Marks out of Ten

"Brigadier!" As the Doctor strode into the Brigadier's office without knocking, he held out the piece of foolscap paper he had discovered in Jo Grant's desk drawer. "Sergeant Benton, you're here too, splendid."

The Sergeant had turned toward the door when it opened, leaving the Brigadier holding out a folder for him to take. As the Brigadier snapped "Benton!" he hurriedly turned back to take the file from the senior officer, before both of them looked at the Doctor.

"Well, Doctor, what is it?" The Brigadier sounded impatient, and the Doctor guessed that the paperwork associated with blowing up Global Chemicals, and disposing of a nest of giant maggots, was probably starting to take its toll.

"I thought you ought to see this." The Doctor placed the sheet of paper on the desk, turning it so that both the Brigadier and Benton could read it. "I found it in Miss Grant's desk – she asked me to send her personal things on to her and – well, as you can see, it appears to be a complete list of the UNIT personnel based here." He scratched an ear in puzzlement and pointed at the sheet. "There's also some sort of code against each name – ticks, crosses, numbers…"

Warming to his theme, he jabbed his finger down on Benton's name, "Look here – a tick with a 'five' next to it, then another tick with a 'six'; Corporal Palmer has one tick, with a 'five'; Captain Yates has a lot of ticks which all seem to be 'sevens' and 'eights'. While you, Brigadier, have one tick, a 'ten', three exclamation marks and a smiley face next to your name." He scratched his ear again. "I can't make head or tail of it, I'm afraid. Any ideas?"