Chapter 1

After Callie had kissed Arizona she walked over to the sink turning it on to wash her hands; watching her girls playing together and smiles at them hearing them laughing together.

Sofia smiles at Callie with a smirk.

"Hi!" Callie says cheerfully still washing her hands and continues to watch her girls

"You see my necklace?" Arizona asks Sofia who is holding her necklace.

Callie keeps her eyes on her wife knowing things are slowly getting back to normal between them but not all the way yet.

"So come on, you didn't tell me about the rest of your day. Who do you need me to hit with a brick?" Arizona asks.

Callie scoffs "uh, well just...Derek he.." As she was she cut off by Arizona

"What happened?" Arizona asks

"He...he just took all my hard work and just threw it in the trash and He said it wasn't good enough and told me to try again and So all those phone calls to Switzerland to try and help him we're useless and a waste of my time." Callie tells her.

"You're trying," Arizona says.

"That's right I am," Callie says.

Arizona pouts, putting Sofia down gently with Callie still watching her and She wheels herself over to Callie putting her hand on Callie's back, just letting it slip down her back

Callie smiles "I'm..I'm okay. Derek and I are going to come up with a new plan to fix his hand and everything will be okay." Callie tells her.

"Okay." Arizona says and smiles softly.

Callie leans down and kisses her again gently, bringing her hand to Arizona's cheek while Arizona does the same.

Callie pulls away slowly after a couple of seconds "Okay I should finish dinner," She says.

"Anything I can do to help?" Arizona asks with a smile.