Chapter Two:

He stood in the doorway of her room, watching as the small child slept the morning away. Rin looked so peaceful while she slept, and she always had a smile across her face. Sesshomaru wanted to make sure she wasn't still upset from yesterday, although how could she be with such a delicate smile across her face? He thought about waking her immediately to inform her of the good news, but he couldn't bring himself to wake her. It would have to wait until she woke on her own. Either way, he wanted to be with her, to see her face when he broke the good news. So he waited, and watched, peeking in from time to time.

Sennai was awoken early in the morning by a strange visitor in her house. She of course knew exactly who it was and why he had come, but never understood what made him change his mind. She didn't have to be asked twice though; her mind had been made up long before. Sesshomaru made sure that she packed nothing; he didn't want the smell of human to taint his entire castle. She was bad enough as it was, but after a few good baths and some clean clothes he knew that would change. Sennai was reluctant at first to leave all her things behind, but knew she wouldn't really need them anyway. It wasn't like she was leaving behind any sort of life, no family, not any friends. So it was like Sesshomaru was doing this for her benefit as well; not that he would ever see it that way.

Sesshomaru went over all the rules and regulations that she had to abide by if she was going to be staying with them. First, she had to stay away from him, far away from him. Only if it was a life and death situation was she supposed to ever bother him, and he made sure to point out that Sennai's life was not important; nor would it ever be important enough to bother him. Secondly; her only duty was to Rin. Whatever Rin wanted she had to get, whatever Rin wanted to do, they would do. More importantly that Rin was her responsibility; if anything happened to Rin, it would be Sennai's fault, and she would be dealt with accordingly. There were more rules, but they were more like chores. The maids that Sesshomaru had around his castle were to, in no way take care of Sennai. If she needed help with something, they could assist her, but she was not allowed to take advantage of them.

Sennai was given a small room across the hallway from Rin, so that she could be there quickly if need be. The room was actually fairly nice, though it didn't have many furnishings, it was still better than where she had lived before. There was also a small door next to the bookshelf that led to another room. Inside the room was a large tub, already filled with steaming water and lovely scented oils. This was a luxury that she never had back home. Sesshomaru had told her the first thing she needed to do was to take a bath and get rid of her clothes. She assumed that he had the maids fill the tub and lay out extra clothes for just that. Even though he was insulting her for the way that she smelled, she couldn't be angry with him. It's not like she could even remember the last time she took a nice bath.

The water was the perfect temperature, hot enough to relax the muscles, but not enough to burn the skin. Sennai never even realized how dirty she actually was, it was as if she took off an entire lair of her body just by scrubbing. Her job back in the village was picking herbs and vegetables for the priestess who took care of the sick. So it wasn't really surprising she was so dirty. There was no sense staying in the water longer than she had to either, no matter how comfortable she was. She was way too excited to see Rin; and once she finished what Sesshomaru had told her to do, she could. The clothing that was laid out for her was nothing too extravagant, but was still better than the clothes she had. It was a light pink, silk kimono that came down to her mid thigh and a pair of tan sandals. The pattern on it was a few gold butterflies that came up the left side from the bottom, the ribbon used to tie it around her waist matched in color. It was probably the most beautiful thing Sennai had ever put on her body, the only problem was the sleeves were way too long for her short arms. It didn't really bother her too much though; at least at that length they would keep her hands warm.

After her bath she was ready to see Rin, but Sesshomaru said he would come get her when she was allowed to, and that she was to stay in her room until then. The anticipation was starting to eat at her, how she could be expected to just sit here and wait was baffling. There was an entire castle she could be exploring, beautiful gardens she could be walking through. So much that she could be doing while she waits for Rin to wake up, but instead was confined to her room. A knock at the door pulled Sennai away from her thoughts and he heart skipped as she hurried to see who it was. When she slid the door open though, she was disappointed. It was one of Sesshomaru's maids, a slightly taller girl with long black hair pulled back in a purple ribbon. Everything about her looked human, except for her bright red eyes. She wore the same kimono that Sennai did, only it was light purple and gold, instead of pink. Sennai figured this was Sesshomaru's way of telling her she was also one of the maids.

"Is there something I can help you with?" Sennai eyed the girl up and down with confusion.

"I'm here for your clothing, Lord Sesshomaru told me to dispose of them." Her voice was soft and comforting, but still had this tone behind it. Not surprising, though, she didn't want to be around another human either.

"Of course, wait here I'll go get them." Sennai hurried back the other room where she had left them. She never noticed until now, but they did indeed have a foul odor to them. That made it kind of embarrassing to hand them to the maid.

"Thank you." She took them without saying much else, and didn't seem that repulsed by them either.

"What's your name?" Sennai hurried to ask her before she left.

"Eillina" she bowed her head kindly. "If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask." Sennai was taken aback by her kindness. Eillina was a demon, and why she wasn't repulsed to be helping out a human was completely surprising. Sennai slid the door shut with a heavy sigh and sat down against the wall. There wasn't anything to do but just sit around. The bookshelf in her room was empty or she would read something, or at least attempt to. It's not that she couldn't read, she just couldn't read that well. She isn't really good at anything actually. She can't cook, she can't sew, not to mention how unbelievably clumsy she was. She took a deep breath, sure that it wouldn't be long until Sesshomaru had her thrown out of the castle.

