Prologue – Kyle and Lisa

Authors note: So after reworking the story...I don't know where to put these I will leave them here.

For anyone new to this story: This and the next chapter are showing the story of SHEPARD'S biotics. I know it is a huge jump in time, blah blah blah. I don't care.

It is the year 2152. Retired Alliance marine, Kyle Shepard and his wife, Lisa Shepard, had just gotten off the shuttle in Lowell City on Mars. Kyle had served in the alliance for eight years, and he had finally decided to settle down. Two weeks ago, while on their way back to the Sol system, in their small quarters on the ship, the couple had argued about where they wanted to settle down.

"There are plenty of places to teach on Earth! I can get you a spot at any city you want!" he said to her, with a hint of aggression in his voice. He wasn't mad at her, he loved her more than anything in the world. He just could not, for the life of him, understand why the hell she wanted to go to Mars." Can you at least tell me why? Why Mars of all places?" He looked up at her and saw that death glare she always gave him during an argument.

"You know how much I have always wanted to go teach, you know how much I want to explore. Every time I almost got that chance, you got shipped off to some other colony, and dragged me with you." she snapped at him." Mars was the first time humanity had discovered evidence toward another species, and I want to see that! People on Mars want to see that too!" She continued glaring at him, progressively raising her voice. "For four years we moved constantly, every time dictated by you, and now that we are finally settling down, you still want to choose where we go. Do you not even care what I think?" She had started to yell, her eyes starting to tear up, "What am I even here for? Your personal-..." She had started to cry, not finishing her sentence.

He looked at his wife of four years, stunned at his own stupidity. He had never once asked her if she was okay with moving, he had just assumed she didn't care. "Hey...come here..." He whispered. He wrapped his arms around her, cradling her head in his shoulder. "We'll go to Mars. I'll call in a few favors and you can teach anywhere you want, I'll find a guard job or security somewhere. We'll settle down...start a family." He said, still holding her close. Taking her head out of his shoulder, she looked at him and, every so slightly, she grinned, nodding. He readjusted himself and she pulled back, sitting back down. He looked at her, she still had tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't realize sooner. It shouldn't take this much for me to realize how stupid I'm being." She didn't necessarily respond, just sort of grunted in acceptance. That would have to work.

Kyle was definitely glad that Lisa had convinced him to go to Mars. While not very visually appealing, it was still amazing. They were walking to their nearby apartment, a few minutes away from the shuttle port. He stared at his beautiful wife, watching as her long brown hair swayed back and forth from the pace of her walk. She had been giddy with excitement, like a child on their first day to school, ever since they had arrived in Mars' atmosphere. She was practically running, and he had a majority of their bags, he was falling way behind.

He finally decided to call out. "Wait up!" he said. After about five second he heard his wife reply with a slightly irritated voice, "Hurry up! We need to get their ASAP!"

She didn't slow her pace, didn't even turning her head. Kyle grunted, and slowed down. She could sprint up their for all he cared, he was going to take his time. After stopping at a few stands that were scattered across the streets, he found his way there. He set down their bags and walked in, taking in the view. He found himself in a large room, with a kitchen on one side, living room on the other, between the two areas was a long clear window leading to a small deck area, with a clear door dividing the window in two. The walls were somewhat turquoise and gray mixed, more gray than turquoise though. There was not much on the walls, they were mostly empty. He liked it.

There was a hallway from the living room that lead into a main bedroom, which had its own bathroom, and a smaller, guest room with a bathroom across the hall. This was amazing! He could hardly believe how good his friends from the Alliance had hooked him up. He had to pull a lot of strings to get everything they needed here, but it was definitely worth it. He had gotten Lisa the teaching job she wanted, he managed to get a job as a security guard for the school, though he didn't quite know why the school even needed guards. Hell, the colony doesn't even need guards, there was no violence here at all.