A/N: A nasty little piece I wrote about the not-so-happy ending to Inu-Yasha and Kikyou's story, and Inu-Yasha's unpleasant "life" without her. Someone actually told me this wasn't dark enough, and I just about fell off my chair. It depressed the hell out of me to write it.


Half-blood, accurs'd,

Freak hated by all

And any would cheer

At your downfall.

Wander the land

For all of your days,

Seeking an end

To an endless maze.

Pathetic creature,

Useless beast,

Never learned,

Not in the least.

They hate you so,

They fear your sight.

They send out their killers

To take you at night.

Worthless bastard,

No family name,

No one willing

To lay any claim.

You've killed your beloved,

Now you're truly alone.

So sleep the death-sleep

And rot to the bone.

* ende *