Summary: When circumstances change, so do people. The group has grown closer, but when strangers threaten and bonds are broken. Will this group make or break?

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Eight months...

Eight months they had tiredly trekked through the state of Georgia, having endured the winter and the danger of the outside road. The group of survivors had long forgotten about the farm, the only thought on their minds was survival. The group had seen everything they could imagine, this had built them up and made them stronger than any of them had ever been.

A strong bond had grown between the group, they no longer needed words to communicate their thoughts. However things had grown cold between Rick and Lori, the relationship they had was crumbled. Rick had turned elsewhere for support and trust, he had turned to the two most emotionally awkward people; Daryl and Stone. A special trust had developed between the three, both Daryl and Stone were Rick's right and left partner. Together these three made the most dangerous ventures, the harder activities and the more brutal decisions.

Daryl and Stone had grown as a duo, the group knew they were close but not to the full extent. Their relationship was mostly based off comfort and sex, conversation was to a minimal. They kept that side of their bond a secret, downplaying any companionship they felt in front of the group. The majority of their time alone together, they couldn't keep their hands off one another. It was one of the many perks of being with Daryl Dixon.

Stone had prospered into a harsher woman, she no longer pondered in the past or made irrational decisions. She stuck closely to her rules and so did the group. They obeyed them religiously, it had saved them in many past incidents and developed them into stronger members of the group. When there was spare time, Daryl and Stone would take out two people at a time and teach them to hunt and track for themselves.

Together they were unyielding.


Stone moved forward carefully, her eyes remained on the perimeter and her back faced Daryl Dixon's. They were covering Rick Grimes and T-Dog as they led the way towards the abandoned house. Carl Grimes covered them from behind, he had grown up so much in the eight months on the road.

Rick and T-Dog opened the door quickly, taking out two lingering walkers inside. Daryl moved in behind them, Stone following with Carl by her side. They separated quickly, Daryl, T-Dog, Rick and Carl covering the ground floor as Stone made her way upstairs. She checked the rooms thoroughly, having learnt from previous mistakes. When she checked it was clear, she made her way downstairs.

Downstairs, the dead walkers had already been placed in a pile to the side and the group was in the front room. Stone studied them from the stairway, she observed their tired slumped positions and the starved look of their faces. She chewed her lip indecisively, she wondered if she should go out and hunt or wait around for Rick's orders.

"Here" Daryl grunted, walking to her side and handing her a dead owl.

"Where did you get it?" She asked, starting to pluck the owl's feathers off. Daryl pointed upstairs, abruptly being cut off by a loud bang from within the front room. The duo rushed forward into the room, only to find Rick breathing heavily and a discarded dog can beside his foot.

There was an awkward silence between the group, no one bothered to address Rick's outburst nor did he. Rick looked round at the group, a look of self-disappointment on his face. Suddenly T-Dog whistled, grabbing his fire poke and shouldering his canvas bag. The group looked outside to find a pack of walkers stumbling towards the house.

Immediately the group gathered their gear and left, still remaining silent throughout the whole ordeal. Stone raced after Daryl, the dead owl still clasped in her hand as she slid onto the back of his bike.

Daryl started the motorcycle to life, it roared loudly and he sped down the exit dirt track. The group aimlessly made their way through a series of back roads, their main goal to escape the herd of walkers that seem to be closing in on them at every avenue.

They eventually stopped in the middle of a road, checking the perimeter first before they met at Rick's car boot. Stone chose to pluck the remaining feathers off the owl as the group discussed which destination was best. She trusted Rick enough to choose what was best for this group.

When they finished heatedly discussing their whereabouts, Daryl gestured for Stone to come over. She left the dead owl in Carl's hands to his dismay, and joined Daryl's side silently. "We goin' hunting" He drawled, readying his crossbow and arrows. Stone nodded and took her bow from her back, over the course of eight months she had lost her arrows and eventually ended up making her own from chunks of wood she could find. To her surprise, they worked surprisingly better.

Stone walked out into the woods with her bow raised, she surveyed the area and glanced down for tracks. She frowned at the lack of animal tracks, they seemed to be getting more scarce every time they went out hunting. She searched further into the forest, only managing to catch a few squirrels.

She went to turn back to camp, when a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist tightly.

"I've been waitin' all day" A voice whispered into her ear, the small beard belonging to the owner scratched her cheek. A sly smile formed on Stone's face, she turned around and faced Daryl.

