SMACK! THUMP! SMACK..SMACK! THUMP! CREAK...CREAK! The punching bag made pathetic noises as I hit it. I continued my session until I heard the rings doors open and someone walk towards the ropes of the boxing ring. I stopped hitting the bag and barely touched it, making the bag stop swinging and turned. There stood Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. , the operation I was being added to officially, no more house calls and just helping out.

"Evening Nick," I said jumping down from the five foot high ring, landing in front of him, and grabbed a Dick's water bottle. "What are you doing here?"

"You've been added to the S.H.I.E.L.D. family officially, congratulations Katlyn Stark." He said handing me a folder marked classified. "And your first mission starts now."

I popped the folder open, where inside laid papers upon papers about a man from WWII Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Without even reading the documents, I grabbed one of the photos of him and shut the folder handing it back to Nick. "I already know his basic information, what do I need to do?"

"Bring him up to date on everything in this new world, get him to remember." Nick started off but I cut him off.

"I will not, I repeat will not use my power on him." I said looking from the photo to Nick.

"I don't want you to, he just needs a companion. He's just came back within the last two days, so he's lost and alone in this new world and needs someone to help him get here." Fury said as we started walking up the steps to the second floor of my house. "You two can go anywhere and do anything you wish, I just want him comfortable in this world."

"If I can, I'd like to go meet him right now." I said stopping up on the last step turning to Nick.

"Go get ready. I'll probably be watching TV or something." He said going towards the living room.

I raced up the stairs and into my room, turning and locking the door behind me then speaking out loud to my AI system for one of the very first times in a while. "Ally, I need you to pack me an overnight bag, get the essentials for two weeks. Oh and also put about 2 thousand in there too along with my debit card." I went into my bathroom, getting into the shower.

"Katlyn, would you like for me to pack your suit and equipment as well?" The female voice asked from inside the room.

"If you don't mind," I said wrapping a towel around myself, heading back into the room and grabbing some clothes.

I fixed myself up a little, putting on a floral dress, a pair of wedges, my hair already naturally curled, and grabbing my bag. I headed down the steps and into the living room where Nick was watching A Thousand Ways to Die and turned it off as he saw me. "You clean up nicely," he said as we walked out the door.

"I figured I could take him out and let him see the world himself," I said sitting in his car's passenger seat.

"That would be good," he said as we pulled away from my house and headed towards S.H.I.E.L.D. apartments as Fury called it. "Don't forget, HQ is only about five minutes from here, it's the old Health Department Building."

Along the way we just talked business like my pay, and such, but most of the time it was about Steve. After about an hour we were in NY city, Times Square, we pulled up a old apartment.

"And I thought I had been about everywhere, at least here in New York." I said as we were pulled up beside of the building.

I jumped out of the car and walked with Nick, carrying my bag on my shoulder. We walked up to a door when Fury turned and handed me a key and placed his into the door and turned the door open. We made our way to the elevator and he hit the third floor button, and up we went. Continuing down a series of hallways it truthfully was hard not to be agitated at the distance.

We continued until the time I was about to ask where the man was at, and we turned off finally to a door. Nick punched in a code and turned to me, "I'll introduce you two then leave, the code is 1945, he made it. Your room is east, his is west, straight down the hall there is a boxing ring."

I nodded and he turned back around and went down the hallway as the door shut behind us. We took the west hallway straight to Steve's room and knocked on his door. "Steve, can I come in? I brought someone I would like you to meet." Nick called while knocking.