Chapter 1: The Queen's Garden

The sun slowly rose behind the mountains. The bright rays of light washed over the Enchanted Forest and made the gentle ripples of the lake, which surrounded the entire kingdom, shine gloriously. The water was a stream of glitter. The castle was reflected on the lake's body.

The sunlight shone over the high towers, the pointed bright red roofs, and the expansion bridge. The castle was grand. It stood over acres of high land facing the great lake on one side and surrounded by the woods on the other. The bridge stretched out all the way across water to the mainland.

Within the castle walls was the royal garden. It was known for its beauty and sweet scents of rare flowers.

Garden Regina. It was named after the Queen who bred the flowers and plants. The wide stretch of land consisted of numerous flower beds, Roses and Azaleas, Marigolds and Orchids, Lavenders and Cherry Blossoms. The rest were wildflowers and rare breeds. There were apple trees and delicious strawberry beds. Butterflies danced in Garden Regina. Birds whistled from tree to tree. Little rabbits played on the soft green grass.

The morning sun found the Queen tending to her roses. She had a garden shear in her hand, snipping the thorns away. Her hand maids were watering her plants as she hummed to herself. Her garden gave her much joy. It was her creation. Her child.

Regina loved her garden just as much as she despised her life in the castle.

She was born in a noble family. Her father worked in the King's court. Her mother had died giving birth to her. Mother was well respected among the common people. Being the only child, Regina had spent a lot of time by herself. She learned to ride at the age of eight. She trained her trusted steed, Rocinante, and did all sorts of stunts with him. She would race him across the beach, splashing through water and galloping over wet rocks. Her father taught her to be a proper lady as well. He gave the the finest dresses and gorgeous jewelleries. She dressed up and went to attend gatherings in the King's court among other nobles and royal families. That is where King Leopold noticed her. Only a year ago, he sent words to her father, asking for her hand. Leopold forced her into a marriage she wasn't ready for.

She had refused; she had begged her father for just a few more years. She had barely lived her youth. Of course her father couldn't speak against the king.

She was married within a month.

Regina sighed as her fingers caressed the soft rose petals. The flowers never failed to mesmerize her.

"I'm going into my dressing chamber," she announced to her maids, "do not disturb me within the next hour unless it is absolutely urgent." The girls nodded. Regina stood up and walked towards the stairs.

The castle was preparing to welcome the soon to be arriving guests. The Prince of north lands, Sa'ar, was coming to visit. King Leopold has long standing alliance with the Prince's house.

Regina watched the grand hall being prepared with flowers and soft curtains. New sheets were being spread over the dining tables. The kitchen was cooking ten courses for the royal dinner. The Kings' musicians were rehearsing for tonight's show.

Regina climbed the stairs towards her room. Inside her dressing chamber she felt around the wall. Finding the dent on the bricks, she pressed. The wall gave away revealing a small hidden stairwell. Regina grabbed a torch and descended.

Growing up she had spent a lot of time reading ancient texts, old scrolls and histories of the kingdoms. Above all, what she found the most fascinating were her dead mother's journals.

Regina stepped into the small room beneath the castle. She had shelves built all over the walls. They now held countless tiny glass vials with potions in them. There were box full of spells and enchantments. The drawers and cupboards held the ingredients. The table in the middle of the room had a burner sitting on top of it as well as a few small cauldrons.

Her mother had left her with tiny log books that recorded her practices. Regina read the first one when she was ten. That was when she found out her mother was a witch.

This room beneath her chamber was where she practiced her mother's teachings.

"Augh!" she whispered, flicking her wrist casually at the burner. It lit up with a tiny crack. It was the first trick she had mustered. Her mother had written the spell in three different ancient languages, Regina had chosen this one.

She had kept her practices from the King, just as her mother had from her father. She would surely be burned if word reached Leopold. Witches were deemed evil in their kingdom. Practicing witchcraft was equivalent to treason.

She knew the risk and yet, even after her marriage, she couldn't let go of her mother's spell books.

She felt closer to her the more she practiced and perfected the techniques. Regina imagined her mother's proud smile every time she mastered a new spell. There was nothing in the world she wanted more.

Magic was at the root of her being. She'd have gone insane trapped in this palace, living to serve the King. Magic gave her purpose. Her spells were her strength. Regina was alive when she was in this room, in her own little world, learning and growing.

