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- 13 -

Wesley felt torn between his wish to go down to the sewers to find the two women and get them back safely to the apartment, and his concern for Angel's wellbeing. The decision was made for him when he heard Angel groan in distress from the bedroom. He mentally apologised to Cordelia and Maria, but they would have to wait or return of their own accord. Caring for Angel had just become his priority.

On the bed Angel's head tossed from side to side and he was murmuring incomprehensibly to himself. He appeared to Wesley to be only half conscious. The vampire flinched as Wesley pressed a cool, damp cloth onto his forehead, his eyes fluttered open briefly, but Wesley doubted that Angel had realised that he was there beside him. Pulling back the blanket, Wesley was relieved to see that the wounds across Angel's chest and abdomen had stopped bleeding. He felt fairly confident that the deep gashes would begin to heal comparatively quickly. What worried him more was the snake venom. Wesley had no idea how the venom might effect Angel. He decided that he needed to do some research once he had Angel cleaned up and settled as comfortably as possible. Angel hissed occasionally whilst Wesley worked at cleaning the blood away from the wounds as gently as he was able. At one point, Angel grabbed hold of Wesley's forearm, squeezing it painfully. Wesley maintained a stream of quiet reassurance as he worked, and Angel appeared to respond, becoming stiller and more calm as Wesley spoke. Once the blood was cleaned away, Wesley could clearly see the track marks which blossomed from the punctured skin where the snake had bitten Angel. Most of them were tracking down Angel's arm, but a couple trailed across his chest. Wesley stared at them, pondering. It wasn't as though the venom could stop Angel's heart if it travelled in that direction, it didn't beat anyway.

Wesley gave up attempting to second guess what long term, or even fatal, damage the venom might or might not cause and, instead, turned his attention to the dislocated shoulder. He decided that it might not be the wisest course of action to try to force the shoulder of an unconscious, unforwarned, vampire back into it's rightful place.

Having got no response, Wesley was obliged to pat the cheek of the sleeping vampire. Unfortunately nerves got the better of him and, as a result, he was too gentle, the vampire continued to stubbornly refuse to wake. Wesley drew a deep breath, then tried again, a good deal harder this time. Accompanied by a low growl, Angel's dark eyes blinked open and settled on Wesley. Wesley stammered a little.
"Er..Angel? It's...it's me, Wesley. Can you hear me?"
Much to Wesley's relief, the look in Angel's eyes softened and he nodded.
"Good! That's good. Angel, you have a dislocated shoulder. I'm going to try to put it back. Do you understand?"
"It's...probably going to hurt...a bit. Alright?"
Angel closed his eyes and nodded again.
"Alright. Go ahead."
Angel's cry was almost loud enough to wake the dead.

Cordelia drew to a halt and turned to check that Maria was still behind her. When the maglight finally died on them, at Maria's suggestion Cordelia had discovered that her cell could also function as a torch. By it's pale light she could see that Maria was terrified. Cordelia gave her a reassuring smile.
"Why don't you hang back, let me go in first and check the coast is clear? You can stay close enough to see me and, if I start shooting bolts like a loon, run. Ok?"
Maria shook her head and moved closer to Cordelia.
"No way. I'm not a fighter like you, but I'm not gonna stand back and let you face that thing alone if it's still in there. I can at least call it some nasty names!"
Cordelia was genuinely both surprised and impressed.
"Ok then, on three..."

The women silently and carefully made their way back to the area which was used as an office base, and drew up short when they saw the devastation that had clearly been caused during a fight. They both spotted the body of the goat at the same time, looking at it, then to each other. Maria looked somewhat confused.
"Is that the thing? Or has it been sacrificed?"
Cordelia stepped closer and spotted the sword still buried deep into the corpse.
"No...we don't normally sacrifice animals and, see? That's one of our swords. I don't know how come it's a goat, but that has to be the dead Chimera."
"So, if it is, then were are Angel and Wesley?"

At that moment, they both froze and the blood curdling shout of pain coming from the direction of the bedroom. Cordelia set off toward the sound.
"That's Angel."
The pair got to Angel's room in time to see Wesley pulling the blanket back over the vampire. Wesley turned quickly at the sound of their footsteps.
"Cordelia! Maria. I tried ringing you but I don't think you could hear me. I'm glad you're both safe."
Cordelia grinned,
"Same here. How's Angel?"
A pained voice from the bed answered.
"I'll be ok...need to rest, need to let the poison leave my system, and really need someone to rescue me and take over from Nurse Wesley here. Oh, one more thing...did anyone else notice a dead goat on the floor in the office?"


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