I haven't decided whether to make this a set of oneshot drabbles for my girls, or to post them each individually. So for now, this one is marked complete.

For Shezli. E&C with a hint of Junk, as well as possible implications of MPreg.

"La la la la!" Phoebe yelled, covering her ears and running up the stairs.

"But Phoebe..." Adam protested, following her.

"I can't hear you!" she called back, slamming her bedroom door. Adam huffed and stomped down the stairs, raising an eyebrow at his husband laughing in the doorway.

"What did you do this time?" Jay asked in amusement once he got his laughter under control.

"I don't know!" Adam argued in exasperation. "She was helping me with that thing you bought me for my birthday, and she just got frustrated!"

"That thing?" Jay asked, raising an eyebrow. "You mean the iPad?"

"Yes!" Adam exclaimed.

"Phoebe, what did he do?" Jay yelled up the stairs.

The 15 year old opened her door wide enough to poke her head out.

"He wiped the memory," she complained. "I don't even know HOW he managed that, but I can't fix it. It's going to have to be sent off." She shut her door again to the sounds of Jay collapsing in laughter.

"Jay!" Adam protested. "It's not funny!"

"It's totally funny!" Jay cackled the pout on Adams face only making it more amusing. Adam crossed his arms and stomped off, heading towards the living room. Jay grinned, knowing that his baby was only pretending to be offended. Adam knew better than anyone how terrible he was at technological pursuits.

"What's Uncle Adam scowling about this time?" Lilly asked as she skipped into the kitchen.

"How did you get in here?" Jay asked in confusion, staring at his 'niece'.

"Dad unlocked the door," William explained, following his twin in.

"Do any of you even pretend to be polite anymore?" Jay smirked.

"I have a key. Keys unlock doors. Why would we knock?" Jeff teased as he followed his children into the kitchen.

"To warn us that we're about to be invaded by Hardys?" Jay suggested.

"We're Brooks too!" William insisted.

"He knows that," Lilly sighed with a roll of her eyes. "He was making a point about Hardys. Which you just proved, stupid."

"Dad!" William yelled, turning to Jeff.

"Lilly, don't call your brother names. William, don't prove Jay right. It's unnatural," Jeff scolded, a smile pulling at his lips.

"No, what's unnatural is Uncle Chris being right," Phoebe argued, appearing at the top of the stairs. "And yet somehow he's managed to hold onto Uncle Mike for all these years."

"How is that being right?" Jeff asked in amusement.

"Cause he said that he'd still be a sexy beast when he was in his 50s, and that he'd be married to Uncle Mike by that stage," Phoebe reminded him. "And while the sexy beast comment is dubious, he is still married to Uncle Mike."

"Don't say that to his face," Jeff warned.

"I already did, last month," the teenager announced proudly. "He didn't like it, but he dealt with it."

"Yeah, after you reminded him that you're underage, a girl and that your dad would kick his ass," Lilly retorted.

"Did not! That was Williams's pansy ass! I could totally take him!" Phoebe insisted. "It's not my fault your brother takes after your mother."

"Phil is not a woman," Jay sighed, scrubbing his hand over his face. "And you know how annoyed he gets when you call him their mother."

"Yet when I was just learning to talk you AND Uncle Jeff actively encouraged me to call mom 'Mom'," Phoebe argued. "Therefore the same standards still apply."

"Yet you wouldn't tell Thomas to call Shawn Mommy would you?" Jeff asked. Phoebe scoffed.

"Course not. Stephanie is the girl there. Besides, Thomas isn't even 2 yet. Shawn is still just the weird uncle who fucks Mommy and Daddy."

"PHOEBE ROSE RESO!" Adam exclaimed from the doorway.

"Oops..." Phoebe said, motioning to the door. "Lilly, Will. I think we should retreat..." The 10 year olds nodded and followed her quickly, leaving Jay to face Adams wrath.

"Where did she learn that language?" he demanded, Jay starting to subtly back towards the door that his daughter had escaped through.

"She was on the road with us a lot...and the guys have kinda a dirty mouth..." he started, wincing when Adam crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. "Coming Phoebs!" He made a run for it, pretending to hear the 15 year old calling for him.

"Coward!" Adam yelled after his husband, shaking his head. He'd get the other man back. That he was sure of...especially considering what was hidden under their bed.