Hours passed. Regina stirred the cauldron from time to time, muttering incantations under her breath. Red to purple to gray and finally transparent- the potion was ready.

Dreams, she smiled, my gift to the arriving guests. Just one drop in their drinks and they'll have the sweetest dreams tonight. Come morning they'll wake up refreshed and energetic.

"Your highness?!"

A meek voice called out upstairs. Her maids had strict orders about never entering her dressing chamber. Regina flicked her wrist and the table cleared out, the fire died. She climbed upstairs with the small vial tucked inside her robe.

"What is it, Stella?" she asked her maid.

"The Prince and his men are close, your grace. The King has requested your presence."

"I'll be there shortly." Regina said dismissively. The maid bowed and left her chamber.

Moments later, Regina finished fastening her corset and pulled on the red and black embroidered gown. She combed her dark hair and pulled it into an updo. She placed her crown on her head.

By the time Regina reached the King's Court, Leopold was already sitting on his throne.

"My queen," he greeted her with a nod and indicated towards the empty seat beside him. Regina bowed courteously and sat down.

They watched through the tall windows as horses galloped across the expansion bridge. Their mane shone under the light of the afternoon sun. For a moment Regina's mind wandered to Rocinante. Her horse barely ever left the stables since she got married. And when she rode him, it was to travel with the King. She missed the rush of wind on her hair, the strong galloping hoofs beneath her and her hands clutching the leather rein.

The prince brought about fifty men with him. Their flags fluttered against the wind. They all wore their house colour. Their flags carried the emblem of a silver wolf painted on blue.

"Prince Graham, ruler of Sa'ar and all of north, brave wolf of the noble house Humbert!"

Trumpets blared. Drums rolled.

The men assembled in front of the castle gates and dismounted. They divided into two rows, clearing the way for their prince.

Graham was young and full of life. His light brown hair swept in the wind as he made his way into the court. His long blue cape brushed the marble floor.

"Your highness," he bowed before Leopold. The king walked up to greet him with a warm embrace. Regina rose to her feet and walked up to them.

"My dear queen, your beauty has only grown in the past few months since the lovely wedding" he bowed and kissed her hand.

"And you are just as charming, your grace," Regina smiled widely. She waited by the throne until the prince and king chatted off towards the courtyard to discuss their business. The guards followed and so did the nobles.

Regina sighed. She wouldn't have to make an appearance until later in the evening when the feast began.

Slowly she walked towards her chamber. The castle was quiet. She stood in her room, alone, by the window.

She despised being the queen.

The knight entered the stable, bringing the horse along. Stacks of hay were piled in corners. The ground was muddy. Rows of stalls held the king's best steeds as well as the visiting ones from the north. The knight searched for the assigned place.

The feast had begun inside the castle. Loud music floated in the air. Warm smell of roasted meat and fresh bread made the knight's stomach grumble.

"Oh my!" a voice gasped within the stable. A young girl appeared in a red dress and black boots. Her hair was long and dark. Her lips were bright red. "A knight! In my stable! This is quite the surprise." she bowed gracefully.

"I need to feed my horse, can you help me?" the knight asked politely.

The girl nodded and brought a bucket of grains. The knight held it near the horse's mouth. The animal dug his entire face inside and started munching.

"You're Ser Swan aren't you?" the girl grinned knowingly, "you're the knight. The only woman to ever join the army, ever, in the entire kingdom."

Emma smiled and nodded, "the one and only."

"Oh my god!" the girl gasped, "but you're quite the handsome fellow!"

"Why thank you." Emma winked, brushing her horse's mane.

"I'm Ruby, by the way, I work in the stable." the girl spoke, still eyeing her curiously. Emma tried to ignore her stare as she groomed her stallion, Anthony.

The girl hovered close to her. Emma felt her hand on her steel armour; it travelled along the plates on her arm.

"I've heard so many stories…" Ruby whispered, still rubbing along the steel, "fascinating stories…"

"And what have you heard?" Emma asked, arching her eyebrow playfully.

"That you've never lost a single battle," the girl purred admiringly, "that your sword is the longest and the most dangerous."

The way she pronounced 'longest' made Emma's smile. Ruby's intentions were clear.

Well why the hell not?

"I…am the dangerous one," she whispered, taking a better look at the girl. She was in her prime. Her skin was pale and smooth. Her lips were full and desirable. She was lean with narrow hips.

