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In the city of Tokyo, half of a hundred females were all rehearsing their lines and preparing for the audition in a room appointed for them. With numbers on everyone's name tag, they were all scattered around the room. Settling in front of a mirror, many of these women were preening themselves, trying to pass with looks. Endeavoring to acquire the role through skills, some actresses rehearsed the script with immense enthusiasm. A few arrogant females undermined those around them, displaying their deluded superior position. A candidate with bubblegum pink hair rested in a dark corner with earphones in her ears and the opened script on her lap. If you looked at her clothes, black skinny jeans could be found on her long, pale legs; and her red hooded sweatshirt's sleeves concealed her small, delicate hands. Under the hood of that strange woman, her shoulder-length hair framed her face. The applicant's apparel, which clashed with all the other candidates' extravagant, brand attire, attracted much unnecessary attention. Therefore, she appeared as if she did not care about this audition.

"All candidates with the number two please make your way to the next room," The speakers around the room instructed the candidates with that number. With that instruction, the group of fifteen girls walked eagerly and nervously to the door. There were two doors that connected to this room – the way they came in and the door they came out. "I repeat all candidates with the number two please make your way to the next room."

The number remaining was one. Half of the leftovers were relieved of the announcement, yet the other moiety were stressed that they weren't chosen. The girl in the corner expressed no emotion and continued to stare down at her script with music sounding in her ears.

This audition was for a protagonist, Yamada Aya, role in the upcoming series "Love Polygon". The relationship held between the two protagonist, Aya and Nakamura Yuki, was more of a rivalry, but the script writers considered them sworn enemies of hatred. The whole story plot lined up with the title "Love Polygon". Since pre-school, Aya loved her childhood friend Miyagi Aoi and professed it openly, but he took her love confessions as a joke. Years later at middle school, Aoi fell in love with Yuki, but a year before, Yuki had fallen for her older brother's childhood friend, Otonashi Hideki. Yuki had four years to seize her opportunity with her loved one, but regretfully she missed her chance. On the graduation of middle school, Hideki fell in love with Aya, and the love polygon began. The series would take place in their high school days. The renowned actor Tsukiyomi Ikuto starred as Miyagi Aoi, The rising idol Lulu de Morcerf Yamamoto would be playing as the female protagonist, and the finals of the auditions for Otonashi Hideki also began today.

"All remaining candidates please make your way to the next room," The speakers once more instructed the candidates which deserved no number. Everyone including the candidate in the corner joined the judges in the next room. They stood in a line confronting the judges. A table with beverages, papers, and pens separated them from the judges. There were three judges and Lulu de Morcerf Yamamoto sat in chairs facing the applicants.

"Did you memorize the scripts, ladies?" One male judge asked sweetly, leaning slightly forward. The females smiled, but it dropped immediately at his next words. "Well, you wasted your time with that piece of garbage. That is not what we will be using to select the role. The directors and producers wanted 'Yamada Aya' to be created by the actress who passes. Let me sum it up for you. It means that you create her personality. You will have to prove to us you can actually act the role perfectly and improvise. If you still think you can pass with half-hearted effort, I shall inform you that no other girl has passed this. Now if you look at the back of your name tag, you can see another number. We will call you out random numbers from one to fifteen, and whoever's number that is should amaze us with their 'Yamada Aya'. Yuki has just found out Hideki loves Aya and thinks Aya likes him. Aya finally meets the person who Aoi has loved and thinks that they both have mutual feelings. You will have a verbal fight with Lulu-chan who will be 'Nakamura Yuki'. If you exceed our expectations, you pass. If you don't, you fail, but don't worry. We will stay silent and sound the buzzer to signal your failure... Number twelve, get up here and wow us."

"Wait, you should at least give them some time to think," The female judge next to him demanded, giving him a stern look. He stared back at her, refusing to give in to the plea. Their silent intense battle raged on. One certain judge could no longer handle the advantage they gave these rookies.

"I am giving you ten seconds to think of you character. Ten, Nine, Eight…One. Get your butt over here, Number Twelve," The greenish blond settled the fight with words as many idols did. Everyone except a lone blond took a step back simultaneously. The nervous blond had looked behind her to see that they had abandoned her. However it was not unfair; for she was number twelve. "Good morning, Yamada-san. How was your day?"

