Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Episode 71: War

Author: James the Lesser

This takes place after the Series, and the movie Star of Milos, and the OVAs

North of Fort Briggs

Winry and Ed are huddled together for warmth in a dirt cabin Ed made using alchemy. Alfred and Mackenzie are relaxed snickering at the other two. "Amestra never gets this cold does it?"

"Isn't it spring? Why isn't the snow melting?" Winry shivers and Ed puts his arm around her.

"This is Drachma. Summer is nice it almost hits thirty Celsius." Ed mumbles an insult as Mackenzie smiles and enjoys the "warmth" of the cabin.


Madame President Julia is showing Brigadier General Mustang the Alchemy Shield. "How long did it take you to reconfigure the circle?"

"A couple days. We couldn't wait with Creta threatening an attack."

"This is good for defense but what about offense? Can you shoot out of the shield Madame President?"

"Yes Brigadier General." Julia places a hand on the blood collecting tube. "What my spies are worried about is that the Creta forces looked like they were ready to attack. Why haven't they?" She gives him a look and he understands what she was really asking.

"Drachma was hit by a massive blizzard. One this late in the year is rare but they give us a chance to prepare our counter attack." The two continue discussing battle plans.

Drachma Military Base

The snowfall slows. "I give it another four or five hours." A Drachma Lieutenant looks up at the sky. "The skies should be clear after that."

"Yes Sir. Should we prepare the Aerocars Sir?"

"It would be a few more hours until nightfall but yes. Inform Creta the attack will start tonight." The soldier goes back in to the building to tell the radio operator to contact Creta.

North of Fort Briggs

As the snowfall slows Mackenzie and Alfred get ready to leave. "Come on Steellock are you that much of a baby?" Mackenzie opens the cabin door. "The smell of freshly fallen snow always makes me feel alive."

"Close the door!" Winry was even colder than before. "Tim I order you to make us a tunnel to the fort."

"Uh that could take awhile."

"Do it! I am not going out in that wind and cold." She walks over to him and whispers in his ear. "Do it, now."

"Yes Sister." Ed hopes Winry is just playing her character. "If Alfred gives me the other Philosopher Stone it would make this a lot easier."

Alfred walks over and pulls the Philosopher Stone out of his pocket. "I said if you got my granddaughter out of there I would let you have it." He hands it over to Ed.

"Thank you." Ed walks over to the southern wall of the cabin and places his hand on it. The wall glows and soon it explodes out creating a long hallway extending nearly one hundred meters.

Fort Briggs Near Dusk

Two soldiers see a strange red glow. "Drachma is attacking. Alert General Armstrong." The second soldier holds up his binoculars.

"That isn't any attack I've ever seen. Look," He hands his set of binoculars to the first soldier.

"That's alchemy. Could it be the Fullmetal Alchemist?" There is another red glow and he sees a cabin form. "You're right I don't think it is Drachma." There is a red glow and the cabin comes even closer.

"Is there any sign it is the Fullmetal Alchemist?"

"Yes." The front of the cabin had a smiley face on it.


Aerocars are loaded with fuel and prepared for takeoff. "Don't turn the engines on until the order is given! We wait for Drachma to strike first. We will let Amestra send forces north and then we strike! We will take out their communications so no one at Central will know the west has fallen."

Fort Briggs

Brigadier General Oliver Armstrong is notified of what was coming towards the fort. "Fire upon it."

"But it's the Fullmetal Alchemist."

"Fire. Make sure the top row cannons are working." The orders are relayed up top.

The ground shakes as rounds land near Ed and the others. "What are they doing?! They have to know it is me."

"How can they tell? We're in here!" Mackenzie flinches as a round lands near enough she can smell the smoke from the explosion.

"They know it is me." Ed made sure to make the front flashy Ed style.

Brigadier General Armstrong smiles as the cabin stops. "Stop firing. We know the top row works now."

A siren comes out of the top of the cabin. "Hey! It is me stop shooting at us!"

"I stand corrected. One more shot." A cannon fires and takes out the siren.

Ed growls in frustration. "You three stay here." Ed forms a door and then a platform. The platform moves across the ground quickly and then rises up to the first soldiers he sees. "I said stop shooting!"

"Hello Fullmetal. Or are you still going by Steellock?"

"Uh, Steellock. I have two people who are defecting from Drachma."

"And why should we let you by?"

"They, I, because I said so! I'm a State Alchemist!"

"The Steellock Alchemist is wanted for the murder of the Fullmetal Alchemist and his automail mechanic." Brigadier General Armstrong smirks. "So you are no State Alchemist."

