Info: You're going to start seeing a different side to Katlyn and Steve, together they don't have to hide behind the masks they wear in the outside world and are supremely comfortable around one another. They can be/ do whatever they want to with each other...

I would also like to give a HUGE thanks to .ivy and ym4yum1 for their ideas you will see throughout this chapter and the next! These two helped me out soo much that they don't even understand!~~~Kate

But anyways on to the story...

"Poke it and see what happens," I suggested standing behind Steve as if the black, mush of a cake were going to explode any second.

"I'm afraid I might anger it if I do that..." Steve commented glancing back at me with a humored grin. "Hey! What was that for?"

I pulled my hand away from the spot on his shoulder I smacked, "You're supposed to be supportive, 'Oh, it's not that bad. It's the thought that counts.' is twenty times better than coming down here and asking if forgot to take the mix out of the bag!" I said, walking around to his side, glaring up at his blue eyes for his earlier comment.

"It was a genuine question, my dear. Who's to say it hasn't happened before?" Steve defended, looking back down at the pile of black death and despair before he picked it up and looked back at me. "Want me to have the honor of getting rid of this wonderful looking... you said it was supposed to be a cake, right?" He received an unamused look.

"Be my guest, Birthday Boy." I said walking over to the trashcan and stepping on the lever to raise the lid as he followed. "Rest in pieces little cake of doom, glad we never had to eat ya.."

"You were a brave soldier..." Steve said just as he released the cake and it landed in the can with a loud bang! Causing both of us to jump back, and simultaneously salute the can, giggling the whole time.

I looked up at him, a little hint of sadness in the back of my mind. I screwed up a day I was trying to make perfect for Steve. 'Great job Kate, always the screw-up!' "I'm sorry, Steve..." I whispered looking down, trying pathetically to hide the disappointment in my tone.

An all too familiar hand cupped my chin and made ocean blue eyes meet sky blue ones. Steve had a crease in his brow and his lips were pursed, "Don't be, I don't have to have a cake. Just coming down here and seeing you dancing around with a hot pan with a flaming cake in your hands makes up for that." I raised an eyebrow at him, Steve shrugged, coughing on a chuckle. "Well, it was."

"At least your gifts didn't catch on fire." I said, 'Well hopefully, none of them did...' I stirred from my thoughts to see Steve gone from in front of me and over by the table inspecting the wrapped boxes. He had the largest one in hand, looking it over as if trying to see through the paper.

I ran over to him and pulled the box from his grasp, "And what do you think you are doing, Captain Rogers?" I asked placing the present back in it's place on the table and turning back to him, folding my arms across my chest and tilting my head.

"Can't a guy get a little excited to be opening a present? I mean it's been 70 years, Katlyn... 70 long, icey, cold..." I shut him up by handing him the envelope on the table with a smile.

"Don't get your knickers in a twist, old man. You'll get your chance to open it later, but for now go after the baby of the bunch.." I smiled as he flipped up the piece of paper tapped to the plainly white card holder. "Sometimes bigger doesn't always mean better.."

"From S.H.I.E.L.D?" Steve read, obviously confused by the gift giver. "What in the world would they be giving me?" He began to tear the seal and pull out a card.

I remained quiet as he read the card with a confused look, read it again, then looked up at me pointing to the cards contents. "It says to follow you?" I nodded smiling, turning on my heel and heading for the elevator.

I could hear Steve's heavier footfalls falling in behind me, I pressed the button to head to the garage as he came to stand beside me. I looked up at him as the doors closed to find him already looking at me. "Do you need me to make you forget about this before we get there, Steve?" I asked, he was all but dancing to find out what we were doing.

He raised an eyebrow at me just as the elevator doors opened and I took a jump onto his back, covering his eyes as he grabbed my legs. "Is this really necessary, Kate?" He asked chuckling.

"Entirely, now yah! Go straight ahead! Chop, chop lamb-chop! We don't have all da- STOP!" I giggled as he basically hovered his present.

"Keep 'em closed, soldier." I commanded, as I hopped off his back and came around to stand behind his gift. "Open..."
Steve's eyes slowly opened and began to grow as he seen the custom vivid black 2012 Softail Slim Harley Davidson sparkling in front of him, a smile escaped his lips as he looked from me to the bike. "How? What?.." He stumbled on his words as he straddled the seat. "It looks like one that I road back in the war.."

