I had no idea where I was going, but apparently I was the one leading. Bane followed behind me and told me to go left or right. I looked at all the destruction. People attacked people, broke into stores, and stole everything from homes and other stores.

"Why would you show me these things?" I asked looking back at him and he lifted his hands to the sky.

"Because it is to show you how powerful I am. I took down an entire city in a matter of days." he said. I frowned.

"And let me guess, you wish to be recognized for it?" I asked looking around only to feel a hard hand grip my hands and on instinct I was ready to ram my fingers up his face and I almost did it, my arm coming back to do so, but once I realized his mask was there, and he was glaring sharply at me, I knew it would do me no good except bring me pain to my hand.

"You will never speak to me in such a tone. From now on you will speak softly to me and if not you will not speak at all." he said and I could tell, since he was loud enough, that his voice patterns had changed. I didn't reply and I could only feely me adrenaline pumping through my veins. All of this contact was making me agitated. He looked me over for a second before letting me go and jerking me forward to keep walking. I began walking again and I heard a distance screaming and I looked over in an ally way to see two men on top of a woman who was desperately screaming for help.

My body tensed green eyes flaring with anger and I was ready to sprint into action, but Bane's massive hand stopped me and pulled me to his chest. I looked up at him and he looked down at me.

"Do not interfere with the fabrics of reality." he said. My eyes widened at his words.

"What? Just stand here and do nothing I cannot." I said and moved from him grip, but it only tightened and he forced me right back against his chest and now his other arm snaked around my hips holding me tight so I could not move.

"You will. I am your master now and you will obey me." he said in my ear. I gave him a sharp glare, but the woman's screaming broke me from my glare and I looked at her. I watched as the two men ripped her clothes from her body and I she continued to scream as the men continued to attack her, laughing with triumph. My eyes twitched and things began to go blurry. I felt sick, I never felt sick. This was disturbing me now and I struggled more.

"Let me go." I said.

"Not until you understand your position in this reckoning." he said and now I tried to use my strength to free myself and he only held me tighter. I couldn't stand to watch.

"No. Please if this is the life I shall be walking into I would rather die." I said in almost a pleading tone. Bane froze now and didn't move and I blinked wondering what he was going to do.

"You there….you two men, leave that woman be." he commanded. The two men stopped their assaulting actions and looked over at us and fear struck their bodies and they hurried and got up and ran away. My eyes widened as they did as they were told. The lady got up quickly and ran off. My eyes rolled of the back of my head as I closed them and sighed with relief.

"You owe me for saving a pathetic woman's life." he hissed in my ear and let me go, but took my hand and led me through the town. It was very late when we finally returned to the building. I was somewhat glad we walked around to keep the oasis going and active but I was still tired from it. We entered the building and people were working on computers and such. I saw Barsad talking to another soldier and when he looked over at me he gave a small nod and I smiled at him as we passed and I could tell he was caught off guard by my smile for he tilted his head and smiled back.

Once we were on the elevator it was quiet. I sometimes wondered what Barsad did for Bane. Was he an assassin, first command in something? When we arrived back at the room I moved over towards the large window that was our wall and looked over at the silence of the city.

"So you've taken over this place…what else are you going to do?" I asked and I saw his reflection and it moved towards me slowly and with caution. I closed my eyes as I felt his chest on my back pushing me slowly into the glass. His arms rested on the glass and I was trapped inside. Why couldn't I defend myself? Oh yes that's right. He has a toxin inside his body that makes him stronger than me, the mask he wore; maybe his power came from there.

"I am going to turn this place to ashes and you are going to help me do it." he said. I should've protested right then and there, but I knew I couldn't. These people meant nothing to me. I only cared for the woman because she resembled me, defenseless at a time. When I was a child, now no man could harm me except the man behind me. The only thing important was survival. I could survive with or without my creator or Bane.

"I would only hold you back." I said calmly not really trying to deny his wish, but merely stating a fact. This man was powerful enough alone.

"You forget you are here for my entertainment. Your existence, your reason for living is in my hands now." he purred in my ear and I moved my head from him but he only moved closer to me instead. I frowned deeply.

"I wasted my entire life. Twelve years crushed and mutated." I whispered. I felt his right hand curl into my right hand and his body pressed deeper into mine.

"It has not been all a waste. You have been sculpted to be indestructible. Come it is time for you to pay me back." he said and began to pull me from the window and he walked calmly towards the bed, but his grip was vice like around my hand, giving me no chance to pull back.

"What must I do?" I asked. Bane turned to me and suddenly lifted me into the air lightly and I tensed with caution as he lightly put me on the bed lying me down. I felt the urge to sit up but his hand remained on my chest and his eyes told me to stay down. They were dark and severe. My body tightened up and he slowly stood up on the side of the bed and taking off his jacket.

"You will pay me back…by learning." he stated. I arched my brow sitting up.

"Learning?" I asked and he shot me a quick warning glare and I slowly leaned back down. He began to take off his boots.

"Remove your pants and your shoes." he commanded and I did as I was told, kicking off my boots and then I took my time sliding down my pants.

