Raven isn't as anti social as everyone thinks she is. She actually enjoys going out and having a couple of drinks, going dancing, concerts, especially after having found a way to block her powers connection to her emotions while she is around so many people. But the reason no one knows she likes these things is because she enjoys having a good time and you can't do that as Raven, second in command of the Teen Titans. She would rather go incognito so no one knows she is Raven, but her friends are a dead giveaway, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire can't exactly look like someone else and Robin would never take his mask off, so a fifth person with them would clearly be her.

Rather than hurting their feelings by telling them she wanted to go out, just not with them, she joined a "book club" that met once a week. In reality Raven and her close friend Jinx go out every week. Since Jinx has played both bad and good guy she never really spent social time with any of her accomplices or team mates which meant she could go anywhere with anyone and no one would assume they were a hero or villain.

Raven also had a distinct look, not many people have indigo eyes, purple hair could be quite common, but the eyes were pretty distinct. When Raven would arrive at Jinx's house she would put in contacts changing her eyes from her deep indigo to an emerald green, she would use her powers to alter the way people perceived her appearance, her hair appeared black with purple streaks reaching to the middle of her back, her skin now had a pink hue and her chakra was concealed. Then it was always just a matter of picking an outfit and introducing herself to anyone she met as Rachel Roth. Jinx and 'Rachel' had had arrangement for over a year; they had even run into a few of their friends when they would go out and as long as 'Rachel' kept her distance no one noticed that she was actually Raven.

On this particular night Raven decided they were going dancing, she knew the team would be out at a karaoke night and then ice skating and she wanted to make sure not to run into them. It had been a long day at the tower, it seemed that there was no one who could escape Robin's anger and brooding over yet again not catching Red X. She put on her favorite pair of stiletto boots, a black corset with a see through turtleneck top, and a black skirt reaching mid calf with a slit reaching mid thigh. Of course she could never forget a piece of special jewelry. She had three pieces made, a ring, a bracelet, and a necklace. Who says you can't accessorize accordingly while still being practical. She looked at her outfit again and decided that tonight was a bracelet night. She placed an onyx cuff with very intricate designs on her wrist, she felt it the instant her power was blocked, the natural hum she felt around her as an empath died out. At first this was always an unsettling feeling but after a few moments she got used to it again.

She had discovered the process of separating her emotions the way she discovered everything, through deep meditations. After so many instances of her emotions creating problems with her power she had devoted her thoughts and meditations to finding a way to control them without creating a built up pressure from them. She found no real answer to her problem besides sitting in meditation. That is when she got the idea. She tested many different mineral and metals to find which would be best and found that Onyx was the one the most responded to her. So she set to the task of creating a vessel that could hold her meditation. She made each piece of jewelry herself by hand, the process took her almost a full year, she had to be slow and work it properly, meditating through each step so that the onyx could absorb the meditation and resonate it back. To give the items even more power she carved individual spells into the jewelry, by looking at them one might think they were simply designs but Raven could see each word, each request to separate power and emotion. After it was done she tested it on her team, interacting with them while wearing one of the items, it was clear immediately that it worked. Her initial thought was that perhaps she should wear them all the time to make sure no one suffered from a loss of control. But the first time she went into battle wearing the jewelry she knew it was a mistake. She could still use most of her powers but being separated from her emotion she lost most of the strength in her own magic, and lost the ability to read and predict the opponent all together. It was an interesting lesson to learn, she actually needed her emotions. After a trip to Nevermore she decided that she would use the jewelry as a way to explore the social world. Now almost a year later she was still exploring, and enjoying every moment.

They had been at the club an hour Jinx was on the dance floor as always having the time of her life, Raven was laughing as she walked to the bar for a bottle of water, she looked back and watched her friend for a moment smiling at the amount of fun she was having. She turned back to the bar and saw a martini sitting in front of her not a bottle of water.

"Hey Charlie you gave me someone else's drink!" she shouted to the girl behind the counter.