"Have ya?" She asked, wrapping her arms around his neck and stretching upwards. He mumbled incoherently, raising Stone from the ground and grabbing her arse provocatively. She wrapped her legs around his waist and slowly brought her face closer to his. A devious grin crossed her face as she held her lips only inches from his, licked her lips and moved away from him again.

"No ye don't" Daryl muttered, kneeling to the ground with her still attached, and laying her onto the ground. He pressed down against her and kissed her aggressively, she arched into him with automatic response. Daryl was quick to react, he moved his hands underneath her top, finding the sensitive spot on her ribcage. Stone squirmed beneath him, and he smirked into the deepening kiss. He moved his hand further up, inching his hand beneath her bra and-

Daryl sprung off her quickly and she skidded off to the side, acting as casual as ever.

"There you two are" Rick said, approaching them from afar.

Stone and Daryl exchanged a frustrated glance, they turned to Rick and forced their concentration on him.

"I thought you two might need some help hunting" Rick suggested kindly.

"You? Hunting?" Stone scoffed unbelievably, chortling quietly to herself. Rick gave her an offended look and Daryl was quick to clear it up.

"Na offence Rick, buh' ye dun' seem tha type to hunt" Daryl said brazenly.

"Nor have you joined in on any of our lessons" Stone added quickly. In any other circumstances, Stone would of appreciated Rick's offer but he had arrived at the wrong time and like Daryl, she too had been waiting all day for some sort of release.

"Well there is always a first" Rick concluded and Stone felt herself deflate.

"Fine" She huffed, ordering Rick to follow her while she tracked.

Stone did the majority of the tracking and hunting, Rick mostly filled in as a body guard for her. When there were easy catches, she would allow Rick to use her bow and 'catch' the prey. However he missed every single chance and even managed to almost shoot himself in the foot. He eventually realized that hunting and tracking was not his favorable hobby and he became satisfied with lingering behind her.

"Come on" Stone said, after successfully catching a handful of squirrels and small birds. She looked over her shoulder, Rick was too busy gazing off onto an old railway in the middle of the forest. "Rick" She pressed, coming closer to him and laying a hand on his shoulder. He looked at her, and she raised her eyebrows questionably.

"Can we just follow it for a bit? I have this feeling.." Rick trailed off, he hopped into the middle of the rail track and walked along it. Stone followed after him, gesturing for Daryl to follow as well. The three walked in a trail, all alert but curious of the destination for the railway.

They followed the tracks to a small opening, beside the tracks were a small slope that led to flatter ground below. Stone observed the ground momentarily before gazing up towards a large facility. "Shit" She whispered, taking in the large grounds and barbed fences.

"Ain't that a shame" Daryl quipped.

Stone looked over at Rick, he had a triumphant look on his face. "Rick?" She questioned, looking at the prison and back at him. Realization dawned on her and she frowned, "Oh no Rick, no way. That's far too dangerous"

"It could work Stone" Rick said desperately, "Imagine if we clear out the grounds, we could grow our own food and be safe"

"But what if we don't clear out the grounds, we don't know how many are in there!" Stone argued, she wondered how Rick could be so stupid.

"Stone I need a safe place for Lori, she's due any moment now" Rick pleaded.

"Fine, but I ain't happy about it" She snapped. Rick nodded happily and scrambled back to the group, leaving Daryl and Stone to scope out the place. "This is bollocks" Stone muttered, sliding down the slope with ease and coming to a stop on the ground.

"Wha's ye problem with it?" Daryl asked, joining her on the ground and walking forward carefully.

"We don't know how many walkers are in there, let alone if the buildings have gone to the pits" Stone said.

"Ah can help ye get yer mind off it" Daryl suggested, coming closer to her and wrapped a arm around her waist.

Stone pushed his hand away "Really Red? I can't believe you're thinking about that, now of all places" She rolled her eyes at him.

"Why's that?"

"Well for one, there's a walker behind you" Stone explained.

Daryl turned quickly and shot an arrow straight through the walker's head, "Now?" He asked cheekily.

"And two, you can thank Rick for not putting me in the mood" Stone finished, turning on her heel and advancing on the prison. She heard Daryl cursed quietly from behind her, his footsteps eventually falling behind her in an even pace.

