Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Episode 65: New Journey

Author: James the Lesser

This takes place after the Series, and the movie Star of Milos, and the OVAs


Edward Elric looks out the window as Milos comes in to view. "I wonder how things have been going since we've left." He looks at his right arm. "I've certainly changed." It was flesh and he was still not used to it some times.


He steps off and grabs two large bags. "Sure looks different." There were new flags up and a lot of the buildings had been painted new colors. "So where do I go?" Two large burly men walk up to him.

"Edward Elric? The Fullmetal Alchemist?"

"Yeah, who are you two?"

"Julia's welcoming party." Both men smile brightly. "Welcome to Milos. She received word from a Mustang fellow you were on your way here."

"Brigadier General Mustang. How did he know I was coming here?"

"We don't know we aren't his men. Come with us. Julia has a room set up for you." Ed follows the two out of the station and through the city.


Ed has his stuff put away and is in the lobby when he sees Julia flanked by other large men. "Long time no see."

"Same here Fullmetal." She sticks her hand out. He reaches down and shakes it. "Flesh? So it is true what I heard."

"I don't know. What did you hear?"

"A lot. How about we go to a restaurant? You can have any thing you want."

"Sounds great!" Ed follows her out of the hotel.


Julia orders another glass of wine. "It really has been almost three years hasn't it?"

"Yeah, it has. I see Milos has been doing well."

"Even better with all the troops from your nation having been pulled back. Heard the little scuffle you had at the capital was quite the show."

"It was a little more than that. I hope Milos hasn't had any problems like that."

"Nothing like that. Creta has been causing us some trouble but that is nothing new. Amestra thankfully has not interfered with us."

"And it won't. Mustang supports your right of independence."

"But does your Fuhrer?"

"He won't make any moves on Milos either." Ed sees his food being carried over by a waitress. "Lunch is served."

"Think with your stomach? Does your brother have a stomach to think with?"

"Yes, yes he does." He sees the look on her face. "Uh, he, we had help from a girl and they talked and, well, he's out east."

"East of Amestra?" Ed nods. "Doesn't surprise me. He was so nice and gentle even in his armor. Once he got his body back it probably didn't take long for the girls to fall all over him."

"We knew her before he got his body back."

"So she's a good person as well. I'm glad he's happy." She takes a sip of her wine. "And how about you? I see your arm is flesh but you still have a metal leg."

"My brother got my arm back." He rubs it. "And I got his body back."

"How? I heard you can't perform Alchemy any more."

"That's why and how." She just gives him a blank stare. "Equivalent Exchange. I traded my ability to perform alchemy to get his body back." He pokes at his food with a fork. "A fair exchange. I think I may have gotten the better end of the deal."

"Yes you did." She smiles. "Which is a little weird huh? I am performing a lot more complex alchemy and you can't perform it any more. When we last met I could barely fix a few papercuts and you were the great Fullmetal Alchemist."

"Now I'm just Edward Elric."

"But you came out here for a reason."

"Yes, yes I did." He takes a bite of his meal. "Not bad."

"Of course not. I wouldn't take you to a bad restaurant." She reaches over and spears a green bean from his plate. "But that doesn't get you out of telling me why you're here."

"I'm looking for answers and new theories on alchemy. My brother went east to look for the same."

"Leaving behind the girlfriend?"

"No. She lives in Xing."

"Really? What is she some sort of princess?" Ed starts choking on his food. "She is?! I guess I didn't stand a chance." She laughs at him as he continues choking. "You're so funny." He finally swallows.

"Exactly what I am." The two continue talking over lunch.

Across the Border

Three Cretan soldiers are receiving information from their spies. "The Fullmetal Alchemist is in Milos. His brother did not come with him. Nor did any Amestra troops."

"He is alone? Could it really be true? Keep an eye on him and let us know what he does."

That Night

Ed steps out of the shower and goes to his bed. "I can't go west. Creta is too dangerous. Maybe I should go south to Aerugo. Or north to Drachma. Take that around Creta to the lands west of there." He keeps talking to himself not noticing some one on the roof across from his and the binoculars in their hands.


Ed stands in the middle Julia's office. "So this is where the, what did you call it, President sits?"

"Yes, president." She is in a large chair in the middle of a round room. "I based this room off of an alchemist circle."

"I noticed." It had no corners. "But it isn't really round."

"No. We found an oval was better."

"And you let people elect you in to office? Sounds kind of risky. What if you lose?"

"Hopefully my opponent has the best interest of the people at heart." She gets out of her chair and goes to the window. "But I won my first election and I hope to win every election I run in after that."

