Wesley awoke with a gigantic headache; the two Vestal demons whacked him on the back of the head with something blunt just as they had arrived to wherever they were. Looking around, all he could make out was stone walls surrounding him. The ground was extremely dusty; every time he made a move he stirred up a cloud of dust, making him cough a little. Torches far off in the distance barely provided enough light for him to see. Finally getting some bearing on where he was, something inside him caused him to suddenly turn his attention to Kim. She was nowhere in sight.

He jumped to his feet and started to walk towards the light, but found that strong metal chains bound him to that one spot. More chains bound his hands, pinning them to his sides so that he could not use his power. Whoever his captor was certainly did his homework. He struggled against the unyielding chains, refusing to let them keep him from his girlfriend. She had done nothing to deserve this; she was caught up in this because of her relationship with Wesley.

"Kim!" Wesley yelled into the air. "Where are you? Can you hear me?"

There was no reply. Wesley became more and more worried as he feared the worst. The thought of anything happening to her drove him to struggle even harder, trying to free himself from the shackles binding him. The more he resisted, though, the more secure the chains seemed to become. It did not make any sense. Then, another's voice resounded through the dimly lit area. Wesley immediately turned toward the source.

"This woman," he said in a deep voice, "do you care for her?"

Wesley saw a man who looked to be about seven feet tall with dark crimson skin and orange eyes holding Kim by her throat. Wesley started to run to her, but the two Vestal demons appeared from nowhere and restrained his chains, forcing him to his knees.

"Who are you?" Wesley asked impatiently, still fighting the chains.

"You have not answered my question," the leader of the Vestal demons announced. "Do you care for her?"

"Wesley, don't waste your time with this…thing!" Kim shouted to Wesley. The tall demon responded by backhanding her furiously across her face. Wesley cried out as she fell to the floor, crying.

"Why are you asking me this?" Wesley asked. "Why are you doing this? If you hurt her, I swear to God I'll kill you, bring you back to life, and kill you again."

"And that will surely be a tragic day indeed," the leader said. "Let us focus on the here and now. This woman you care about is going to die, no matter what idle threats you have. You, however…I have more important plans for you."

The demon held out his hand and an athame appeared in eerie wisps of smoke. With his free hand, he snatched the cowering Kim from the ground by the neck and lifted her so that they were face to face. Wesley kicked and screamed as hard as he could to break free of the shackles and the two demons holding him, but his struggling was in vain; he could not move. He could only look on helplessly. The crimson demon thrust the ceremonial dagger into Kim's chest. She tried to scream, but the hand holding her throat prevented her from making a sound.

"NO!" Wesley yelled as loudly as he could. His struggling intensified as he watched in horror, seeing the life slowly drain from his girlfriend's body. "STOP!"

He lowered his head in defeat, but the Vestal demons would not even allow that. One of them snatched Wesley's head and jerked it upright, forcing him to bear witness to Kim being stabbed to death. So many feelings rushed through him at that moment. He, of course, felt a great sadness at seeing this woman he had grown to care for in so much pain. He felt a mountain of guilt, knowing that her association with him automatically put her in danger, whether she realized it or not. He began to feel grief with every passing second, knowing that if he could not break free then his girlfriend would die. He felt terror; how could he face his brothers, or Kim's family, after this? He felt helpless. The two Vestal demons held him firmly in place, barely allowing him room to move even a bit. He felt powerless and inferior, coming to the reality that he was unlike his brothers in terms of strength and determination. Where his brothers were usually able to defend themselves, Wesley resorted to running and hiding, fighting only in the direst of times. This being one of those times, Wesley found that he could not even fight in this situation. All of these emotions merged into a huge feeling of hopelessness as tears silently streamed down his face.

The head demon let go of Kim's throat and she fell to the ground in a lifeless heap, her eyes still open. He ignored the sickening thud and moved to Wesley's side. By this point, Wesley made no attempt to move, nor to intervene. The demon snapped his fingers and any source of light in the room suddenly extinguished itself, leaving Wesley in total darkness.

"Dump this trash somewhere," he commanded, indicating Kim's body. He ran a hand across the top of Wesley's head, playfully ruffling his hair like a child. "As for you, that will be the last thing you will remember seeing. You will force yourself to relive her final moments over and over again. You will starve to death and no one will be able to find you in this plane of existence. Once I have your life, I will finally have enough power to escape here and then I will collect the powers of your brothers."

Wesley did not reply; he half-listened as the demon explained his intentions and outlined his master plan. Wesley's only focus was on Kim. He had betrayed her. He let her down. He said he would protect her, but he failed. The more reality set in, the more depressed he became. The demon's words did not help at all.

Knowing that Wesley's spirit had been broken, the demonic leader motioned to his servants to take action. They let Wesley's hands go and snickered as despair took over his body. The three demons, able to see in the dark, maneuvered their way around Wesley and left, taking Kim's body with them. The last thing Wesley heard was sinister laughter as his already dark world went quiet.