They scoped the area from afar, noting that a few straggler walkers lingered around the fence but were avoidable. What made Stone uneasy was the vast amount of walkers within the fences, the number of walkers inside was indescribable. "What is Rick getting us into" Stone murmured, unsheathing her sword and creeping towards the barbed fence.

Daryl and Stone cleared out the area quickly, the many months of being on the road had toughen them up immensely. They stood guard around the area, waiting patiently for the group to arrive. They didn't have to wait long, the low rumbling of vehicles grew louder and the group's cars appeared out of the trees. They stopped before the duo and hopped out quickly. Their loud appearance had attracted more stragglers.

The group leapt into action, Rick made a hole in the fence while the others stood guard around him. "Hurry" Rick hissed, pushing Carl through the hole and following after him. Everyone moved through carefully, and when the last one hopped through the fence, Glen patched it up with copper wire.

They moved stealth-like, no one bothered to converse and when they reached the end of the fence, Rick assigned jobs. He passed Stone a pipe and she joined the majority of the group against the fence. Stone started killing walkers through the fence, as Rick made a run for the gate. The sound of gun shots echoed out into the distance, it made Stone cringe that walkers would be able to hear it from afar.

When Rick closed the gate and the last remaining walker was killed, the group moved through happily.

"We haven't had this much space since we left the farm" Carol exclaimed, spinning happily in the middle of the field. The others joined her, cheering and shouting for their new land. Stone couldn't feel the same joy, she was still concerned with the new arrangements. She chewed her lip anxiously.

"It'll be alright" Daryl reassured from her side, pushing her forward so he could close the gate.

"I hope so" She mumbled, walking around a tipped over truck.

"Hey Stone" Glen called, bounding up to her and wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "Wanna be a darling and help me move some walkers?" He asked, winking at her cheekily.

"Okay loser" She muttered and knocked his cap out, she laughed at his annoyed expression and walked over to a nearby walker. She looked back at Daryl, only to find him staring at Glen with a dangerous look. His eyes shifted to Stone and she raised an eyebrow questionably, Daryl frowned at her and marched away angrily.

"I'll never get Daryl's mood swings" Glen expressed, arriving beside her and helping her lift a walker.

"Neither" She snorted.

"He seems to be getting angry at me a lot lately" Glen remarked, furrowing his brow with confusion. "And when I say a lot, I mean all the time" He added.

"Do you want me to talk to him?" Stone offered, dumping the walker to the side.

"Nah, it's probably just me" Glen muttered, briefly looking past Stone "Or not"

Stone looked over her shoulder and noticed Daryl pacing like a caged animal with a murderous look on his face. "Jesus" Stone breathed, "What did you do?" She asked, looking back at Glen.

"That's the thing Stone, not once have I said anything remotely offensive to him. I just think he hates me, like you do Lori" Glen explained.

"I don't hate Lori and he doesn't hate you. Hate is pointless in these circumstances" Stone sighed, picking another walker up with Glen's help.

"Yeah well, if looks could kill, I'd be six feet under" Glen spoke, he started to chewing his lip nervously.

"You sure you don't want me to talk to him?" Stone asked.

"For some reason I feel he'd hate more more" Glen said blatantly, pulling a face in Daryl's direction. Stone snickered to herself and Glen joined in with her after a moment, this seemed to infuriate Daryl more. He kicked over a pieces of debris and stalked off in Rick's direction.

"He really does have his panties in a twist today" Stone declared, raising both eyebrows at his retreating back. Glen nodded meekly, and remained silent with a thoughtful look on his face. In their silence, they worked studiously and eventually got half the walkers into one area. T-Dog, Beth and Maggie had already moved the other half to a pile.

"Good work Glenny boy" Stone congratulated, patting him on the back hard. Glen gave her a side grin and made his way towards Maggie, where they shared a small kiss. Stone cringed at the PDA, and briskly walked over to the already roaring campfire.

"Stone" Rick said as she approached, "Would you be able to do watch tonight?"

"Sure Rick" Stone agreed, setting her gear down by Glen and moving back to the gate. She lifted herself onto the tipped over truck, and sat quietly with thought. As night approached, Stone found herself getting hungrier and hungrier, her attention and concentration was drifting away while her stomach grumbled loudly.

"'Ere" A gruff voice answered her prayers.

