Summary: When circumstances change, so do people. The group has grown closer, but when strangers threaten and bonds are broken. Will this group make or break?

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Winter was only around the corner, the skies were darkening and the wind had a bitter gust to it. The roads were slippery with water, and the trees had lost their leaves. Less walkers were around, some crippled from starvation and others leaving to find food elsewhere. Whatever the reason, Woodbury had become safer place for Judith, Carl and the other children from Woodbury to grow up in.

Stone, Daryl and Andrea had taken a vehicle out of Woodbury and were swerving down the wet streets. There was silence in the car, each passenger wrapped up in their own minds and not bothering to converse. They kept quiet the whole journey, only perking up in their seats when they reached a gravel filled track and were catapulted out of the tree framed roads.

The prison was up ahead, barren of any walker movement and still a smouldering mess.

Stone felt her heart pang, all the good and bad memories flooded back to her and momentarily paralysed her. She let out a breath she was holding and composed herself, shaking away the guilty thoughts.

Daryl pulled into the fields and stopped the vehicle, he got out slowly and raced around the other side, he helped Stone out and she rolled her eyes at him. He smirked and shouldered his crossbow, and looked over at Andrea.

"Tell me why yer going ta do tis?" He asked.

Andrea took in a deep breath, "Rivers said he'd forgive me if I put a bullet through Phillip's brain" She said softly, while she grabbed her pistol out of the car and placed it in her belt. Stone and Daryl looked at her as if she had grown another head. "I know he's already dead, but it will help me if I do this" She said quickly.

The pair nodded in understanding and Daryl stepped forward.

"I'll come help ya, we didn't put down all tha people in thar. Yer gunna need help" He muttered, he looked back at Stone. "Ya gonna be alrigh'?" He asked, concern flooding his features. Stone smiled and nodded, directing herself towards Rivers grave. Daryl stepped forward and Stone chuckled.

"I'll be fine Daryl" She promised. She grabbed extra ammo and waved it in front of his face. He relaxed slightly and nodded, "Now go" She ordered, ushering him away. She turned on her heel and strolled across the field, keeping her wits about her as Daryl and Andrea disappeared back into the prison.

She crouched down beside Rivers' grave, cracking a smile when she realised that the mound of dirt that was his grave, was now covered with dark green grass. She brushed her hand over his cross, as if she was greeting him.

She was silent, letting her senses take over her while she closed her eyes. She started to retell Rivers everything they had done after his death, she explained how she had killed Oliver, how they had moved to Woodbury and how she had revisited Oliver's cabin. She told him about the picture she had found, the cracked tile and what Oliver had planned for her if she had returned. She told him that Michonne and Andrea were safe, slowly they were moving on.

She had stopped there, breathing slowly and opening her eyes again.

"I'm happy" She said softly, "I've finally found that place Rivers, I just wish you were here to share it" She fumbled with her hands, glancing down at her lap and smiling to herself. "And I know what you want to know, yes I'm still with Daryl" She snickered.

"We live together in a small cottage, one you see in movies. Except it's a mess inside. You know me, I've never been a neat person" Stone grinned at the cross, "And thankfully Daryl doesn't care" She swallowed loudly and looked at Rivers grave seriously.

"You may not feel it now, but it'll come. It'll hit you square in the face" She whispered. "Do you remember that Rivers? You told me that back at the farm. You saw through it all, you saw me falling for Daryl." She smiled down at the cross, although her smile was unsure.

"I wish you were here Rivers" She whispered, "I know that you would probably kick Daryl's ass right now, but theres something I gotta tell you" She glanced over at the prison and saw Andrea and Daryl reappearing.

"I'm-" She sighed, urging down the lump in her throat. "-pregnant" She balled her hands into fists and rolled them over her temple, "I know its dangerous, but I can't bring myself to take it...the baby away. We have a doctor at Woodbury, Dr Stevens, maybe you know her. She has everything planned for the birth and I have a high chance of surviving" She mumbled.

"Daryl's nervous and I am too. I don't know if I can take care of a baby, and I don't know if I want to. If you were here, you'd know the right thing to say" She sighed, patting the small bulge of her stomach fondly. She looked over at Daryl, and he was staring back at her. He smiled at her and she felt her heart warm.

"I guess what I meant to say Rivers, is that you were right" She whispered, "About everything, and I am grateful for everything you have ever done for me. You were like another brother to me, and I'm sorry for what happened to you. I love you...I always have" she stared down at the necklace around her neck. It had been something to get over her family's passing but now, her heart finally felt at ease. She smiled to herself, undoing the chain and wrapping around his cross. She rose off the ground, sighed and rubbed it gently, before turning on her heel and walking back to Daryl.

This was the last chapter of her past life and now this was the beginning of her new life.

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