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HOLD UP. READ. ALL. OF. THIS. SHIT. FIRST! Most of your questions will be answered here.

There was some confusion about why a fight had to happen between the future and past members of the trinity rather than going to a psychic or something. Let me explain why because I forgot many of you may not read comics.

Reason 1: Xavier, literally the only Psychic whose abilities they trust enough cannot be trusted. It has been STATED that Professor X would prevent any such tampering with the timelines (Its why the young X-Men refused to go back to the past, they knew he would erase their memories)

Reason 2: Carol, Logan, and Spider-Man ALL have hidden strengths that need to be unlocked by pushing them to their absolute limits. Binary, Berserker Rage, and The Other respectively.

There is a reason for every decision I make, very seldom will I put in a scene PURELY just for action. (I may do it if I think something will be funny and want to break up the drama from time to time though)

As we rapidly approach 2016 I figured a teaser was due.

Sorry for the lack of DLC updates since this story ended. This year has been tiring, in a good way though. Getting my grind on so that I can have an actual career, not job, when I graduate plus I finished the revised draft of my first novel so all I have to do is get it published.

This is why Sora's LIAG hasn't been getting any updates for those of you that follow that story. MY time is freeing up so I will be able to get back to that story. That story is much harder to write than the fics I wrote during its chapter delay which I wrote for a reason!

They were writing exercises to get prepared to write stories of a higher overall quality.

The Life is Strange Story, Life is a Bitch, that I wrote helped with character development and relationships along with working with tougher subjects that may be harder to swallow. "Triggers" As they are referred to nowadays.

The latest update for the Boss' Life is game, chapter 3, had my first 100% lemon. Was it good? Don't know at all. No complaints though but what this means is that this marks the beginning of the end of "Fade to Black" sex scenes in my works. They might actually deserve that M rating now.

Writing is a continuous process which means that skill will get better the more you do it. This is why later works of authors are always better, quality wise, than earlier works. You're always learning.

I'm saying it now, quality wise, Marvel Trinity-Coming 2016- will be my best story when compared to NLIAG or even Spidey's LIAG

Thanks to those who donated to my which is the same as my pen name RebukeX7, I managed to get that writing software because of you!

Now as the title stated this will be a teaser for Marvel Trinity but to understand it a bit better I need to explain why this will be a different set up than an average story. Instead of chapters this story will be told by "Issues" so for example instead of chapter 1 it will be called Marvel Trinity #1.

There is an actual reason for this besides a cheap a laugh for writing it like a comic series.

This story will span across the MU like Spidey's LIAG and as we know that story had enough subplots to make like 50 more fully realized stories alone if not more. In this story a few of the subplots will be explored further and the results will be stories inside of stories. Much like the actual MU comicverse.

So you can have (This is an example purely to explain this situation the actual chapter list won't even come close to resembling this in the finished product):

Marvel Trinity #1

Marvel Trinity #2

Marvel Trinity #3

Mates #1 (Will be explained in this teaser)

Marvel Trinity #4

Marvel Trinity #5

Mates #2

Marvel Trinity #6

Young Trinity #1 (You can probably guess but this would focus on their protégés)

Marvel Trinity #7

Down Time #1 (More slice of life, break from the action)

Get the idea?

To make this easier to read, in true comic book fashion, I decided each story will get just that. Its own story. Now don't be alarmed they all will tie in to the Marvel Trinity main story and even further the plot. Hell the main characters might even take up a good amount of these sub plots. That's why for this teaser I will show you the beginning to one of the future sub plots in the story.

So I present to you the second teaser for Marvel Trinity

-Marvel Trinity: Mates #1 Teaser-

-New York: Parker Industries-

"All I'm saying is that if you need to fly me somewhere, don't do the armpit thing. Carry me fire-man style if you have to." Logan said with visible annoyance as he sipped a beer while he, Carol, Peter, and Wade all sat in Peter's office watching a football game.

"Told you it was uncomfortable." Peter pointed out matter-of-factly with a look of amusement on his face as he looked at an annoyed Carol. "Or did both She-Hulk and I telling you this earlier not sink in?"

"Well excuse me for not putting your comfort into consideration when the fucking Phoenix was destroying everything." Carol said as she stressed the danger of the situation they had been in.

"I feel your pain Logan, at least I learned to make a web-harness when flying with her. Sucks to be you man." Peter continued as if she hadn't spoken which made her roll her eyes before finishing her beer.

! Spider-Sense!

! Seventh-Sense!

Before she could respond both she and Peter turned to the large window as an explosion shook the building. The game was interrupted as a breaking news segment suddenly took over the screen. They narrowed their eyes when they saw a large metal man floating above the city.

"Looks like its Terminus Tuesday." Carol said as she stood, her clothes transforming into her Captain Marvel Costume.

"Looks like it." Peter agreed as her popped open his top revealing a black spider emblem that was illuminated by a glowing blue light beneath it.

"Guys, chill." Wade said nonchalantly as neither he nor Logan looked ready to move. "Shiklah is in town, finished searching through hell for souls to sacrifice last night. My wife got this." Wade said with a laugh as he leaned back into his chair. Sure enough when they turned to the screen they could see the Succubus Queen flying down into the area, a thoughtful frown on her face as she gazed at the large creature.

"Think she can handle it?" Peter questioned making Wade wave off his concern dismissively.

"Of course~ Like I always say, she's the best." Wade stated making all three of his friends snort, skeptical expressions on all of their faces. "What? Got something you all wanna say?" Wade asked defensively making Peter look at him a raised eyebrow.