"I am too! Don't make me prove it." Thousands of people's rage boils inside of him.

"Prove what little boy?"

"I'm not little!" Ed forms the blade from his wrist and goes to swing at Brigadier General Armstrong but she already had her sword out and presses it against his neck.

"You're slow." She presses it a little harder cutting him. Soon energy sparks and it is healed. "Interesting."

As Ed calms down he lowers his arm. "Now that you've learned your place I think you should know Drachma is planning on attacking us."

"What? When?"

"Most likely tonight if the storm is gone by then Fullmetal." She pulls her sword away. "I am ordering you to stay and help defend this fort."

"Yeah, sure, if you let the others with me in."

"Winry and two Drachma soldiers?"

"Not soldiers. An old man and his granddaughter."

"Why would I risk letting them in?"

"He made Philosopher Stones for the Drachma military and his granddaughter comes with him."

"They'll stay in the cells until the attack is over and then I'll decide what to do with them." Ed is about to object when she glares and he shrinks back like he had been hit.


More and more reports come in from spies.

Roy Mustang looks one of the reports over. "Aerocars? What are those?" Julia walks over to a cabinet and pulls a file out.

"This is an Aerocar." She pulls out several photos.

"It flies? They have cars that fly?"

"They got them from Drachma. Dozens of them all carrying bombs that drop from hatches on the bottom of the Aerocars."

"Will your shield stop them?" She nods. "But there are things outside of the shield." Both look east towards the Amestra Train Station.

"It is not my call but I think you should evacuate every one from there. Send them to Central in case we fail to stop them."

"We won't fail. But I also won't let the people there be hurt. I'll give the orders after lunch."

Fort Briggs

Ed is informed of what was going on with Drachma and Creta. "And so I am ordering you to protect the top row of cannons."

"How am I supposed to do that?"

"Our reports show these Aerocars carry bombs that dropped on their target. If you see a bomb you use your abilities to block it."

"I can do that. Thank you." Ed knows she could order him to do some thing that might lead him to kill Drachma soldiers but wasn't.

"I know your strengths and will use them to my advantage." Brigadier General Armstrong turns and walks away.


As the storm clears the Aerocars are taxied out on to the runways. "Contact Creta and tell them we are ready to attack."

"Yes Sir." The call is made and Creta confirms they are ready to attack as well.


Julia and her Cabinet stand at the top of the tower. "The Amestra Alchemists have evacuated the train station. They stand on the western wall ready to try and block bombs."

"Madam President can they be trusted? They are from Amestra."

"Roy Mustang is a trustworthy man. We are lucky to have such an honorable man on our side." They look west towards Creta.

Fort Briggs

A spy calls the fort and tells them of the Aerocars taking off. "The attack is coming. If our information on these things is correct they should be here within the hour." Fort Briggs buzzes with activity as they prepare for the onslaught.

Ed takes Winry, Alfred, and Mackenzie down to the deepest levels of the fort. "You should be safe down here."

"And what will you be doing?" Winry grips his arm tightly. When her parents went off to a battle they never returned.

"I'll be up top protecting the cannons."

"You don't have to." Tears fill her eyes.

"It won't be like with your parent's." This confuses the other two.

"Aren't you brother and sister?" They are ignored.

"What if you don't come back?"

"I'll come back Winry." Ed kisses her on the lips and turns around. "And since we're here they can know the truth." Ed claps his hands and places them on his coat changing it back to red. "I'm Edward Elric the Fullmetal Alchemist." He walks away to prepare for the battle.


People look up as Aerocars fly over. They are spooked by what they see. They had no idea about such things. They try and shine lights up to get a better look at what was making such strange noises but the Aerocars are too high up.


The sound of the Aerocar engines are soon drowned out by the firing of the tanks. Roy smells the gunpowder in the air. "Time to create a new smell." She snaps his fingers and the first line of tanks are destroyed.

President Julia and her Cabinet have cut their hands and the blood flows in to the tubes to form the shield. Shells hit the shield and explode but don't break through.

Fort Briggs

The first Aerocar can be seen. "Fire!" Several cannons fire and miss the Aerocar. "Raise eight degrees and load an extra powder!" The soldiers of Fort Briggs do as Brigadier General Armstrong order and fire again.

The first Aerocar explodes violently as it is hit. The fire in the sky illuminates the dozens, hundreds, of Aerocars behind it.

"Tanks!" Tanks that had been painted to match the ground roll in closer than normal. Fort Briggs had been distracted by the Aerocars.

