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DLC 0: What Next?

BGM: See What I've Become

[Experiment 1: Golden Fox ]

Subject has completed all trials laid before him. Even after his journey has ended, the individual continues to grow stronger as he unlocks more of his powers that he had not achieved during his "game". He is subject zero, the one that started it all. Not the strongest recruit but easily the most stubborn.

Status: Success.

[Experiment 2: Strawberry Guardian]

Subject has completed every trial that lay before him, even a few glitches in the code that I am ashamed to mention. Reports are still being filed about his journey so I have yet to receive the full story. From what I've learned he completed his journey in a drunken haze…despite the odd way of completing, he is the most loyal.

Status: Success

[Experiment 3: Crimson Master]

Subject reached the required level of self-actualization far before I had met him. While he is currently on a new journey, it is mainly to further sharpen his already extremely tactical mind. Silent but fearsome. Easily the most cunning.

Status: Success

[Experiment 4: Gemini Martyrs]

Two sides of the same coin, both subjects continue to show the worth more and more with each passing day. Yin and Yang, the Paragon and the Renegade. While not the most powerful experiments, they are both the best strategists we have for a battlefield. I am confident they will lead us to victory but for now they have a long way to go. Personally looked after by my previous second seat whom has gone missing, their progress will now be monitored by my new second.

God help them.

Status: Work In Progress

[Experiment 5: The Great Weaver]

A normal man turned god of his universe, personally looked after by my second in command. Currently our most successful subject and most powerful. His intelligence is frightening and he exists to both save existence and to make sure we do not fall to our demons, a reminder of just what comes along with our power. No one is sure just what lies behind his false smile, and quite frankly we do not want to know. As long as he is on our side that is all that matters, he is our secret weapon.

Status: Success!

[Experiment 6a: The Void]

Currently being trained by a soldier I handpicked from another world. Our one chance at potentially limitless magical power. A mere child that is nowhere near close to being ready for what is to come…still thanks to the soldier I see glimpses of the woman she is bound to become after her journey. A savior of humanity, a Queen of all, a goddess.

Our reminder that redemption is possible.

Status: Work in progress

[Experiment 6b: The Burning Dragon]

Handpicked by a dear assistant of mine, a reminder of what at the end of the day we are family, brothers/sisters in arms and that no man will be left behind…not again…fierce, stubborn, loyal to a fault. Will never give up until he dies. He's not yet reached his full potential but when he does our enemies will be set ablaze.

Status: Work in progress

Previously untouchable due to the sheer amount of power neither myself nor my second possessed to Rewrite the story line. With the promotion of my new third seat, a man with the sheer power that surpasses even my second's we have gained the ability to being testing soon. Though we are still prepping, we all have high hopes for the final subject. Subject 5 had tried to help him earlier, but sadly he had no idea what we were aiming for and a reset was needed.


[Experiment 7: The Heart]

Awaken young one, it's time you've gotten a second chance

a chance to save everyone

BGM: Sanctuary- Utada Hikaru


BGM: Dearly Beloved ft. NLJ (Amazing Chillstep Rap)-Frnknstyn Youtube it (I like to promote fanmade works if you haven't noticed –not just my fans but fans of whatever fandom I'm doing)


A young brown-haired young man shook his head groggily as he opened his eyes to find a tall black dog and shorter white duck-like creature staring at him with wide-eyes.

"Sora! You're okay! Gosh you sure had us worried!" The dog said with a laugh making the teen grin before grabbing them both in a tight embrace. Neither of the young man's companions could see his face and were thus oblivious to tears cascading down his cheeks.

"It's so good to see you guys again!" Sora said with a grin. "Come on we have to get out here, we still have a world to save!" Sora said as he prepared for a journey unlike any other.

Watch as one young man will stop at nothing to save those precious to him!

"Kairi…I will stop at nothing to bring you back, to hold you in my arms just one more time…" Sora whispered as the image of his friend faded from his mind.