"No doll that's your drink. Gentleman down at the end there sent it over special delivery."

Raven looked down at the drink again then glanced to the end of the bar where Charlie was pointing, there she found a good looking man, probably 22 maybe 23, tall, black hair with blonde highlights. He raised his drink to her and smiled again. Raven grabbed the martini and made her way over to him.

"I'm really more of a jack and coke kind of girl," She said with a seductive smile as she set the martini down next to him. "But this was definitely a better choice."

"Only the best for such a beautiful creature." His voice oozed with pride at his success.

"Yea.. I bet you're a pretty special creature too." Raven brought her hand up to run down his arm. "Here's the thing though. I don't like being drugged."

The man looked up at her with shock written across his face. His eyes had widened and his mouth sat agape.

"Yea, the white powder and little white chunks are a clear giveaway that you're a creep trying to drug me so you can take advantage."

He just stared up at her completely shocked that he had been caught and that this conversation was happening at all. Raven smiled at him then turned to the bar and grabbed the martini.

"Charlie! Hey hon, did this creep happen to pay for his drinks with a credit card?"

"Uh yea, did you guys need something else added to the bill?"

"Nope, but you're going to need to call the cops and pull his receipt, also will you set this aside for them they are going to want to run a drug screen on it. Mr. Good Time here is going to have to explain why he's dropping pills in drinks he sends to the women in here." Raven said without glancing at the man who had sent the drink.

"Ronnie! I need you to take this guy right here to the back and keep a hold of him. Don't let him out of your sight. I gotta get the cops down here, I'll explain later." Charlie shouted to the bouncer as he took the man away. She reached under the counter and pulled out a plastic cup with a lid and zip lock bag; she poured the drink into the cup and placed the martini glass into the bag. "Rach I'm so sorry about that I had no clue he put something in the drink. I'll get the cops down here immediately."

"No problem Charlie. But you owe me one." Raven said as she reached over the counter and grabbed a bottle of water smiling at Charlie. Charlie laughed as she called over a replacement and walked to the back office.

"So, police academy or med school?" asked the man sitting next to Raven.

"What?" she replied a little surprised she hadn't noticed he was sitting there before.

"Well that was quite impressive, you saw the trap immediately and you acted on it, in a very calm and practiced manner. My guess is either you're training to be a cop so you have learned what to expect and how to handle these situations or you're a med student so you realized right away that something was wrong with your drink. And it's been my experience that most med students are pretty cocky so that would explain thinking you could go into any situation and come out without a problem,"

Raven couldn't help but to laugh out loud. "Well I think if I was a med a student I should be quite offended right now." She looked at him, he had dirty blonde hair with some brown mixed in, stood probably about 5'10" maybe 5'11", nice body he clearly took care of himself, and he had beautiful ice blue eyes.

He smiled at her. "So I take it that means you aren't a med student. So a mini cop then?"

"Not quite, I'm an English major actually."

"Well aren't you full of surprises, so how does a bookworm know how to handle herself so well?" He turned in his stool now completely facing her; Raven could see that he was taking her in for the first time, really looking at the person in front of him.

"A bookworm huh? That's a bit of an assumption don't you think?"

"Come on you are an openly admitted English major, isn't it a requirement that you be a bookworm?" he laughed.

She stared at him a moment but couldn't help the laugh that escaped her lips he had a gorgeous smile. "I guess you have a point. It's pretty easy to figure out how to handle a situation if you just think it through. I didn't do anything special."

He looked at her, a look went across his face, and he was clearly thinking something through. For the first time Raven wished she had left the jewelry at home so she could understand what the look meant. He straightened up and reached a hand out to her.

"Eric Larson."

"Rachel Roth." Raven reached out and shook his hand, something inside of her stirred at the touch.

"Well Rachel any chance I can convince you to dance with me?" he smiled at her, a mischievous smile that told her two things, he was going to be a lot of fun, and that smile was going to cause her a lot of trouble.