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Street signs and vending machines flew about, and of course, citizens struggled to escape their path as two women ran through the streets, one chasing the other into an alleyway. They stopped at a dead end, the blonde having trapped the raven-haired one.

Said one smirked. "Shizu-chan, my name is Kanra now~!"

Shizuka scowled. "Who fucking cares?!"

Kanra shrugged, switchblade held out. "I suppose most of the people who watched your brother's show."

"Fuck you, flea!" Shizuka shouted.

Kanra smirked. "When, where, and how hard?"

It took Shizuka a moment to process her words. When she did, her face bloomed with a bright red blush. "NOT LIKE THAT, DAMN LOUSE!"

Kanra laughed, curling in on herself as her sides began to hurt. "I-I-I can't believe how long it took you to react!"

Shizuka's hand tightened around the pole she was holding, denting the metal further. "GO TO HELL!" she drew her hand over her shoulder and threw the sign like a javelin. Kanra jumped over it easily, but wasn't expecting Shizuka to pin her to the stone wall while she was recovering from the sudden jump.

Shizuka's face was red with rage and she was panting heavily as she glared venomously at Kanra. She held Kanra by her throat, her other hand pinning Kanra's wrists above her head.

Kanra smirked. "Why, Shizu-chan~! That wasn't meant to be taken seriously~!"

"Shut. Up." Shizuka's hand tightened around Kanra's throat, to the point of cutting off circulation. After a few moments, Kanra was struggling to breathe, though she kept a smirk on her face. It looked like Shizuka would finally kill her, but then the blonde's phone rang. Shizuka released her throat and Kanra greedily took in air while Shizuka answered.

"Hello? ...no…I can come in…now? Got it. See you later." She put her phone back on the pocket of her black jeans and released Kanra, lighting a cigarette as she turned away.

"Are you done playing?" Kanra asked, pouting.

"I have no more time to deal with you," Shizuka snapped. Then she turned the corner and turned out of Kanra's view. Kanra then realized her heart was thundering. Blaming it on adrenaline, she skipped home, heels clicking with each step.

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"Hello, Namie-chan~!" Kanra chirped, entering her office.

Namie glanced up before she continued working. "Orihara."

Kanra took her signature jacket off and placed it on the back of her chair before asking "Any news from Shinra on the cure?"

"Nothing," Namie muttered, only half-listening to her boss.

Kanra sighed. She opened the chat room to the Dollars website. Finding nothing interesting going on, she minimized the tab and opened another one, researching. She paused when her phone rang. She picked it up. "Hello~?"


Kanra froze in place. "Shiki."

"Have you finished what I have asked of you?"

Kanra smiled. "Of course I have~!"

"Good. I'll be sending someone to meet with you and pick it up. He's a new one."

"A new one? How exciting~! I look forward to meeting him~!" she hung up without listening to Shiki's response. As she turned to stare out among her lovely humans, in her subconscious, she felt a feeling of dread. Something big was going to happen. She just knew it.

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Shizuka opened the door to her apartment and closed it with an annoyed sigh. Kasuka looked up, face blank, from his place on the couch. "Welcome home, Shizu-nee."

Shizuka smiled at her brother, entering the kitchen. "Thanks, Kasuka."

"Confront Orihara-san?" he asked, entering as well and sitting at the table.

Shizuka frowned, pouring herself a glass of milk. "Unfortunately." She downed it in one large gulp and stretched. "After that, Tom needed my help. I'm exhausted."

Kasuka nodded. "Sounds exhausting."

Shizuka sat down across from him. "Think I might skip dinner tonight. I really need some sleep."

Kasuka nodded as she stood up again and left the room. "Good night."

"'Night, Kasuka."

After a while, Kasuka sat at the table, glaring at the surface. Then his sister's phone rang. He picked it up. "Hello?"

"Kasuka?" a familiar voice asked.


"Could you give your sister a message?"

"What is it?"

"I've started working on the cure. However, since I gave her and Iza-err, KANRA different dosages, I'll need a bit of his DNA in order to determine how much to make for him."

Kasuka was silent for a moment. Then he finally answered. "Of course." He hung up and walked away. The entire walk from the kitchen to the couch, a smirk lit his face, appearing very strange against his usually blank expression-wearing face. "I'll get some of Shizu-nee's DNA for you, Shinra-sensei."

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