Chapter one:

"Sennai, can we go pick flowers while we wait for Lord Sesshomaru to pick me up?" The small child tugged at the sleeve of her temporary guardian, a huge smile plastered across her face. Sesshomaru had often left her with the human women of different villages for her own safety during his more dangerous missions. A thing she had been more or less used to over the past year or so. This time was different however; she finally got a younger girl to watch over instead of the usual older ones. Who of course, expected her to be nothing but on her utmost best behavior. Sennai enjoyed everything that had to do with Rin; she was like her own little ball of sunshine. Whatever Rin wanted to do, they would do; and Sennai never scolded her when she got into trouble. It was easy to say they had quickly become best friends in Rin's eyes.

"Rin, don't run off to far!" Sennai laughed softly at the small girl as she ran around in circles, kicking up all the flower petals in her way. It was as if Rin had a never ending happiness in her heart, you couldn't help but smile at everything she did.

"I picked this one for you, Onee-san!" Her small brown eyes sparkled as she waved a small pink blossom around.

"That's probably the most beautiful flower I've ever seen, Rin. I'll be sure to treasure it forever." Sennai crouched down to Rin and took the flower from her. Rin pushed back Sennai's light brown hair, tucking the flower neatly behind her ear. She smiled brightly before wrapping her arms around the woman's neck.

"Promise you won't forget about me when I leave?"

"Of course not, silly!" Sennai pulled away from the hug and tapped a finger to her nose. "How could anyone forget about someone as wonderful as you?"

"You really mean it?"

"I would never lie to you, Rin." She patted the girls head with a reassuring smile. She didn't get the response she thought she would though. Instead Rin's eyes began to flood with tears. Sennai put a hand to her cheek and rubbed off some of the tears with her thumb. "What's wrong? I thought we were having so much fun?"

"We are, I'm just afraid..." Her voice trailed off with a sniffle or two.

"Afraid of what?"

"What if I never get to see you again?" Seeing the small girl cry broke Sennai's heart, she didn't know what to say to make the tears stop either. Rin was probably right; they may not ever see each other again. The thought made her heart ache as well.

"Don't say that, of course we will see each other again!" She lied, but what else was she supposed to do?

"You promise?" Rin wiped the tears away with the back of her arm and tried her best to bring forth her usual smile.

"I promise, now let's get your things. Lord Sesshomaru will be here soon to get you." Rin nodded and grabbed the young woman's hand. She had only been in the village for a few days and already seemed so attached to Sennai.

The young woman lived alone in a small house at the far end of the village. The villagers avoided all contact with the pair; they wanted nothing to do with a child that hung around with a demon. That didn't bother Sennai though; the child caught her heart the moment they met.

"Onee-san, I'm finished packing." Rin drug the bag across the wood planks on Sennai's small porch before sitting down by her side.

"Did you make sure to get everything?" She laughed at the child's laziness as her small figure flopped down against the porch.

"Your clothes and your dolls?"

"Yep!" Rin rested her head in the woman's small lap.

"And what about the flowers you picked for Lord Sesshomaru?"

"Right here!" She held them up, waving them proudly in the air. "Do you think he will like them?"

"Of course he will, Rin. I'm sure you could get him a rock and he would still love it; just because you were the one who gave it to him."

"Oh no, you think he would like a rock better?" She sat up quickly, a small look of distress in her eyes. Sennai couldn't help but laugh at the girl for being so cute, and so naïve.

"Even if I gave him a bug?"

"Don't be silly, Rin!" Sennai grabbed at the child's small ribs and she let out a small shriek. She tried to wiggle away from Sennai but the woman had her pinned; an arm in each hand. After she was sure Rin had enough, she placed a small kiss on the girls forehead and let her go.

"Do you think Lord Sesshomaru will be here soon?" Rin let out a heavy sigh as her attention turned towards the descending sun.

"I'm sure he will, don't worry."

"Can you tell me another story while we wait?"

"Another story?" Sennai huffed jokingly at the small child.

"Please, please, please!" How could anyone say no to that face? Rin's eyes were like two sparkling gems that yearned for any answer other than no.

"Okay, fine; which one do you want to hear?"

"The one with the princess and the demon frog!"

"That one again?" It seemed to be Rin's favorite, Sennai had told it to her many times in the past couple days.

"No, wait; the one with the demon princess that lived in the ocean!"

"Okay" Sennai smiled and cleared her throat as the big brown gems stared at her attentively. "Once upon a time there was young demon princess who lived at the bottom of the deepest ocean. She had long flowing red hair, big beautiful blue eyes, and a long scaly tail. She lived with her father and her many sisters in the most beautiful castle. One day the demon princess was out exploring with her friends and came across a sinking boat with humans on it! Even though the princess' father told her to stay away from them, she couldn't help herself…"

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Sennai's story was cut short by Rin's loud screams of joy. She ran of the porch and hurried to the man's side. Sennai followed attentively behind her, carrying the bag that she had left on the porch. "Lord Sesshomaru, Sennai picked flowers with me and these are for you!" She bounced up and down at his feet as he took the flowers from her. He didn't seem happy about the flowers, or about seeing her. His face was blank, emotionless, and expressionless. She was talking a hundred miles an hour and he would just nod occasionally and pat her head.