"I still think it sounds risky." Ed sits on the large wooden desk. "I need to get around Creta. What do you think is the best path?"


"No thought of going up through Drachma?" She shakes her head.

"They sent us a diplomat and tried to get us to join forces for an attack on your nation. They hate Amestra and might not let you through so easily."

"I know they hate the country but I'm not the country. I'm not even really a state alchemist any more." He pulls out the silver watch. "They give me a full pension and access to their library but I can't perform alchemy."

Across from the building a Cretan spy sees the watch. "Confirmation it is an alchemist from Amestra. The earlier ID of the subject was correct."

Julia shows Ed around the building. "And that is pretty much it."

"You've done a lot of work."

"It took a lot of it. Even more to make sure every thing runs smoothly."

"But you're the president can't you just tell people what to do?" She shakes her head.

"I'm not a dictator like some nations." He doesn't miss her look. "I am elected by the people for the people. I must do what is best for them and not myself or the military. My council helps since I am only one person."


"Seat Members. One for Defense, another for Education, and other positions. It is complicated but we got the idea from some history books about a nation west of here across the great ocean."

"Hope it works for you guys. I don't think I would risk my entire nation to the whim of the people. Some are great but some are evil."

"The great outnumber the evil." They leave the building and continue talking.

Next Afternoon

Ed buys a ticket for a train heading south and loads his bags on the train when some one bumps in to him. "Hey!"

"Oh sorry I couldn't see you over my bag." The person had spilled his drink on Ed's head.

"Are you calling me so small you couldn't even see me with a pair of binoculars?!"

"Oh heavens no I just couldn't see where I was going while trying to balance my cup on my bag. I am a little late and in a hurry excuse me." They go around Ed.

"Fine, I'll wash up in the bathroom." He steps off the train and hurries to the nearest bathroom to use the sink.

In the bathroom he washes his hair. The running water drowns out the sound of footsteps as two men come from behind and grab Ed. "Hey let me..." A rag is put over his face and soon he passes out.


Ed wakes up cuffed to a chair. He looks around the dimly lit room and notices there are no windows, paintings, or furniture in it. "Where am I?"

"So you've finally waken up." A man comes from behind Ed and stops in front of him. "About time. I guess the dosage we used was too much for some one your size."

"Don't call me small." Ed struggles against the restraints but it is useless.

"Sorry Fullmetal Alchemist but I will call you any thing I like." The man laughs deeply. "I can also do any thing I like with you."

"What do you want from me? How do you know who I am? I've never met you before in my life." Ed continues fighting the cuffs.

"I know all about you Fullmetal. You aren't exactly discreet about your actions." The man holds up a pair of pliers. "Now if you would please tell me how to make a Philosopher Stone."

"What? No, never."

"Really? I've heard you've seen and have even used one before." He holds the pliers an inch from Ed's nose. "So you must know how they are made."

"I do but I'll never tell you."

"That's too bad. I was hoping you'd help us. Creta is a great nation but our alchemists are nothing like Amestra alchemists."

"I'd never help you!" The man pinches Ed on the nose and turns. Ed hears the cartilage break. "Aaaa!" The pain rushes to his brain.

"You see we've been working on it for a while now. We know it uses human lives but all of the stones we've made so far have been weak and ineffective." The man walks over and picks up a box. He walks back over to Ed and opens it. "I bet you can tell just by looking at them."

Ed sees the stones. Some are pink, one is purple, and none of them are the deep blood red of the Philosopher Stone. "Are we not using enough humans? We've been using prisoners so far so we have plenty of them if we need to use more."

"Monster! How many have you killed to make those?!" Ed counts eleven stones.

"We started at fifty and have moved our way up to three hundred. So Fullmetal should we be using more? Or does the amount not matter? Is it our circles?" He goes over and turns on a light. All around Ed are different circles.

"I won't tell you." The man comes back over with the pliers.

"Tougher than you look." He punches Ed in the face hitting the recently broken nose. "But I will get the secret of the stone out of you." Ed spits at the man.


"We'll see about that." The man walks over to a door and knocks on it.

The door opens and three young children are led in by Cretan soldiers. "Another theory we have is it must be certain souls. The younger the better. Is this right?"

"No!" The children start crying. "Leave them alone you bastard!"

"No it doesn't matter or no you won't tell us?"

"They can't be children. Their souls are too small." Ed hopes this lie will save the children in front of him.

