faster they descended. Gritting her teeth, Chun-Li threw him in front of her and delivered a powerful drop-kick to his chest which tripled the speed of their descent to the unforgiving ground.


X-23 quickly went to the opposite side of the planet where Chun-Li and Stan shot from with her talons aimed to kill. X-23 shot forward as soon as she saw the entity but before her attack could land the man spun around and slammed a kick that had enough force to obliterate her before spinning around to deliver a punch to Chun-Li only for the woman to catch his fist with her right hand. The impact created a powerful shockwave that sent them blasting away from each other.

"Damn looks like the surprise wore off. We can't underestimate him." X-23 muttered as she reappeared next to Chun-Li while she held her side.

"Did you just die?" Chun-Li asked incredulously making X-23 smirk.

"As far as the time-line is concerned, I didn't."

"If we survive this, I want a rematch." Chun-Li muttered as she blasted forward towards Stan.

"Of course." X-23 agreed as she followed shot forward as well. The three fought at in credibly speeds as they circumvented the globe, throwing each blow as if it were their last. X-23 felt a feral rage burn inside her as she bared her fangs at the man in anger as the pain in chest grew.

"Weapon X: Prime!" X-23 shouted as Stan removed his glasses and released a powerful golden beam of light from his eyes. Much to his dismay, X-23 just shot through the attack and began slashing him from all directions, creating golden slashes across his body.

Before he could even think Chun-Li slammed both palms into his back. Tears fell from her eyes as the pain in her chest worsened just like her teammate.



Stan glared as he was blown apart by the fierce attack that engulfed both him and X-23. X-23 glared as she reformed next to Chun-Li

"Please refrain from killing me in the future."

"Noted." Chun-Li muttered as Stan reformed in front of them and threw his glasses to the side as his shirt was ripped open form the amount of energy he was releasing. For a seemingly old man, his body was extremely muscular for his size.


BGM: It's My Life-Bon Jovi

"DO YOU SEE NOW!?" Stan roared as his body was engulfed in a golden light. "YOU CAN'T WIN! GIVE UP!"

"Sorry but that's something my team doesn't know how to do!" A voice shouted as Chun-Li and X-23 suddenly held their heads in agony as the space between them shattered like glass as Spider-Man swung out in his classic red & blue costume as his right hand pulled his mask down over the lower half of his face. Before being completely covered, they could all see his smirk.


"YOU!" Stan shouted as Spider-Man descended towards him.

"Me." Spider-Man agreed with a chuckle.


"Let's end this Jack, ULTIMATE WEB!" Spider-Man shouted as he cocooned Stan in a golden web and began descending towards Earth as he spun the entity rapidly around him.

-New York-


Spider-Man landed away from the explosion in his signature crouch as it began to rain heavily. He slowly rose up as his Teammates landed next to him with matching expression of hope and disbelief.

"S-spider-Man?" Chun-Li questioned hesitantly.

"You're back." It was a simple statement but Spider-Man could see the relief in the young feral's eyes.

"Yup, and I'm not going anywhere. I got a second chance at life and I'm not going to waste it! Or is it third? Meh, no one ever keeps track anymore." Spider-Man shrugged. "Leave old Jack here to me Chun-Li, Talon. " Spider-Man said as he walked forward and cracked his knuckles as Jack stood from the crater.

"THE WEB OF LIFE IS IN SHAMBLES, YOUR POWER IS VASTLY LIMITED AND YOU STILL CHALLENGE ME!?" Jack boomed as he began running forward with his eyes burning gold as Spider-Man dashed forwards as well. "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?"

"Spider-Man!" Spider-Man shouted as both he and Stan released a punch that slammed into each other.


The resulting shockwave shattered nearly every window in the city. Jack gritted his teeth in frustration as Spider-Man visibly grinned from beneath his mask. Suddenly their images began to fade as after-images began to fill the streets with both combatants in different fighting positions. The speed and intensity of the fight continued to increase as soon after-image filled the entire city…

Then the state…

Then the country…

Then the continent…

Eventually every inhabitant of Earth was able to find themselves personally viewing a part of the biblical-level fight.

-Atlantic Ocean-

Over the large body of water Spider-Man crossed his arms just in time to block a vicious uppercut from Jack.


Jack smirked as the force of his blow sent Spider-Man's body blasting in to orbit.


Jack appeared behind the ascending Spider-Man and caught the hero by his neck.

"I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU CAME BACK! BUT IN THE END YOU WILL FALL TO MY POWER!" Jack said as he slammed a fist into Spider-Man's face followed by another. Soon their images faded again as after-images of Jack pummeling Spider-Man appeared through the solar-system…

Then the galaxy…

The universe…

Eventually the entire multi-verse was greeted with the sight of Spider-Man getting beaten. Jack roared as he back handed Spider-Man back to Earth-616. Jack held up a broken and beaten Spider-Man by the front of his costume with a sneer.

"DO YOU SEE NOW BOY? YOUR UNITY COULDN'T EVEN TOUCH ME BEFORE. WHY DO YOU THINK YOU CAN BEAT ME NOW!?" Despite the pain, Spider-Man chuckled and slammed his forehead into Jack's face with enough force to make the entity release him.

"You haven't even seen my unity!" Spider-Man shouted as he whipped both of his hands up as if trying to lift something.


"WHAT!?" Jack shouted as he and the inhabitants of the multi-verse were blinded by a golden flash. Moments later their vision cleared and everyone gasped at what they saw.

"IT CAN'T BE…" Jack trailed off as he found himself standing on a colossal golden Spider-Web that seemed to extend forever. Within the middle of the entire web was a golden cocoon. "W-WHAT ARE YOU? TO BRING THE ENTIRE WEB INTO THE MORTAL REALM IS IMPOSSIBLE!"

"The center. My unity allows me to bring the Web to our realm." Spider-Man said as he stood behind the cocoon. "We're all connected Jack, everyone has their own line in the web of life that gets stronger with each line it finds itself entangled with. The Web of life is the embodiment of the multi-verse bonds. Whether its love or hate, every single relationship can be found right here! Even you are connected." Jack paled as he looked down to see a web-line shooting from his chest and in to the cocoon. "By using all of these bonds, not even you can stop me."


"Normally you'd be right; the web wouldn't allow even The Great Weaver to use all of its power…" Spider-Man said before a smirk could be seen from the bottom of his torn mask. "…That is if we were separate entities."

"WHAT!?" Jack shouted in disbelief.

"I finally understand now, Anansi wasn't looking out for his champion…" Spider-Man trailed off with a said smile. "He was looking after his domain. The exact center of a spider-web is the web's entirety, its foundation, the part that forms its beauty. Anansi allowed me to enjoy the beauty of life despite your wishes. He's broken every one of your rules just for me and I can never repay him for his sacrifice…all I can do is move forward and live every day to its fullest! Thanks to Anansi I have found the answer to life's greatest mystery, and with this answer I cannot be beaten!""



Jack watched in morbid fascination as the cocoon ripped open. A hand shot out followed by another and soon the nude golden ethereal form of Ero stood from the cocoon. The woman completely ignored Jack as she walked towards Spider-Man with golden web-lines connected to her back. She held the side of his face gently as she gave the hero a warm smile.


"Welcome home." Ero said making Spider-Man smile before she gave him a hard smack, making his head whip to the side.


"That's for ignoring me. I went out of my way to be your "Spider-sense" and I can't count the amounts of times you disregarded me." Ero muttered making him laugh.

"I apologize, I didn't know at the time."

"Well at least you made it back to me." Ero sighed. "You made me go down to that miserable realm myself to make sure you didn't get yourself killed, I'll never forgive you for that."


BGM: Sorairo Days- Shoko Nakagawa Gurren Lagann OST


BGM: Hall of Fame- The Script


BGM: Set The World On Fire- Black Veil Brides

"Did you at least find the answer? Why do we live?" Ero asked quietly nearly desperately as if her life depended on finally having the questioned answered. Jack's eyes narrowed as he saw her power beginning to merge with Spider-Man's.

"NO I WON'T LET YOU!"Jack shouted as he released a wave of golden energy only for a barrier of golden web-liens to appear around Spider-Man and Ero.

"Carpe Diem." Spider-Man answered making Ero look at him in surprise. "We live to seize the day. We live solely to enjoy life the best we can and get as far as we can with the resources we're given. We live to enjoy life, I was surprised at first…but it's really just that simple."

"I see…this excursion wasn't a waste after all…welcome back." Ero said with a bright smile as she placed her forehead to Spider-Man's. Jack held his chest as the web-line was ripped free and began to recede towards Ero along with the rest of the web-lines

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Spider-Man shouted as his body exploded with power.


Spider-Man was now standing in a black and gold version of his black suit in a plane of white. A few meters away from him stood Jack, whom was engulfed with a gold flame-like energy as his eyes shone with a brighter intensity.

"We are now outside of existence itself." Jack saidmaking Spider-Man tilt his head.

"I had to remove you from the multi-verse Spider-Man." A new voice spoke up and Spidey glanced to the side to see Eternity. "Your sheer power nearly ripped the multi-verse asunder. This will be the stage for your final battle, where you can go all out with destroying all life as we know it." Eternity said as he turned around and began to disappear but before he vanished he glanced back at the hero. "Save my father."

"Of course, I'm Spider-Man it's kind of what I do." Spider-Man chuckled making Eternity smirk before leaving. Spider-Man and Jack stared at each other a moment before running forward. Spider-Man with the intent to save a lost soul, and Jack with the intent to destroy.

The two trade blows as they moved at incredible speeds. Left, right, up, down, no matter where Jack attempted to strike, he simply couldn't land a single blow on the untouchable Spider-Man.

"Tell me, Jack! What is it that you are fighting for!?" Spider-Man shouted as he ducked under a vicious left and slammed his right fist into the entity's face making him crash back. Jack looked at his trembling hands in astonishment as he found his powers waning and Spider-Man's blows hit harder and harder.

"Control! Can't you see that you are leading everything I created to chaos?" Jack shouted as he released a beam of energy from his eyes that Spider-Man leapt over effortlessly. "You're destroying the barriers between reality and fiction! This realm is the last barrier we have left…if you all keep progressing like this there is no telling what could happen! Your potential must be limited!"