"She's definitely good, but come on the best? Not exactly what I'd use to describe someone who chooses to vacation in Hell." Peter said as he finished his drink. "Now if you want the best? You don't need to look any farther than my partner in crime." Peter said and as if on cue a woman wearing a black and white skin-tight costume with web patterns swung into the area and landed on the side of a building, hanging off of it next to Shiklah. Though the bottom half of her face was covered by a crimson ninja mask, her narrowed eyes showed that she was gauging her opponent.

"Don't get me wrong, Pete. Your girl is good and all…but come on its Shiklah." Wade stressed the name with a laugh. "She's a literal monster on the battlefield and in the bed. You Spiders might get into some freaky shit, but you can't compare Cindy to an ancient succubus queen. We've done things you can't even think of!" Wade stated as he crossed his arms. "Last time we had sex, I had to go to church and ask for forgiveness."

"Goddamn." Logan muttered looking a bit impressed before laughing a bit when he heard Carol mutter something about men.

"Cindy might be the best out of those Spider women but this is a level she can't reach." Wade said making Peter's eyes narrow.


"-cuse me!?" Carol asked sounding a bit affronted while Logan almost choked on his cigar when Carol found herself joining the growing argument. "That newbie?" The best of the spider women? Please."

"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Hold up!" Peter said before turning to Logan incredulously as he jerked a thumb towards Carol. "I know she isn't about to try to compare Spider women. My ears must be deceiving me Logan, tell me I heard wrong."

"Nah you heard right." Logan said looking extremely amused.

"Got something you want to get off your chest Parker?" Carol asked with narrowed eyes.

"All I'm saying is, Wade doesn't always speak the truth-like when he said Shiklah was the best-but what he said about Spider Women? That was pure fact. I know, I've fought alongside all of them." Peter said as they all ignored the screen which had just shown Spider Woman flying into the area blasting terminus with energy bolts as both Shiklah and Silk sprang into action.

"Fact my ass. Jess has way more experience-"

"Carol, I'm going to let you finish." Peter interrupted with a shake of his head. "But Silk is the greatest Spider woman of all time. Experience? Think that means something to a legit Spider? I held down this city at fifteen." Peter said before smirking. "I also got the drop on you a couple of times."

"Legit? So you're saying Jess is a fake?" Carol questioned with a tone that told him to choose his next words carefully.

"All I'm saying is I have never seen a Spider fly or shoot beams of electricity." Peter said as he raised his hands defensively. "Yeah she can stick to walls and can make her own axe body spray, but where are her webs though? The only thing "Spider" about her is the name I let her use."

"Dammmmmnnnnnnnnnn!" Wade instigated as Logan was grinning from ear to ear at this point.

"If you think that glass canon you call a mate tops Jess, you're dreaming web-head. Is that why she's called Silk? Cause she's oh so delicate?" Carol questioned making Peter narrow his eyes further.

"Uh oh." Logan said with a chuckle.

"First off, Spider silk is extremely durable. Secondly, Cindy has the strongest Spider sense around so she can afford to be a glass canon. Jessica? The no Spider-sense wonder? She's like the Daredevil of us spiders." Peter stated making Carol gape at him. "And as epic as he may be…come on."

"OHHHH SHITTTTTT!" Wade shouted with a laugh. "Spidey lost all of his chill!"

"Alright, everyone calm down." Logan said though he was still laughing a bit. "There ain't no use in in y'all arguing over who has the best woman."

-Meanwhile: Queens, New York-

"You know, I have the weirdest urge to kick Carol's ass." Spider Woman mused as she flew up and blasted Terminus in the eyes with her venom blast.

"Is this a common mortal thing? For I find myself sharing the same sentiments towards my beloved." Shiklah questioned with genuine curiosity as she continued to spew out hell fire as horns appeared from the sides of her head.

"Me too! Where the hell are they!?" Silk questioned as her perception of time slowed to a crawl when she leaned backwards to avoid bolts of energy from the enraged terminus. "So help me God if they are arguing over something stupid again…I'll…"

"…jump Spidey's bones again?" Spider Woman said helpfully making Silk release a sigh sadly.

"Probably." Silk admitted before disappearing with a blinding speed, leaving behind a trail of after-images. Jumping into the air, she shoulder checked a car to the side that was about to land on a little girl and her mother. "Run!" Silk ordered making the woman nod frantically before thanking her and leaving.

"You all will fall before Terminus-"


Terminus was interrupted when a powerful volley of lightning bolts slammed into him as a woman with dark skin, white hair, and glowing eyes floated down before him. The other three women looked up their new alley with relief as the wind speed around them began to increase.

"Storm. Man am I glad to see you!" Silk said relieved getting a nod of acknowledgment from the powerful mutant. Storm floated a few inches above the ground as Spider-Woman, Shiklah, and Silk landed around her.

"I have an idea, we can deal with the lack of response from our significant others later…" Storm muttered as her eyes crackled with power.

-Parker Industries-

"Cause we all know it's me." Logan said with a smirk as he entered the debate, restarting it with a renewed vigor.

To be continued…2016

Note before you even ask, the reason Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain Marvel, and Deadpool didn't seem too concerned about Terminus is because they knew the others could handle the situation without them.

Hope you enjoyed the teaser, now I need to continue working on the outline for the Sora story as I'm sure many of those readers want me dead at this point. Left them hanging a bit lol. As always

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