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Six Months Later

May 12, 2013

It has been exactly six months since they had been reunited. They have been dating as in actually going out on dates for five of those months.

It took a full month of recovery before Ava was ready to leave the helicarrier after they got back from K'un-Lun.

Sometime around March was when the helicarrier blew up in New York Harbor. The team of superheroes had been living in the Parker household together since then.

Around April is when May had finally found out the secret. It was hard for her not to realize something was going on.

Every day the five heroes left early, even on the weekends. Every day they would came back late.

May was supposed to be out with her friends that weekend. She was going camping for a long weekend. She had trusted her nephew and his friends to be responsible.

She knew Peter would never do anything bad. She knew Ava and Katherine would not either. May pretty much trusted everyone not to do anything stupid except for Sam.

Peter had been left home so many times before he was guaranteed not to do anything bad. While she did not like leaving him with his girlfriend for a weekend, May knew Peter and Katherine were good kids. She also knew Peter would never disobey his aunt's rules.

Ava was a trustworthy person. She was dedicated to her schoolwork and would never dream of getting in trouble. She respected May Parker and therefore would not break her rules.

Katherine was just like Ava. The girl was intelligent and never did anything stupid or bad.

Luke may have done something slightly reckless but he had his friends to make sure he was good and staid in line. Also, he was obedient and did everything May said.

Danny was quiet. He was not a rule breaker. The only thing that made May uncomfortable was his relationship with Ava. They had been together for months and were in a committed, strong relationship. She was finally comfortable with leaving them alone in a house together with only other teenagers after their repeated reassurances that they would be exactly like they were around her.

The only one out of this group of six May Parker did not completely trust was Sam. She was worried to leave him. He was a hard worker in the house but also had a wild side. May was finally all right with leaving when she realized how all of his friends kept him on the straight and narrow.

So, that weekend, she left for her camping trip. She would be gone for three day.

The team followed the normal routine that had always made May so suspicious. They left early for training that morning and came back to the house late that night.

But, on that night, they had been called out on a mission. The Frightful Four had decided to rob a bank. In the middle of the night.

"I cannot believe Web Head here was thrown into a wall and I didn't get a video of it," Nova said, supporting half of Peter's weight on his shoulder.

"Shut up, Nova," Iron Fist said. He was supporting Peter's other side.

Spider Man had been thrown into a wall and was knocked unconscious. The Frightful Four were arrested but the boy was injured. Black Sapphire had taken off his mask to use to sop up the blood pouring from his nose. Now, Power Man walked in front of him to hide his face from view not that there was anyone to see the group walking through the small neighborhood in queens in the dead of night.

Nova and Iron Fist each had one of Peter's arms thrown over their shoulders and were half carrying half dragging him back to the house. White Tiger and Black Sapphire were walking behind the four boys so that they would be out of the way.

"We're all exhausted. We don't want to hear your mouth running at two in the morning," Iron Fist said.

"Iron Fist," his girlfriend said, warning him to keep his mouth shut.


They continued silently to the Parkers' house where Danny, Ava, and Katherine could take care of his injuries. Ava was still learning so tonight would be a learning experience in healing with chi.

Finally, they made it home. Power Man opened the door with Peter's key and let Iron Fist and Nova drag Peter in.

But, to their surprise, the house was not empty, as they had all expected.

"What in the name of…" May Parker trailed off.

White Tiger and Black Sapphire looked at each other and ran forward to semi-explain.

"Peter!" the woman cried. "Oh my gosh! What happened to Peter? Why is he dressed like that?" she yelled.

Ava and Katherine pulled off their masks and May gasped. "What?" she said.

"Please, Ms. Parker, forgive us. We didn't want you to find out this way. Just let us take care of Peter and then we will explain everything. Please, can you just wait in the kitchen?" Ava said frantically.

The woman just nodded her head and walked into the kitchen praying she was dreaming.

Ten minutes later Peter had regained consciousness and the entire team was sitting in the kitchen with a very frazzled May. Only Ava, Katherine, and Peter had revealed their identities.

