Kitty210: Woo! I have wanted to write this story since it inspired me from reading a story that I forgot its name but has to do with creatures called zagotas or something like that.

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~~Line Break~~

"Mama, Papa, Ami!" A little six year old with bubblegum pink hair and honey gold eyes cried, tears running down her cheeks.

"Shh, Amu everything is going to be alright." The women said her bun coming undone.

The woman set down a crying Amu in a closet and was sliding the door shut. Amu grabbed onto the door to stop it from closing. "But, I don't want you to go!" She said.

"Midori, there coming." Said the father.

"Don't worry, Amu. Onee-chan is going to protect you." Ami said kneeling towards Amu and hugging her.

"Ami, why don't you go stay in the closet?" Midori said.

"But, I want to help you guys against the rogue vampires." Ami said.

"Onee-chan, don't leave me." Amu said tugging Ami's sleeve and gave her a pleading look.

Growls and screams were coming closer to the room and the room started to shake with so much force from the rogue vampires.

"I'll stay with you." Ami said smiling and walking in the closet. She sat down and hugged Amu closer.

"What ever happens don't get out of this closet." Midori said then closed the closet door.

There were loud thumps coming then a crash could be heard. Amu whimpered into Ami's arms but Ami shushed her. There were more noises with grunts and hissing. Then suddenly there wasn't a noise. Amu was shaking and drops of tears were running down her cheeks. You could hear groaning outside and muffled noises.

"Where are they?" A raspy voice said.

"We're not telling you." The father said sounding severely injured.

"If they're not telling, kill them." A strong male voice commanded.

There were screams heard and sounds of blood dripping. Footsteps sounded as the vampires left the room. Waiting in the closet for a few moments, Ami unwrapped her arms from Amu and carefully tip toed to the closet door. She slid the door open cautiously. Once Ami slid the door open completely, she gasped in shock on what she saw. Lying in the middle of the room was Amu and Ami's parent dead with pools of blood surrounding them.

"What's wrong Onee-chan?" Amu said rubbing the tears out of her eyes. She walked up to Ami and tears again were starting to fall. Ami grabbed Amu and shushed calming words to her, tears falling down her cheeks, too.

~~Line Break~~

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