Chapter 1

It was just after Sof's 8th birthday; Arizona comes up behind Callie in the kitchen holding her from behind.



"The girls all set?"

"Yup they got thier snacks and movie and they are all set."

"Good, good."

Arizona kisses the back of her wife's shoulder.

"Hey you okay, feeling okay?"

"Yup, I'm great just a long day."

Arizona lovingly squeezing Callie tighter.

"What is all this about?"

"Nothin, You're just, you're awesome."

Callie just scoffs remembering when she said that exact samething to Arizona; And keeps scrubbing dishes.

"L..Lets make a baby."

"Whoa, what?!"

"Lets make a baby..tonight."

"Tonight huh?"

Arizona nods, "Tonight."

Callie smiles.

"Come on- drop those, finish them later. Lets go."

"Wait go where, where we going?"

"Just come on," Arizona says pulling her up the stairs, through their bedroom to their the master bath, shutting and locking the door.

Arizona pssionately kisses her

"Mmm, what ae we doing?"

"Shh." Arizona strips her of her shirt.

Callie looks around. "When did you do all this?" she points to the full bathtub with bubbles it.

"Doesn't matter. Now stop talking and enjoy this." Arizona continues to strip her before stripping herself getting into and entering the bath with her wife.