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"We thank you for this, Orihara-san," said a young male. He had pale skin, collarbone-length raven black hair with chin-length bangs that hid his left eye and silver-black eyes. He wore a black t-shirt and black jeans underneath a grey knee-length coat and black boots. Kanra could see a thin leather strap, black, running along his chest, almost blending into his shirt. Almost.

Clinging to his arm was a girl who looked very much like him, except for his hair is shoulder-length, her bangs covered her right eye and the tips of her hair were electric blue. She also wore the same, except her coat was a light grey, and a thin black leather strap ran across her waist.

"No problem, Mr. Thistlewood," Kanra said, "Good luck getting your sister off of you~! Bye bye~!" she closed the door and leaned against it, sighing. Finally she was done with Shiki's request. But now what? She had nothing to occupy herself with!

Oh wait…she had nearly forgotten about Shizuka!

Kanra laughed at her foolishness. Of course! Shizuka! That protozoan always provided her with entertainment when she was bored. Grabbing her switchblade, she left Shinjuku, headed for the Ikebukuro area.

She walked through the streets, looking for her monster. She stopped a moment. HER monster? Where had THAT come from? She brushed it off as a mere mistake before starting to walk again. Now, who owed debts today…?

"KANRAAAAAAAAAA!" oh, there she was. And she said Kanra's name right this time.

"Shizu-chan~!" Kanra chirped. "You got my name right~!"

Shizuka said nothing in response as she threw a stop sign at Kanra and their normal game of chase began. The monster chasing the flea.

If only they had known how different it would be.

Like last time, Shizuka had cornered Kanra in a dead end. Kanra cursed herself for her foolishness in falling for a simple trap again. She could have sworn this route didn't have a dead end!

She turned, bravely staring Shizuka in the eye. "Let me go, Shizu-chan. I'm through playing for today."

"Like that's gonna-!" she stopped when a dagger whizzed past her head and buried itself mere inches from Kanra's own.

"Heiwajima Shizuka," said a rough male voice. The two female turned and found the male with a few others. They all wore red jackets as deep as blood. The main male's hair fell into his crystal blue eyes. "Give us Orihara Kanra. We have a score to settle."

"Go to Hell!" snapped the ex-bartender, much to her enemy's surprise.

The man sighed. "I didn't want to use force on a woman, but I guess I have no choice. Just one little thing-I missed on purpose." His lips curled into a large, melancholy grin. "Get her."

The men behind him ran to Shizuka. While the blonde was distracted, he ran up to Kanra and they had a knife fight in the little corner. They took turns throwing and dodging knives, a deadly dance that could result in one of them losing their lives.

Then it happened.

Shizuka knocked all of his accomplices unconscious and ran in the direction of their fight. Her sudden appearance distracted Kanra long enough for the male to throw a dagger that buried itself in Kanra's shoulder.

Time seemed to slow as the raven-haired female fell to the ground clutching her should as the man smirked victoriously, a smirk that was quickly wiped off of his face by Shizuka with a punch across his cheek that probably broke his jaw.

Shizuka picked up her bleeding enemy. Kanra gasped out "Why?!"

"Because I'm the only one who can kill you," was Shizuka's blunt response.

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