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"Seiyo Academy, huh?" A sixteen-year-old girl said, standing in front of the gates of said academy. Her uniform, rather than looking like the standard one, had been altered to fit the teen's style. The sleeves of the white blouse were intertwined with red ribbons, the collar open, and her red tie laced with a black ribbon with white lace. The black pleated skirt's end had red ruffles along with a belt made of stitched hearts. To complete the look, she had a black choker, knee-high socks with black combat boots, and a backpack with bat wings. Her bubblegum pink hair was down expect parts of it was tied in a ponytail.

She walked towards the building, but if you looked close enough, you would be able to see a small, silver glint under her skirt. Groups of students dispersed as the pink-haired girl walked through, trying to keep her composure. Most of the boys there had hearts in their eyes, saying how beautiful the new girl is; the girl rolled her eyes at the boys' stupidity. The girls on the other hand, had either stars in their eyes or was burning with jealousy. She just continued to walk on, ignoring every single word a student said about her. Finally, she entered the double doors the school possessed and rid herself from the crowd of students.

"Thought I was going to be roasted out there." She mumbled under her breath. The hall she stood in was empty except for her, so she grabbed her sunblock bottle inside her bag and lathered some on. She sighed in relief when she finished, her body relaxing greatly. She then set off to find her first destination.

Walking down the long corridors of the school, she finally stumbled upon the principal's office. She carefully opened the door and peeked inside. The room was dark with a single desk sitting in the middle of the room. Piles of paperwork were scattered everywhere – floor, desk, and the empty chair behind the desk. She opened the door wider and stepped inside. The light suddenly flashed on, and the principal jumped out of nowhere in front of the girl. She didn't even flinch.

"Ah, it seems I can't even scare you." The principal said, a small pout set on his lips.

"I've already seen the horrors of the past, nothing could scare me." She replied, a blank look on her face.

"Oh, well, here's your schedule, Hinamori-san." The principal said, handing her an envelope.

The girl grabbed the envelope, tucking the envelope inside on of her chest pockets. "Arigatou, Tsukasa-san."

"It's no trouble at all, Hime-sama." Tsukasa said, bowing with a small smile.

"No need to be formal, after all, you're the one who took care of my sister and me." She replied, returning a small smile but the smile looked like a smirk.

"Oh, I forgot." Tsukasa said, grabbing a small envelope. "You said you wanted to try out for this club."

The girl's smile turned into a full blown smirk, and she grabbed the envelope, waving good-bye to Tsukasa as she walked out. She grabbed her schedule from her breast pocket, staring at the schedule. "Crap, I'm going to be late for class." She muttered, as she realized her class is on the other side of the academy. Looking around the hallway, she checked if anyone was around; nothing. She decided it was safe enough for her to use her inhuman speed to class, and with that decision, she bolted through the school to reach her class. Unknown to her, a certain blue-haired Neko saw her. A small smirk and the glinting of teeth appeared.

Arriving outside the door of her classroom, she knocked on the door gently. The door opened, allowing the sixteen-year-old to see her teacher. The teacher, a male, has messy, orange-brown hair tied in a low ponytail, glasses were perched on the bridge of his nose, accentuating his amber eyes with specks of green. "H-hai? What do you need?" The teacher asked with a nervous stutter.

"I'm the new student." The teen replied.

"Oh, yes, yes, come in." The teacher said, opening the door wider.

The girl walked into the classroom, only to be met by yelling and shouting. When she stepped up to the front, everyone ceased their yelling and stared at her. Everyone was doing the same thing when the girl had stepped onto school grounds, except for two teens.

One of them is a girl, and the other one is boy. Even when she's sitting down, the pink-haired girl could easily tell the girl arguing with the boy is short. Extremely short that you could call it adorable; she even had a cute face to match. The short girl's hair was long, wavy, and blonde with a headband on top. Her lips were molded into a small pout as she argued at the boy with long, indigo hair that stopped just about is butt. He had soft amber eyes that seemed to soften even more when he stared at the short blonde. Both of them were arguing to each other with hushed voices, but still able to look at the girl.

"Class, this is Himamori Amu." The teacher said, a small, bubbly smile on his face.

"It's Hi-NA-mori." Amu corrected, an irk mark on her forehead.

"My name's Nikaidou Yuu, but call me Nikaidou-sensei." Nikaidou said.

"Hn," was Amu's reply.

"You'll sit on the left side of Mashiro-san. Mashiro-san, please raise your hand." Nikaidou said.

The short girl with long hair raised her hand, and Amu walked to her designated seat. 'Mashiro-san' turned towards Amu with a sweet smile. "Hi, my name's Mashiro Rima, but call me Rima or Rima-with-whatever-honorific-you-want."

"Hey, you probably already know my name, but call me Amu." Amu replied, smiling.

The lesson soon began, but the two girl continued to talk with each other, gradually becoming closer and closer. They learned much more about each other, but they both knew the other was keeping a secret, one that can't be easily brought up in a conversation. Soon enough, the school bell rang, telling the class that period one is now over. "Amu-chan, do you want me to show you to your classes?" Rima asked, packing her work into her school bag.

"Sure," Amu said, slinging her backpack back on.

"Come on, I'll show you my friends." Rima said, smiling and grabbing Amu's hand. The short girl dragged her new friend, Amu, all the way to the cafeteria and outside towards a sakura tree. There were already teens sitting there and eating their lunch. There was a total of six teens, not including the two girls. One of them seemed familiar to Amu, the one that had long, indigo hair sat there. Amu didn't know why, but he looked oddly familiar, like the guy is her best friend from her childhood. Rima cleared her throat to get the six teens' attention.

"Guys, this is my new friend, Amu-chan." Rima introduced.

"Hey," Amu said, raising her hand as a wave.

One of the teens looked up, his eyes widening in remembrance from the scene that happened earlier today.

Kitty210: Yeah, I was all confused as to why I decided to have lunch period straight after first period, and I was all like, 'WHAA?' I hope I cleared up a few confusing parts.

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Kitty210: Nah, I'm not going to embarrass myself this time.

Rima: Kitty-chan hasn't grown for two years, since the last time she had a physical.

Kitty210: Yes, I'm ashamed to say this, but I might stay the height of 4'11 forever! But! The doctor said I'm going to grow up to 5'2, so I'm hoping one day I will.

Rima: And now, the Japanese Translation.

Arigatou: Thank you (Casual/informal)

Hai: Yes

Hime-sama: I can't exactly tell you what Hime is, but for all those faithful Japanese learning peeps, they may already know what Hime is. Sama is an honorific used as a more respectful version of San and can be used for either gender. The honorific is used for people in higher ranks than oneself, one's guest or customer, and sometimes towards people you greatly admire. It is also called extreme arrogance to use Sama towards oneself.

Neko: Cat

Sensei: Sensei is used to refer to or address teachers, doctors, politicians, lawyers, and other authority figures. It is used to show respect to someone who has achieved certain level of mastery in an art or for some other skill.

Sakura Tree: It's the Japanese language for cherry blossom trees.

Rima: That's all.

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