"Bottom lower middle and upper high!" Brigadier General Armstrong sees the first line of tanks fire. A shell flies straight for her.

She leaps with her sword and slashes through the shell destroying it before it can explode. "Keep firing!"


The Aerocars appear and start dropping bombs on the shield. Roy Mustang focuses on the ground units with Hawkeye while Alexander Louis Armstrong uses his Alchemy to launch attacks on the Aerocars.

Hawkeye lines up a shot and fires. She sees the soldier fall. She reloads and aims again when a blast of flame destroys her target. "I'm sorry Mustang." She aims at another soldier hoping to kill him before Mustang has to.

Mustang blasts a car carrying three soldiers after a bullet went through the window killing the driver. "Sorry Hawkeye." He blasts another hoping to kill those inside before Hawkeye must pull the trigger again.

Fort Briggs

As the Aerocars get close they start dropping bombs. Ed sparks with red energy and fires sheet of metal to hit the bombs before they get close enough to hit the fort.

Behind all the other Aerocars a larger one flies. It carries the Philosopher Stone bomb. A parachute is attached to slow the descent so the Aerocar had time to get out of the blast zone.

Ed feels the air turn hot as a bomb gets through and hits a cannon. He looks at it and focuses and soon the cannon is fixed.

The tanks get closer and closer as Fort Briggs tries firing at the dual threats. "We need more cannons!"

"We don't have any more!" Brigadier General Armstrong sees another bomb get through and hit the end of a cannon. The shrapnel from the blast injures several of her men. She then sees it spark with red energy and repair itself. "Interesting."

Ed feels the anger and fear grow inside of him. Thousands of souls fueling the alchemy he was using to try and save Fort Briggs. "I can't let them die. I can't let them die!" A face appears on his neck then sinks back in to his body. "I will make sure no one here dies!" He stands up and stops firing steel plates at the bombs. "They will be the ones who die!" Several faces push through his cheeks and forehead before sinking back in as Ed points his arm out.

The wall of Fort Briggs shakes as dozens of cannons are created from it. "Fire!" The air is thick with metal as all of the cannons fire at once.

Deep inside of Fort Briggs Winry covers her ears as she is curled up in a ball. The sound was like thunder just outside her window when she was younger. The foundation shakes as another round of cannon is shot.

Alfred kneels down next to her. "It will be ok. I felt some thing from him when we first met. There is some thing strong about that boy."

"And weird. I shot him in the head and he came back like nothing happened." Mackenzie digs her fingers in to her palms as she tries and keep calm.


With all the gunpowder in the air Roy gets an idea. He focuses on the properties in the air and snaps his fingers.

A river of flame snakes down to Creta and spreads out across the troops. The screams are so loud they drown out the noise of the Aerocar engines. The river of flame grows in to a tidal wave of death for all in front of it.

An Aerocar's wing is hit by Alex Armstrong and it crashes in to the shield. Julia closes her eyes and cuts her other hand to draw more blood. "Madam President if you bleed too much you'll collapse."

"I'd give my life to save Milos."

"We all would." Her Cabinet members add additional cuts to themselves to draw more blood and strengthen the shield.

Fort Briggs

The wall of Fort Briggs expands as more cannons are created by Edward. Brigadier General Armstrong watches Edward as he uses more and more Alchemy. She alone notices the face, hands, and more pushing out from his flesh. "Very interesting. What have you gotten yourself in to Fullmetal?"

Edward is oblivious of every thing around him as the thousands of souls reach out to take control. The air shatters as over a hundred cannons fire at once.

Bombs and Aerocars explode as they are hit. But more and more fly through the aerial carnage and drop more bombs.

But as cannons are destroyed they are repaired by Edward and continues firing.


The ground troops of Creta are decimated by Roy Mustang's attack. As they retreat Mustang can now focus on the Aerocars flying above him. He focuses on one and snaps his fingers. The Aerocar explodes raining debris down on to the shield.

Fort Briggs

Ed feels the presence of the Philosopher Stones coming closer and closer. "I know what needs to be done." He focuses on the energy given off by the Philosopher Stones as he plans his attack.

Brigadier General Armstrong is surprised when Ed forms a smaller cannon behind him. Before she can ask what he planned the cannon fires.

Edward had attached a chain to his automail leg and attached them both to a ball that had been fired by the cannon. It sends him high in to the air until he is close to an Aerocar.

He destroys the chain and lands on the wing of an Aerocar. The pilot is shocked and turns sharply as Edward leaps off the wing.

