Sorry it's so short, and that it's so late. Merry Belated Christmas Cal!


"This is too much mistress," Punk protested as AJ handed him another box, this time wrapped in red paper.

"We chose to give all of this to you, of course it's not too much," Jeff interrupted from the couch. "So stop protesting and open it. I think you'll like it." He shot a predatory look towards Punk, who shuddered slightly in response.

"He's right Pet," AJ encouraged, resting a land lightly on Punks head. "Open it." Punk eagerly tore into the paper, before flushing a bright red.

"Don't you like it Pet?" AJ asked her patented innocent look upon her face.

"Umm…" Punk stuttered, staring down at the thick dildo sitting in his lap.

"Pet…" AJ giggled. "It's ok. It's for when we're apart from you, and we let you fuck yourself." Punk blushed and AJ laughed again.

"But for now pet, you have one last present to open," Jeff announced.

"It's upstairs, on our bed. Put it on, we'll be up in ten minutes," AJ promised. Punk nodded and hurried up the stairs, leaving Jeff and AJ laughing softly.

"Wow," AJ breathed, peeking through the crack in the bathroom door.

"He looks even better than I imagined," Jeff whispered, his hand resting lightly on AJs hip.

"Wow baby," AJ said admiringly as she pushed the door open. "You look amazing." Punk blushed and subconsciously straightened the short, blood red skirt, his fingers clenching briefly around the soft white fur that hemmed the skirt.

"Thank you ma'am," he whispered, looking down at the ground. Jeff stepped into the room and walked towards his lovers, running the pad of one finger around the bottom of the matching top, it being a scrap of red material that covered Punks pecs and was framed on the top and the bottom with white fur.

"Incredible," Jeff agreed, wrapping one hand around the back of Punks neck and pulling him in for a passionate kiss. Punk moaned and clenched his fists around the hem of the skirt, knowing that he was forbidden to touch his doms without permission.

"We've discussed it baby," AJ purred, leaning up and getting as close to his ear as she could. "And for tonight only, you are allowed to touch us, as well as cum, whenever you want." Punk whimpered, and allowed his hands to go to Jeff's shoulders, gripping them tightly. Jeff smirked against his lips, deepening it even as he rested his hands on Punks hips and guided him backwards, tipping him gently onto the bed. AJ hurried into her strap on, before she tossed the lube towards the two men on the bed.

"Sir…please…" Punk begged, his hips jerking under Jeff's teasing touches. Jeff grinned and slid down the bed, propping his younger lovers legs over his shoulders and slicking his fingers up, prepping Punks hole as quickly as he possibly could. Punk whimpered and moaned, but once AJ straddled his chest and pressed the tip of her strap-on against his lips, he took her fake cock in eagerly. Jeff slicked himself up, and pressed himself swiftly into his sub, dragging his blunt nails down Punks thighs under the skirt while AJ mimicked his actions down Punks sides. Punk moaned loudly and arched his back, Jeff's tattooed fingers wrapping around his cock and stroking until he came with a scream, AJs strap on falling from his mouth. Jeff paused in his thrusts until Punks eyes fluttered open, smirking down at him.

"You haven't finished for the night yet," he warned the younger man, beginning to thrust in and out again, AJ smirking down and thrusting her strap on back into Punks mouth even as he groaned, knowing it was going to be a long night.