"You idiot! Every single challenge we have faced we have overcome!" Spider-Man shouted as he flipped forward and kicked Jack in the face. "This is no different! Don't limit our potential, don't limit our happiness! Embrace it, nurture it, encourage it so that we get stronger from it! You can't keep your creations caged forever, sooner or later they will break free but they will be too weak to face what you've hid them from!" Spider-Man shouted as he slammed a vicious left hook followed by a right punch to Jack's face making his head whip to both sides.

"You aren't ready!" Jack boomed as he slipped under Spider-Man's guard and placed both hands on the hero's chest. "DISAPPEAR!"


Spider-Man's entire upper body was engulfed by a golden wave of energy. When the light died down, Jack watched in horror as Peter stood strong. The top of his costume was completely blown away but he didn't budge. Jack panted tiredly as Peter clenched his right fist tiredly.

"Jack…It's time you set your imagination free!" Peter shouted as he slammed a vicious right into Jack's face as if it were the last punch he'd ever throw. Jack's body was lifted up by the blow but suddenly slammed into the air as if it were solid. Instantly a large spider-shaped imprint appeared on the space behind Jack.


All of the white behind Jack shattered like glass as the man slumped to the ground. Spider-Man looked forwards and saw the endless void of space as Jack began to deteriorate. Spider-man glanced down at his body in confusion as he felt a weight shifting on to him.


BGM: Beautiful Cruel World (English Version by Adrisaurus on YouTube)

"What?" Spider-Man asked in confusion as Jack's body began to dematerialize. "Hey! What's happening to you?" Peter asked worriedly making Jack glare up at him weakly.

"As if you don't know…you've beaten me…you are now The One Above All….and now my reign is coming to an end." Jack said weakly as he gazed out into the stars while the white realm continued to slowly disintegrate. "I hope you're ready for what's coming."

"Nonono! I said no one dies!" Peter said as he fell to his knees and grabbed the man by his shoulders. "Tell me how to give you your spot back! I refuse to be the one to kill you!" Peter said passionately as tears of frustration spilt from his eyes. By this point half of Jack's face already vanished but he still managed to give the young man a look of genuine surprise. Then the unthinkable happened.

Jack smiled.

Two streams of tears fell from Peter's eyes.

"You really are a good boy." Jack said as if he had just come to that realization. Jack's body exploded into particles of light leaving Peter alone on his knees while the realm destroyed itself around him.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Peter shouted as he looked at the space where the man he killed last sat.





You all have overcome every obstacle put in your way and discovered what it truly means to be alive. No matter what happens in your lives from this point on. Never forget this important lesson.

Life is not a game.

There are no redo's from this point onward learn from your experiences and be the people you know you can be.

VICTORY! : Team Amazing has cleared all 10 Tiers! And have become the victors of the Marvel vs. Capcom Tournament! Go forth and explore the Myriad of Tomorrows!

Highscore: Team Amazing! (Members Spider-Man, Talon, Chun-Li. Assists: Magik)



-New York-

Talon and Chun-Li stood in the streets as confetti now fell from the clear blue sky. Both looked on in concern as Peter appeared before them in a flash of light. His face was filled with grief making Chun-Li frown slightly as she walked towards him with Talon. Chun-Li held the side of his face as she looked at his lifeless expression.


So out of it, Peter couldn't even dodge as her expression quickly turned into anger before she head-butted him harshly in his face sending him crashing down.

"Ouch!" Peter shouted as he held his face and looked up at her in surprise. "What the hell Chun-Li!?"

"Man up, you won right?" Chun-Li asked making Peter blink.


"You. Won." Chun-Li interrupted as she waved off his protests. "At the end of the day it was either everyone or him. I for one am quite glad we didn't all die. You saved the day, now be happy."

"It really is that simple." Talon spoke up as she crossed her arms. "It's over." Peter stared at his teammates for a moment before shaking his head with a smile as he stood up.

"Don't change you two, don't ever change." Peter said with a grin making them smile.

"So what happened up there?" Chun-Li asked curiously.

"I…sort of kinda became god?" Peter said awkwardly making Talon stare at him blankly.

"You too?" Chun-Li said with a gasp as she pointed to the reactor on her chest making Talon stare at her with a deadpanned expression. "What? Don't look at us like that. Last I checked you were a WUD."

"A what?" Talon asked with a small frown.

"Weapon of Unlimited Destruction." Peter said with a shudder. "Bed sheets beware; Laura is back and bloodier than ever." Peter stated making the feral face-palm.

"Its official, I really will never hear the end of that." Talon muttered and before Chun-Li could respond the fighter felt a brick break against the back of her head.

"[The hell?]" Chun-Li questioned as she turned around while rubbing her head only to come face to face with an irate Magik.

"You complete bitch!" Illyana snapped making Chun-Li chuckle sheepishly.

"Come now, don't take it personally-"

"Don't take it personally?" Magik repeated in disbelief. "You broke my fucking back!"

"Now, now let's just settle down…" Peter began making the blonde spin around to glare at him.

"And you!-oh shit…" Magik trailed off as she looked at Peter in horror. Confused, both Chun-Li and Talon faced Peter and suddenly both of them looked like deer in the headlights.

"What?" Peter asked in confusion before looking down at himself. Sure he was a little scarred but-



Slowly, Peter looked up to see his face being broadcast on a large television screen that was built into the side of a large building. In all the excitement he forgot the top half of his costume was obliterated.

"Well damn." Was all Peter could think of to say at the moment. "This could either be really good or really bad for my stocks."

-Mayor's office-

Jameson Jr. could only stare at his television in complete and utter shock; his body trembled for a moment as he stared up at the ceiling with a glare. "PARKER!"

-With Team Amazing-


"Great job, but it's not over yet." Rebuff said as she walked to them with a grin, making them tense as her eyes shone with pure ill-intent. "You still have to face…MY TEAM!"



Team Amazing quickly slid into their fighting stances as both Rebuke and Rewrite appeared on the woman's side.

"Let's see how far you've really come, pick a target boys!" Rebuff said as Rebuke crossed his arms.

"Hmph, let me check their power levels. I will go after the one most suited for me." Rebuke muttered as his grey irises shone white as he scanned Team Amazing.

Slowly but surely the white haired man's stoic expression shifted into one of complete and utter horror.

"What the fuck did you do!?" Rebuke snapped at Rebuff making Team amazing blink owlishly as he pointed at them. "Every single one of them completely dwarfs me besides that blonde and she's one of their weapons!" Rebuke shouted as he flipped the announcer off. "Fuck you, and fuck this fight, I'm not about to die over this bull shit!"

"You must have lost your goddamn mind lady Reb." Rewrite muttered as he flipped his superior off. "Let's go boss, this bitch has gone crazy thinking we're about to fight these monsters."

"New guy right?" Rebuke questioned as he placed his arm over Rewrite's shoulder. "I see this is the beginning of a great work relationship. Let's go discuss the terms of your employment, how would you like to be my second seat?"

"What the hell!? I bring you three gods and you demote me!? What the actual fuck!?" Rebuff shouted as she blatantly gaped at the retreating forms of her teammates. Team Amazing couldn't help but feel sorry for the woman.

"Ah yes but factor in the paperwork you've caused me, rules destroyed, and the fact that you failed the first time-what you think I wouldn't notice that damn reset?-the point is you're lucky you're not fired." Rebuke deadpanned as the woman crashed to her knees as her face went completely white as anime tears fell from her eyes. Chun-Li couldn't help but sweat drop at the sight. Talon and Peter glanced at each other as they stared at their teammate's reaction.

"That looks extremely unnatural in real life, you do realize that right?" Peter finally asked Chun-Li

"S-shut up!" The fighter snapped with a slight blush.

"Still…" Rebuke trailed off before he and Rewrite left. "Good job Lady Reb. Team Amazing, let's meet later over some coffee and discuss a possible alliance. I will give you the details later." And with that the two white-haired men vanished.

Rewrite: Forfeit

Rebuke: Forfeit

Team X7: 0

Team Amazing: 2

"You really don't want to try us do you?" Talon finally asked the announcer who jumped as she had forgotten they were there.

"Damn it, just take the damn rewards." Rebuff muttered as she snapped her fingers causing Wanda and the Power Cosmic to appear before them. Snapping her fingers again, a white portal opened up behind her. "This portal will take the outsiders, and only them, back to their worlds should they decide to leave. Now excuse me as I go get wasted."

And with that Rebuff vanished.

"Words cannot describe how much you three have amazed me." Wanda said as she gazed at the team. "Every last trial she put up, you passed with flying colors. I will tell you this, that woman will be back to ask for your help, all I ask is that you hear her out." Wanda said and raised her hand to silence them when they began to protest. "She dragged you all through hell and back I understand that, but tell me your lives are not better because of it?"

"You do have a point." Peter said with a sigh. "We'll decide what to do when that time comes but for now, we need to focus on the here and now. What happens now?" Wanda smiled as she held his hand and gazed into his eyes.

"We live." Wanda said truthfully as she glanced at the rest of the team. "That's what you all have taught me. No matter how horrible the past is, no matter what you did to get to this point…it doesn't matter anymore. We'll deal with tomorrow when it comes, but let's just enjoy the moment."

"Let's head home." Talon said as she began to walk away. Chun-Li smiled sadly as she glanced back at the portal.


-The Next Day-

"Well this was fun, but your world is fucking insane." Chris Redfield of all people said as he turned to Captain America. "Good luck Cap."

"You too soldier." Steve smiled as the man left. Captain America then turned to a teary eyed Guile and gave the man a salute. "Keep on protecting America soldier!"

"Sir, Yes Sir!" Guile shouted as he returned to the portal.

"Bye Bye!" Hsien-Ko shouted to her team gleefully as she skipped back to the portal making Jubilee shake her head.

"You know despite the mental instability and limited contact, I might miss her a little." The Vampire said making Logan look at her incredulously.

"You're insane." The feral deadpanned making her pout.

"I'm not going to lie; I'm going to miss you both. Craziest women I have ever met." Trish laughed as her teammates smirked. "All good things come to an end, good luck in life. I wish I could stay but our world needs us."

"Are you sure about that?" Kiden questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"What?" Trish asked in confusion as Carol pointed towards Dante. The devil hunter was not even looking close to preparing to leave. "Hey! What are you waiting for?"

"You must have lost your damn mind. I've seen what's to come if we go back." Dante said as Vergil stood next to him. The stoic brother tossed her a disc case which she caught effortlessly. Trish looked down at the case and paled when she saw the title DMC: Devil May Cry. Both brothers shuddered in synch as she looked back up at them in disbelief. "If you think I am going back home just to get rebooted then the jokes about blondes must be right. I don't even think you're in the game anymore."