"I have a friend at HQ who is really... inspired by you and thought you would like this. I'm friends with the owner of Harley and I made a couple of calls and here we are." I could feel my smile widen as his did. I came to sit behind him on the cycle, "The controls are the same, nothing new on it..."

Steve ran his hands over the handle bars and the body of the bike, blue eyes twinkling, widened smile. I wrapped my arms around his waist, causing him to turn and look back at me with the same expression. "So, Soldier. Are we just gonna sit here and drool over it, or are you going to take me on a ride?" I smiled at him, causing his smile to widen some more if it was possible.

************************************************** ************************************************** *************Two hours after we get back from Steve driving us around NY and are back up in the living room. 9:25 A.M.

"I can't believe it, my own bike.." Steve said as we walked through the doors of the living room.

"I'm glad you like it, I'll make sure to tell my friend." I smiled as I hurriedly ran into the kitchen and grabbed his other gifts and came back. "Now for my gifts. I probably should have done these first to make mine look a little bit better than the Harley..." I played looking at Steve, who was sitting on the couch.

Steve gave me a smile, as I sat on the arm of the couch next to him. "Yes, the bike is nice. But I'm more interested in what you got me, you're the only friend I have Katlyn. S.H.I.E.L.D. could buy me a hundred motorcycles and I would be more fascinated with a piece of paper you've given me." A grin overcame my lips as I leaned over and hugged him.

"Dawh, that was too sweet Steve." I leaned over to my side and picked up the smallest box, and handed it to him. "Have at it."
Steve tore slowly at the blue colored parchment to reveal a custom art set from Italy. Six leather covered sketch pads with 'S.R.' written on the fronts of each, charcoal, pencils, and the works all handcrafted in a brown leather pouch. "You needed a new set, I noticed you're working down to the last pages of you new book.." I said as he smiled up at me.

"You don't even know how much this means to me, thank-" I placed a finger on his lips before he could finish.

"But wait, there's more!" I gave him my best advertiser voice as he chuckled, laying the art supplies to the side as I pulled up the next box. It was the flattest of them all, and wrapped in a sparkly red with white bow. "Dad had this hidden away before the SSR shut down... He would probably slap you across the face with it if he were alive today for making him hunt for you..." I laughed as he tore away at the wrapping.

Inside was his old shield, from before Howard had made the vibranium shield. He eyes opened wide as he took it out of the box, and looked up at me, hand running over every dent, scratch and crevice on the metal. A chuckle escaped his mouth, "You're probably right.. I can't believe he kept this."

"You wouldn't believe the things that man kept," I mumbled as I leaned over the seat for the final time, pulling up a box that probably weighed half my weight. "And last but not least.." I said handing the supremely big, and gingerly wrapped in blue wrapping paper and had two bows wrapping around it, one with red and white stripes. The other was a glittery silver with white stars.

Steve looked at the box as though he hated to unwrap it, "Well, come on Stevie, it won't unwrap itself!" I popped one of the bows off with my pinkie, urging him to remove the paper. He rolled his eyes and went to work, coming to a standstill as he opened the box.

The contents of the box? His older brown service uniform with all his insignias on it that he would wear to meetings and such, (Daddy was a hoarder, what can I say) the old movie him and Bucky went to go see right before the war started, Yankee Doodle Dandy, a complete disk set of world events that happened after the war, a drawing I made back when I was five of him (It made us both laugh as he pulled that one out) and last but not least a note.

It read: Put Yankee Doodle Dandy on, we sit down for a nice movie. Then you go put on your most presentable uniform and we're going to spend the afternoon together. You drive us to Greenacre Park and we'll begin the fun there at four o'clock.~ Kate

Steve looked up at me with the biggest smile, one that beat the motorcycle one, and raised up giving me a bone crushing squeeze. "Thank you, Katlyn. For everything.." I hugged him back as he thanked me and pulled away.

"Now how's about some Yankee Doodle?" I asked picking up the disk with a smile. Today's looking better and better...