Title: What Once Went Wrong

Author: nostalgia

Rated: G

Summary: Years later, Archer dreams.

Category: Angstorama. Vague crossoverishness.

The Usual: Feedback lovely, Archiving also lovely.

- - - - -

He had a dream once that he could walk through time.

In the dream he was gifted with hindsight and spoke with an angel. He changed things, because he was allowed to.

He was a wandering saviour.

He dreamt that he went back to the ship, and he gathered his sheep around him and said not to do that, to do this.

And so there wasn't any blood, and there wasn't any smoke and there weren't any screams.

It was a good dream. It felt real.

But in the end he woke up, and they were still dead.

- - - - -