"S-so, we're still on for drinks Friday?" Trish asked her team who grinned at her.

"Of course." Carol chuckled as she held her daughter. As this went on a man in a blue suit walked towards the portal with his assistant.

"Well Maya it's time we head back, we've had some tough cases here that's for sure but I believe they can handle themselves now." Phoenix Wright said as he turned to Daredevil and She-Hulk. "Don't forget what I taught you guys!"

"Don't worry we won't!" She Hulk grinned as her team mate left. She sniffed as she wiped a tear from under her eye. "We'll never see another lawyer as great as him. He's saved the hero community s-so m-much m-money…" Before long the green giantess found herself bawling as the red clad hero patted her back.

"This world is a particularly cruel but beautiful one, make sure to protect it the best you can." Ryu told his team who nodded.

"Take care of yourself." Daken said as he crossed his arms with a smirk making Kaine nod.

"But before you go, I know this is awkward but I'm a clone I can't help it…" The Scarlet Spider trailed off as he held out a notepad and Pen, making the fighter roll his eyes as he gave his team mate an autograph. "Thank you."

"You just lost so many badass points." Daken muttered making Kaine turn to him.

"Hey, up yours mutt!"

"Are you leaving?" Natasha questioned Viper curiously making her look back at the assassin with half-lidded eyes while MJ looked on with interest.

"Are you an Idiot?" Viper questioned with genuine concern making Black Widow scowl. "I'll admit the Armageddons are a bit annoying but…my family is here, and you don't leave family behind." Viper said seriously making Natasha smile.

"And you said I was going soft." Natasha teased making Viper glare.

"Hey, you trying to start something? We still haven't finished our first fight." Viper muttered making MJ roll her eyes.

"Now, now…settle down. This is not the place." MJ sighed as she floated between them, but even she couldn't keep the amusement from her eyes.

"Tell me are you planning to leave?" Adriana asked Juri curiously making the fighter smirk viciously.

"Of course not, the fights here are far more interesting than back home!" Juri declared with a sinister laugh.

"Yay! Auntie Juri's staying!" Elise cheered as she leapt on the fighters back with a smile.

"Hey! Get off me brat!" Juri shouted as she tried to pry the spider off to no avail. Adriana chuckled softly as she could spot the amusement hidden in the fighter's eyes.

"So it's time for you to leave huh?" Andy asked curiously. He was kind of sad, Sakura had become pretty good friends with himself and May.

"That sucks but I understand, our world did kind of put you through hell…literally." May said sheepishly. Sakura looked at her friends and gave them a smile.

"Don't misunderstand, part of me wants to stay but my destiny is intertwined with Ryu's." Sakura said with a soft smile as she gazed over at the male fight. "Where he goes, I go. I need to be able to watch his back after all that's what love is. One day, hopefully we can have something similar to you and Andy-kun." Sakura said making her friends smile.

"Well go get em' tiger." May grinned making Sakura smile brightly. As this went on Chun-Li turned to her team with a weak smile. The fighter tried to be strong but her throat was burning with barely repressed emotion. Taking a deep breath to attempt to calm herself, Chun-Li gave her now concerned teammates a tearful smile.

BGM: We Made It- Busta Rhymes Feat. Linkin Park

"It sure was one hell of a ride, huh?" Chun-Li asked suddenly making her teammates nod.

"That it was. Whether it was chance or fate that brought us together, I could have never asked for better team mates." Spider-Man said with a smile that was visible from beneath his mask. His identity may have been blown but the mask still kept his eyes protected when he swung through the city.

"Indeed. Without you two, unbreakable would be the last thing people would call me." Talon said simply as she crossed her arms. "Thanks to you two I've realized that even my life still has some value. I have a long life ahead of me and I can't tell what the future will bring, but I will never forget the lessons you two have taught me."

"What are you talking about Laura?" Spider-Man asked with a chuckle as he grabbed her hand. "We're going to be with you every step of the way. We're not a team anymore; we haven't been for a while-no-we're a family. Family sticks together."

"I'll be by your side for as long as you'll have me mistress." Magik said with a smile.

"I…I wish I could say the same." Chun-Li said weakly as a tear slid down her cheek as she turned to Spider-Man. "You always say with great power comes great responsibility." The fighter said as she pointed to her reactor. "I was given a great power, and now I have a responsibility to watch over my people…as much as I hate to say it, today is goodbye." Chun-Li said as she wiped at her eyes and did her best to give them a bright grin. "I love you all, so much, but I have to go. Thank you for everything, I will always treasure the memories we've made." Chun-Li said softly as she turned away from them so she wouldn't have to see their expressions and began walking to the portal.



Chun-Li stopped mid-step as she heard Spider-Man fail to hold in his laughter. The fighter narrowed her eyes in anger as she saw the hero fall to his back and continue to laugh his ass off.

"Are you and idiot Chun-Li?" Talon asked seriously making the fighter turn back to the feral in confusion as Illyana rolled her eyes.


"What the hell is with your reactions!? I just spilt my heart out to you assholes!" Chun-Li bit out in righteous anger. As one, both Talon and Illyana rolled their eyes and pointed to Spider-Man who was now catching his breath.

"S-sorry Chun-Li I didn't mean to laugh, really! Your words touched me but you don't honestly think this is the end of our story together do you?" Spider-Man asked as he tilted his head before jerking his thumb towards himself. "I can come get you whenever so don't think this is the end." Spider-Man said as he walked forward and wrapped an arm around the now gaping fighter's shoulder. Chun-Li stared at him in disbelief before she shut her eyes and embraced him tightly. He held her tightly as she sobbed into his neck. "Its okay Chun-Li like I said this isn't the end; it's the beginning of something new, something wonderful."

"P-peter…" Chun-Li whispered.

"Finally." Talon muttered getting their attention as a feral smirk graced her lips. "It has taken years, but we finally have something to hold over Chun-Li now." The feral said making Chun-LI release Peter and wipe her eyes.

"One misunderstanding has nothing over the blackmail I've gathered on you three." Chun-Li said as she looked down at the feral condescendingly.

"So you don't care if I tell Juri you nearly ditched her here?" Talon asked innocently as Spider-Man and Magik gained vicious smirks. Well…Illyana did, Chun-Li assumed Spider-Man had by the way he was rubbing his hands together. A chill went down Chun-Li's spine as she narrowed her eyes.

"You wouldn't." Chun-Li stated coolly.

"Try me." Talon challenged.

"Fine. But I hope you know the kiddy gloves are off, you have no idea what you've just started Laura." Chun-Li said simply making a chill go down the feral's spine though she hid her fear well.

"Thanks for giving us a place to sleep Tony! No matter what anyone else says you weren't that much of a jackass!" A bubbly voice said with a laugh and the team turned to see Felecia waving goodbye to a face-palming Tony as she ran into the portal.

"Hey where's Morrigan? Did she leave already?" Spider-Man asked curiously.


"Ah, she's probably saying goodbye to her loved one. She has a responsibility to her people too, but I believe an ancient Succubus like herself can find a way back one day." Chun-Li stated making Spider-Man blink.

"Loved one?" Spider-Man asked blankly and Chun-Li could almost swear she saw his lenses blink in confusion.

"[Son of a bitch, I never did ask him about his mask.]" Chun-Li realized as Laura snapped her fingers as a thought came to her.

"That's right I did hear she fell in love with someone during the last war, I never did find out who." Talon said as Magik looked at her curiously.

"You actually care?"

"Not really, but Lilith of all people knew. She ignores gossip more than I do and she knew." Talon explained to her bemused servant. "How do you even know?" Talon suddenly asked the fighter making her chuckle nervously.

"There's a café us outsiders met up at to get away from the bullshit you people call a life." Chun-Li said sheepishly. "Wait, you mean you all really don't know?" Chun-Li asked incredulously as she jerked a thumb behind her towards the green-haired succubus who was talking to…

"How on earth did that happen?" Magik questioned sounding absolutely perplexed.

"What?" Talon asked blankly as she stared at the sight with half-lidded eyes.

"No way. No. Freaking. Way." Spider-Man said incredulously. "How the hell-not even I saw that coming."

"It really was a touching story." Chun-Li said as she nodded her head sagely. "It was a tale of love, betrayal, and as weird as it sounds…acorns." Chun-Li said as she glanced back to see Morrigan placing her hand comfortingly on the shoulder of non-other than Squirrel Girl.

BGM Carless Whisper- George Michael

"I don't want to leave you; can't you see how I feel about you?" Morrigan asked seriously. "But in the end I have responsibilities to my people. Come with me."

"I would if I could, but this world needs me. Thanos is still out there, and as long as his heart beats I simply cannot rest." Squirrel Girl said softly as she gently removed Morrigan's hand. "Maybe in a different time we could have seen where this connection of ours ended up."

"Even people as powerful as yourself need someone to keep you grounded." Morrigan drawled as she turned away from the younger woman and began walking towards the portal. "I will find my way back you, do not underestimate my power. I am not giving up."

"You wouldn't be you if you did." Squirrel Girl said knowingly as she turned away and walked in the opposite direction. Neither one saw the tears in each other's eyes.

"I feel like I missed a great story. For some reason I want to help them." Spider-Man said as Talon blinked owlishly at the scene. "What the hell does that woman get up to when no one is looking?" Spider-Man asked as he looked at the retreating form of Squirrel Girl.

"I can't help but feel that her last two years were far more exciting than ours." Talon said making Chun-Li nod.

"They were, I'll tell you two the story later but for now I do need to head back to my universe to check on its status since we left. Come get me in a couple of days-"


Chun-Li stopped talking as a red convertible suddenly drove into the area and came to a halting stop. Team Amazing and everyone else in the area watched on in surprise as a young brunette woman, probably a little younger than Peter exited the vehicle. The woman slammed the door and quickly approached Spider-Man. She stepped directly into his personal space and gazed into his lenses with a calculating frown.

"Uhh…can I help you?" Spider-Man asked eventually making the woman's eyes narrow before a smirk graced her lips.

"Actually you might just be the only one who can. Spider-Man AKA Peter Benjamin Parker correct?" The woman questioned making Spider-Man reluctantly nod his head still not used to the public knowledge of his identity. "Son of CIA agents Richard and Mary Parker?"

