Chapter 1

It was just after Sofia's seventh birthday that Arizona was finising cleaning up downstairs with her Mom and was headed upstairs to bed and to say goodnight to her daughter. When She knocked on Sofia's door that was cracked open and opened the door.

"Sof?" She called, and looked around and When didn't see her anywhere and ran down the stairs panicking.

"What's wrong honey?"

"Sofia, she's gone. I can't find her anywhere!"

"Well relax honey, I'm sure she hasn't gone far and we will find her."

"You know Sofia, you know she doesn't leave my side for any reason without telling me first!"

"Maybe she's just in the bathroom or something."


"Maybe she just needed a little bit of air and is out back on the swing, or on the front porch. You go check the front, I'll check the back."


Barbra strokes her daugther's arm, "Relax honey. We'll find her."

Arizona limps to the front door and opens it. "Sofia?!" She calls.

Sofia stays quiet then whimpers lightly; Arizona looks down.

"Oh baby. There you are. We have been worried sick about you!"

Sofia just shrugs. "Sorry," she says softly.

"What are you doing out here Sweetpea?" Arizona slowly sat down next to her on the front step, "It's cold and you could catch pneumonia!"

"Then you will maked me feel better. You maked kids feel better all the time!"

Arizona just smirks. "Well I did, but that a long time ago sweetie." Arizona smirks and leaves her eyes on her

Sofia sniffles.

"What are we looking at?"

Sofia shrugs. "The stars."

"S..something on your mind you wanna talk about?"


"What sweetie?"

"Just wondering if Mommy and Daddy saw my whole birthday party and were smiling?"

Arizona just looks at her and gently pulls her into her close, "Of course they did sweetie."

"How do you know?"

"Trust me I know. It's all in here," Arizona touches her heart.

Sofia sniffles and nods.

"So, did you get everything you want for your birthday big girl?"

Sofia shrugs, "just Mommy and Daddy weren't here."

"Oh, I know sweetie." She holds Sofia tighter.

"They were here though. You know in your heart that they were here watching you and all your friends having fun, eating cake, and laughing. They would of been so happy to be here to celebrate with you, baby."

Sofia {just- I would remove just} nods resting against her.

"They..We love you so much Sofia- don't you ever forget that."

Sofia nods, "Love you Mama."

"Love you too, baby." Arizona kisses her head {and} as the front door opens.

Big brown and blue eyes look back at her. Barbra smiles "What are you girls still doing out here?" Arizona goes to say something. "It's freezing out here and you both will get sick. Come inside!" "We'll be right in Mom."

"Okay," She says as she closes the door

Sofia keeps watching the stars.

Arizona watches her daughter. "So are you almost done so we can go inside, have some hot chocolate and maybe some more c..cake?"

"Just a little bit longer pleasee?"

"Okay." Arizona huddles them together closer to try and keep them warm.

"Can we do this a lot of nights- come out here and watch the stars and talk to Mommy and Daddy?"

"We'll see. Maybe not on school nights but on the weekends, sure."

"Thank you."

Arizona smiles "Sure." She kisses the top of her daughter's head again.

"Mama can we go inside now and have hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff and cake?"

Arizona smiles. "Well I think that's fair since you are the birthday girl."

Sofia smiles and helps Arizona up and they head inside.