I was speechless. How the heck could I KILL Slenderman? The myths said he was unbeatable.

"Collect the eight pages..." Jason's voice whispered. Then, there was a scream that sounded like the one Jason used for roller coasters, and the voice was gone. I felt devastated, "Jason!" I sobbed, anger rushing through my veins as I stormed off to a building that looked like a bathroom, to look for a weapon, a gun, anything that I could use to avenge those who died at the hands of Slenderman.

The hallways were lighted with electricity, which was good, except for one which I didn't dare enter. I could hear every footstep I took on the tile flooring, and it just made the situation even worse. The rooms were completely empty except for one that had a wooden chair in it with a page. Page 6. The page said, "Follows" and had a sloppy drawing of Slenderman in a forest. Great. Just great. It's nice to know a supernatural being that wants to kill you is following you. I grabbed the page off of the chair and ran out of the building as fast as my legs could take me.

Outside I saw some barrels. Actually, they looked more like metal tanks, like the ones used to hold oil. I sighed and headed toward them. I didn't dare turn back because I knew he was behind me and he wanted to send me to freaking hell. I saw a page, didn't read what it said, and picked it up, running for my life now. Page 7. So close. So close to avenging my boyfriend who I loved more than anything in the world.

He was right behind me now, fear was dancing within my body as if it was hosting a dance-party. I tried to think of happy things to keep my mind off of everything, but I just couldn't. If I can't think of happy things, things get seriously ugly. There was a disturbing sound in the air that I can't even explain. All i know is that it made my ears ring.

I saw some rocks and the last page on them. "YESS!" I squealed, running to the page and grabbing it. Everything went quiet. I turned behind me and Slenderman was gone, dead, crippled on the dark, mossy ground. I smiled and read the note on his back, "You've won this time, but I'll be back...you just wait..."

I didn't care, I squealed and went over to my friends' bodies. They were standing up, alive, what?

"Kay Kay!" Jason gave me a hug, "I can't believe you actually-"

"Hush, Jason." I smiled, "We've gotta go. Now."

Jason and Tyler frowned, but I didnt even care, "Come ON! You guys pretty much died, if we stay to long you'll die again?"

"We died?!" Serenity asked, shocked.

"Yeah, don't ask for details." I muttered, dragging them all by their arms and hurrying them into the car, "Let's go and be normal for once. You guys tell nobody about it."

"Got it." We all said, without hesitation. It made me smile to know everyone was normal and alive for one. Funny thing, stories like mine are always a happy-ever-after