For Avalonemyst

- 2 -

Cordelia was already stood holding the door open when Wesley and the girl appeared. She beckoned at them to get a move on.
"Come on. Hurry, inside."
By this point the stranger was leaning heavily on Wesley, gasping for breath and clearly at the end of her strength. Cordelia added her support and together she and Wesley quickly guided the panic stricken young woman down into Angel's inner sanctum.

Angel's expression remained impassive as an impressively large and completely naked, but very human looking, man rounded the corner, grinding to a halt when saw Angel blocking his path.
"Kinda in a hurry there friend. Also, the night air a little chilly for you?"

The man cocked his head to one side and took a couple more steps toward Angel. As he did so, the glow of a street light bounced and reflected off his eyes, just as it would a cat's. Hearing a low rumble start deep in the man's throat, Angel gazed at the man thoughtfully, at the same time carefully moving himself into a fighting stance.
"Here kitty, kitty?"

Holding both arms out from his sides, the man flexed his fingers and thumbs. Angel watched as the man's nails grew and transformed into very long and extremely sharp looking claws.

Angel's mutter seemed to act like a starting gun, and the speed at which the creature ran at him took Angel by surprise. As he gathered himself, the thing suddenly leaped high into the air, swooping clear over the vampire's head. Angel span around in time to see the creature land softly and immediately pick up running again. Swift and graceful the creature cornered at 90 degrees and entered a darkened alley, one which Angel knew to be a dead end. Himself moving faster than it was possible for any human to match, Angel followed.

Despite his own speed, as Angel raced into the alley, he knew without a doubt that the creature had gone. Angel stood and contemplated the twenty five foot high wall which blocked the bottom of the alley. The creature had to have either jumped or climbed in order to get away. Either way, it was an impressive feat.

Sheathing his sword, the vampire turned and headed back home to join the others, curious to find out just what was so interesting about the young woman the creature was hunting.


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