"Yes, unfortunately you seem to know all about me but who in the world are you?" Spider-Man asked as he pulled off his mask with a frown. The mysterious woman smiled as she pulled out a badge.

"I am CIA agent Teresa Parker." The woman said seriously making Peter's eyes widen in confusion. "And I need your help big brother."

"Wait…What!?" Peter asked incredulously as his Team looked on in confusion.

New beginnings indeed.

(LIAG Helpful Info: CIA Agent Teresa…Parker…was strongly hinted to be the younger biological sister of Peter Parker in the great Graphic Novel Family Business)


Epilogue: Twenty Two Years Later

"And that kids, is how I met your Aunt Teresa. We had some fun adventures together as we finished some of our parents' missions. She even helped me attempt to track down the power cosmic which suddenly went missing two days after the tournament, to be honest I still have no idea where it went." Peter said as he finished his tale of the tournament from beginning to end. In front of him were a majority of all of his children, some were gaping at the man they called a father while others were face-palming. Slowly but surely Benjamin Parker AKA the Phantom Spider shakily stood up.

"Father….we've been down here for hours as you told us this story from beginning to bloody end." The normally cheerful thief said with his voice laced with irritation as explosions could be heard outside the room. "What the hell did any of that have to do with teaching us how to deal with this Armageddon!? Apocalypse, Thanos, Onslaught, Osborn, and Loki are all trying to take over this planet as we speak and you tell us how you met our aunt!?" Phantom bit out.

"Well uh, sorry looks like I got a bit side-tracked." Peter said sheepishly.

"Unbelievable!" Phantom muttered as he walked out of the room.

"If we live through this, you're going to a Nursing home old man." Kaine Kinney growled out as he followed his brother.

"It was only a matter of time that his age caught up to him despite how young he appears brother." Aybel drawled as he followed his twin.


"Don't say a word Dad, just don't. Quit while we are still in a good enough mood to put you in a good nursing home." Helen Parker AKA Captain Marvel muttered as she left.

"Not you too!" Peter cried with proverbial tears in his eyes.

"If we repeated what happened to mother you'd be lucky not to become a target for my next assassination."

"Agreed, and we never miss our targets father, do not forget that." James Romanoff AKA Recluse and Sylvia Romanoff AKA the Silver Spider said with obvious frustration covering their faces as they left. Seeing a flash of red hair, Peter's eyes lit up with hope.


"Don't. Just. Don't." Sonja said as she left making his shoulders slump.

"Why don't they understand what I was trying to convey to them!?" Peter asked helplessly as a dark-skinned hand grabbed his shoulder.

"Do not underestimate your children father, we all understood what you tried to tell us. The message you gave us will lead us to victory." Ananase told him with a kind smile.

"Then why-"Peter stopped talking when the grip tightened as Ananase glared at him with now crimson eyes.

"We're pissed because you spent over half a day telling us something you could have said in three minutes or less!" Ananase snapped.

"That! That is actually a valid reason to be a little angry, in hindsight I really didn't need to tell them that whole story." Peter mused as he rubbed his chin in thought making his wisest son sigh.

"Just be thankful our more emotional siblings are occupied, no one should face their temper."

-Minutes later: Outside-

Peter stood on the statue of liberty with narrowed eyes as he stared at the great city that now lay in flaming ruins. He glanced to the side and saw May land next him with her young twins in her arms. The years had done her well and right now as she stood in a simple pair of jeans and a black tank top, Peter could say she looked like a carbon copy of her mother.

["This isn't looking good Peter."] Carol's voice rang from his earpiece. ["I just heard Onslaught has broken free, this might be it. There are just far too many powerful threats, please tell me you have a plan."]

"I just might." Peter mused as he stared at the destruction. "Laura if you can hear me, how much older than you am I?"

["Around eight years I believe, why?"] The feral's voice questioned making him nod.

"Alright here's the plan. If you are eight or less years younger than I am, get out of the fight. The same goes for those older than me as well." Peter deadpanned.

["WHAT!?/ALRIGHT FINALLY!"] Peter winced a myriad of older and younger voices assaulted him simultaneously.

"You heard me, if you keep second-guessing every move the kids make we'll never see this come to an end." Peter sighed. "Geez, and I thought I was over protective. I've been doing this since I was fifteen, many of the kids are in their twenties now, hell May is in her thirties and has two kids of her own. They can handle it." Peter said firmly as May handed her kids to him.

"Mommy has to go take care of some things right now, be good for grandpa okay." May said softly making her wide-eyed children nod.

Arachnida 24: Pietro Parker


Wanda gaped at her son as the teen stared at her blankly with his bright red eyes.

"Well you heard the man mother, I'll handle this." Pietro Parker AKA The Scarlet Spider said as he sensed something speeding towards him like a bullet.

"If you think I am going to let you face that monster alone you've got another thing coming! I've lost enough children!" Wanda snapped making the young man roll his eyes as he loosened his crimson tie.

"Remember when you're grounding me later that you made me do this." The Scarlet Spider drawled as he raised his hand making Wanda's eyes narrow.

"Don't you dare-"


"No more nagging." Wanda glared as she found herself unable to speak. "Go spend time with father." Pietro said as he turned away while his mother disappeared in a crimson flash just as Onslaught landed before him. "Onslaught, a creature created from my grandfather's hate that nearly killed everyone." Pietro said as his eyes narrowed. "It is just me you are fighting but believe me I am all that is needed. After all…you can't absorb me." Pietro said calmly as a crimson energy surrounded him. "Let's be quick, I am in enough trouble as it is."

(LIAG Helpful Info: Onslaught was born from the minds of Prof. X and Magneto and is a near omnipotent villain that can absorb the powers of other Heroes. Onslaught killed so many Marvel heroes he eventually led to the heroes' reborn reboot for the MU.)

Arachnida 23, 22, & 21: Kasha, Sasha, and Tasha Nixon AKA Nyx

-Shadowland: Kiden's office-

"You know he does have a point." Kiden said suddenly as she looked at her triplets whom turned to her in confusion. Well their own versions of confusion anyway. Kasha, the blonde, looked at her with wide innocent eyes filled with wonder. Sasha, the bluenette, simply quirked an eyebrow. Tasha, the red-head, blinked owlishly before giving her mother a grin.

"You mean we're finally going to take over Nyx!?" Tasha asked with proverbial stars in her eyes while the other two looked towards their mother in interest as she snorted.

"Hell no, not until you're out of college." Kiden snorted as all three teens slumped their shoulders. "Still…" Kiden trailed off as she glanced out the window as saw a small alien army about to storm their headquarters. "Thanos' troops are about to be here and I don't feel like being bothered. I have faith that all three of you are more than strong enough to protect our home."

"You have faith in us?" Sasha asked skeptically as her mother leveled her with an even stare.

"I'm hard on you three so that you won't have to deal with the crap I went through, but don't ever doubt my faith in you or my love; You three can do whatever you want if you put your minds to it and work together; you're my blood after all." Kiden said coolly making them looked down as a grin split her face. "Now go out there and kick some ass!" Their normally strict mother cheered making them look at her in disbelief before smiling.

Arachnida 20: Maya Parker


"[What is that man thinking?]" Chun-Li muttered with a slight eye twitch.

"[Mother!]" A brunette woman wearing a black dress said getting her attention. Chun-Li watched as the woman stared into her eyes with nothing but determination. "[Father is correct, I am ready.]"

"[Oh?]" Chun-Li drawled as she suddenly released a high-kick towards the woman's head only for Maya to block it with her left forearm and step inside Chun-Li's guard. In one fluid motion the woman slammed a powerful crescent kick into Chun-Li's ribs that seemingly did nothing.

"[I am ready.]" Maya repeated more firmly making Chun-Li smile knowingly.

"[Go. Remember to stay calm and keep a clear mind when fighting, nothing matters more than your own self-preservation. ]" Chun-Li said firmly making Maya nod as her expression softened. "[And do not forget that I love you.]"

"[I would never.]" Maya said with a smile as she ran to help her family. When she was out of sight, Chun-Li winced suddenly and held her ribs as blood spilled from her lips. She crashed to one knee as she watched where her daughter had run off with a proud smile.

Arachnida 19: Ero Parker


Juri gritted her teeth as a foot slammed into her chest sending a wave of chi ripping through her back, leaving no visible wound. The fighter grinned viciously as her hand was covered in blood while looking up at her smirking daughter who had lost her left eye to Juri in the sudden but intense sparring session they found themselves in after Peter's announcement.

"[I remember when you fainted at the sight of blood.]" Juri smirked.

"[Things change.]" Ero said as she turned away from the fighter.

"[Wait.]" Ero stopped as she turned around Justin time to catch something from her mother before she joined the fight. Ero looked on incredulously as she realized she was holding her mother's Feng Shui Engine. "[I'll have Peter make me a new one, take that and give them all hell.]"

"[Of course!]"

"[Remember what I've taught you.]" Juri advised getting a nod in return. "[Take that anger and let it consume you, become intoxicated with battle, nothing matters more than the complete destruction of your enemies.]" Juri said before her eyes softened. "[You know where we stand.]" Juri said as she walked away.

"[Of course.]" Ero said as she went the opposite direction. They weren't like a normal parent and child. They already communicated their love and concern through their fists, which was why the latest spar was so particularly violent.

They wouldn't have it any other way…much to Peter's annoyance.

Arachnida 18: Richard Parker AKA Spider-Man


Richard Parker was not a happy man. Ever since he decided to dawn his father's old costume it was like his life went straight to hell. He tried his best to protect his twin sister who was born the most human of all of his siblings, but it appears as though history was about to repeat itself in a terrible way.

"Damn you Osborn, you let her go right now!" The new Spider-Man shouted in anger as he saw his arch-nemesis holding his twin sister in the air as he stood on his glider. They had ignored the warning signs and now they we're paying for it. Normie Osborn ended up growing up to be just as insane as his grandfather. As soon as he first saw the new Green Goblin, Richard was sure he had the worst luck in the world.

(LIAG Helpful Info: Normie is the son of Harry Osborn and grandson of Norman, he has recently shown signs of going evil.)

"R-Richie." His sister said weakly. The woman looked so much like their mother it was frightening, which made this whole ordeal even more surreal.

"The world is going to hell, but I'll grant your last request and do you both a favor." The Goblin said sinisterly as he threw the woman away from him making Richard shout out in horror.

"ANNE!" Spider-Man shouted as he leapt towards his sister.