I'm going to enjoy this one, Emma smirked, it's been so long…

"They say you take women to bed," Ruby's voice was sultry in her ear, her hand trailed over the flatness of her breast plate, tracing the carved wolf, "they say you're a better fuck than any man."

Emma grabbed her hand and looked straight into her eyes, "would you like to find out?"

Ruby's dark brown eyes twinkled with excitement. Emma didn't need an answer.

She grabbed Ruby's waist and yanked her up. The stable girl wrapped her legs around her waist as Emma pushed her through the mountain of hay and pinned her against the wall.

Ruby's hands worked efficiently as they removed her armour and all the protective layers. She could move her hands more freely.

Emma hiked up Ruby's dress and slipped her hand through her undergarment. Her finger slipped easily into her wetness.

"Oooh!" Ruby smiled as she entered her.

"Have you been dreaming about this night, dear girl?" Emma hissed in her ear, "waiting for a woman to fuck you against the wall?"

"Yes oh yes!" Ruby gasped as she thrust deeper into her. Emma sucked her lips. Her hand groped firm breasts.

They fell on the hay with Emma still inside the young girl. Emma sucked on a pink nipple as her finger drilled inside the wet pussy.

So warm…so tight…mmmh…

It had been months since she had been inside a woman. Ruby was willingly spreading wide open for her.

"Oh…oh…oh yes fuck me!" Ruby growled, clutching her neck for her dear life. Emma added another finger. The girl sucked both fingers inside her wet hole and pushed into her hand. Emma pounded her steadily.


Emma ripped Ruby's dress in the heat of the moment. The soft fabric tore down her chest to her waist where the knight was thrusting inside her. Emma watched her fingers penetrate the wet flesh between Ruby's legs. She lowered her face to suck on the hard clit.

"Oh fuck!" Ruby nearly screamed as Emma licked her clit while her fingers thrust deeper. Her other hand squeezed a firm breast, playing with the perky nipple. Ruby removed her dress completely and lied naked on the hay as Emma fucked her.

"I can just feel how strong you are…" Ruby spoke breathlessly as Emma worked her fingers inside, "the way you're moving inside me…you're fucking me so good and hard…mmmh!"

Emma growled and bit down on Ruby's breast. The brunette screamed as her teeth dug into the soft flesh. Her thumb rubbed her clit as fingers thrust in and out.

"Oh-ooh…mmmh!...yeah-oh yeah-oh…oh oh yeah…oh fuck!"

Ruby shuddered as her orgasm washed over her. Her hips thrust into Emma's hand burying her fingers deep inside her quivering pussy. Her wetness coated the knight's fingers. Emma gently circled her fingers inside the stable girl, bringing her down from the edge.

Emma pulled out and reached inside her trousers. She rubbed Ruby's juices all over her own clit.

"Your turn," she commanded the girl lying on the hay, still breathless. Ruby looked up and nodded obediently.

The young girl kneeled in front of her on the hay and unbuckled her trousers. They fell around Emma's ankles, her briefs followed.

"Would you like me to suck you?" Ruby asked innocently, pouting her lips. Her face was between Emma's legs already.

"Yes" Emma breathed. Ruby kissed the hood of her clit then sucked it entirely into her mouth. Emma gasped and gripped the girl's hair tightly, thrusting herself into her mouth. Her clit in mouth, Ruby flicked her tongue over the flesh. Emma saw stars.

"Oh you're such a good girl…" Emma moaned as Ruby's mouth worked on her. The brunette clutched her ass and hungrily lapped her slit. Emma held the loose strands of hair away from her face as Ruby's head moved up and down, licking and sucking. The knight moved her hips, pushing herself more into the young girl's eager mouth.

"I want your cum" Ruby whispered, licking under her clit. Emma's chest jutted out as she took heavy breaths. Her sex was on fire under the talented tongue of the young stable girl.

"Oh fuck…" Emma moaned as the brunette's tongue drove deep inside her folds, licking her inner walls. Ruby thrust in and out, covering Emma's heat completely with her mouth.

"I'm close…" Emma breathed out as the wet tongue stroked her clit.

"Give me all of it" Ruby spoke with her pussy in her mouth, "I won't spill a drop, I'll drink all of it…all of it…mmm…."

Emma growled like a wild animal and thrust herself into the young girl's mouth.

"Fuck! Oh fuck!" she gripped on to Ruby's hair painfully and held her face buried between her legs. Pleasure shook her. Her wetness dripped down her slit and into Ruby's eager mouth. The young girl swallowed her juice and licked her clean. Emma held her face between her legs while her body recovered.

