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Three Weeks Later

Kendall sat across from Austin, finally able to lean against the table on his now recovered arm. It had been three weeks since his elbow-fracturing accident, and he was finally cleared to stop wearing the restrictive cast on his arm.

"No honestly though, January was the worst. It's too damn cold and no where near warm weather," Austin and Kendall often argued about the weather patterns in the northeast—which was just riveting conversation, really, but Kendall wasn't holding up well.

James had left New York without an explanation three weeks ago, but Kendall knew he didn't deserve an explanation. He understood now how much of an idiot he was and that he had made a huge fool out of himself in front of the supermodel. He tried spending time with Austin to ease the heartache, but there was just no helping it.

Austin was a great friend throughout it all—he listened to what Kendall had to say and sympathized with him. But most of all, Austin told Kendall to keep his head up—which was really important. Neither guy had a clue what to expect with James. He was a celebrity, for Christ's sake.

Kendall tried his hardest to 'keep his head up', but found it pretty hard ever since James stepped off the map. Even the tabloids hadn't been keeping up with the model's whereabouts—which was scary, yet impressive on James' part. As an extremely famous supermodel it was nearly impossible to curve the paparazzi and the public eye, but somehow he could do it. Bottom line: Kendall had no way of keeping tabs.

That being said, Kendall distracted himself by looking at the descriptions for Columbia University's fall semester courses and figuring out what he was interested in majoring in. He'd pretty much decided he'd be going there. It was an ivy league school, and he'd be stupid not to. Plus, (despite his poor luck since he moved to New York) he loved the excitement of the Big Apple. No matter where his dad planned on travelling in the next year, he'd be right here—and he liked the concreteness of that idea.

Austin, who was a Manhattan native himself, was a freshman at NYU. All in all, things were looking okay for Kendall's future, whether it included James or not. He'd be living in the most amazing city in the world, getting a great education, and would at least have one solid friendship to lean on while he was there.

He finally took a moment to reveal to Logan and Carlos what happened with James, and tried to talk to them at least once a week. Logan had recently started dating someone, and seemed really happy. Carlos was simply happy hearing that Kendall had kissed the James Diamond—even if only once.

Kendall told Austin about Logan and Carlos.

Kendall and Austin were sitting in the lounge at the hotel, killing time on a cold, Friday night. They'd only been there for about a half an hour so far, but anticipated staying for at least a couple more hours due to the fact that the temperature was in the negatives for the night and there was nothing else to do.

"I'm so excited for the summer—you're going to love summer in the city. There's music festivals all over the place and you don't have to go home at the end of your night cause it's too cold. One time I spent all night in the park, just walking around…"

Kendall tuned out Austin's summer rambling. As much as he loved spending time with his friend—he was still mourning the dumb mistake of pushing James so far away, and it was constantly on his mind.

"Alright. You're doing it again," Austin snapped a finger in front of Kendall's blank face.

"Shit. I'm sorry," Kendall shook his head. "I'm a terrible person," he laughed. "I'm too hung up on this situation. I'm moving on." He covered his face with his hands and gave himself a moment to refresh.

"Now?" Austin asked, amongst the other noises of the bar.

"Yes," Kendall mumbled into his hands. "Now."

"Now," Austin repeated, his voice sounding skeptical to Kendall's obliviousness to the scene in the bar. He was seeing something Kendall wasn't, while his hands were over his face.

"Yes, Austin! Now!" Kendall replied, almost loud enough for the entire room to hear as he whipped his hands away from his face. He quickly noticed that Austin wasn't focused on bothering Kendall, but on something completely different. Kendall's eyes followed Austin's gaze, to a tall, very tan, beautiful young man standing at the bar. He was holding a menu while speaking to the bartender, a designer backpack at his feet—he had obviously just been travelling.

James was back.

A million different emotions rushed through Kendall's head as he and Austin sat in shock, staring at the guy he had been so hung up on for weeks now, finally standing again in their presence.

Austin reached across the table and smacked Kendall in the arm.

"Go say something!" he pushed.

"Are you crazy?" Kendall looked back at him. "He doesn't want to talk to me."

"Kendall. I have been listening to you bitch and moan for weeks about how if you were given the chance to make things right you'd take it. Now is your chance."

"I'm not going over there," Kendall whispered harshly crossed his arms and shook his head.

"Kendall," Austin said with a stern look.


"Kendall," Austin said a little louder, and a little more aggressively.

"Austin," Kendall said right back, sounding more childish every second.

"Kendall!" Austin nearly shouted.

Kendall almost threw something at his friend when he noticed James look over at the sound Kendall's name. He and James looked at each other for a second. There was a feeling of hope building up in Kendall's stomach—he almost lifted a hand to say hi, but before he got the chance the bartender ripped James' attention away. James picked up his backpack, threw it over his shoulder, took the take-out box from the bartender and walked out of the bar without looking back.

Kendall rested his face in his hands once more. Austin let his friend sit in misery this one time. It was a rough, cold night.

"I don't know what I was thinking," Kendall paced back and forth across the suite floor. Austin was sitting on his friend's bed, watching in sympathy and discomfort for Kendall. "I fucked it up so bad. Bad enough that he doesn't want to talk to me."

Austin opened his mouth as if he had something to say, but then closed it quickly.

"I mean—think about it Austin," Kendall stopped to look at Austin, devastated.

"Kendall," Austin decided to speak up. "Shut the fuck up." Kendall stared back at Austin, unsure of what he should be feeling. He was confused, shocked and a little bit insulted. But nonetheless, he deserved it.

Austin stood up slowly and continued to stare into Kendall's green eyes. He stepped closer to Kendall and reached out to lace his fingers into Kendall's.

Kendall felt a jolt of electricity run through his body from his fingertips—a little bit scared for what would come next.

Austin leaned forward slightly, and Kendall's heart pace began to quicken. What is he doing? Why aren't you stopping him?

Their faces were only an inch away from each other—knock knock knock.

Austin pulled back at the sound of a knock on the door—eyes still locked on Kendall's.

Kendall's heart dropped, shocked yet slightly relieved. He was certain he was about to be kissed. That's something he couldn't possibly mix up. The two looked at each other in confusion when they heard more knocks on the door. Austin shook his head before sitting back down on the bed. He nodded at Kendall to open the door.

Kendall held out a finger, as if to say "one second" or "be right back," to put a hold on that confusing situation. He left Austin alone in the bedroom as he walked through the living area and foyer to get the door.

As Austin sat on the bed, he thought about what he had just done. He felt so stupid—he knew how upset Kendall was over James dissing him. It would have been a terrible move to make Kendall even more upset by kissing him and telling him how much he'd grown to like the blonde. He knew Kendall wouldn't know how to react.

But then he started to think—maybe he could be the rebound. Kendall could grow to like him as quickly as he'd grown to like James. Austin smiled to himself as he found that there might be hope. As soon as Kendall came back…

"It's James," Kendall came rushing into the room, with a worried look on his face.

"What?" Austin looked up at him.

"James is at the door…" Kendall looked down at the ground. "He wants to talk."

"I see," Austin's heart felt as if it dropped a thousand feet down to the pit of his stomach.

"Please stay here," Kendall looked around, wanting to talk about what had happened before. "There's not much to do but…It's warm in here. I'll be back."

Austin nodded, looking down at the carpeted floor.

"Wish me luck," Kendall said as he walked out of the room. Austin waited for the sound of a closed door at the front of the suite.

"Good luck," Austin said aloud to an empty suite as he picked up his coat and left.

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