All of her waiting and anticipation was finally over though, Rin was finally awake and Sesshomaru was going to let her see the girl. He had to make sure Sennai looked presentable beforehand. She just stared up at him with anticipation, her blue eyes big and bright, just like how Rin's are when she's excited for something. Her smell was no longer repulsing, but still far off from being up to his standards. She cleaned up well actually and the kimono suited her small figure nicely. That was as close to a complement as Sesshomaru would ever get about this human, and it would remain in his head.

"Stay behind me so she can't see you, and stay quiet." Sennai had no idea why she had to be walked to Rin's room; it was right across the hallway. She never says anything to Sesshomaru either, from the time she met him until now. When he tells her things she simply nods. The last thing she wanted to do was say something to piss him off and them be ripped to shreads, so remaining silent was her best option. Sesshomaru slid the door open to see Rin on her bed, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

"Good morning, Lord Sesshomaru." She managed to get out between yawns.

"Good morning, Rin did you sleep well?"

"I did, you were in my dream, Lord Sesshomaru, and we were picking flowers!" The side of his mouth perked up into a small half smile. She seemed to be feeling a lot better from last night. Without really much of introduction he just kind of moved aside. Sennai waived with a huge smile and Rin squealed. "Onee-san!" She jumped up off the bed and ran to Sennai, throwing her arms around her neck as she crouched to eye level. "Did you miss me Onee-san? I missed you!"

"Of course I missed you!" Sennai rubbed their noses together. "Now we can be together all the time."

"You mean it?" She looked over at Sesshomaru to see if he was planning to disapprove, but he never did. How could he? Seeing her so happy just warmed his heart, how could he take that away?

"I sure do, you're stuck with me!"She laughed, hoping that she didn't take it too far. She knew that she was only welcome as long as she didn't get on Sesshomaru's bad side.

"Lord Sesshomaru, is she really going to be staying with us?" She bounced up and down at his feet when Sennai let go of her.

"For now…" He walked off after patting her on the head. He smiled to himself when she let out another squeal. As much as he would love to watch her bounce around full of energy and happiness, he could only handle being around that human for so long. It was bad enough that he had to bring her here; he didn't need to be around her either.

"This is so exciting! What should we do first?" she grabbed Sennai's hand and continued to bounce in place.

"Whatever you want, Rin."

"Oh I know! You have to see the gardens Onee-san, there are so many pretty flowers!"

"Lead the way!" Sennai was barely able to get the words out before rin was yanking her through the winding hallways. The castle was huge, and every part of it was like a work of art; including the garden. Large bushes and tall tress rested in between large rows of flowers. The grass was soft and so green. It was like something out of a master painting. Rin let go of Sennai's hand and went chasing after a couple of butterflies near the rose bushes.

"Rin, Be careful." She laughed at the small child.

"Onee-san let's play a game!" The way she could change subjects out of the blue was impressive as well.

"What game should we play?"

"I'll go hide, and you close your eyes and count to ten. Then try to come find me!"

"Okay." Sennai covered her eyes with the palms of her hands. "One, Two, Three..."

"No fair, you have to count slower!" Rin whined, struggling to find a place to hide.

"Four… Five… Six… Seven… Eight… Nine… Ten!" Sennai shouted and pulled her hands away from her eyes, but Rin was nowhere in sight. She walked around each of the tall bushes and trees, but she wasn't hiding there. Whatever this game was they were playing, Rin seemed to be quite the pro.

"Woman…" Sennai turned to see Sesshomaru walking up behind her. What perfect timing... she thought to herself

"Yes..?" her cheeks turned bright red, how was she going to explain why Rin wasn't with her?

"Where is Rin?"

"Well… you see… I don't..." She struggled to figure out the best way to tell him that she really had no idea.

"Where is she?" his eyes narrowed as a growl formed in his chest, unamused by her stammering.

"I don't... exactly... know." She flinched slightly as the words cleared her lips. She had every right to be scared, Sesshomaru had left Rin in her care for only a few minutes and she had already lost her. He lifted her up off the grass by the front of her kimono. It was as if he had been waiting for her to fail, waiting for an excuse to get rid of her. "We were playing a game; the object is to find her! I haven't lost her she's just hiding, I swear!" She managed to choke out, trembling a little. It was enough to satisfy him for now. Rin was always making up strange games, so it was easy to believe that she was hiding from them. He let go of Sennai and she dropped to her knees, her body still trembling slightly.

"Rin, come out, games over. It's time for breakfast." His voice went back to the calm monotone way that he always talked. Rin hopped down from one of the trees and bounced over to them. Sennai stood back up to make it look like nothing had happened, even though she was still frightened. She was just happy that her time wasn't cut short so soon. She needed to be more careful with a man so eager to take someone's life. She could only imagine how the other maids dealt with it.

Well, here is chapther two, it was going to be a bit longer but I decided to wait and see how the story goes over first. It would be pointless to keep writing it if no one likes it. So if you think I should keep it going let me know. You took the time to read this much please take the time to tell me what you think C: