Kicking Ass

- 11 -

Wesley's training as a Watcher had taught him how to channel certain magic's through his own body. The spell he was currently building also required the caster to have line of sight, in order to be able to clearly identify the spell's target. At the same moment that Angel roared, Wesley stood up from behind the desk, continuing to read as he neared the conclusion of the complicated incantation. He witnessed the moment at which Angel and the Chimera clashed with an audible thud, and he stumbled a little over a couple of words, needing to repeat them.

Wesley stared, trying to make sense of the blurred mass that was the vampire and the Chimera engaged in deadly close combat. Their bodies and limbs too entangled, and moving with such speed, that it seemed impossible to Wesley that he would be able to safely ensure he directed the spell effect at the right target. There was no alternative, he had to move in closer.

Steeling himself, his heart pounding like a kettle drum in his chest, Wesley stepped out from the miserly cover afforded to him by the desk and wooden trunk, placing himself in full view of the two combatants.

The Chimera had Angel's sword arm gripped between it's teeth and it was shaking the vampire like a rag doll, trying both to force Angel to drop his sword and to tear the arm from it's socket. Blood ran through the creatures teeth, splattering the floor in an arc. Angel himself was furiously hitting the edge of his machete again and again against the Chimera's neck, but seemingly causing little in the way of damage. In the middle of the struggle, the Chimera spotted Wesley.

Lifting Angel up off the floor, the beast gave one, even more violent, shake of it's head and at the same time released it's hold on the vampire's arm, sending Angel sailing through the air. Angel's back crashed forcefully against the wall, making him cry out as he then fell to the floor in an ungainly heap. The Chimera turned the full force of it's gaze on to Wesley, Angel's blood still staining it's fangs.

Now terrified beyond belief, Wesley never-the-less continued his task; although his voice did jolt up an octave or two, and he desperately increased the pace of his incanting as much as he dare whilst still trying to make certain he pronounced the ancient words correctly. He backed slowly away from the snarling beast even though he knew, deep down, that his retreat was close to pointless. As if to reinforce Wesley's insight, the Chimera again hunched down on it's forelegs, intent on lunging at and finishing this human irritation.

It was a race, pitching the speed at which the Chimera could reach Wesley, and the rate at which Wesley could complete the ancient spell. Wesley saw all four of the Chimera's feet leave the ground as it launched itself toward him. He cast his eyes down to the page of his book, only a few more lines. He franticly increased the rate at which he formed the words, his only hope being that he could spit out the last word before his head was ripped from his shoulders.
"Wesley! Get on with it!"
Wesley's head shot up at the sound of Angel's command. To his amazement he saw what he could only think of as his friend desperately, and literally, holding a lion by it's tail.

Angel dumped the useless machete and, despite his injuries, his hand now encircled the snake tail's body in a death grip. Feet planted as solidly as he was able, Angel's body was leant back at almost 45 degrees to the floor. His adrenaline fuelled grab at the Chimera's tail had jerked the creature to a halt in mid leap, and Angel was now putting virtually everything he had into stopping the creature from reaching Wesley. The Chimera did the only thing it could, in a snarling blur of motion it twisted it's body round, intent on finishing Angel.

With a clear target, Wesley stretched out one hand and above the creatures enraged roaring he shouted out the final words of the spell, channelling the power from within himself forcefully towards the Chimera.
"...ego to order vos MUTO!"

At that same time, the Chimera reared up onto it's hind legs, dwarfing Wesley, and threw back it's huge head as it's roars turned to howls of anguish and pain. The gigantic creature began to collapse and topple sideways to the floor, it's howls bizarrely being interspersed with the sounds of a goat's distressed bleating. As the Chimera crashed onto it's side, Wesley saw light glint off the handle of a sword, it's blade buried deep into the Chimera's chest. He stood panting and staring in a mixture of horror and fascination as the outline of the Chimera began to twist and warp, it's great size shrinking and morphing; until the thing now finally laying dead in the middle of the room was, in external appearance anyway, the corpse of a goat.


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