She pulled the girl back up by her shoulder and kissed her. She tasted her own juice on those pouting lips. She fondled her young breasts and Ruby sighed in her mouth.

"I've been with so many men…" she breathed out as Emma pulled away, "but I've never been…filled…so completely…"

"Well," Emma chuckled, "I can show you so much more…if you're willing…"

"Of course!" Ruby smiled excitedly, "I will be at your service any time you need me, your grace, please."

Emma grinned, shaking her head. They all begged afterwards, always begged for more.

"I'll look forward to fucking you every night, Ruby," Emma spoke in the stable girl's ear.

She pulled up her pants and armour, and then walked out of the stable, leaving the naked, straw covered girl behind. She could tell the stable girl was grinning as she left.

Emma whistled happily as she made her way towards the castle. The moon was out. She stood in the garden under the silver light and looked towards the lake. The moon danced over the slow tides. The castle's lights reflected off the surface.

"What a beautiful place…" Emma sighed, sitting down under an apple tree. She didn't want to walk into the loud hall just yet.

She quite enjoyed the admiration in the young girl's eyes. Ruby wasn't the only one to express it. Emma had met many women on her journeys, and many of them looked up to her. She was their pride. The woman who made the impossible possible.

The only woman to be knighted in the entire kingdom.

Emma had grown up in a small village in Sa'ar. Her parents were simple folks. Her father was a blacksmith and her mother a midwife. She was their only daughter.

"I'm going to be a prince when I grow up!"

"You'd have to be born in the royal family to be that" her mom would shake her head.

"Then I'd be a knight!" Emma punched the air determinedly.

"Stay still I'm trying to braid your hair!"

"Can you do it fast? I need to go to Pa, he's making me a sword today!"

"Now that's not very lady-like" her mom would say, "have you finished your chores?"

Her parents were like that. Her mother always complained about her lack of lady-like attitude and her father encouraged her to be more un-lady-like

Emma remembered the boys were so jealous of her that she got to have such a beautiful sword. When she practiced with her father they gathered in the yard, watching quietly. She had their respect and admiration.

Emma knew she wasn't growing up to marry a prince and mother a bunch of babies. She wanted to see the world. She wanted to wield a proper sword and train. She wanted to join the Prince's army.

She did in time. She practiced day an night, kept her hair short, lifted heavy weights around his father's shop to gain muscles, and snuck into patrol camps at night to watch soldiers train.

She saw much more than she intended.

Emma remembered that night, five years ago, when she hid behind the bushes right behind a soldier's tent. They were celebrating that night, drinking heavily and fooling around by the fire. A lamp was turned on inside the tent in front of her. Emma stood very still, not daring to breathe. If she was caught the punishment would be severe.

A soldier entered the small tent with a woman in his arms. The opening was wide and Emma could see everything that was happening inside. The man removed all his clothes and then asked the woman to strip. Emma watched her lithe form move and take off each piece of clothing. Her jaw hung open as the woman's breasts were revealed. She saw her in all her naked glory. The man threw the woman on the mattress on the ground and climbed on top of her. Emma watched his penis thrust into the woman. She was horrified; she thought the woman would scream for help or struggle. Instead she watched her moan and sigh as the soldier pushed into her, pulled out and pushed in. She watched the woman give herself willingly, taking the soldier into her body. Emma felt weird inside as she watched them. Something tingled between her legs and it made her uncomfortable.

Emma had touched herself that night, in the darkness of her room, imagining the woman's gasps and moans. As Emma returned night after night, her thoughts wandered farther from just the woman's passionate sighs. She thought about her body, the breasts, and the region between her legs where a touch could light a fire inside. Emma wanted to replace the man when she dreamt at night. She was the one wrapped within the woman's arms, her fingers touching, exploring and buried deep inside.

She was fifteen then.

In Sa'ar, there are no laws against women enlisting for the army. Women simply weren't interested. The day she had appeared to take her first test, she had given the commander quite the shock. He was still very supportive of her.

Emma Swan became a soldier.

After years of training and fighting in the wars, Emma finally had the chance to serve in the Prince's very own regiment. Last spring, they were camped out near the bay. Emma was filling her flask when she saw a shadow lurk behind the Prince's tent.

She had swiftly crossed the distance and snuck up behind the man.