"You are going to learn about what happens when a man and a woman are aroused. You have already seen and touched my arousal so now I will make you aroused." he said. I inhaled silently. His words were like poison. "You owe me by reacting to your master's touch."

I watched now as he began to take off his shirt, his armor like vest, and then his pants. This time I kept my eyes on the ceiling and I felt the bed push down and he crawled on top of me. His whole body was naked, the only thing not naked was his face, covered by his mask. He placed his hand under my back and on contact my back lifted and in seconds he gripped my shirt and slid me further onto the bed, and he moved as well until we on the pillows. I was still tense but upon being able to hear his heart beat I looked down at his chest. It was a calm beating heart, smooth and gentle.

His body had so many scars. Could he not heal like me? Maybe this was before he had the venom in him. I wondered what they felt like. His eyes watched me for a second.

"You are curious of the male body. Answer your curiosity…you can touch." he said. "But that means I will touch you in return. Tonight we are exploring each other's bodies. This will add to your arousal."

I winced not liking how he could read me so well. If I was training more and sharpening my body I could be an unreadable mask. I looked at his muscular chest and he rested his body on me but I could tell he was holding back his full strength. My hands began to move up, my curiosity winning and I slowly touched his chest, directly over his heart. It beat hard now and firm and I blinked at the feel of it. He was strong indeed. My hands trailed down his chest and over his stomach, his rock hard, like a wall, body. I lightly scraped my nails down his abs and even poked him lightly and he did not move at all.

He watched me with hard eyes, eyes that were full of hidden emotion. His left hand began to come up and I froze now and watched him, my hands falling back to my sides.

"Do not stop. Keep going until your curiosity is at its peak." he said mechanically. I watched his hand move up to my stomach and he gently began to rub it and in seconds he had moved them under my shirt and I felt his fingers move around my stomach and it tightened up.

"Mmm you're too feral. You must control that side. Not every man is going to hurt you." he told lightly and as he said this I knew he was hinting for me to calm down. I let my finger tips roam over his hard shoulders and even a little bit towards my neck. Bane kept his eyes on my shirt and I felt his hand cup my right breast and I closed my eyes trying not to tremble, trying not to be in defense or attack mode. My hands moved up to the blanket and I braced myself for something to come. Bane glared.

"You have much to learn." he said squeezing my breast and as he did I tensed up, but tried not to. Bane closed his eyes for a second before sliding down my body and resting between my legs and in seconds he spread them and I wanted to close them back up but I fought the urge.

"Let the arousal began." he stated and I felt his pointer finger began to slowly rub at the lips of my vagina and I closed my eyes. I didn't feel anything and I opened my eyes as I didn't feel anything, except the mere movement of his finger. I wasn't feeling anything good or bad. I looked down at him to see him looking at my vagina lightly.

"Like your will power, your hymen will be easy to break." he said. I remained still trying to ignore his words and I felt his thumb suddenly push into a spot above my vagina and I felt something shoot up into my body and I gasped as my knees suddenly bent and I panted as I felt the rush move into my stomach.

"Ah so that's all it took, I should've started with your clit first." he said. The clit one of the main female organs, though small, can cause extreme pleasure to a woman's vagina. I had never experience that before and for once it frightened me. I felt his thumb push into it harder and I moaned out now, a high lustful moan, and my body arched forward again. Bane moved up beside me merely watching me as he rubbed my clit with his pointer finger. I panted now feeling my legs start to hurt from my tightening muscles. I groaned now and shook my head.

"Stop please." I said panting even harder, but this only quickened his movements.

"Embrace it. Feeling pleasure isn't a bad thing, Alitaria. Look." he said removing his finger from me and he brought his hand up to me. I tried my best to ignore the throbbing feeling in my vagina. On his fingers was a clear liquid.

"You see, this is your own version of precum." he said rubbing his fingers together. He moved his hand back to my vagina and began to rub again. My mind went hazy and I wasn't sure what I was seeing. I heard my heart beat quickly and I felt my hand grip his arm now and I couldn't control my moaning.

"That's Alitaria. Give in to your master." he said with a strained tone. My body shivered and ached with the pleasure I was feeling. With his free hand he directed my hand down as well and I felt my fingers touch something hard. His dick was hard now and I knew he wanted me to touch it. My mind told me to things. One: whatever you do don't touch it! Two: Touch it and please your master. I groaned harder and did what was commanded. I placed my fingers around his hardened dick and began to move my hand up and down not knowing exactly how I knew to do it or why I did it. I heard him growl against me and from his mask I could hear him panting. I could feel the bliss build up and it only edged me to rub him faster to hear his growls against my body. He moved closer to my rubbing me harder and rougher and I had never felt such feelings before and my knees bent as I felt myself reaching some sort of limit. I felt his mask against my cheek lightly and I felt him growl hard and I kept stroking him harder wondering what he would do. In a sudden burst I moaned out hard feeling the sudden rush shoot up my body and in seconds I heard him growl against me as I felt a hot liquid shooting out onto my hand and I panted wildly feeling the rust start to slow down and in seconds my body felt exhausted and I let the darkness take hold of me. I hoped that I would wake up and this would all be a dream.