"Don't forget your bag, Rin." Sennai handed her the bag, but instead of taking it Rin wrapped her arms around the woman's small waist and buried her face into her stomach. Sesshomaru instead took the bag from her, holding it with the flowers Rin had picked for him. Even though he would never let it show, he loved that she was so happy to do little things for him; like picking flowers. She was always the bright light of his day, no matter how he felt inside, he was always happy when she was happy.

"Lord Sesshomaru, can Sennai come with us?" She let go of the woman and went back to bouncing up and down at Sesshomaru's feet. Normally he would not refuse a request from Rin, but the last thing he needed around his castle was another human; especially one as unappealing and useless as her.

"Her place is here, Rin, not with us." Sennai already knew what the answer would be, but she stilled hoped that she would be able to spend more time with Rin.

"But Lord Sesshomaru, I promise she won't get in your way!" Rin whined and pouted her lip out at him. He gave her an utterly unamused expression, even though she was a child, he didn't need her acting like one in situations like these.

"He's right, Rin." Sennai knelt down to be at Rin's eye level, she put a hand on each of her shoulders and sighed. "I can't go with you, but I will always be here when you need someone to look after you again." Sennai smiled, trying to avoid the fact that she probably wouldn't see Rin again. It ate at her heart, but she could never let Rin know that she was upset. She couldn't stand to see the poor girl cry again.

"But I want you to come with us Onee-san…"

"I'm sorry" Sennai took a deep breath and stood back up. No matter how much Rin begged and pleaded it would not change how this would work out. Sesshomaru's mind was made up and Sennai knew better to start with.

"Lord Sesshomaru..." She looked back up at him, her lower lip sticking out in a last ditch effort to change his mind. He was not one to be swayed so easily, her adorable looks didn't work on him. Rin knew it was useless, but wanted to try anyway.

"No, Rin, now let's go." Sesshomaru turned around and began to walk off. Rin gave Sennai one last hug with tear filled eyes before following behind him. Sennai just waved at her, feeling as if a part of her left with the small child.

The walk back with Rin and Lord Sesshomaru was quiet. She usually talked endlessly; all about her stays in the villages, good or bad. That was what normally got them through the long trips home. This time she didn't say anything, the only time she told Lord Sesshomaru anything was when she gave him the flowers. He knew that she was unhappy about leaving the human woman, but not enough to silence her. He didn't like to see her upset and usually did whatever he could to make her feel better again. There was nothing he could really do this time, the human was not coming with them and that was final, even if he did have to deal with her silence. She wasn't angry at Lord Sesshomaru though; she understood and knew that he didn't like humans. She was the only human that would ever hold a place in his heart.

When they made it back to the castle, Rin went straight to her room, followed by several maids of course. Sesshomaru always made sure that someone was keeping an eye on her, even when he couldn't. Jaken tried to ask her what was wrong but she wouldn't talk to him. Lord Sesshomaru wouldn't answer him either. He just simply handed Jaken the flowers and told him to get a vase. Instructing him specifically where they were to be put so that Rin knew he liked them. Sesshomaru decided he needed to go have a talk with her before the situation escalated unnecessarily. Although he didn't like when she acted so foolish over little things, he knew it couldn't be helped; she was only a child after all.

After signaling his maids to leave the room, he slid the door shut behind them. Rin was putting the dolls she took with her away on the shelf. Sesshomaru made sure that she had plenty of toys so that when he was away she would never be bored. He sat down on her small bed and relaxed against the window. Rin knew that he wanted to talk to her; he only came into her room when it was important. Usually if she wanted anything she had to come to him. She was the only one he allowed to barge into his office unannounced.

"Rin..." He decided to start the conversation when she continued to ignore that he was there. She looked up at him and sat down in the middle of her floor, staring up at him with a saddened expression. "Is it really troubling you this much that the human girl is not with us?"

"I've never had someone like her to play with before. When you leave I'm always so alone…" It killed him to know that she felt this way, especially after everything he does to make sure that she is happy.

"You have Jaken, and the maids. Why don't you play with them?"

"Master Jaken never wants to play with me; he tells me I'm too childish, and the maids are all too afraid of you to do anything other than clean and watch over me." He was planning to scold them all later for upsetting poor Rin.

"Would it really make you feel that much better to have someone else here to play with?" She just twiddled her fingers and nodded. Sesshomaru took a deep breath; surely there was someone in the castle that he could 'convince' to play with Rin.

"But it can't be just anybody…"

"You have specifics?"

"Well, she has to be kind, and she has to like playing with me, and she has to like flowers! Just like Sennai…" Sesshomaru's nose cringed at the thought of having that human in his castle. She was making this way more difficult than it needed to be.

"Surely there is someone amongst your maids that meets those qualifications, Rin."

"Why can't it be Sennai?" So many reasons flowed through his head, but none of them would make a difference to Rin. Her mind was set and if it was going to be anybody, it had to be her.

"Rin…" He took his index finger and thumb and grabbed at the bridge of his nose.

"Please, Lord Sesshomaru…" Without giving her any real answer he removed himself from her room. He knew that useless human was the only thing that would make her feel better. All he ever wanted to do was make her happy. Maybe he could allow it this once, just to see her smile again, like she did with that human. It was a decision that he wasn't planning on taking lightly.

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