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If Lisbon had had room for a single thought in her head, it would have run somewhere along the lines of 'Wooooooo-hooo!' As it happened, one effect of being in lip-lock proximity to a certain CBI Consultant was total cognitive incoherence. The last notion Lisbon had tried to verbalize had been sucked out of her mouth before she could finish it. Literally.

(...Mistle… t- ?)

In the moment, there was nothing for it. She would have been shocked at how quickly her head-rule had abandoned her, but she was too busy enjoying the greedy pressure of Jane's sumptuous lips... His hands running up and down her arms… now tangled in her hair, pulling her face closer as if he were trying to devour her. Unable to resist the temptation to take charge, she slipped off his lap, tilting her head to give him greater access and battling his tongue with her own. She felt wanted, and fairly uninhibited. Her fists fell from gripping his shirt, fingertips digging circles into his thighs just above his knees.

Jane moaned into her mouth and rose up onto his knees, drawing her with him by running a thumb up her spine.

She shuddered, and they broke apart, gasping for breath. His hands settled onto her waist, and she rested hers on his shoulders. Their foreheads pressed together, downcast eyes unavoidably noting the closeness of their heaving chests.

On one side of their peripheral vision, the movie was running, forgotten. On the other side the lights on the fireplace twinkled innocently.

Jane chanced a look at her. Lisbon felt his gaze, her eyes widening as she looked up to meet his. The ghost of mistletoe hung in the air over their heads.

She swayed involuntarily, nearly losing her balance on the soft cushions. Jane quirked an eyebrow, unable to suppress a snort at her expense. She frowned, then smiled goofily back at him, her incredulous expression mirroring his own.

"Wha -"

"I -"

They spoke at the same time, then fell silent, afraid to break the spell. Afraid to move, eyes searching one another's for answers, assurances.

Still somewhat dazed, Jane softly cleared his throat. "I think I've wanted to do that for a long time," he admitted.

"I'm glad you finally did."

He was defenseless against her now, unable to resist capturing her lips again. Her fingers wound themselves into his hair, and then clasped together around his neck. "I'm glad, too," he murmured finally, breaking the kiss. He shuddered as she toyed with the sand-colored hair that brushed her knuckles.

"So..." Lisbon mused, quirking an eyebrow. Jane's grin widened.

"That escalated really quickly!" she exclaimed.

He laughed out loud. "Good thing you kept your balance - or we both would have hit the coffee table!"

Grimacing, she began to laugh also - until things grew quiet.

Lisbon got nervous.

"You want some more tea?"

He frowned. "Maybe some water."

She stepped out of their embrace and started for the kitchen. He reached out to the bare skin on the back of her knee, and she stilled. "In a minute. Let's sit down."

She waited for him to do so, then sat next to him with her spine straight up against the back of the couch cushions. Jane's posture was more relaxed, but their shoulders were touching.

He took her right hand from her lap and held it in his left. Not to be outdone, his right arm reached across to stroke hers with the back of his fingers. Lisbon blew out a shaky breath, her thumb tracing circles on the top of Jane's hand.

"I don't want to alarm you, Teresa."

She looked up nerviously.

"But I am going to want to do that a whole lot more."

She sighed in relief and Jane just beamed at her.

"Jane, what are your plans for tomorrow?"

"Honestly? I hadn't made any."

She considered that for a long moment.

"What are your plans for tomorrow?"

She smiled shly, and related her grand agenda, from waking up to winding down.

"That sounds like a lovely day, Teresa."

"Would you like to join me?" she blurted out before she had time to second-guess herself.

Not for the first time that evening, Jane felt like he ought to pinch himself for good measure.

"Very much," he croaked. Lisbon turned to him quickly, and flung her free arm around his neck. Giving him a good-and-proper, lingering, sweet kiss, she smiled into his lips before breaking it off.

She hopped off of the couch before he had time to register her movements. "Where are you going?" he asked, as she flicked off the tv and flipped on the stereo.

"I'm going to get you some water," she called, as she left the room. "But first I'm gonna put on some pants!"

Jane shook his head to attempt to clear it, and listened to the final jazzy notes of a saxophone rendition of Jingle Bells. In the bedroom, Lisbon shimmied into her pj pants as a familiar music-box intro began Judy Garland's iconic Christmas classic.

She had planned all along to have herself a merry little Christmas; but with Jane here, 'merry' meant so much more.

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