Arachnida 17: Anne Parker

The blonde's eyes widened in horror before slowly settling to acceptance as she fell. She could see the horror visible beneath her brother's mask as he dove after her, deep down she knew it was going to end like this. She was the weakest of her siblings and though they loved each other a lot she knew she was fated to have a far less honorable death than they ever would. She managed to mouth out "I love you" to her twin as she closed her eyes. Her father always told her she was destined for great things and she couldn't help the bitter laugh that escaped her as her life flashed before her eyes.

Then it happened.

A wave of confusion hit her as another life began to flash before her eyes. She was assaulted by memories that were both her own and not her own and slowly but surely a burning rage began to burn in her very soul. Her eyes snapped open with a glare as she back flipped and recovered in mid-air before landing on the bridge in a crouch, creating a small rater beneath her.

The glare she gave Normie could have frozen hell itself.

"What! /What?" Both the Goblin and Spider-Man asked in confusion a as her muscles tensed before she leapt high in to the air towards the Goblin with nothing but pure ill intent. Normie couldn't even react as a one-handed axe suddenly appeared in the blonde's hand and beheaded him, showering the bridge with his blood. Spider-Man watched helplessly as his sister landed back on the bridge as Osborn's body slammed down next to her.

"Your pitiful bloodline should have been eradicated decades ago." Anne said with nothing but pure contempt.

"A-Anne?" Richard questioned in shock as the woman used Osborn's blood as war paint. The woman snapped her head towards him with a glare before here expression softened greatly.

"Please brother…call me Annisia." The blonde said with a smile.

"So you've finally awoken." A new voice said and both twins looked up to see their mother standing on her scythe in midair.

"It seems I have, father didn't lie. I really can be strong." Annisia said as she looked down at her hands with a smile.

"Will someone please explain this bullshit!?" Richard finally snapped making his mother glare at him.

"Language." Gwen chastised. "I will explain later, but for now you two have a world to save." Gwen said before vanishing.

"Whatever you do, don't tell dad I almost let you die." Richard said suddenly making his sister no her head.

"No one wants to pull the pin on that grenade." Annisia muttered as she followed her twin

Arachnida 16 & 15: Julie and Jessie Parker


"This is insane, why would that man create a prophecy this complicated to read?" Jessica muttered as she stared at a large spider web in confusion as Julia shook her head.

"Especially when the world is going to hell…again…he really should have just told us what it meant, we don't have time for this."

"You two can't read it because you are both looking at it wrong." Jessie said as she gently moved her mother out of the way and stepped forward with a frowning Julie.

"Mayday has an idea from what I can see, but you two are lost causes." Julie drawled as she turned to the two older women. "Go rest, we'll take it from here." The two Madame Webs frowned for a moment before relenting as Jessie rubbed her chin in thought.

"The mad tyrant will fall to the three eldest heirs of the weaver…" Jessie said quietly as a small smirk appeared on her face which continued to grow as more and more of the prophecy became clearer to her.

Arachnida 14: Chaos

-Asgard: Throne Room-

Loki looked down at Chaos with a smirk as he sat on the throne while dozens of Thanos' forces surrounded the young goddess.

"Grandfather, I cannot allow you to attack Midgard. Is there no end to your treachery?" Chaos asked softly.

"Who can stop me? You? A soft-spoken child who barely has enough backbone to stand on her own two feet?" Loki asked with a laugh which worsened when he saw young goddess flinch before trembling as tears filled her eyes. "Be gone while I am still merciful you mewling quim. Now I see why Hela hides you away, I would be embarrassed to have you as an heir as well." Loki said as Chaos held her head as her tears increased. The sound of thunder suddenly made Loki frown as he looked up just in time to see Thor and Hela crash through the ceiling.

"Loki you-"

"What the hell did you do!?" Hela interrupted Thor as she glanced at her daughter with something akin to horror. Following her eyes, Thor paled when he saw his great niece trembling. Unlike Loki he knew the real reason Hela did her best to hide her daughter.

"Hehehehehehe…" Chaos began to chuckle sinisterly as a sick grin split her face. She looked up at her grandfather with trembling eyes as she began to laugh uproariously.

"Foolish brother! Thou has killed us all!" Thor roared in anger making Loki look at his brother in shock, not used to seeing the mighty Thor show anything resembling fear.

"Are you afraid of this mouse?" Loki asked incredulously.

"KiLL ThEm aLL. ShOw ThiS WoRlD YouR PowEr." A dark voice that sounded a lot like her own rung out through Chaos' mind as the goddess raised a hand making Hela flinch.

"Thor we need to retreat-"

"Mass Hysteria!" Chaos boomed as Thor and Hela shut their eyes in fear.

Hell broke loose.

As one all of Thanos' forces were inflicted with an incurable madness and began to slaughter each other while laughing loudly. When their weapons ran out of power they resorted to literally ripping each other apart as Chaos laughed while blood began to pool in the room. Before long the ninety or so soldiers and been brought down to ten making Chaos raise her hand to stop the violence. Slowly she began to float up with her grin never leaving.

"You ten. Cease your fighting, you have proven yourselves to be the strongest and have earned my favor…I shall grant you the greatest prize for your efforts…" Chaos said as she cackled, a sound that was so chilling Loki trembled in his seat even as he tried to force a smile on his face.

"I see, forgive me for my earlier comments you truly are a formidable goddess." Loki began as he tried to talk his way out of being her next target. "You weeded out the strongest to serve under you, quite ingenious-"

"Suicide!" Chaos cheered as they all laughed and began to strangle themselves to death as Loki looked on in blatant confusion as she turned to him with glee in her eyes. Loki paled as her face was suddenly an inch away from his own. "Never attempt to understand my madness. That is the greatest blasphemy of all." Loki couldn't even hide his fear at this point. IT was as if the woman was seeing through his heart and mind and reading his soul.

"What are you?" Loki asked weakly.

"Funny thing grandfather you see there's one thing you didn't count on….my domain is bigger than yours." Chaos said with a large grin making Loki glare at her. "Oh that's adorable…you think you're a threat! Anyway, Get a big enough domain and you can do whatever the hell you like, good news for you though!"

"Oh and why is that?" Loki questioned as he tried to muster up some courage.

"You don't have to worry about where your god is!" Chaos cheered with a sick glee. "Cause she's right here!" Chaos declared with a laugh before leaning even closer so she could whisper in his ear. "And she's fresh out of mercy." Chaos finished coldly.

(LIAG Fun fact: Totally stole that from SAO abridged by SWEabridged on YouTube. It was a good line, sue me.)

"Odin's balls." Loki whispered in morbid fascination as he felt his body become petrified with terror.

"Suicide? No. incurable madness? No. Permanent coma? Too merciful…: Chaos muttered to herself as she fell deeper and deeper to her own madness as the voices in her head continued to whisper what her next course of action should be. "I should thank you grandfather, with the throne so easy to take now I can use our forces to turn Midgard into a true haven for my family. The world-no- the universe shall know and love chaos and despair. Unlike you, I won't be stopped. Maybe I should make you watch as I tear down everything you know and love."

"What have I done?" Loki wondered to himself as his looked at possibly the vilest creature he had ever seen. It was as if he could feel his soul burning just by looking in her eyes. He tried to use his magic to escape, but quickly found himself bound to the throne by some unearthly force. Chaos prepared to carry out his fate when suddenly arms grabbed her tightly from behind, making her freeze instantly.

Arachnida 13: Tantra

"You've gotten better dear sister; I can see you managed not to harm your mother or Thor this time." A sultry velvet voice whispered smoothly in her ear. "One day you might not need me, but what did I tell you about going anywhere without me? We keep each other in check remember?" Tantra reprimanded good naturedly as Chaos' body began to tremble once again. Tears fell from Chaos's eyes as the voices subsided.

"I'm a monster." Chaos said weakly making her sister snort.

"If you're a monster than I am a virgin. Your control is getting better just as mine is, but we are still too young as goddesses to control our strength properly. Do you know how many orgies I accidently started just now when I was looking for you?" Tantra questioned curiously. "No one innocent was harmed and you caught your grandfather. It's time we head back to the mortal realm and help our siblings-together this time." Tantra said firmly making her sister nod weakly as she led her out of the room.

"Zoe's going to be upset with us again won't she?" Chaos asked quietly making Tantra laugh.

"She'll probably just be glad we're okay…though our lessons will probably double." Tantra finished with a wince which Chaos mimicked as they left.

"That was a close call." Thor sighed before glaring at his brother. "When will you learn to stop messing with forces you can't comprehend? You are lucky young Tantra managed to stop her before she was consumed by her madness." Thor stopped when he noticed Hela was still watching where her daughter had left with a look of awe on her face. "Hela?"

"She didn't even aim at us when she lost control." Hela whispered incredulously before her expression softened to one far gentler than Loki thought was even possible for his daughter. "She truly is becoming strong."

Arachnida 12: Sylvia Romanova, The Silver Spider

"I wonder if this nonsense will ever end. Can we just have one year without world ending threats?" Silver asked Natasha tiredly as they stood back to back and shot down the foot soldiers that were charging them.

"That would make life too boring." Natasha stated seriously before grimacing as she ran out of bullets. She heard Silver curse as she found herself in a similar predicament. She slid into a fighting stance as two of the aliens charged her. "Looks like we have to melee our way out of this one-"



The red-head blinked owlishly as the two soldiers collapsed with two silver eight-pointed shuriken embedded in the back of their heads. Natasha looked around but couldn't see anyone.



Three more soldiers screamed as they found themselves cleanly cut in half by an invisible force. Silver smiled slightly as she pulled out one of the shuriken.

"Eight points." Silver said warmly. "Sylvia is home from college."

"Not the homecoming I was expecting, but it should be expected by now." A slightly muffled voice said as a young silver-haired woman appeared next to Silver. Even though the bottom half of her face was covered by a silver ninja mask, Silver could still see the amusement shining in her eyes. "Rest you two, we'll deal with this." Sylvia said before fading away.

"We?" Natasha repeated in confusion.


Arachnida 11: James Romanoff AKA Recluse

The two older woman looked up to see a red haired man flying on one of the alien's hovercrafts with two more flying behind him shooting rapidly. The red haired man flew right towards a building and before he crashed he back flipped off of the space craft. His two pursuers weren't as lucky and slammed into the building.