May was pacing. "Do you six want to explain to me what is going on?" she asked in a deadly calm voice. "And you three, off with the masks," she snapped as an afterthought.

Reluctantly, they obeyed.

"First of all, I come home because my campsite was flooded. I thought you were all in bed!" she started. "Second, I trusted all of you and you lied to me!"

Peter stood and put a hand on his aunt's shoulder so she would look him the eye. "I'm sorry aunt May. We have to do this. So, let's start from the beginning. We are all superheroes in a special program run by S.H.I.E.L.D. you've probably heard of that. That's the organization that organized the Avengers. Well, we're the Next Avengers. Every day we go to the temporary headquarters to train. My friends' apartment building didn't burn down. They all lived on the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier that blew up about a month ago. I can't tell you everything because pretty much everything else is classified and we could get in a lot of trouble for telling you.

"We can tell you our names and powers though."

The other five all gave mutters of assent at letting her know.

"I am Black Sapphire. I have super speed, I'm an empath, I know every type of martial arts known to man, and I am skilled with any weapon you can name," Katherine explained.

"I am Power Man," Luke started. "I have bullet proof skin and super strength."

Next was Sam. "I'm Nova. My helmet gives me the powers to fly and shoot either beams of heat or energy from my hands."

"I am White Tiger," Ava said. "My amulets heighten my acrobatic abilities and give me the agility of a cat. They also increase my stamina. I possess super speed and I am an empath."

"I am Iron Fist," Danny said. "I can summon my chi to increase the strength in my right fist making it like iron. I am also skilled with pretty much all weapons and I know all the forms of martial arts."

Last was Pater. "And I am Spider Man," he said." I can stick to and climb walls. I have super strength that is the equivalent of a spider's just with my body mass. I also have heightened acrobatic abilities.

"Please, aunt May. Don't be angry. I'm so sorry we lied. But, we had to. I've been Spider-Man since uncle Ben died. Everyone else has their own stories. I just want you to forgive us."

"I'm a little aggravated. You all could have been hurt. In fact, I know you all have been hurt. I watch the news."

"We can't stop. This is who we are," Peter said. "These are our lives. If we weren't superheroes we wouldn't be the same."

"I know Peter. While I'm aggravated, I can get over it. I think the less I know the better though. You can all stay. I'm not going to kick you out just because you're different. Just… be careful."

So, May Parker accepted the news and went with it.

Everyone is counting down to graduation now. It was only 24 days away. Everyone in the team was now 18. Well, everyone but Ava. She will not be 18 until June.

Tonight is Danny and Ava's eight-month anniversary. They are not celebrating but it will most definitely be a memorable night.

They were sitting on top of the Rand Int. building in New York City. The city was gorgeous when it was lit up at night. They could not hear the cars and talking down below in the city that never sleeps.

Danny just stared at Ava. She was the most beautiful thing in the world in his eyes. She had her head lying on his shoulder as the pair sat in silence looking out at the sea of lights.

He was playing with her hair with his head resting on top of hers. His other hand was in his pocket. If he could freeze this moment and live in it for the rest of his life, he would. Most people would look at the scene and laugh saying they would not last but a few more months.

Maybe they would make it. Maybe they would not. Only time can tell. All that mattered in that moment was that they were together.

It is times like these that are important in life. The perfect ones are what need to be remembered.

Now was the perfect time. There was nothing better than right now.

That is what motivated Danny.

"I love you," he said.

"I love you too."

"Ava," he said, shifting so they were looking in each other's eyes. "Ava, I need to ask you something."

"What is it?" she asked. She was genuinely confused.

Danny pulled his hand out of his pocket and took a deep breath.

He opened his hand and said, "Ava, I love you more than anything. You are my other half, my one and only. I know we are young, but this feels right.

"Will you marry me?"

The world stopped. Everything was silent, waiting for her answer as she looked down at the breath-taking white gold engagement ring in his hand.

She could not breathe. Her world was spinning. Everything was shifting. Nothing was staying the same. In that moment, Ava saw her future. Everything that she can have. Everything that could be.

She opened her mouth and looked Danny straight in the eyes when she answered.