A knock echoes in the room. "They must have found some thing in your bags." Ed screams as he pulls as hard as he can on the restraints. They dig in to his skin and cut it causing blood to flow down his arms.

All Ed can hear is a door closing. He was alone with the eleven failed stones in front of him and the circles the Cretan military used to make them.

Countless Hours Later...

He hears the door open again. "Very tricky Fullmetal."

"Burn in Hell monster."

"I'll never go there once I get this stone." The man appears with Ed's journal. "You use a code to hide your work. Tell us how to decipher it."


"Fine. I'll make you talk." The man picks up a failed stone with a pair of pliers. He grabs Ed's face and forces his mouth open. "Down the hatch." He shoves the stone down Ed's throat. "You just ate fifty souls."

"Stop." Ed tries spitting it out but can't.

"Here are fifty more souls. Tell us the decipher or you will eat them as well." Ed tries keeping his mouth shut but the man forces it open just enough he can shove the stone in to Ed's throat.

After nine stones Ed starts feeling sick. "And now another three hundred. This will get you over two thousand souls." He holds it in front of Ed's eyes. "Tell us the decipher or you'll eat this one as well." Ed opens his mouth. He would rather do this than tell the monster the secret of making a correct Philosopher Stone. "Very well." He puts the stone on Ed's tongue and Ed swallows it.

"Only one left. Another three hundred souls. But this is not making you talk." The man puts the stone back in the box. "Bring them in." Ed hears crying.

"Leave them alone!"

"Not unless you tell us the decipher." Two armed guards bring in five children. "I will count to ten. At ten they will shoot one of the children at random. One." Ed looks at the children. None of them were older than he was when he and his brother tried bringing back their mother. "Two."

"I can't! You'll kill a hundred more!"


"I'm sorry! But if I save you they will kill more!"

"What number comes after three? Is it ten?" A gunshot echoes around the room. "Must be."

"Stop it!" The four remaining children scream in terror.


"A is Z, B is Y, C is X, and it goes from there. Just don't kill them please." Ed's vision blurs as tears from the pain flow down his cheeks.

"Oh no they will be saved Fullmetal." The guards grab the four remaining children and drag them away. "As for you? It may take a day or so to translate all of your notes. I hope you are comfortable in this chair." The man leaves.

Days Later

Ed is starving, tired, and on the brink of death when he hears the door open. "Tut tut, I told them to feed you." It is a woman's voice. "I'll have you cleaned up and fed."

"Who are you?"

"Maria Estevez. And you are Edward Elric. The Fullmetal Alchemist. The boy, or man, who will make Creta thee super power." She taps him on the shoulder. "All thanks to your notes." She walks away and he hears the door close.

A few minutes later several people are in the room cleaning him up and forcing him to eat. "We need you in top shape for the ceremony."

"What ceremony?"

"The creation of a Philosopher Stone of course! All thanks to you!" Ed tries spitting out the food but they force it in to him like the monster had forced failed stones in to him before.

Next Day

Ed is cuffed ankles to wrists and forced down a hallway. When they reach a large wooden door it opens from the inside. He sees dozens, no hundreds, of people inside. "No!" He struggles against the cuffs but it is useless.

"Shut up." He is pushed forward.

"Ah! Now we are ready." The voice booms over the cries of the people huddled inside of the circle. "Our guest of honor. The Fullmetal Alchemist. The man who made this all possible!"

Ed looks and sees the Monster. He has two people next to him. "We know that this will take a lot of power so I have asked these two to work together." The two men next to him step forward and kneel placing their hands on the edge of the circle.

"No! Stop this! You can't know what you are doing!" The circle starts to glow. "Stop!" The glow brightens more and more.

Soon the glow is blinding and Ed must close his eyes to it. He doesn't see his stomach glow brighter than even the circle.

When he opens them he sees white walls, ceiling, and roof. He knows this place. "Is this the inside of a stone? Or am I in Hell?"

"Neither. You are at the Gate. Don't you recognize it?" Ed turns around and sees it.

"I lost this. I traded it for my brother's body."

"You did. But you have shown you do not need it. What exchange is that when you lose nothing and gain all?"

"It was the deal you made."

"It was a bad deal. But I want a new deal."

"I don't need a new deal."

"So you will let Creta tear the world apart?"

"I will stop them without this." Ed turns away from the Gate.

"This is what I wanted to hear!" The laughter confuses Ed. "We made a deal and you kept it. One can not be making deals and then break them. But they can make new ones! The Philosopher Stone breaks the law of Equivalent Exchange! The Law you just upheld!"


