There is an island, in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle where humans are tested on, turned into monsters and creatures you would never recognize or ever thought possible of existing, where poor people were sent because they were promised food and water and shelter. Lies upon lies are told to keep them at bay so they could be given shots and pills that would alter their minds so they became slaves to their creators. I was a victim who had run away from freedom at the age of thirteen. I am twenty four now and I am called Project Oasis.

Oasis was a mere title, but I go by Alitaria. I am one of the seven men and women who were testing out the Oasis liquid. I didn't know what it was, but it was a neon blue colored liquid they injected into our veins. They never told us what was in it or what the affects were, but we all soon found out. It made our blood boil and our skin felt like it was deteriorating. I remember lying in the white bed looking at everyone as they were changing. One woman's hair fell out as she began to scratch at her skin tearing away her flesh. Another man's eyes began to melt away like water. I felt the worst of the pain for my heart gave out and I had died for twenty seconds, but once I heard the low thumping of a proper beating organ the doctor's knew I was it.

I was given Oasis every day in small doses while I ate, while I exercised. I changed drastically. My body vomited up any fat it didn't need and my hair, which was once rough and curly straightened out quickly. My once white nails darkened like black nail polish and my eyes, from a chocolate color to venom green. That's how the "doctors" pointed me out in groups of other black people. I was the only African woman with green eyes. My abilities to run faster increased and I was able to lift objects that no human could lift. My first test was a car. A simple red car that was nice and shiny. I had never seen cars in person, except on the TV I was given in my room. I had lifted it within ten seconds. Next the "doctors" sent five aggressive looking men in to a room with me.

My body told me to defend myself. With my new eyes they ran at me but their bodies moved slowly and I was able to easily read their body movements. Simple punches to their heart area and snapping of their necks took them down. I made my creators proud and they gave me whatever I wanted but I never wanted much.

This is where things changed. My creators were sending me away, letting me go. They told me they will be flying me somewhere to a city called Gotham. I had heard of this city for I watched the news a lot. It had been destroyed and taken over by some terrorist. No one could get in or out of that city. How would we get in? Would they open their armed doors up to us? Why would they release me in a town already destroyed? I never voiced my opinions but I knew they were dropping me off there to see how I would fare, how I would survive. I personally planned to make that place my personal playground.

If there were criminals walking free, I would attract much unneeded attention. I knew they would be watching me to see how I survived the outside world. My current position was on a small plane flying high into the air. I had on black cargo pants and black boots with a black halter top on and a long black jacket. I slowly tapped my black fingers on the seat hiding my anticipation. Sitting beside me was the man who created me. Dr. Antebellum.

He was a short man with smooth brown hair and glasses. He was somewhat pudgy, a man who took in the values of food.

"Are you excited, Oasis, about finally being able to see the world?" he asked with a nasally tone. I was silent for a moment before looking at him.

"Why are you dropping me in Gotham?" I asked in a slow robotic like tone almost. I never asked questions so I could tell in his eyes he was surprised.

"Well you have surpassed all of our tests so you are free to go. Your body now produces the Oasis liquid so as long as your heart beats and you stay active you will maintain your many abilities. Gotham is merely a….arena so you do not get bored. You're a predator who knows how to survive and we know that if you wish to leave you will walk out." he said. My eyes read his heart and it increased every time he lied and his heart beat increased every time I asked a question. Although I did not trust my creator I listened to him. I did what he commanded and I never disappointed him. In some ways he was a sadistic father figure. I turned my eyes slowly back towards the seat in front of me.

"Yes." was all I could reply. It was hard wearing a mask in front of him. I had to hide my emotions in order to make them think I was mindless and obedient. Oh I had a mind and I made sure it never died with my sanity on that island.

"So once I get to Gotham…I can do what I want with who I want?" I asked.

"Mm yes that is most of it but I advise you to keep your sexual needs at bay. Having too much sex could throw you off your training and make you weaker. You do not wish to be weak do you?" the small doctor asked. I shook my head ignoring the quickened beat of his heart that rang in my mildly sensitive ears and his hand slowly touched my knee rubbing it softly. I swallowed calmly.

"Weakness is for the dead." I answered and he nodded.

"Good." he said firmly. So as long as my heart beat, the Oasis was in my blood, it became my blood and would only weaken if I was inactive for too long. There was one thing I needed to test however. I looked at the doctor.

"I need to urinate." I replied and he nodded casually.

"Alright the bathroom is in the back. Don't take too long though you will be jumping in ten minutes." he informed. I merely nodded and got out and began walking to the back of the plane. Gotham was on total lockdown, its hero, I heard his name was Batman, had vanished leaving his people unguarded. Whoever this terrorist was, he was not going to let any planes just casually fly in. I entered the bathroom and locked the door and looked at myself in the mirror. I was a pawn and this was my only chance at remaining free. Dr. Antebellum was not going to up and let me walk out of here freely. I was too valuable, the only human to survive his Oasis project, the liquid that alters a human's strength and senses without altering their body. I hid my anger, of him testing on other people on the island, but it gave me piece of mind to know all the humans did not make it.

I lifted my right hand revealing my long nails and I swiftly slid them across my left palm and watched as the crimson blood trailed from my hand and into the sink. I could see traces of blue mixed in to the red. I watched my hand slowly never thinking I would experiment on myself. I had always took note that I had never been badly injured, never bled on the island so now was my chance to test my healing abilities. I watched as my skin stretched to meet one another, as if trying to hug each other and soon my wound was gone. So I was a fast healer. There was a knock on my door.

"Ma'am you are needed." I heard the attendant say. I looked down and quickly washed my bloody hands and left the bathroom. I walked down the aisle and saw Dr. Antebellum standing up near the door of the plane and in his stubby hands was a parachute bag. I stopped at the door and stretched out my hand so he could put the bag on me.

"We have arrived in Gotham. We must drop you off before we are discovered. We will drop you off over an insurance company. Now once you are on the building you are on your own for shelter and food. You must survive." He told and I nodded looking down at him.

"Yes." I replied slowly and he nodded and in seconds the door opened and I immediately jumped out and as I fell towards a square rooftop I took in all my surroundings. The air smelled like smoke and blood. I could taste the metallic warm liquid already. I also heard the faint laughter of my creator.

"She will make an excellent toy for Bane." he said. I did not think on his words as I pulled the string on my parachute and heard the flapping noise of the chute shoot out of the bag and now I was falling slowly and calmly towards the square. Once my boots met with the marble like ground I looked up and watched as the plane flew away. I was a toy? Who was I to be given to? Should I submit? Should I be defensive? This surely is a test to see how long I can survive.