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Hello everyone, sorry for the excruciatingly long wait, but I had tremendous writer's block and I was just so busy with a ton of stuff, like the One Act Play Festival at my school and just alot of stuff. Anyway, here is the next chapter which I hope you enjoy and it takes place in Aslan's country. The Green witch is a character from the books, and is not mine

Lily sighed in relief as her uncle and aunts told them everything of what happened and how they'd helped Harry through the dungeon...how he stopped Quirrell from getting the stone. She smiled softly, as the palace was filled with laughter as everyone rejoiced. The redheaded witch stood, and went to the balcony to get some fresh air. She was so proud of Harry, and how strong, brave and courageous he was. She only wished she and James could've been there for him...she furrowed her brow as a green vapor slowly began to emerge. Immediately she turned to go back inside, when she came face to face with the Emerald Witch in all her glory.

" Well, well, well...if it isn't Princess Lily of Narnia such a pleasure to make your aqaintance...again." Said the Emerald Witch making Lily furrow her brows.

" What're you talking about?" She asked, she only knew who the Emerald Witch was because of her fathers' tales...she'd never actually met her..or had she?

" Well, dearie considering your son murdered my grandson I suppose its only fitting." Said the Emerald Witch with a smirk, as Lily's eyes widened. " You're Voldemort's grandmother?"

" Indeed I am, I do believe it was after your father's cousin helped slay me along with that silly girl and silly prince...I found a way though. My people could withstand death...but I knew Aslan would come for me..so I needed an heir. I'd heard of Salazar Slythering, and his work against you...what was that word again mudbloods?" Said the Emerald Witch, giving a small chuckle as Lily clenched her hands tightly into fists and glared at her.

"I found one of his last remaining descendants and I...coerced him to give me what I wanted..my first son Morfin well...that one was a waist..my daughter though Merope. Now she was one I could manipulate...I watched from the shadows as my husband broke her down and crushed her pathetic spirits." Lily grew sick at those words wondering what kind of mother would ever want something like that to happen to their child.

" Well...you know the rest...my Grandson was feared...if only Jadis hadn't gotten in my way and gotten him killed by your son."

" And why did you want Voldemort to succeed?" Asked Lily, gasping as the Emerald Witch wrapped a cold hand around her throat and leaned in a few inches from her face.

" Because dear princess, I want your family dead...who do you think let The White Witch out from her imprisonment below Narnia? I knew she'd never be able to resist killing that pathetic boy Eustace, and the rest of your family...unfortunately she missed a few of you bloody Pevensies. She managed to kill the Queen...your father on the other hand? He lived, I tried to kill you once and that didn't work. My grandson tried to kill your son...and that didn't work either, so now I'm going to make absolutely sure that your filthy mudblood line ends now that Jadis is gone for good."


Lily gasped and looked around the balcony and saw nothing there but the horizon, she looked back at James who was looking at her in concern.

" Are you alright?" He asked, immediately going over to her and seeing how distressed she was. He wrapped his arms around her, as she held on tightly wondering if that was a hallucination..or something more.

Lucius Malfoy sat behind his desk and took a sip of his tea. The fireplace roaring as it lit up the place, whilst he sat on the black leather chair. The clock rang midnight, and yet he wasn't feeling tired...that didn't bother him though he was used to havin restless nights like tonight. Nights when sleep wouldn't come no matter how hard he tried to rest his eyes. Sometimes he envied Draco and Narcissa for the ability to not have a care in the world and sleep. Still he was a Malfoy..and Malfoys were-

He was drawn from his thoughts by a black book falling from one of the bookshelves. He sighed, and rolled his eyes wondering why that blasted house elf Dobby couldn't do anything right. A green vapor filled the room slowly behind him, and Lucius felt as if his body was moving all on its own. He stood up, and got the book which was nothing but a black book with empty pages.

The Emerald witch smiled as she'd taken over Lucius Malfoy's body...she was only going to borrow it for a few hours, she knew that Lucius Malfoy had a longstanding rivalry with Arthur Weasley, the father of Harry Potter's best friend...she knew this book was Voldemort's diary and horcrux...she knew that Lucius was one of his loyalest followers and had been entrusted with it. So why not just drop this off with a Weasley...any of them would do.

This would harm Harry..maybe even kill him, she hoped...discredit Arthur and put Malfoy in a good light as a reward of sorts for his loyalty.

Yes...everything would come together