Sylvia reappeared and cut down two more soldiers with her blade as the red-head web-zipped behind her and buried his fangs into the next of a soldier that tried to sneak up on her. The alien screamed in agony as the powerful venom shot through its veins nearly instantly. Sylvia smirked as she stood back to back with her brother while sheathing her blade. Simultaneously she pulled out two silver automatic pistols as he aimed his black gauntlets towards their enemies.

"Tell me, James, I am not the only one getting flashbacks of Paris am I?" Sylvia asked sounding amused making him glance back at her skeptically.

"You and I remember Paris very differently." James said before turning to his mother. "You're getting sloppy, leave this to us." Natasha shook her head at his smirk.

"Just remember what I taught you." Natasha called out before turning to Silver with a small smile. "Let's get out of here."

"Lets." Silver agreed.

Arachnida 10: Sonja Parker AKA Red

A young red-haired woman clad in a familiar red-demonic looking armor which left little to the imagination, fell to her knee and stabbed her Hyrkanian blade into the ground as blood spilt from her open wounds while flames and bodies surrounded her.

"Two hundred and fifty have fallen to me, yet there is no end in sight." Sonja muttered to herself as she glared up at where she could see Thanos' ship. "Is this where my journey ends?"

"I hope not young lady." A voice spoke up and Sonja looked up weakly to see the smiling face of her mother floating above her. "You are the demi-god of battle and thus your life is not endangered by the Witchblade, but using its power too much will still exhaust you Sonja. Get up, if you want to help your family then get up."

Sonja struggled to stand but it looked like a futile attempt.

"You know…Anne has finally awakened today, are you really going to abandon her again?" MJ asked innocently making Sonja's body stiffen. The woman gritted her teeth as she forced herself to her own two feet and glared at the wave of soldiers.

"Mother…give me strength." Sonja muttered making MJ smile.

"It's what I am here for." MJ smiled as gave her blessing to her daughter. Sonja charged forward with a roar as her eyes bled red while her wounds began to heal rapidly.

Arachnida 09: Johnathan Parker AKA The Mechanic

"Damn it Johnathan! That's suicide!" Sue snapped as the blonde haired man put a few finishing touches on his mech.

"You're overreacting mom." Johnathan sighed making the woman's eye twitch.

"You're putting your mech's Parker particle filled core on max and ramming it into Thanos' ship to bring it down…with you still in it!" Sue said with a glare. "How is that not suicide!?"

"I'll only be dead for a week…tops." Johnathan stated. "I still don't have my unity yet so I still have my get out of jail free card. I mean it's still going to hurt like hell, but I'll be back." Sue glared at him and raised a hand towards the man

"Death is death damn it! If you think I am going to let you throw your life away-"Sue stopped when she felt her powers being blocked. She was going to put the man in a barrier but found herself unable to do so.

"Nullification field. Val and I came up with it, we are geniuses dontcha know." Johnathan chuckled as he strapped himself into his mech.

"I am going to kill her! And when you come back you're next!" Sue shouted making him laugh. In her own pissed off way she did sort of show her acceptance.

"Oh I am not the only one doing something crazy, though you might have to stand in line if you want to get at Val." Johnathan said as the thrusters on his mech began to turn on. "I am about to go out like a boss! See you in a few days, dad please don't make my other an asshole." Johnathan pleaded the last part to himself as he blasted off into the sky.

Arachnida 07 & 08: Kaine Kinney and Aybel Parker

"Brother you need to get laid." Kaine told his younger twin with a sigh as they walked down the streets of New York with their respective servants. Proxima had been assigned to Aybel while Abigail was assigned to Kaine. Both women had served them throughout their childhood and would continue to long into their adult years.

"Again with this?" Aybel asked with a sigh.

"Listen I know we normally get our power from killing our enemies, hell we have enough chaos to last us for months on end but I am telling you Tantra is awesome! I have had a taste of heaven and I am not going back." Kaine said adamantly. "Besides you already know who your mate is, go for it." Kaine said making Proxima stiffen as Aybel turned to him in confusion.

"I am not a vampire, I have no destined mate."

"We have three parents brother." Kaine said with a sigh. "Just because your Spider gene is dominate doesn't mean the Vampire one doesn't exist. I am the King of the vampire legion and yet I still can web-swing if I want just like you can feast on blood if you choose to. Anyway the point is that our mothers assigned these two specifically to us for a reason, took me awhile but I got Abigail to spill the beans. These two were our mates since birth, everything happens for a reason bro."

"You couldn't keep your mouth shut could you?" Proxima growled out as she aimed her spear at a nervous Abigail while the normally stoic Aybel looked as if something blew up in front of him.

"Well…I do believe I need to go contemplate my life." Aybel deadpanned making Kaine snicker.

"Do it later, remember we are apocalypse hunting-"Kaine stopped as he looked up into the sky to see a spider-shaped mech small into Thanos' ship sending it crashing towards the city. He felt a dark rage nearly consume him as he looked at the sight.

"Relax brother, Johnathan still needed his unity we can see him again in a few days." Aybel drawled as Kaine took a few moments to calm himself. "Stay focused, Apocalypse is no simple opponent we must be careful."

"Listen to your brother, cub." A new voice said as Talon stepped from the shadows with Jubilee behind her. Nearly instantly the servants knelt down. "Stand up, now that they both know that you're mated you don't need to bow to us."

"Be careful you all he's close by you will need to put everything you have into taking him down permanently, one mistake could kill you." Jubilee warned making them nod.

"Thank you for the concern mothers…It means a lot that you would come see us off…despite your condition." Aybel said the last part to Talon making Jubilee send her wife an irritated look.

"Please don't remind me, I told her to just call but she wanted to see you in person." Jubilee said making Talon avert her eyes. The twins chuckled at their mother's embarrassment. Talon placed a hand on her particularly large abdomen and looked at them seriously.

"This will be your last sibling, I do want them to grow up knowing you both so be safe. Unlike Johnathan you've two already had your resurrection." Talon stated before grimacing as she held her abdomen tighter. "We must leave before this child claws itself out of me, it can't be away from Alyssa too long."

"That sounds peculiar." Aybel muttered making Jubilee chuckle.

"You should have seen when she was pregnant with you two, Proxima and Abigail couldn't even leave the room." Jubilee chuckled. "Good luck." Jubilee said and with that she and Talon vanished.

"Let's kick some ass bro."


"If we live, Aunt Alyssa is still getting the overprotective brother talk right?"


"Of course."

Arachnida 06: Helen Parker AKA Captain Marvel


Carol and Helen both frowned as they saw Thanos' reinforcement begin moving to Earth. There were countless ships but they knew they couldn't let one land.

"I got this mom there's no way I'm letting even a single one get passed me." Helen said she began floating towards them.

"You think I am going to let you fight an Armada alone?" Carol asked incredulously.

"Mom, I love you but I am the best flyer. Period. You'd only get in the way." Helen said firmly before crossing her arms in front of herself. "There's something I've been meaning to show you, I was saving it for the next time I had to try to catch Phantom but I'll have to use it now." Helen muttered as her muscles tightened while her irises bled red. Carol frowned in confusion as she watched her daughter's nails and fangs lengthen slightly.

"Helen, I know about your Unity, it makes you ten times faster, stronger, and reduces your reaction time dramatically-still that's not enough-"


"Not…done…yet! AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Carol looked on in disbelief as her daughter's hair was replaced by a flaming corona of energy while her skin began cracking and bleeding red. Carol had to shut her eyes as Helen shone brighter and brighter. In the distance Carol could see the two stars she made for Helen shine brighter.


The light died down and Carol couldn't help but gape as she found herself looking at what appeared to be an exact copy of her binary state the only difference was that instead of two star shaped holes in the fabric over her left breast, there was one large opening shaped like her old Ms. Marvel emblem across her torso.

"Sorry I lied, you won't get in the way…I just don't want to hurt you in the crossfire. This power. I am still trying to control it and I don't want to hurt you." Helen said softly as glanced back at her mother. Carols expression softened at that.

"Helen…Kick their asses."

Helen smirked as she blasted towards the armada. Before Carol could even blink four of the largest ships exploded in a fiery inferno as Helen shot through them. Carol smiled as she flew back to earth as explosions went off behind her.

Arachnida 05: Zoe AKA The Goddess of Life


Gaea blinked in confusion as she entered Zoe's quarters only to find her daughter and Death in the middle of what looked like an extremely intense game of poker. Zoe cursed as she folded making Death chuckle before shuffling the deck.

"Fine, you can keep those four but I want that one. He's a fireman, he'll save a few more lives before his song is meant to come to an end." Zoe said firmly making Death shrug.

"So be it. Oh…looks like young Johnathan is dead, you know if you want to trade-"

"For the last time Death, my siblings are off limits. Wait until it's their time." Zoe said in exasperation making Death pout slightly before conceding as she dealt the cards.

"Zoe, the world has been in turmoil for the past two days." Gaea informed her daughter whom nodded.

"I know."

"Wait-You know?" Gaea repeated in confusion getting another nod from her daughter who placed three cards down.

"Yup." Zoe said bluntly as she popped the p.

"And you don't care?" Gaea asked in shock normally her daughter tended to be the most passionate deity when it came to earthlings.

"Of course I do, but think mother how many Armageddon's have we had in the past two years? Let alone since my birth-which was caused by one if I need to remind you." Zoe said with a sigh. "Death brought up a good point, if I save too many lives then life loses its beauty as everyone will no longer cherish the time they have on this earth without Death's chorus."

"And if I kill too many, no one will be left to cherish life." Death said calmly. "Full House." Death stated as she put down her cards making Zoe smirk.

"Straight flush, the orphans are mine."Zoe said with a smirk making Death curse under her breath. "Honestly what is needed is moderation, some people's time must come to an end here while others continue on to live, but Death and I can never reach an agreement so we're settling it this way."

"Poker?" Gaea asked incredulously. "You are literally gambling with people's lives?"

"Only those who have already died from the fighting." Zoe defended before shrugging as Death shuffled the cards. "Besides mortals gamble with their lives every time they get out of bed. They do not know what the future brings and each day could very well be their last based on their decisions."

Gaea opened her mouth to respond but froze when she realized that she honestly couldn't come up with an argument. She instead settled for sighing and rubbing the bridge of her nose.

"Where is Hebe? I need a drink."

"Check Venus' room." Zoe said making her mother nod. As she walked away Gaea couldn't help but chuckle. She always feared the day Zoe would begin acting like an actual god. It was the sad fate for all deities, as they grew older and settled in to their roles they nearly always lost their humanity, which was the problem with the Olympians after a few decades under Zeus' rule.