"So you will be the champion who puts things back to the way they once were!" The world goes black.

When Ed opens his eyes he is in the room on top of the circle. The cuffs have fallen from his wrists and ankles. But for the Monster and the two alchemists he is alone. "How? How are you alive? Where is my stone?!" Ed ignores the Monster.

He looks at his hands. They glow red. He feels it throughout his body. The anger and terror of the people who had been turned in to a Philosopher Stone were inside of him. The dreams that would never be achieved, the goals never accomplished, the families that would never be made. He was their champion now.

Ed stands up as energy sparks around him. He walks towards the Monster and his two alchemists. "Why didn't you die? Where is my stone? I will be immortal give me my stone!"

"You will be nothing you monster!" Ed claps his hands together and he places them on the floor. The floor around the Monster and the alchemists shoot up and clamp them together. "How many more know about this?"

"Too many for you to count!"

"I can count at least three thousand souls. All of them want revenge." Ed walks past the three. "I'll make sure they get it." He goes to the nearest door and opens it. "And it starts now." He claps his hands together and places one on the wall. The room starts shaking as the roof collapses.


Julia and others watch as part of Creta collapses in to the far valley. "What's going on? Are they attacking?"

"I don't know Madam President. None of our spies have heard of a plan to attack."

Energy sparks from the land slide as a bridge forms up to the edge of Milos. Ed walks up it slowly with a look that puts terror in the hearts of those who had gone to see what had happened.

Julia breaks the grip of her guard and runs towards the bridge. "Ed?! What are you doing? I thought you couldn't perform alchemy any more!"

Ed walks past her ignoring her questions. He continues walking until he makes it to the first stand selling food.

He turns to the man behind the counter. He simply shows him a gold bar, places it on the counter, and begins to eat.

Julia starts screaming at him but Ed ignores her. "Guards seize him." Two of her biggest men grab Ed by the arms and pick him up. "Face me." They move so Ed is eye to eye with Julia. "What happened?"

"I'll tell you but not here. Can I finish? That gold bar is more than enough to pay for what ever he has." She sees his cheekbones and how sunk in his eyes were. She knows the signs of some one who was suffering from starvation.

"I'll wait. Drop him." The guards let go of Ed who goes back to eating.

Julia's Office

Ed sits down as Julia paces back and forth. "So they kidnapped you nearly a week ago?"


"Never caught the train then. None of my men knew this." She was disturbed that such a high profile target could have been kidnapped under her watch.

"You had me followed?"

"You're a high profile target. If they had kept a closer eye on you then Creta never would have captured you."

"I was in the bathroom when they attacked me while I was washing my hair."


"Some one spilled their drink on my head."

"Probably planned by Creta. I'll have my men investigate and see if there are any secret doors." Ed shakes his head.

"They probably used alchemists to create a door and tunnel so they wouldn't be caught."

"I'll still do it. Maybe find a circle some where. Kidnapping you is an act of war. You're a state alchemist for the nation of Amestra."

"Not Milos. And Amestra is too weak for a war with any one right now." Julia slams her hand on her desk.

"I don't care! You were kidnapped and tortured and claim they've killed thousands while trying to create a Philosopher Stone. Mustang," Ed cuts her off.

"Would tell you the same thing. Amestra can't handle a war and this isn't a war you should get involved in." Julia walks over to him and puts a hand on his shoulder.

"You're hiding some thing. They starved you and tortured you but they did some thing else."

"It wasn't what they did." Ed wasn't sure what he should do. The other side, the Gate, was his again. But what did the voice mean by he would put things back the way they were. How would he? He was like his father now just not as many souls. Would he lose his ability if he used up all the souls or would he just go back to the way he was? How powerful was he now? "I can't tell you."

"I've seen plenty of horrors. I've seen the Gate. I've seen what you have seen."

"I know but this is not like that." Ed gets up and walks over to the window. "Amestra is not at war with Creta. Neither is Milos."

"Then who is?"

"I am."

A/N Ok my first go at Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Why? I've watched the entire series before and it gave me some ideas. Then when watching it here and there when it aired on Adult Swim from Cartoon Network I saw the ending again. And then I found out about the movies and OVAs so I... Found them and watched them and loved them. With all of those ideas in my head I had to get them down. Does it work? IDK, you the fans let me know!

But one thing is this isn't an anime. if this were after he said "I am" the camera would pull back across Milos, the valley, and to a watch tower in Creta where some one with a telescope was watching Ed through the window. Then the credits would have come in. But this isn't an anime so can't really show that. Grrr...