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~~Line Break~~

"Seiyo Academy, huh." A sixteen year old girl said standing in front of the said school. Her uniform all punked up. (The outfit is the picture to the fic) Her bubblegum pink hair was down except part of it was up in a pony tail. She walked up to the building but if you saw close enough you would be able to see a small glint under her skirt. The group of people started to disperse as she walked through keeping her composure. All of the boys had hearts in their eyes saying how beautiful the new girl is; the new girl just rolled her eyes at this. The girls on the other hand had stars in their eyes or they were burning with jealousy.

The girl just kept walking ignoring every single word they said. She entered the school finally getting out of the crowd of people. "Thought, I was going to be roasted out there." She murmured under her breath. The hall was empty except for her so she grabbed a sun block container and put some on. She sighed of relief when she was done.

Walking down the long corridors, she finally stumbled upon the principal's office. She carefully opened the door and peeked inside. The room was dark and there was a single desk in the middle of the room. Piles of paperwork were scattered everywhere. She opened the door wider and stepped inside. The light was suddenly flashed on and the principal jumped out of nowhere in front of the girl. She didn't even flinch. "Ah, it seems I can't even scare you." The principal said.

"I have already seen the horrors of the past so nothing could scare me." She replied.

"Oh, well. Here is your school schedule, Hinamori-san. "The principal said handing her an envelope.

"Arigatou, Tsukasa-san." She said.

"No problem, Hime-sama." Tsukasa said bowing.

"No need to be formal. After all you're the one that took care of me and my sister." She replied.

"Oh, I forgot," Tsukasa said grabbing a gold envelope," You said you wanted to try out for this stuff."

She grabbed the envelope and waved goodbye to Tsukasa, walking out."Crap, I'm going to be late for class." She muttered, looking at her schedule saying that her class was at the other side of the Academy. Looking around the school, she checked if anyone was around. After looking around, checking, that there was no one there so she used her inhuman speed to class. Unknown to her, that a certain blue haired neko saw her.

Arriving to the door she knocked on it gently, then the door opened showing her teacher. The teacher had messy orange-brownish hair put in a low ponytail. There were glasses perched on his nose showing his green to yellow eyes. (Is that his eye color?) "H-hai? What do you need?" The teacher asked.

"I'm the new student." She replied.

"Oh, yes yes. Come in." He said opening the door wider.

She stepped in the classroom to be met by yelling and shouting. When she stepped up to the front, everyone stopped and stared at her. Everyone was doing the same thing when she stepped onto the school grounds except, two teens.

One was a girl and the other one was a boy. The girl was short and had long wavy blonde hair with a head band on top. Her eyes were honey-gold. She had a cute face on and looked as if she was supposed to go in middle school or perhaps elementary. The boy had long purple hair that reached his butt. He had brown eyes and oddly looks like a girl. Both of them were whisper arguing at each other but still looking at the girl.

"Class, this is Himamori Amu." The teacher said.

"It's HiNamori." Amu said irritated.

"Oh, and my name is Yuu Nikaidou. But call me Nikaidou-sensei." Nikaidou said.

"Hn." Was Amu's reply.

"You will sit at the left side of Mashiro-san. Mashiro-san, please raise your hand." Nikaidou said.

The girl that is really short raised her hand. Amu walked up to her and sat at her designated seat. The girl turned towards Amu with a sweet smile. "Hi, my name is Mashiro Rima but call me Rima or Rima-chan, san, whichever."

"Hi, you probably already know my name but call me Amu." Amu said smiling.

The lesson got started but Amu and Rima were talking with each other, gradually becoming best of friends. The bell rang and told that class was now over. Indicating lunch is starting. "Amu-chan, do you want to eat with me?" Rima asked, packing her work into her bag.

"Sure." Amu said, slung her bag over her shoulder.

"Come on. I'll show you my friends." Rima said smiling and grabbing Amu's hand. She dragged her all the way to the cafeteria and went outside to a cherry blossom tree. There were already kids there sitting there and eating lunch. There was a total of 6 teens not including them. One of them was familiar to Amu. The one that had long hair was there. Amu didn't know why but he looks oddly familiar, like her best friend. Rima cleared her throat to get their attention.

"Guys, this is my new friend, Amu-chan."

"Hey." Amu said raising her hand.

When one of them looked up his eyes widened remembering earlier what happened.

~~Line Break~~

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(Nage pops up out of nowhere) Nage: Actually you are.

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