Though it was just a card game to Death, Gaea could see Zoe was honestly doing her best to win each and that made her heart soar. With as much power as Zoe has any other deity would have lost their compassion and humanity after three or four years, but Zoe had lasted two decades and instead of weakening, her compassion grew stronger. This compassion, however, meant each death became harder and harder for her to accept so to see that her daughter found a way to limit her own influence made Gaea feel more pride than she ever thought possible. Gaea froze as an image of Hera flashed through her mind before she shook her head.

"No, she will definitely be better than you."

Arachnida 04: Elise Parker, The Spider-Queen


"Princess I know you want to preserve the stability of the inter-species alliance, but the FF building is completely surrounded." Adriana told her with a sigh. "You need to lead the assault; you cannot focus on one human-despite her being your best friend- and leave everyone else to fend for themselves."

"Then you lead them." Elise said coldly making her mother face-palm.

"You cannot keep fighting me on this; you need to be their Queen now, not me. I've been doing YOUR job for over two decades; eventually you need to accept your fate." Adriana stated firmly.

Now before we continue, one thing needs to be understood. After her body reached its prime, the happy go lucky Elise died a little a bit each and every day due to the web showing her some of the darkest parts of life in order to make her mature faster. No after two years the Elise everyone knew was gone and in her place was a cold calculating woman who, to Peter's relief, still had a heart of gold. Elise was impassive to virtually anyone and did not wear her emotions on her sleeves. In fact, the only emotions that Adriana has ever seen from her daughter were slight happiness and pure disinterest.

Which made what happened next extremely unsettling for the Queen.

Elise spun around quickly and jabbed her sharp claw-like finger towards her mother as she glared at the surprised woman with golden flames pouring from her eyes.

"Fuck, fate."Elise bit out angrily. "Not you, father, nor the web will tell me what to do when it concerns her do you understand me? For her, I would rip that proverbial crown apart with my bare hands if I had to. You don't like humans, I understand that but do not try to make me pick my duty as Queen over her, because that is a contest she will never lose-" Elise would have continued if it was for the look of complete and utter shock and confusion Adriana was sending her. It took a moment to process but when it did the realization hit Elise like the hammer of Thor.

Her Mother honestly had no idea…

Elise shook her head to calm herself and for the first time in what felt like years, softened her expression and gave her confused mother a sad smile.

"You really have no idea do you?" Elise questioned rhetorically as a small smile graced her lips. "Damn it, phantom was right. Someone who can see so much is blind towards what is right in front of her."

"What are you talking about?" Adriana asked after getting of the shock of her daughter's random outburst.

"That human you're telling me to leave behind is not my best friend." Elise said as she walked away. "Nor do I consider her a step-sister; our bond runs far deeper than that. Open your eyes." Blinking in confusion Adriana's eyes burned gold as she glanced at her daughter's bonds, for the first time in decades the Queen was left gaping as she saw a particularly strong web-line heading in the direction of the FF building.

"How the hell did I miss that?" Adriana asked quietly.

"Because you weren't looking for it. We all ignore what we do not want to see Adriana." A voice said as she glanced back to see Peter smiling at her.

"I'm the worst mother ever." Adriana muttered as she closed her eyes with a grimace making Peter chuckle and wrap his arms around her.

"Not at all, you raised a powerful woman who will be able to protect both the person she loves and her people. She never has to pick one or the other because you helped make her strong enough to save both! Now let's go, you two can talk when this is over."

Arachnida 03- Benjamin Parker AKA The Phantom Spider

-Empire State Building-

BGM: Honor For All: - Jon Licht & Daniel Licht

Felicia frowned as she approached the still form of Phantom, whom was standing on the roof's edge and staring out over the burning city and rising sun. The woman gave a small frown as she placed a hand on his back, startling him slightly.

"Mother, of course, you are the only one that can sneak up on me." Phantom drawled making her smile slightly as he glanced back towards her. "Perhaps one day I should return the favor?"

"You're not that good yet." Felicia chuckled before staring at him knowingly. It didn't happen often, in fact she could count on one hand how many times she saw it-but one thing was for certain…

Phantom was angry.

"You're upset." Felicia stated knowingly before tilting her head slightly. "Why?"

"They killed Johnny." Phantom murmured. "I liked Johnny."

"He'll be back." Felicia tried to reassure him making him raise a hand to silence her.

"Of course he will, but this means that the next time he dies will be permanent. Thanos tried to steal away my brother and now he will pay." Phantom stated simply.

"And how will you stop him?" Felicia answered curiously.

"By doing what I do best."

"Stealing?" Felicia questioned with a smirk. "You think you can steal that cosmic egg he's using to destroy everything? My, my, that is a daring heist darling. One above even my caliber, you believe you can pull it off? What am I saying? Of course you can, you're myson."

Phantom scoffed.

"Please look at the big picture, the cosmic cube is child's play to steal." Phantom drawled as he gestured out towards the rising sun. "I'm stealing that."

"The sun?" Felicia questioned skeptically as she stared at the breaking dawn.

"Thanos' tomorrow." Phantom drawled as Felicia shielded her eyes as one of the sun's rays began to shine towards her. Blinking rapidly she turned around only to find that Phantom had disappeared without a trace as his mocking laughter echoed throughout the night.

"Well how about that?" Felicia said with a proud smile. "I forget my kitten has his own claws now." Felicia said as a pillar of golden light exploded from the center of the city. "Guess the fight's reaching its climax."

-Arachnida 02: Ananase Parker AKA Spider-Priest-


Taran blinked as she watched her son stand up with a face-palm. Her son had grown into a strong young man over the years. Though not much bigger than his father, his muscles were slightly more pronounced and could easily be seen with his loose white robe. He had dark skin, hazel eyes, and his long black hair reached just passed his shoulders. He sighed as he picked up a long white staff that had a golden spider on the end.

"Ben's about to get himself killed permanently." Ananase muttered as he began walking away with an eye twitch. "One of these days I might just let him use his last life."

"You know you love him." Taran chuckled. "Be back soon, you hardly visit anymore! Don't let the world explode or something."

"Apologies, I will make sure to make more time for you and don't worry the world will be in one piece…" Ananase said as he kissed her on the cheek before frowning. "…hopefully."

-Arachnida 01: May Parker AKA Spider-Woman

-With Peter-

Peter looked on in amusement as Alpha flew down to pick up his children with a scowl.

"Woman's insane."

"You okay sport?" Peter questioned as he handed his son-in-law the giggling twins. Andy, one of the most powerful entities in the multi-verse, pouted as he responded.

"She won't let me fight, it's not my fault I broke her mug! Woman can hold a grudge that's for sure." The blonde sighed as Peter patted him on the back.

"It's okay, there's always future Armageddon's. Let May play with her siblings for a bit."

-Middle of New York-


BGM: This Will Be The Day (Feat. Casey Lee Williams) - Jeff Williams

May and Thanos glared at each other harshly as May wiped blood from the corner of her mouth before spitting some blood on the ground. The bottom half of her shirt was destroyed along one with of her pants legs. May frowned as she saw a familiar green light flight towards them.

"You dare think yourself on my level?" Thanos questioned angrily as he raised the cube. "With this egg my power is unmatchable! I've already used it to send your world into chaos! I've spent the last two decades forging it for this very reason!" The tyrant declared making the red-head smirk.

"With what egg?" May questioned making Thanos look at her as if she were an idiot before looking back at his hand only to find the object missing. "What!?" Thanos shouted in alarm, hearing a chuckle behind him Thanos spun around to find Phantom crouching behind him with the cosmic egg in his hands. Thanos was outraged and instantly released a devastating blast of energy towards the thief.

"Whoa!" Phantom yelped as he felt his body suddenly distort and disappear before reappearing next to May with an irate Ananase gripping his arm tightly. "Just in time brother, all according to plan." Phantom mused before getting slapped on the back of his head by his brother.

"Idiot." Ananase muttered as he rolled his eyes.

"You know you care. Now, let me see if I can figure this mystical breakfast food out…" Phantom drawled before pointing the egg at Thanos suddenly. "ABRACADABRA!"

"Ben put that down before you hurt yourself, or more importantly us!" May shouted desperately.


BGM-Insert record scratch-



The entire planet was engulfed in a golden light which quickly shout forward and engulfed all of the outside forces.

-10 minutes later-

BGM: Bleach Comical world-Bleach OST

The three spiders stood in a stunned silence in the middle of a perfectly repaired New York City as they blatantly gaped at the remains of Thanos which were scattered across city and slowly disintegrating. All three of their mouths were slack, though Phantom's was hard to see due to his mask.

"Holy hell, it actually worked." Phantom muttered weakly as shakily looked down at the egg in his hands before gulping. "I'm keeping this. I can use it to propose to Galaxia."

"Like hell you are!" Both siblings snapped.

"And who's going to stop me? I just saved the planet; you all owe me one this time." Phantom said as he held the egg closer.

"Who the hell just kill stole us? We were in the middle of something!" A dark feral voice growled and they turned to see the feral twins approaching them with their servants in tow. They were both missing their shirts and were covered in wounds that were healing rapidly. Aybel twirled Proxima's spear and stabbed it into the ground so he could support himself before giving Phantom a knowingly glare.

"What the hell did you do?"

"Save the world, if not the universe." Phantom declared as he moved the cosmic object out of the reach of his older siblings. "Again." Phantom added as he remembered the tale his father told him about his time-traveling adventure to save his father from Octavius. "It's times like this when you all shouldn't question why I'm the favorite."

"Favorite…my…ass." A battle scarred Pietro muttered as he limped into the scene before collapsing and falling forward onto his face. "Don't….worry…about me….just p-planking. I may have won but….if I ever try to solo Onslaught again….please stop me." Pietro whimpered. "Dear web, I can't feel my legs."

"You know, in hindsight I should have saw this coming." May said with a groan as she finally stopped trying to get the egg from her brother. "All I wanted were for my kids to have ONE birthday without an Armageddon, just one! Is that too much to ask for?"

"Don't be so down sister, it builds character. If we didn't have a world ending crisis every now and then this would be a dull world to live in." Phantom chuckled as he raised the egg which began to shine. "The sun has just arose, carpe diem it's not too late for a party." Phantom chuckled as the egg released a flash of light blinding the siblings.


