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A.N. I usually write for the Supernatural community. However, I decided to have a change on this occasion, hence my first attempt at a short "Angel" story. I hope I have managed to do the characters justice. Also, I apologise for publishing this first chapter here, but it would appear that the dedicated "Angel" site has not been active for a couple of years.



"Angel? I'm sorry, I've no wish to disturb, but we, that is Cordelia and I...We thought you ought to know, there's a client heading this way."

Angel gave a very human sigh. He liked Wesley, the self proclaimed Rogue Demon Hunter, he really did. Despite his short comings, the man always tried his best, even if his best often resulted in chaos for those around him. Angel could see that, given the opportunity, Wesley actually had a great deal of promise. And Cordelia? Who was more human than Cordelia? Feisty, funny, passionate and totally unpredictable; she had accepted the visions left to her by Doyle as being just another one of those things in her crazy life, despite the pain that came with them. Cordelia kept him grounded and, although he wouldn't say so to her face, the way she accepted her lot? Rolled with whatever life threw at her? In Angel's opinion, Cordelia was a true hero. So, yeah, he enjoyed having them around, mostly. It was just, well, they both had this insidious way of eating into his brooding right now.

Angel sat himself up from where he had been laying, hands behind his head, on his bed.
"Great. So...Can't you or Cordy do the meet and greet, find out what they need?"
Wesley cleared his throat.
"Not really. When I said a client was heading this way, what I meant was that there's a young woman who appears to be running for her life. She's due to run right past, unless someone is there to intercept her. Cordelia has had one of her vision things, she sent me to get you. Whatever is wrong, this young woman clearly needs our help."

To all intents and purposes, the streets in the area were deserted. Angel lifted his head slightly and closed his eyes momentarily before turning to look at Wesley.
"She's coming and she's exhausted. There's something behind her, catching up."
"What is it? "
Angel shook his head as he began striding in the direction his vampiric senses told him the woman was going to appear from.
"Not sure. It smells kinda familiar though. Just be ready to get the girl inside."

Angel drew a sword out from under his coat. Neither a long sword nor a normal length single handed sword, his chosen weapon was commonly referred to as a bastard sword, but Angel handled it as though it were no more than a lightweight fencing foil. He quickly stepped into the dark shadows in the lea of a wall and readied himself. No sooner was he hidden from view, then the terrified young woman came running around the corner. She slewed to a stop, looking left then right, before forcing herself to run again, heading straight toward Wesley. Wesley saw the tears streaming down the young woman's face, saw her stagger as she finally spotted him.
" me!"
Wesley hurried to the woman's side, snaking an arm around her waist to support her.
"Quickly, this way."
Without any hesitation the woman allowed herself to be lead by Wesley, stumbling alongside him as he ushered her off the street.

As the frantic young woman passed him and ran on toward Wesley, Angel had stepped out of the shadows, sword at the ready, and planted himself on the sidewalk ready to face whoever, or whatever, appeared from around the corner in pursuit of the girl.


A.N. Given that this is a Buffyverse site, I will only continue this Angelverse story if reviewers think I should. Please let me know?

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