He lands on another Aerocar. He slashes the wing with the blade from his bracelets and jumps again as the Aerocar starts to tip towards the damaged wing.

Edwards goes from Aerocar to Aerocar getting closer and closer to the one carrying the Philosopher Stones. "Aaaa!" His automail his the propeller of a plane and the propeller shatters. His leg is damaged badly and he falls on the fuselage.

As the plane starts to plummet Edward claps his hands together and places them on the Aerocar. A giant sprint form and Edward leaps with his good leg and lands on the spring.

The spring launches Edward high in to the air. He can see the Aerocar with the Philosopher Stones in the moonlight.

As he falls he reaches out and just catches the tail of the Aerocar. The extra weight on the back causes the front to tip up and the bomb is dislodged from its casings.


The Aerocar with the Philosopher Stone bomb is almost over Milos. "Lower the gates!" Two men kick the levers and the doors open. "Drop!" One presses a button and the bomb drops. The second man gets caught up in the parachute tangling the chords and making the parachute useless.

Mustang and the others are focused on the second wave of ground troops and ignore the single Aerocar overhead. It was one bomb what damage could it do?

Julia looks up as the bomb hits the shield. "Aaaa!"

The city is bathed in light as the shield breaks apart. When a spot on the shield cracks energy shoots through and destroyed every thing it touches.

Citizens scream in terror as more of the shield breaks apart. Buildings collapse as walls are destroyed by energy.

Mustang runs up to where Hawkeye is and grabs her coat. "Get down!" He throws her down the stairs as energy cuts through where she had been.

"Mustang!" She sees the energy cut through his left arm just below the elbow like a hot knife through butter.

He keeps from crying out in pain as he stumbles backwards. Hawkeye runs back up the stairs and tackles him down as more energy shoots through the air.

The white light engulfs the shield expanding with more and more power.

Fort Briggs

Edward cuts through the side of the Aerocar and sees two men had been crushed when the bomb had broken from the casings. "I must get the stones." He leans forward and touches his hands on the side of the bomb creating an opening.

"Don't touch it!" The pilot turns sharply and the bomb rolls bowling through the hole Edward made taking Edward with it.

Edward straddles the bomb like it was a horse. "Not good." He turns so he can see inside the bomb again and sees how it is set up. He strains his muscles as he reaches inside and feels his fingertips touch one of the Philosopher Stones. "So close!" He feels himself start to slip as he reaches even farther just as his hand wraps around the Philosopher Stone.

The bomb drops closer and closer to the ground. The air rushing past Edward deafen him. "I must do this!" He hangs on as best he can as he reaches for the other Philosopher Stones.

Brigadier General Armstrong and the other soldiers of Fort Briggs watch as the bomb comes in to view. "What is he doing?"

"Is he insane?"

"He must be!" The soldiers can do nothing but watch as the bomb slams in to the ground.


The energy disappears and the night becomes dark again. The city of Milos is left in ruins.

The area around the city are even worse. The devastation caused by the blast was carved straight in to the stone of the canyon.

The train station was nothing more than smoldering rubble. The Creta forces were obliterated by their own weapon. They, unlike Drachma, could not understand the power of the bomb as they had never seen it used.

Hawkeye lifts herself off of Mustang who was still breathing but in bad shape. "Medic! I need a medic up here!" His wound had stopped bleeding. Mustang had used his own Alchemy to burn the stump that had been his left arm.

Julia lays motionless in the rubble. People run around her in a panic as she listens to the sound of her own heartbeat slowly disappear. Her vision had been taken from her by the blast as had countless others in the city. "Today is a good day to die." Her city was left in ruins but the people of the city had been saved from extermination.

Fort Briggs

Edward lies on the snow clutching three Philosopher Stones in his left hand. "Ow." His body sparks as it tries healing itself. He knew his bones had been shattered. He had lost all of his senses as his brain had been disconnected from his spine. If only it had staid that way a little while longer.

The forces of Drachma retreat as fast as they can. Their attack on Fort Briggs had failed miserably. Their armies and air force wiped out in a single attack. If Amestra counter attacked they would be defenseless. They run past the fallen Amestrian Alchemist as his body heals slowly.

A/N This right here is what made me want to write the series in the first place. This massive battle between Drachma, Creta, and Amestra. Milos being hit by the bomb but Edward riding it ala Dr. Strangelove style all the way down. Losing control as the souls inside him push their way out like Envy or Father before him. But now what will happen? We must wait and see!