"I can't give up!" Sora shouted as he slashed through the thousands of heartless that surrounded him.

"We need to retreat! There's too many!" Donald shouted making Sora grit his teeth as an image of a silver-haired man flashed though his mind.

"Hold the line! We fight until our last breath!" Sora shouted as he flipped and slashed through the dark creatures. "Faster…" Sora muttered as more and more wounds appeared over his body. "Faster!" Sora shouted as he willed his body to fight even fiercer than before as the images of those he loved flashed through his mind.

New friends!

"Lightning!" Sora shouted as he leapt up as the woman appeared in a large crimson rose pattern in the sky. She narrowed her eyes as she descended towards him and grabbed his hand, spinning around they both landed on the battlefield back to back.

"We do this together."The pinkette muttered as Sora gazed down at his opponents.


"Spider-Man!" Sora shouted before a man in a red & blue spider-themed costume swung into the area from seemingly out of nowhere before landing in front of the young man in his signature crouch.

"This looks like a job for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!"

New Rivals!

"Who are you?" Sora questioned in confusion as a man in a red and black costume turned to him with a thumbs up.

"Just your friendly neighborhood recurring mid-boss!" Deadpool stated with a laugh.

New Worlds!


Sora back flipped just in time to dodge a large black metallic tentacle. His eyes widened in alarm when he saw a second one coming too fast for him to dodge but luckily for him, a wall of ice blocked it just in time. Sora looked up with a grin as he saw a tall dark skinned male in a white and blue suit sliding down towards him and his companions.

"Look who found his super-suit!" The man said making Sora laugh as held Violet in his arms.


You know, despite looking even girlier than me…thanks for everything." A short girl with a black ponytail said as she hugged Sora around his legs making the keyblade wielder roll his eyes with a large smile as a large man laughed next to him.

"Just shut up and drive!"


"What the heck are these icky little creatures!?" A red-haired teen questioned with a Scottish accent as she rode her horse as Sora stood on the back and slashed at the descending heartless.

"The bane of my existence-"


"Ouch! You could have warned me about the tree branch!" Sora shouted as he rubbed his head.

"That's for beating me at that darned tournament!"


Sora was sure his blood was even frozen at this point as he walked through the frozen tundra. He could feel the frostbites forming over his body. Any sane person would have turned around, but not him…not until he reached her…not until he could let her know that someone was there for her, that someone did understand! That it was possible to thaw any heart. His eyes narrowed as he saw a silhouette in the tundra

"Just...stay away please!" The shadow begged as he gritted his teeth and leapt forward with a glare.

"Damn it! Why don't you just take that pain in your heart…" Sora begin as he grabbed the thin figure in his arms tightly, shocking the figure so much that the blizzard dispersed instantly. "And let it go!" The beautiful blonde could only look at him in astonishment as he held her tightly. "Don't let your fear freeze your beautiful heart!"

The Queen gasped as she saw the extent of his wounds and held him tighter as his knees finally gave in, making them slump to the ground.

"Why go so far?" The blonde questioned quietly making him smile despite his pain.

"Even Queens need a hero."

New Enemies!

Sora narrowed his eyes at his opponent's black-armored figure.


"The force is strong with you young one, join me." The man said darkly as Sora lifted up two keyblade handles with a glare.


"I'll never join you!" Sora shouted as a blue and red key shaped laser beam appeared on both handles.


"Why did I agree to help you fight black beard again?" Sora asked dryly as he was tied up by the ship.

"Cause I'm bloody Captain Jack Sparrow! Savvy?" Jack said as he was held up next to him.

"A little girly for my tastes, but you'll help lead us to the fountain." Blackbeard declared making Sora narrow his eyes.

Hell even Former enemies!

"This will be our final battle boy!" Maleficent muttered making Sora nod his head with a glare as he de-summoned his keyblade, confusing her greatly.

"It is." Sora said before softening his glare. "I know the truth, I can see right through your heart."

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