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We finished out our last set, and climbed off the stage. The cheers that continued to erupt as we made our way through the small crowd and to the bar made me smile.

"You sounded great tonight," A girl purred as I passed her.

I grinned at her, "Thanks."

She licked her lips and was about to sink her claws into me, when Jake pulled me to the bar.

"Hey," I protested.

"Jazz hit that last week,"

My shoulders slumped, "Damn."

Pussy is pussy but I tend not to have my go at it when someone else in the band has already hit it.

Eh, there were tons of other girls here. I'm sure I'd find someone to take home tonight.

I sat on the barstool and scoped out the bar.

No one caught my interest, and I mean no one.

Pickings were slim tonight, Damn.

I guess the brunette in the corner looks pretty good, or her redheaded friend. Oh, maybe I could get them both.

"We need a girl in the band," Jake said, bringing me out of my thoughts. "It's a total sausage fest right now."

"I agree," Jasper said with a grimace. "We're a boy band right now."

"What's wrong with being a boy band?"

"Nothing really," I said. "I get it though. It would draw in a bigger crowd if we had a girl in it."

I've thought about it a couple times over the years but they were all so stubborn and wanted a boy's only band. Why now use my idea? What's changed?

"Kate can sing," Emmett, who is always eager to bring his girlfriend up, said.

"And what happens when you two split?" I asked. "She'll be a moody bitch and so will you."

Emmett pouted but didn't say anymore.

"Why don't you guys hold auditions?" Seth asked as he passed us our beers. "Girls will flock for a chance to be famous."

He had a point there.

"But then we have to endure hours of sucky auditions," Jake groaned. "All girls know how to sing these days is California girls or lady gaga."

I didn't hold back a shutter.

"Not all of us are into just Katy Perry and Lady Gaga," Leah huffed. "Some of us have real taste."

"Can you sing?"

"Fuck no," Leah laughed as she set her tray on the bar. "Auditions are a great idea guys. Seattle is huge and filled with talented people, you'll luck out. Oh, and a word of advice? Don't fuck the girl."

"But if she's super fine, how will that be possible?"

"First of all, you better no go anywhere near another girl," Leah warned. "Or I'll chop your goods off and wear it as a necklace." Jake moved away from his girlfriend. "And second, you act like it's impossible to keep your dick in your pants."

"We're a hot band," Jasper defended. "Girls fling themselves at us now and we aren't even famous yet."

"Those whores see you've got potential," Leah said. "And they want to stake claim before you rise to stardom."

"See!" Seth said. "That's why I tell you guys to wear a rubber. You become famous and suddenly you've got a kid coming out of the woodwork."

Fuck, even before we formed this band I always made sure I wore a rubber. Famous or not, I didn't want to have any girls trying to tie me down by claiming I fathered their kid.

"I have a steady girlfriend, I don't need condoms." Emmett boasted, smugly.

"Puh-lease," Leah scuffed. "Kate would dump you in a second if Garrett gave her the chance. You know that, I know that, we all know it."

"Way to be harsh, Leah."

She shrugged, "Someone's got to tell the truth. I told you I didn't like that girl from day one. Her pussy is like a revolving door, everyone's welcome."

"Nice," Emmett grumbled, gulping down his beer.

I didn't comment, mainly because what Leah said was oh so true.

Kate was a whore, always has been and always will be. I'm sure she'd be the first to stop taking the pill if she even caught a whiff of us getting a possible record deal.

"You guys can hold the auditions here," Seth said, directing the attention away from Kate. "I'll come in early Saturday morning."

"Me too," Leah said. "You need a girl's opinion on the matter as well. Mainly because ya'll are ruled by your dicks. You'll choose the girl who is tone deaf but has a stellar body."

"It's all about the appeal, baby," Jake said. "We need some hot young thang to draw in the dudes."

"Still, I'll be there."

"So, we're going to hold an audition?" Jasper asked.

"I guess so," I said, shrugging.

For the next week and a half, we spread word about our auditions. Emmett posted fliers, Jake handed them out, and Leah and Seth mentioned it during busy bar hours.

I knew we'd have a wide variety of girls that'd come down but I wasn't so sure how many of them would actually be able to hold a note. Trust me, you'd be surprised at how many will turn up even they can't sing to save their lives.

Why even come, right?

I just hope that if, and when, we find the right girl to fit into our band, we'd be able to move forward in our careers.

Em and I started this band when we were eleven. At the time, it wasn't anything big. We just thought we sounded great together. I on the piano and him on drums, plus my voice, it was gold.

As time went on, Jazz joined the group and the last member to join Breaking Twilight was Jake.

When we got older, we started to perform at bars all across Seattle. We were good, great even, but it never seemed to be enough to catch the attention of any music executives. To some that'd be off-putting but to us that meant we had to try to be that much better.

All of us had dreams of making it big and performing at award ceremonies and stadiums all across the country.

I could just hear it now. The fans roaring as they cheered our names, girls screaming and fainting as we walked by, the money...

Sigh, that's the life.

Now if only I could start living it.

At first I just wanted to write about Breaking Twilight already in the limelight but then I added in their backstory, which turned into like sixty flashbacks, so I decided to write it all out. There are time jumps but I'll make sure to warn you when it happens and...yeah.

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