Dick looked out over the city.
No matter how many times he saw this sight, cleaned up it's foul streets, stopped the many unmentionable crimes within it's walls, he could never deny that the city at night was a beautiful sight. It was a quiet night, not much going on for himself and his father/mentor. Soon, he would head home and sleep, until he rose for a lovely Saturday with his team. More specifically with him, the red-haired speedster who, despite the restless nature that was paired with his kind, had settled in his mind.

Since he was a young 12-year-old ward, he noticed boys before girls. He liked girls, in the friend sense. Artemis and M'gann were close to him, often sharing late night chats on the topic of school, gossip, problems, and most importantly, crushes. No one but his two female team mates knew of his interests in the older boy. They couldn't help but feel guilt when Wally flirted with them, knowing what it did to Dick. They knew it hurt, but he just never stop. Artemis always claimed he was compensating for repressed homosexuality. Dick had his fingers crossed for that option. But he also knew it stung Artemis, she had liked him when she first came to the team. But her interests soon changed.

Dick let out a long sigh, watching as the vapour of his breath in the cold night air danced into the sky.
"Come in, Robin. Head home for the night. You need it." Batman's strong voice came through his headset, a welcome distraction from his thoughts. "Yes, sir!" He raised from his crouch, stretching his legs. How long had he been there? He jogged slowly, warming up, before breaking into a full run as he bounded towards the edge of the building, flying gracefully as he leapt the gap between this building and the other. He couldn't stop the smirk that crossed his pink lips. Up here, in the air, he felt so free. He felt like a real Robin, zipping through the air, his cape acting as feathers. He couldn't help but wish he had more company though, company that could keep up.

Wally tossed and turned, knowing at this point, sleep wasn't coming. His stomach growled loudly. He sighed, knowing that was probably his reason for waking. He sneaked slowly to the kitchen, his blue striped boxers hanging delicately from his hips. Since he got his power, his frame had become a lean yet muscular runners build. His torso was slim, despite the abs that protruded, and his thighs and calves were thick, strong from the strain of speed. He ran a hand through his messy hair, feeling the slight grease that remained. He frowned, working hard on a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He had to be up early, why couldn't he sleep tonight? These would surely help. As he slipped back into his room, he climbed onto his bed, crossing his long legs and perching the plate on his right knee. He picked up his phone, going to the messages and reading the name of the last person who text him, Dick. He'd be up now, wouldn't he? Patrol would be finished by now.

"Hey u awake?"

He hated taking the time to write full words, knowing Dick was the opposite, then again, there wasn't much he didn't know about Dick. He smiled as he balanced his phone on his left knee, thinking back on the long years they had spent as best friends, even before the team. He was drawn from his thoughts by the soft buzz.

"Yeah, is everything okay?"

Wally shook his head. That boy, always worried.

"No dude totally bein raped rite now"

He probably wouldn't find it funny, but Dick would smile at least. And that was all he really wanted. Of course, being an 18-year-old, he wanted more. Hormones were in charge of running his body sometimes, and at those times, all he wanted was to see Dick bent over his bed, his hands curled into the sheets, a bright blush marking his cheeks as his mouth lay agape with silent moans. And following those moments, he couldn't help but chastise himself for thinking of his younger friend, best friend, team mate, bro, in such a lewd fashion.
The images were starting to cloud his tired mind, and he could feel the length between his legs stiffening, as he finished his final sandwich. He placed the plate on his bedside table, flopping back as he moved his hand to his boxers, grasping his hard member just as his phone buzzed.

"How unlucky, though I'm sure you're loving it all too much."

Dick sent the most recent message with a foul taste in his mouth, he hated imagining anyone treating Wally in such a way. Except him. He was tense after the night, too lazy to shower, but still wide awake. He lay back on his large bed, letting out what must have been his 100th sigh. The Wally rape image stuck in his head.
But it was starting to change, the assailant earning dark hair and bright blue eyes, his frame becoming that of a gymnast, the look of pain on the speedsters face turning to pleasure as the dominant entered him slowly, hissing. Dick smirked, enjoying the image more than he should. He slipped his hand underneath the covers, grasping the shaft of his sex, slowly allowing his grip to run to the tip. Just as Wally replied.

"U kno it bro!"

Wally smirked as he replied. He couldn't help imagining Dick leaning over him, biting his lip with uncertainty, his eyes questioning constantly. In Wally's mind, he was the dominant one. He would flip Dick over, pressing his hands against the bit, licking and suckling at his neck as Dick let out soft moans. His hand moved up and down his shaft, as the back of his neck arched and his dry lips came apart, letting out a strangled breath. Dick's face would press against his shoulder as their firm members would grind against each other, making them moan in unison, before Wally would place the to against the tight circle of Dick's opening. Wally could only imagine the feeling as he gripped himself tighter, letting out a hiss through his teeth, as another buzz came next to his hips.

"Hmm, we should probably question that."

Dick felt his jaw tighten as he imagined pumping in and out of the redhead's ass, the latter's dick held between their stomachs, as they moaned. His hips bucked into his hand unwillingly, as imaginary Wally begged him to go faster and he picked up the pace, biting the older boys neck and leaving as many marks as possible. People needed to know who he belonged to. He would allow Wally's hands would wander into Dicks dark hair, tugging as he moaned into Dick's ear. Dick felt himself getting close to finish as his phone vibrated softly. If only it was Wally's dirty thoughts in text form.

"Not wen its the rite person!"

Wally felt his orgasm coming closer and closer. Tingles flooded through him, as he imagined losing himself in Dick, the younger grasping his shoulders, hair, back, his nails digging in, moaning Wally's name, begging him to go faster, arching his back, shivering as Wally's hands traced patterns over his ribs, as his hands skimmed down to the little bird's not so little bird, grasping it and pumping it in time with his thrusts. He smirked. Dick was young, innocent, unlikely to have even done that. It was so close... His phone lit up.
But he was too distracted.

Dick felt the waves of pleasure wash through him like a ripple on water, moaning delicately as the white liquid covered his fist. "Mmm, Wally..."

Wally felt his orgasm burst through him, making him grunt as he came on his hand. "Uhn, Dick!

He checked his phone, for both the time and the message. 4:52.

"Or anyone, you whore."

Wally smiled.

"Im goin 2 sleep c ya 2moro!"
He rolled over, wishing he could say so much more, a small frown furrowing his brow.

"Night, kid idiot."

Dick placed his phone on his night stand, smiling sadly, wishing his goodbye said more.

And neither of them knew what really could have crossed between them.