Mega man! Take up arm. Rock quickly turns around to see a figure coming towards him. The figure dashes at blazing speed and Rock lifts up his gun and begins to pull the trigger, he closes his eyes and pulls the trigger, Bam! Bam! Bam! Three shots should be enough. He opens his eyes to see not the robot but a shield his attacks where blocked! The other robot pulls out his buster gun and shoots at an alarming rate Mega man is quick to react and dodges by sliding under the shots and getting close to the other robots face and begins to shoot only for a yellow scarf to be in front of his face. Mega man throws it off to see the other robot has distanced himself once again. Mega man shoots two times this time each aimed perfectly one quickly at the robots hand it stuns him and the red robot drops his shield only two forget there where two shots coming towards him the 2nd one hit him right in his glasses knocking him back. Hopefully that would stop him but the robot just gets up like it was nothing with a smirk on his face. "So this is the legendary power of Megaman that let him defeat the powerful not once but twice?" The robot laughs and Mega man takes up a battle stance just in case the robot plans to attack "I admit your ambition is enough by itself to defeat the doctor but the next robot master, Shadow man is somewhat powerful you might need a little bit of extra power" The robot moves for something in his pocket Mega man watches carefully and then he pulls out a E-Tank and throws it over to Mega man. Rock looked confused who was this robot; he attacks than gives you an E-tank? "Who are you," Mega man finally gets out of his mouth. The robot glances at Mega man then says, "Just call me "Break man" Break man teleports off and Mega man just stands there silently. "Breakā€¦man?"