There was once a heroic tale left forgotten during the American Colonization period. It happened during the early occupation of the Americans. This tale comes from Balangiga, Samar. Americans were stationed in the place to break out and destroy any opposition that may or soon have. They cut of plantation, stopped the trade and inflict fear on the people.

It was Sunday that time. Americans were stationed and taking a break in the church of the town. They were drinking and busy chatting with each other when suddenly a huge group of women heavily clad with clothing rushed in the church. The Americans raised eyebrows and began to be curious.

The Americans were curious as to why every woman where dressed head to toe. None of the Americans even can see what the women looked like. Even their faces where covered with clothing. One of the women came to them an explained everything,

"It's Sunday we came here every Sunday to pray for our Lord, to seek guidance, to seek forgiveness." The voice was a bit husky and high pitched. She was also very muscular and had very broad shoulders but the Americans only dismissed it as her biological makeup. "We would like it to be sacred so can the soldiers wait outside until the mass is done?"

"No," The Americans retaliated and continued, "We are here to protect and govern you after all. We will only watch. We will promise that we will not make any noise."

"Good," The woman gave a sly smile underneath the clothing she had on her head. "We will be on your care then." She waved her hand goodbye and went to her group of friends and whispered something.

The unsuspecting Americans sat at the far end of the church and watched the mass being conducted. When they finally began to see the whole church, they noticed that it was full of women. They were again curious but can't question any one. They just dismissed it as a weird custom the Spanish might have inculcated on the Filipinos or a cultural thing Filipinos do.

The Americans were then startled when the bell started to ring. It was very long and the church was dead quiet. The atmosphere began to change. It became gloomy. The church was full of malice. The women began to remove their clothing one by one revealing that they were in fact men. Their heavy clothing revealed swords and guns inside their dress.

Before the Americans could even processed what is happening, the Filipinos attacked them head on. It ended with the Filipinos victory but sadly the bells of the Balangiga church was taken away from them by the Americans as war loot.

Up to this day, the people of Balangiga are still fighting to get it back.

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