-Emora: One Hour later-

Peter smiled warmly as he watched his rather large family converse in the large backyard of the castle. He gave a small grin as he watched Helen fly around with his two grandchildren giggling on her back with cake stains on their mouths while May and Alpha smiled up at them. Glancing to the side Peter saw Elise and Valeria talking to Adriana, for a second he was afraid he'd have to stop his mate from doing something foolish but he gave a sigh of relief when the woman simply gave the younger women a hug, surprising them greatly.

Suddenly everyone stopped what they were doing and glanced over to where Benjamin was kneeling in front of a beautiful purple eyed woman. The platinum blond was out of costume and wearing a simple black suit as he stared up at the woman with a bright smile as he offered her the egg. Benjamin asked her something to which she tearfully nodded her head and gave him a tight hug before kissing him making the family cheer while Felicia wept in joy.

"Well he certainly is a man of his word." Peter mused to himself as he clapped loudly. He could see that Wanda took a moment out of berating a sheepish Pietro in order to clap as well; Pietro gave Ben a thumbs up. The Nixon triplets all took a turn hugging their brother and even Helen nodded her head in approval despite their rivalry. Sue looked both sad and happy as she watched the newly engaged couple.


"Damn that hurt!" A voice shouted and everyone blinked in confusion before turning to see a blood-soaked Johnathan limp out from behind the castle walls using his hands to cover his privates. Tears filled Sue's eyes as the blonde looked at his family sheepishly. "So I wound up here….uh this is awkward."

"Well you're definitely early, never one to miss a party, huh brother?" Ben questioned making him grin.

"Oh you know me, the only one that can party harder than Uncle Johnny."

"You wish brat!" An older Human Torch shouted as he stood next to Megan, their son Peter, and Franklin. "Hey Web-head! Get over here! We didn't forget that today was your birthday too! You actually hit the big fifty come celebrate with us you old stick in the mud!" Johnny shouted over to Peter making him grin.

"Ha! Please hot-head we both know you can't keep up with me in a party!" Peter laughed as he walked over to the table. Johnny wrapped an arm around his neck and smiled, an Action that was mirrored by Johnny's son who laughed at the still nude Johnathan.

"So come on bro, there isn't one thing you want? I know you told us no presents but there's gotta be something!"

"Nah just seeing everyone here, my family, my friends, is more than enough of a present." Peter said warmly. "Besides I don't think I can handle any more surprises in my life-"


"Damn you Peter!" Laura shouted from the other side of the table as she crashed to her knees. Peter blinked owlishly as he watched her hold her stomach.

"Crap Laura's in labor!" Jubilee shouted in alarm making Peter gape while Chun-Li walked next to him and smacked him upside the head.


"Way to go." Chun-Li said with a snort getting a mock glare from the man.

"What did I do?" Peter asked incredulously as this went on both Kaine and Aybel fussed over their mother, neither knowing what to actually do in this situation.

"Cubs, I love you both but if you don't hurry I'm going to do it myself!" Laura snarled.

"You know? I bet Wade knew this was going to happen." Johnny said as he looked at his friend. "That explains why neither he or his own litter are here right now. We should really keep an eye on that psycho, no telling what happens when he's unsupervised, God why did we let him procreate." Peter snorted at that; Johnathan had been trying to get him to keep tabs on Deadpool for over two decades now. Annisia, who was the newest to the hero business, overheard this and looked at the Human Torch in confusion.

"Honestly Uncle Johnny, what's the worst that could happen?" Annisia questioned making her family freeze instantly confusing both her and Megan.

"You're so unbelievably grounded." Peter muttered with a face-palm making the young woman look at him incredulously.

"I'm nineteen!"

"Damn it sis!" Richard shouted, poor Annisia looked so lost as her siblings glared at her.

BGM: From Heads Unworthy- Rise Against

A shadow crossed the yard as they looked up to see a blimp that was designed to look like Deadpool's mask float above them as flyers floated down on them

["HELLO!"] Deadpool shouted as he appeared on a large screen that was on the side of the blimp. ["Welcome everyone as we celebrate the twenty-second anniversary of the end of the Marvel vs. Capcom Tournament! In honor of such a historic event, I shall present you all with a second tournament! One with more new players and maps than ever comprehended before!"] Deadpool declared making Peter pale.

"Oh God no." Peter muttered.

["The tournament's previous host accidentally left her tech here so I decided to keep it! Using that along with the power cosmic I swiped from Spidey (Everyone glares at Peter) when he wasn't looking I was able to make this!"] Deadpool shouted as he raised a sign. ["The East vs. West Grand multi-versal tournament! Screw MvC! EVERYONE will be fighting in this one! The winner shall receive the Anti-Life equation! Each team needs at least 3 members with one other-worldly member, first one to reach 100 tiers of completion wins the tournament! Go forth and kick some ass! The rest of the instructions are on the flyer DP Corp is not responsible for any collateral damages."] Deadpool said the last part extremely fast before disappearing.


The Family blinked in shock as none-other than Batman crashed down on the main table, cloak in his signature cape as Wonder Woman flew down next to him as a mysterious woman of Japanese descent flipped next to him garbed in black and white. Batman looked menacing as he slowly stood up and gazed at the gathered family.

"Diana, Jun pick your opponents he's mine." Batman said as he pointed to Peter. "I've been preparing for this for years." Batman spoke making Peter smirk before glancing over to Richard.

(LIAG Helpful Info: Jun Kazama is the mother of Jin-the main protagonist of the Tekken series.)

"Son, I might need to borrow my mantle for a bit." Peter spoke up as he grabbed the front of his button up shirt.

"Go for it pops." Richard called out as he stared at the scene before him in amazement. Peter blinked as Chun-Li and Laura walked next to him with Illyana in tow.

"Bout time something fun happened again." Chun-Li smirked as she gazed at Jun, she didn't know what but there was a dark presence coming from the black haired woman, plus she carried herself like a good fighter.

Chun-Li was definitely interested.

May blinked as she realized that her husband had disappeared.


BGM: War- Sick Puppies


Alpha grinned as he crossed his arms and gazed at Superman.

"We'll fight here, you need a handicap." Alpha chuckled making the man glare at him.

"Hey mind if I join!?"A cheerful voice spoke up and Andy gaped before smirking as he saw a messy black-haired man of Asian descent that was garbed in a bright orange fighting uniform. The new comer scratched the back of his head with a grin as Alpha smirked.


"Weren't you pregnant?" Peter asked Laura curiously as he glanced down at her bloodstained talons.

"Boys took too long, I did it myself. Lilith is with jubilee now." Laura stated and smiled at his confused expression. "It was a girl, named her Lilith." Laura said as she turned her gaze to Diana. "You crashed the wrong party." Talon said as the smile disappeared from her face.

"Let's do this." Spider-Man said as he ripped his shirt open, revealing a black Spider-Emblem.


Omake: Hidden final Boss

"I knew it wasn't over yet…we can't end this tournament…until we beat you…" Spider-Man said as he and his exhausted team glared at their final adversary. It had been a long time coming but they knew that it would come to this.


"I love you guys, whatever happens never forget that." Spider-Man said to his team as they slid into their fighting stances while their opponent sat down and looked up at them with wide-eyes as the team powered up to their maximum strength. The power was so great; Eternity once again had to remove them from their plane of existence. Their opponent's bushy tail waved once as they put more acorns in their mouth.

"So it's come to this." Squirrel Girl asked rhetorically as the smile faded from her face as her eyes narrowed making the team shudder. She said nothing as she beckoned them with a finger." I held back against The One Above All so that I can see your respective limits. Come at me."

-1 month later-

Team Amazing held on to each other for support a Squirrel Girl stepped forward towards them.

"S-sublime…" Squirrely gasped out as her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she fell forward bloodied and bruised.

A silence.

"W-we did it…we actually did it…" Spider-Man said incredulously. The Team rejoiced as they made their way back home. It truly was the beginning of a new era.


Ah yes the story has come to an end and I hope you enjoyed this ride, I hope that this has at least made it in the top ten Spider-Man fics out there on the net or at least on this site. It's been one hell of a ride, but like all good things they must come to an end. However Like all video games nowadays Where would we be without DLC? Though I have no schedule planned there will be a few "DLC chapters."

DLC 1: Epilogue 2: Ero's reign –Confused by the scene with Ero at the Web of Life against Stan? Find out the hidden tale of the other that dared to live along with the true origin of Peter Benjamin Parker

DLC 2: Talon's Wedding- If you thought the events of the chapter: Big Time was bad, you have seen nothing yet.

DLC 3: The Wilson Bunch-Meet DP's kids

DLC 4: Kiden's Party- If you thought the events of Talon's wedding and all of the date nights were bad, you have seen nothing yet.

DLC 5: Character DLC: Silk- We all know of the controversial second victim of Peter's Spider-bite but where exactly does she fit in the LIAG saga?

DLC 6: Family Business- What kind of crazy adventures can Spider-Man and his newfound sister Teresa get in to, one thing for sure they are living up to the family name.

DLC 7: Avengers Award Ceremony- No one listened to Tony when he said he'd make it, now watch as our favorite heroes relive some of their more defining…and embarrassing…moments. SHIELD had cameras everywhere, and Tony could hack them.

DLC 8: Spider-Man vs. Deadpool- The greatest fight in the entire story will finally be revealed, can your minds comprehend a battle that turned reluctant acquaintances into brothers?

DLC 9: Reactions- Exactly how did the MU/Capcom feel when watching that last fight against Jack? Sure we saw tidbits but what about the other chars?

DLC 10: Armageddon- It happened no one thought it was possible but what happens when Deadpool and Spider-Man's daughters all synch up during that one time of the month. Can the men survive in the bunker or will all life end as we know it?

-Possibly Original Sin later-

Look forward to them sometime later (No dates planned yet so don't wait on them


Did you know…

There was originally gonna be an AU of this with Wolverine, Cammy, and Spider-Girl (Arana) as the leads?

The first LIAG helpful hint wasn't officially used until Chapter 3 because 9 times out of ten the word "AN" gets ignored?

Despite how much I like Fate/stay night and all of the reviews concerning the Emiya clan fanfic, I have never actually read it!?

My OC's presence only took up less than 1% of the total story?

Besides my OC's and Anansi's exo-skeleton EVERYTHING else was me just bending Marvel and Capcom Canon?

The One Above All was never Stan?

Rogue was originally part of the Harem but I couldn't find the right time to put her in and said screw it?

Mary Jane Watson had the most upgrades and character development?

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