"Show yourself!" she had yelled, sword raised high. The figure turned and charged at her with steel. The clash of swords woke the Prince.

After the assassin was chained up, Prince Graham had sought her out.

"I owe my life to you, young soldier" he had shaken her hand gratefully.

"I was only doing my job, your highness" she had bowed, nervous in his presence.

"Tell me, do you get along with all the men here?"

"I do, your grace, they are my family."

"Will they obey you?"

She had stared blankly at his face.

"I apologize, your highness, I do not understand."

"The men," he repeated, "will they heed your command?"

"I might have to duel some into submission" she had stated honestly. The prince had laughed at that, patting her back.

"I'm going to make you a knight," he had said after thinking a little bit.

That was two years ago. Now here she was, a knight praised for her victories and womanhood, travelling with the Prince himself.

I've come a long way, Emma smiled to herself.

Suddenly she heard footsteps behind her, padding across the grass.

Regina hadn't noticed the figure under the apple tree when she walked into the garden. She was in desperate need of fresh air. The great hall was crowded and loud. The men were wolfing down every course and burping everywhere. Even the king was exceptionally rowdy today. She couldn't stand it.

Ooh the apples have grown! She smiled at the ripened fruits hanging from the branches. The garden seemed deserted so she tried to reach for one. Her heavy gown made it difficult for her.

"May I help your highness?"

Regina yelped ungracefully as she heard the voice. A woman appeared behind her tree.

A knight?

"Why are you in a knight's attire?" she asked.

"Because I am one, your grace," the woman bowed. Regina raised her eyebrow in surprise.

"You have female knights at Sa'ar?"

"So far it's only me in the entire kingdom" the knight shrugged. Her steel plates shone under the moonlight. "Ser Swan at your service."

"Ser? Shouldn't it be Lady?"

"Well until they come up with a more knight-ly title for a woman, I'd very much prefer Ser. Now, may I pluck your apple?"

Regina gaped at her.

Ser Swan grabbed a fat branch and lifted herself off the ground. She grabbed an apple and jumped down.

"Thank you, your grace," Regina remembered her manners. She was speaking to a knight and she hadn't even curtsied.

"Pleasure is all mine," she nodded and grabbed one for herself.

They stood in silence under the night sky, eating the apples. Music from the dining hall surrounded them.

Regina eyed Ser Swan. She was slightly taller than her. Her armours gave her a strong appearance, although she must be strong enough to carry so much steel on her body. The knight had long blonde curls that fell down her back.

She has quite an appearance, Regina mused.

Emma couldn't believe she was eating an apple from the queen's own tree, in the queen's garden, with the queen herself.

The entire world knew about Queen Regina.

The woman was praised for her beauty and grace. She used to be a skilled horse rider before marriage. Now everyone praised her for her hospitality and kindness.

Queen Regina was a dark haired goddess. Her eyes wore thick black mascara. Her lips painted in dark red. Her dress was the darkest blue with silver handiwork. She was wearing it in honour of the northern guests.

Under the moonlight, a silver aura surrounded her slender figure.

Beautiful indeed.

Leopold's one lucky bastard, Emma thought, taking a big bite from her apple. The fruit was sweet, having ripened just perfectly.

"I hope our accommodations are suiting your grace?" The queen inquired.

"Oh most definitely, your highness," Emma smiled, remembering the stable girl's wonderful treatment, "your people are extremely eager to serve. I feel very welcomed."

"I'm pleased to hear that." the queen smiled. Emma stared at her lips for a moment. She had smiled quite beautifully.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Ser Swan," the queen spoke, dropping the core on the grass, "I hope to see you around during your stay."

"I shall look forward to it." Emma nodded humbly and kissed the queen's soft hand. Regina eyed her for a moment, tracing the place where her lips touched. Then she bowed and turned away.

Emma stood under the twinkling stars as the queen walked back to her castle.

*note: This is my very first fantasy/fairy tale fanfic ever. The setting might sometimes resemble Game of Thrones, Snow White and the Huntsman and The Tudors.I'm drawing my inspirations from there and also the FairyTale Land in OUAT. I intend to make this story extremely smutty so, you've been warned. I have a bunch of ideas in my head that I want to explore with this fic, all centered around Swanqueen of course.

However, I'm going to decide whether I should continue this based on reviews on this first chapter. So give me your thoughts! Is this plot worth pursuing?

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