"G-G-Great, how was yours?" She reversed the question, not knowing what next to do. "Yuki" sighed and looked at her water bottle wistfully. "What's wrong, Lulu-sama?" A buzzer's ring blared through the room. The ex-candidate reluctantly exited the room through the door she came through, crying over her mistake. Her mistake was addressing "Yuki" as Lulu.

"Number Three." The celebrity called. The female stepped forward pompously. "Yamada-san, I like Hideki, but he likes you. What should I do to make him look at me?"

"That's simple. You get plastic surgery like I did," The red head flipped her hair and began laughing hysterically. A buzzer sounded, causing the candidate to be in an uproar. "What was so wrong about my 'Aya'?"

"Your 'Aya' would not attract the romance viewers but would attract comedy viewers. We would lose our former viewers and attain only a number of comedic ones who can stand romance," The female judge explained the problem, but it would not get through her thick head. They had resulted to use the security. Eleven attempts went by, but their talents lacked many blemishes.

"Number One." Lulu ordered for the candidate to come forward, but the candidate ran straight for the door in tears. "Number Thirteen, you are the last one. Take off the hood and please at least pass a greeting." The perfectionist summoned the pink haired one who stood as still as a rock. "Do you like anyone in particular in our grade?"

"I do like somebody. Are you curious as with whom I've fallen head over heels for?" The "rock" became a typical cheerful schoolgirl. Lulu and the judges weren't moved at all. This is just some typical act that could have been broken easily. "I'll give you a hint if you like. He is one of the biggest idiots."

"Why would you consider him an idiot if you love him?" Lulu gave her an easy question.

"You know, Yuki-hime, you shouldn't love them for their perfection, rather you should love them for who they are," "Aya" scolded her sternly with a smile. Her aura became filled with jealousy and anger which was obvious to the judges. "They're not mere object for show."

"You shouldn't be accusing me of such things when you only love them only for their looks," "Yuki" returned the same feelings with a similar smile as she.

"I think you've been bathing under the sun for too long, Hime. Would you want some water? I think it may bring you back to reality," She offered as her smile widened.

"I would be much happier if you drop your false pretense of me," The blonde answered, increasing the tension in this room. The judges felt the tension as clear as day. The two may have been smiling, but their demeanors were far from it. "Hideki and Aoi would hate you if they knew who you really are." Aya's smile dropped instantly at the word "hate".

"I don't want to be told that from some stuck up snob who treats people as mere tools," Aya scowled. Two of the judges couldn't look straight in her eyes because they felt as if she were talking to them. It seemed as if she was peeking into their hearts and minds. They were restlessly squirming in their seats. "Now-"

"Cut! You can get the part, just please stop," A judge concluded the audition. With his eyes glazed with fear, he shook in his chair.

"It looks like you got the part, rookie. What's your name?" The other male judge diverted her attention to him as the female judge was coaxing the other. "While you're at that, could you please tell us why you are in such casual attire for a famous drama?"

"I… I am H-Hinamori Amu and…Well, I w-woke up late… and s-spilled my coffee on the c-clothes I was supposed t-to wear," With a flushed face, Amu replied, distracting herself with her hands.

"Here is the script and the schedule. Good luck," The scared judge handed her a black binder, still recovering from the shock. She warmly smiled at him, easing his fear. "I'll give you a brief look at tomorrow. You will have a photo shoot tomorrow in the morning with Lulu-san. You and Tsukiyomi-san will have lunch with a news reporter. After lunch, you and the actor for Hideki will be acting out the scene from when you two met. Next you and the cast will be at the press conference. At sunset, you, Tsukiyomi-san, and Lulu-san will be playing a scene together. When night comes, you will have a scene when you intrude Tsukiyomi's room. You will attend the opening party after. That would be the end of your day. You can leave now."

Amu left the room, devoid of any expression. Her manager, Rima, was waiting for her in the next room.

"You made it," Rima stated. There was no question in it.

"I made it," Amu smiled and hugged the little imp who was several centimeters shorter than her, squealing. "I know it is going to be difficult, but with you at my side, I am sure I will make it." Rima began laughing softly. "Why are you laughing?" Amu pouted, releasing her hold on her.

"I won't let you take back those words. I already recorded you," The manager proclaimed. "I knew it was right to record you. You always say words like that when you accomplished something."

"Rima..." The client sighed, shaking her head in despair.

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