Country Name: Philippines

Human Name: Maria Clara Dela Cruz

Age: 16

A very cheerful and friendly girl.

She appears to be very young but she is actually even older than her colonizers, America and Spain, but due to being primitive and discovered late (as a nation by the Westerners), she was considered a late bloomer.

She loves cooking and working around the house and on her farm.

She also enjoys throwing fiestas and tends to shock every nation she invites to her house.

Contrary to popular belief, her human name Maria Clara does not come from the Maria Clara dress or the Maria Clara of Noli Me Tangere. Her name originated from a deity residing Mt. Makiling in Laguna. She made a promise to remember her forever after Maria Makiling, the deity, isolated herself from the human.

She admires America with all of her heart and thinks of him as her hero while America think of her as a valuable friend that seems to be there whenever she needs help. Also America tends to impose his self to her matters because he has the right to (or so he says).

She also do soap opera runs with Korea and works on Japan's maid house cafe to have the latest anime episodes for her fellow otaku in her nation.

But overall, she has a very nice relationship among other nation. She is very friendly after all.


Pre-Hispanic Era

Long before the arrival of the Spaniards, Philippines already had a civilization and was already able. However, she was not that knowledgeable enough and was lacking resources to become industrialized like the European countries. She actually didn't even know her status of being a nation until Spain actually pointed it out.

During this time, she wears a baro or camisa, a jacket with sleeves, as her top that extends to her midriff with a very striking design. For her lower body, she wears a saya or patadyong which is a very loose skirt that extends to the ground. She also wore tapis around her saya or patadyong as a belt.

One remarkable trait she has during this era is the amount of gold she adorns in her body.

If her appearance was to be compared to a normal human/child, her age must be of a 3 to 5 years old.

Spanish Colonization Era

After being colonized by Spain, she got a wardrobe change. She wore a Kimona, a dress that contains a top and a skirt. The colors and design of the top and bottom were simple and weaved by the Filipino from the crops they harvested like cotton, hemp and pineapple fiber. Then to complete the dress, a cloth designed in a very striking and colorful design is wrapped around their waists. There are also different variations of Kimona where there is also a piece of cloth sewn on the right side of their shoulders.

Philippines wore a simple Kimona throughout Spain's era. It was a cream short sleeve top and a simple light pink skirt with a colorful patterned cloth on her waist. And at times she wears a similar pattern of clothing from her waist in her head as a headpiece.

From the appearance of a 5 year old she started to grow—albeit slowly—from Spain's care and reached her maximum age of a 9 year old with him.

American Colonization Era

Philippines wore a similar dress during her time with America. The dress was called "Maria Clara" the heroine of the Jose Rizal's novel Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not). It was also called baro't saya (baro at saya) which means baro as the shirt while saya means the skirt.

The difference between Maria Clara from Kimona is that, Maria Clara is much formal than Kimona. Kimona is also suited for daily activities because of its short skirt length and its simplicity. And the cloth of the Maria Clara is not tied around the waist but instead tied on the shoulders. Maria Clara also have loose long sleeve camisa/top unlike the Kimona's short sleeved one. The length of the skirt also differ, Maria Clara stretches down on the ground while Kimona's length only goes one inch below the knee.

Philippines also wore a cream colored top but with a red and black checkered skirt. However there are also times that she is seen wearing a simple Kimona because the Maria Clara dress tends to get in her way or so she says.

She reached her adolescence with America and not to mention aged very rapidly during that time due to the mutual gain they get with each other. She reached her maximum growth of a 15 year old before America left her.

Japanese Era

Her appearance and attire didn't change because of Japan's short stay. And because of their strained relationship, Philippines didn't even have a chance to grow even though Japan gave her the power to control her own government.

Present Era

Philippines often wore a modern style of clothes than her national ones. She often wore hoodies and skinny jeans –which are all imported—because she states that wearing her national dress is not normal and with their climate, she might die from heat stroke or dehydration if she insists on wearing one. But she does however wear her national dress, Maria Clara, during meetings claiming that the meetings have ACs on them.

Now being independent, she reached the appearance of a 16 year old. She didn't age recently because of "issues" still left unsolved and still rely on America quite a lot even though she doesn't admit it.


During the colonial period—except from the pre-Hispanic era—Philippines wore her favorite slippers called bakya which is either made or sold in Marikina or Liliw, Laguna. While during the modern times, she wore a variety of footwear that ranges to her favorites sandals made in Marikina or Liliw to imported rubber shoes.

Face, Skin Tone and Hair

Philippines is a morena toned woman, not too pale and not too dark.

Her eyes are colored brown.

Her black wavy hair is very long and it stretches down to her waist which she sometimes ties on a pony tail or in braids. She also adorns it with her national flower, Sampaguita.


Philippines, like Germany and Prussia, also wears a cross themed necklace but with a much more feminine design. There also times that she is seen with rosary wrapped around her hand.

Philippines also carry her bolo everywhere—but this changed during the modern times.

Combat Ability

In terms of weapons and machinery for war, undeniably Philippines lack of those. However if you fought with her in hand to hand combat you are in a tough fight because of her keen survival instincts. Her skills don't stop there, she also has an amazing sword fighting skills that can disarm you and even chop of your arms.

Her trusted bolo can cut on any human flesh it can come in contact with so be careful. If you manage to walk alive from it don't dare to wish to see it again.



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