A small plastic plate of cooked squirrel was passed up to her, and she looked down thankfully. Daryl looked back up at her silently, only to turn and start his way back to the group. "Wait" Stone called, lowering herself from the truck and bringing her plate down with her. Daryl raised an eyebrow at her and she pulled him back by his arm.

"Glen tells me you've been stroppy with him" Stone said, cutting straight to the point. She watched Daryl's face harden and his jaw clench quickly, "Why? He hasn't done anything" Stone added.

"Well ye been to busy flirtin' with 'im, while he's checkin' ya owt" Daryl snapped, scowling at her with annoyance.

"Flirting?" Stone spluttered, "You think I've been flirting with him?" She took Daryl's silence as confirmation, "I haven't been flirting with anyone, let alone Glen" Stone spoke clearly.

"I ain't stupid, I've seen ya" Daryl huffed.

"I haven't" Stone said irritably, "And if I was, so what? I'm not your property" Stone added furiously.

Daryl glared at her and she returned the look, there was a challenge and temptation in their exchange. "If ye ain't mine, then why ya been screamin' mah name every night?" Daryl challenged.

"I have not been screaming" Stone said with an appalled expression.

"Buh' ye been sayin' it" Daryl pressed.

"Well as I recall Red, you've been repeating my name just as much" Stone retorted.

Daryl smirked at her and looked around the truck quickly, satisfied that no one was near, he pushed Stone back. She dropped her plate with disinterest, taking Daryl by the hair and pulling him down to the ground. His hands traveled gently over her top, before tugging it up and over her head. He threw it to the side, and kissed down her torso.

He left a trail of wet kisses along her abdomen, and pulled at her pants impatiently. Stone lifted her hips to accommodate his movements, and when he removed her pants she sat up. "Hurry" She hissed, hearing the faint echos of singing from the campfire. Daryl removed his pants hurriedly and lent over her, he teasingly pushed her bra up and flicked his tongue over her left nipple before placing his whole mouth over it.

Stone wriggled with pleasure beneath him, the constant lust she felt for Daryl overwhelming her with excruciating frustration. He moved to her other breast and looked up at her smugly, while he did so, his hand made its way down her torso and to the piece of fabric separating their bodies from becoming one. He stroked her through the the fabric and she buckled beneath him.

He slowly pushed the fabric aside, removed his mouth from her breast and made his way down her body with his tongue. He slid a finger into her slowly, enjoying how she moaned softly and closed her eyes. Daryl studied her face with wonder, unaware of his increase of pace until she arched off the ground and gripped hard at his arm. "Enough" She hissed, opening her eyes and looking at Daryl.

He was taken back by what he saw in her eyes, her already black eyes were darkened orbs filled with lust and a unknown emotion. "I want you to-" She started, before pulling from his boxers and guiding him towards her. She never finished her sentence as she grounded herself against his hips and enveloped him into a kiss. He could feel her shaking beneath him, and he reached between them to rub her once more.

She broke the kiss and moaned against his neck, gripping him more fiercely and stroking his already hardened length with an excruciatingly slow pace. Daryl groaned against her, bucking his hips into her touch with frustration. He made a frustration huff when she stopped, a smirk formed on her face and she grazed her teeth over his earlobe.

Daryl resisted the urge to come right then, deciding to grip at her hips instead and slowly enter her. She muffled her moans into his neck, both hoping that the group couldn't hear them. Daryl moved against her slowly, enjoying the feeling of her move against him. When her pants increased, Daryl set the pace higher and pressed tightly against her.

Stone moaned his name over and over again, scratching at his back with sheer pleasure and lust. Her eyes met Daryl's as she clenched around him and groaned his name loudly. She pushed Daryl over the edge while gripping him tightly, allowing him to spill inside her with a grunt of her name.

They stayed in that position for a while, Daryl eventually softening and pulling out of her with heavy breathing. Stone looked up at Daryl with a lazy smile as he redressed himself and pulled her up.

"Dun ever make me wait again" Daryl told her, helping her dress with a sly smile.

"I won't" Stone promised, pulling her top on and staring up at Daryl intently.

He looked at her closely for a moment, a brief thought crossing his mind.

"Come on" She murmured, starting to lead him back to the group.

Daryl stopped her quickly and pulled her back to him. He twisted her around and kissed her passionately, his hips grounded against her pelvis and Stone knew exactly what it meant. Daryl's dominant kiss only meant one thing; mine.

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