"Jason, I hate this idea..." I muttered to my older brother Jason. We were heading to my great times about 50 grandparents' mansion in the middle of a deep, dark forest in the countryside about 150 miles away from our house for a 2 week camping trip. We were all in the car-Me, Jason, Jason's friend Tyler, Jason's girlfriend Kaitlyn, and my 14-year-old best friend Mickey.

"Come on, loosen up a bit Summer..." Kaitlyn grinned, "You're 13 now, you're not a little kid anymore." She sat in the driver's seat considering she was the only one who knew how to drive.

"Yeah, but still-the idea gives me the creeps." I muttered.

"Summer, even though it's winter-time you don't have to be a little butt-head." Tyler smirked, and that got everyone laughing except me and Mickey. I rolled my eyes, "Shut the hell up, Tyler." I muttered, seriously pissed now. I looked out the car's window to see all the cars and buildings we passed, trying to get my mind off of the older-ones laughing their butts off at Tyler. Sometimes I just wanted to smack him upside the head.

That was about 4 hours ago. Now we're here. In the mansion. It's dark and cold here considering there's sadly no heater, and there's barely any candles. Mickey put his arm around me, seeing my eyes well up in fear, "C'mon Sunny. Let's go explore this place." Actually exploring was the last thing I wanted to do, but I grabbed a candle and Mickey and I quickly ran to one of the hallways.

Mickey gripped one of my hands, the other was holding the candle. We walked down the corridor as if we were being summoned by our parents for a long lecture but at the same time we were in happy-ville. I heard a scream outside and hugged Mickey tight. What the hell was out there that was screaming?! "Mickey..." I muttered, nervousness trickling into my voice. "Let's go." Mickey smiled, taking me outside, Jason and his friends following with concerned faces. Tears were streaming now from my eyes. It was dark and cold and we didn't have a flashlight. Yeah, it wasn't fun at all.

There were trees that looked like Christmas trees, Oak trees, Ash trees(I hate Ash trees), and other types of trees I didn't even know everywhere. The ground was muddy and in some spots it was coated in grassy, soft moss. The full moon was shining brightly in-between the leaves of an Ash tree and the scene of the forest was actually beautiful.

The scream rang through the trees and ruined the beauty completely. I shuddered, but I had to know what was up. I let go of Mickey and dashed off toward the noise. "SUMMER!" I heard Jason & Mickey scream at the same time, but I didn't turn back. I felt terrible, but as soon as I turned back, everyone was gone, split directions, looking for me...Heck no.

I walked slowly through the forest until there was a giant tree in the center of a circle. The branches were all crooked and gnarled, and there wasn't any leaves on them . I circled the tree, it was spooky but pretty at the same time. I saw a page on the tree. It said, "Always Watches, No Eyes" with a sloppy drawing of a head with two X's where the eyes should be. I took the page, thinking I'd need it later, and moved on.

I heard distant thundering and my fear increased. Was it seriously going to rain? NOW? Suddenly, my vision began to flicker, why did it look static-y?

I turned around, and I was dead. Insane